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Nested algorithms for optimal reservoir operation and their embedding in a decision support platform [article]

Blagoj Delipetrev
2016 arXiv   pre-print
This is a PhD thesis of Blagoj Delipetrev explaining nested dynamic programming, nested stochastic dynamic programming and nested reinforcement learning algorithms that are applied in reservoir optimization  ...  Delipetrev was born on the 4 th of March 1980 in Shtip, Republic of Macedonia.  ...  Blagoj started his Master studies in 2004 at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies, University Ss.  ... 
arXiv:1611.02308v1 fatcat:p53kemdpunaw7kjbqr3tptunlq

Collaborative Cloud Computing Application for Water Resources Based on Open Source Software [chapter]

Blagoj Delipetrev, Aleksandra Stojanova, Ana Ljubotenska, Mirjana Kocaleva, Marjan Delipetrev, Vladimir Manevski
2016 Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing  
The cloud computing application for water resources modeling and optimization based on open source software is a continuation of a previous research presented in [1] . This article presents further research that is focused on distributing the web application on two separate virtual machines (VM) and upgrading it to a cloud computing application. The cloud application was deployed and tested in a distributed computer environment running on two virtual machines (VM-1 and VM-2). The application is
more » ... upgraded with an additional web service for user management, while still having the previous three services for: (1) support for water resources modelling (2) spatial data infrastructure (SDI) and (3) water resources optimization, as reported in [1] from the previous research. The web services for support of water resources modelling and user management are deployed on VM-1 while the SDI and water resources optimization web services are deployed on VM-2. The web services communicate with web feature service transactional (WFS-T), which is an XML asynchronous messaging protocol. This research demonstrates the capability to scale and distribute the cloud application between several VMs. The article discusses the main cloud application capabilities and its future upgrades.
doi:10.1007/978-3-319-25733-4_8 fatcat:3dtp62u3ubhrdliogwpqiep7ly

A novel nested dynamic programming (nDP) algorithm for multipurpose reservoir optimization

Blagoj Delipetrev, Andreja Jonoski, Dimitri P. Solomatine
2015 Journal of Hydroinformatics  
In this paper, we present a novel nested dynamic programming (nDP) algorithm for multipurpose reservoir optimization. The nDP algorithm is built from two algorithms: 1) dynamic programming (DP) and 2) nested optimization algorithm implemented with Simplex and quadratic Knapsack. The novel idea is to include a nested optimization algorithm into the DP transition that lowers the starting problem dimension and alleviates the DP curse of dimensionality. The nDP can solve multi-objective
more » ... problems, without significantly increasing the algorithm complexity and the computational expenses. Computationally, the nDP is very efficient and it can handle dense and irregular variable discretization, it is coded in Java as a prototype application and has been successfully tested with eight objectives at the Knezevo reservoir, located in the Republic of Macedonia.
doi:10.2166/hydro.2015.066 fatcat:kcyqn65wbveazcxywuqrkuyf5y

Model of the Hydro-Information System of the Republic of Macedonia

Blagoj Delipetrev, Dragan Mihajlov, Marjan Delipetrov, Todor Delipetrov
2010 Journal of Computing and Information Technology  
This paper presents a model of the hydro-information system in the Republic of Macedonia. The model is based on the latest information technologies using GIS, integrated database and specialized applications, allowing further development and upgrade. The paper describes research objectives, methodology of work and expected results in the development of the model of the hydro-information system in the Republic of Macedonia.
doi:10.2498/cit.1001804 fatcat:tlusu5qmcvamzelqtqfxthu3o4

Evaluation of the Potential of Convolutional Neural Networks and Random Forests for Multi-Class Segmentation of Sentinel-2 Imagery

Vasileios Syrris, Paul Hasenohr, Blagoj Delipetrev, Alexander Kotsev, Pieter Kempeneers, Pierre Soille
2019 Remote Sensing  
Motivated by the increasing availability of open and free Earth observation data through the Copernicus Sentinel missions, this study investigates the capacity of advanced computational models to automatically generate thematic layers, which in turn contribute to and facilitate the creation of land cover products. In concrete terms, we assess the practical and computational aspects of multi-class Sentinel-2 image segmentation based on a convolutional neural network and random forest approaches.
more » ... The annotated learning set derives from data that is made available as result of the implementation of European Union's INSPIRE Directive. Since this network of data sets remains incomplete in regard to some geographic areas, another objective of this work was to provide consistent and reproducible ways for machine-driven mapping of these gaps and a potential update of the existing ones. Finally, the performance analysis identifies the most important hyper-parameters, and provides hints on the models' deployment and their transferability.
doi:10.3390/rs11080907 fatcat:h5mpkl3mmrbg7kojkcmwp6hle4

Assessing the impact of machine intelligence on human behaviour: an interdisciplinary endeavour [article]

Emilia Gómez, Carlos Castillo, Vicky Charisi, Verónica Dahl, Gustavo Deco, Blagoj Delipetrev, Nicole Dewandre, Miguel Ángel González-Ballester, Fabien Gouyon, José Hernández-Orallo, Perfecto Herrera, Anders Jonsson, Ansgar Koene (+11 others)
2018 arXiv   pre-print
Intersecting several of already mentioned hot issues, Blagoj Delipetrev, in "HumanAI How to assess algorithmic impact?"  ...  .  Blagoj Delipetrev. HumanAI.  Luc Steels. Will AI lead to digital immortality? 15:00 -16:00: Panel discussion. Presentation and moderator: Perfecto Herrera. 16:00 -17:00: Wrap-up session.  ... 
arXiv:1806.03192v1 fatcat:jypjtwtgxbg5vbkigudnxtsp64


Blagoj Delipetrev
2012 SGEM2012 12th International Multidisciplinary Scientific GeoConference   unpublished
Cloud computing is one of the most promising solutions for present and future water related problems. Planning and management of both urban water systems and basinscale water resources systems are increasingly becoming multidisciplinary collaborative tasks that will rely on development of internet based systems based on web services that combine water related data, weather forecasts, climate variations, urbanization, population and economic growth, etc. These heterogeneous data sources
more » ... ly provided by different institutions) may be integrated 'on demand' for water management tasks via cloud computing applications as the one demonstrated here. Cloud computing advantages over previous technologies are in the scalable computation power, internet based collaboration platform, transparency in the decision making processes and dissemination of valuable information between stakeholders and general public. The architecture of prototype cloud application for water resources modeling is based on the latest advancement in computer science and technology: Cloud Computing, Service Oriented Architecture and web Geographic Information Systems. The prototype cloud application integrate three web services: (1) web service for managing of geospatial data (2) web service for support of water resources modeling. The components and software packages used in the development of the system are open source. The overall architecture and system components are flexible for adding new or upgrading existing web services. The system is scalable, interoperable and can work in distributed computer environment.
doi:10.5593/sgem2012/s11.v3002 fatcat:l6eccyh6g5af7juxk7gwgiaey4


Blagoj Delipetrev
2011 SGEM2011 11th International Multidisciplinary Scientific GeoConference   unpublished
A b s t r a c t: The paper deals with correlation dependencies of individual parameters of the Earth's crust in relation to the depth of Moho-discontinuity. These model investigations used data about the territory of the Republic of Macedonia. In the models, the territory was divided in three zones based on its neotectonic geologic setting [1]. The analysis carried out for the correlation coefficients for individual zones made possible the separation of zones relative to one another.
doi:10.5593/sgem2011/s06.109 fatcat:bnaqfx3oqrb5zeyih7mrg224gi

A review of open source software solutions for developing water resources web applications

Nathan R. Swain, Kilisimasi Latu, Scott D. Christensen, Norman L. Jones, E. James Nelson, Daniel P. Ames, Gustavious P. Williams
2015 Environmental Modelling & Software  
., 2013) Web Application for Water Resources (Blagoj Delipetrev et al., 2014) and earth science web apps reported in the literature.  ...  Flood Information System (IFIS; Demir and Krajewski, 2013) Emissions Inventory (Gkatzoflias et al., 2013) Web Application for WaterResources (Blagoj Delipetrev et al., 2014) JavaVirtual Database for  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.envsoft.2015.01.014 fatcat:v7ldzqrqkfhaljtnt5jjorhjhm


Blagoj Delipetrev
2011 SGEM2011 11th International Multidisciplinary Scientific GeoConference   unpublished
This paper presents the process of digitalization of the Basic Geological Map with scale 1:200 000 of the Republic of Macedonia in software package Maplnfo professional 8.0 as a basis for preparing geodatabase for the Republic of Macedonia. The procedure of design and implementation of a GIS project for the Basic Geological Map of the Republic of Macedonia is given, starting with the design of the database table, selecting attributes and entering vector graphical objects. Model of geodatabase
more » ... developed using latest information technologies, GIS and integrated database, allowing further development and upgrade. A list of digital data and maps that are included in the geodatabase is shown, together with the logical structure for entering data into the geodatabase and the service architecture of applications and data redundancy.
doi:10.5593/sgem2011/s09.109 fatcat:kezuqu4vmjhvbhkt4q2ze75xlq


Благој Голомеов
2020 Natural Resources and Technology  
инсталации за отпад, филтрација, пиезометри, брана, постројки, визуелна контрола, истекување, геомеханика, дренажна вода.CONTROLLING OF FILTRATION PROCESSES THROUGH THE BODY DAМ OF TFS 3-2 AT МINESASA Blagoj  ...  ..........................71 Благица Донева, Марјан Делипетрев, Ѓорги Димов ЗАГАДУВАЊЕ НА ВОДИТЕ И СЕДИМЕНТИТЕ ОД ТАБАНОВСКА РЕКА СО ТЕШКИ МЕТАЛИ ОД ПОРАНЕШНИОТ РУДНИК "ЛОЈАНЕ" Blagica Doneva, Marjan Delipetrev  ... 
doi:10.46763/nrt2014005g fatcat:fqhgliq32bfu7nqsbkhq7gj7ae

Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Remote Sensing in 2019

Remote Sensing Editorial Office
2020 Remote Sensing  
Delgado, Carmen Delgado, Jorge Delgado, Manuel Deligiannakis, Georgios Delipetrev, Blagoj Della Ceca, Lara Sofia Delle Donne, Dario Delle Rose, Marco Delmaire, Gilles DeLuca, Nicole M.  ... 
doi:10.3390/rs12020327 fatcat:yhqczynu25d2jcnyl55zj3wpqa

Critical evaluation of new Council of Europe guidelines concerning digital courts

Marek Stanisław Świerczyński
2022 Review of European and Comparative Law  
Delipetrev, AI Watch.  ...  ODR: an Artificial Intelligence Perspective, " Artificial Intelligence Review 41 (2014): 211-240. 40 Sofia Samoili, Montserrat López-Cobo, Emilia Gómez, Giuditta de Prato, Fernando Martínez-Plumed, and Blagoj  ... 
doi:10.31743/recl.12588 fatcat:5rxrw7wvpnc3bbdtlsdmj645t4

Acknowledgment to Reviewers of IJERPH in 2020

IJERPH Editorial Office IJERPH Editorial Office
2021 International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health  
, Blagoj Deng, Yong DeLisi, Matt Deng, Yunbin Delisle, Hélène Dengler-Crish, Christine Delitala, Alessandro Deniaud, Aurélien Dell, Bernard Dening, Tom Dell, Colleen Denis, Frederic Dell'Isola  ...  Paulo Deng, Qizhong Delgado-Gómez, David Deng, Shuguang Delgado-Lobete, Laura Deng, Wen Delgado-Losada, María Luisa Deng, Wu Deligeoroglou, Efthimios Deng, Xin Delimont, Nicole Deng, Yihuan Delipetrev  ... 
doi:10.3390/ijerph18031259 fatcat:kqqzdz46tzf7nhqmf2ejn3n33y

Futures of Artificial Intelligence through Technology Readiness Levels

Fernando Martínez-Plumed, Emilia Gómez, José Hernández-Orallo
2020 Telematics and informatics  
Carlos Carrascosa (Universitat Politècnica de València) • Blagoj Delipetrev (European Commission) • Paul Desruelle (European Commission) • Salvador España (Universitat Politècnica de València) • Cèsar  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.tele.2020.101525 fatcat:d3ikvnrh5rgltjyzvdpcxc3hh4