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Bio-Optical Measurements Indicative of Biogeochemical Transformations of Ocean Waters by Coral Reefs

Arnold G. Dekker, Lesley A. Clementson, Magnus Wettle, Nagur Cherukuru, Hannelie Botha, Kadija Oubelkheir
2022 Remote Sensing  
The bio-optical properties of coral reef waters were examined across coral reef ecosystems not influenced by land-derived run-off, in the Great Barrier Reef lagoon (Heron Island) and the Coral Sea (the  ...  The optical and biogeochemical properties of on-reef waters systematically differed from the surrounding ocean waters.  ...  Conflicts of Interest: The authors declare no conflict of interest.  ... 
doi:10.3390/rs14122892 fatcat:hhhk77f4afeylpevgu3xybefay

Influence of Freshwater Discharges on Biogeochemistry and Benthic Communities of a Coral Reef Ecosystem (La Réunion Island, Indian Ocean)

Marc Tedetti, Lionel Bigot, Jean Turquet, Catherine Guigue, Nicolas Ferretto, Madeleine Goutx, Pascale Cuet
2020 Frontiers in Marine Science  
We investigated the influence of freshwater discharges on biogeochemistry and benthic communities of La Saline fringing reef, the largest coral reef system of La Réunion Island (France, Indian Ocean).  ...  Sampling was conducted in February-March 2012 along a land-ocean continuum, including rivers, groundwater, reef waters, and oceanic waters.  ...  This work was funded by the Ministère des Outre-Mer (MOM) -La Réunion and received the support of the Réserve Naturelle Marine de La Réunion (RNMR).  ... 
doi:10.3389/fmars.2020.596165 fatcat:kazon3nbivd2fpq4fku2i75vfm

Bio-Optical Characterization and Ocean Colour Inversion in the Eastern Lagoon of New Caledonia, South Tropical Pacific

Luciane Favareto, Natália Rudorff, Milton Kampel, Robert Frouin, Rüdiger Röttgers, David Doxaran, Hiroshi Murakami, Cécile Dupouy
2018 Remote Sensing  
The Eastern Lagoon of New Caledonia (ELNC) is a semi-enclosed system surrounded by an extensive coral reef barrier.  ...  The present study aimed to assess the bio-optical variability of the ELNC and examine the applicability of ocean colour algorithms, using in situ bio-optical and radiometric data, collected during the  ...  Bio-Optical Algorithms Ocean colour bio-optical algorithms were tested using the in situ measured R rs (from the TriOS instrument).  ... 
doi:10.3390/rs10071043 fatcat:gpllqpbu3zeyrlda7t6n4drx2e

Characterization and sources of colored dissolved organic matter in a coral reef ecosystem subject to ultramafic erosion pressure (New Caledonia, Southwest Pacific)

Chloé Martias, Marc Tedetti, François Lantoine, Léocadie Jamet, Cécile Dupouy
2018 Science of the Total Environment  
Acknowledgements The CALIOPE cruises were funded by CNRS-INSU EC2CO TREMOLO and IRD-MIO Action Sud projects.  ...  To conclude, we appreciate the comments and suggestions of four anonymous reviewers that allowed substantially improving the quality of the manuscript.  ...  The presence of tryptophan-like fluorophore in the waters surrounding the coral reef could be linked to the biological activity of the coral reef ecosystem, as observed by in the Moorea lagoon, French  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.scitotenv.2017.10.261 pmid:29127798 fatcat:6webvi5qijgvfmesje6ztkp3ym

Underwater Hyperspectral Imaging (UHI): A Review of Systems and Applications for Proximal Seafloor Ecosystem Studies

Juan C. Montes-Herrera, Emiliano Cimoli, Vonda Cummings, Nicole Hill, Arko Lucieer, Vanessa Lucieer
2021 Remote Sensing  
Proximal optical sensing methods can fill this observational gap by providing observations of, and tracking changes in, the functional features of marine ecosystems non-invasively.  ...  The review concludes by comparing how different studies harness the capacities of hyperspectral imaging, the types of methods required to validate observations, and the current challenges for accurate  ...  Warm-Water Corals Warm-water coral reefs are dominated by scleractinian (stony) corals that rely on their symbiotic relationship with zooxanthellae, a group of photosynthetic dinoflagellate protists from  ... 
doi:10.3390/rs13173451 fatcat:hatrh2k3nfehzoydrfdgzlqdta

Impact of Contrasted Weather Conditions on CDOM Absorption/Fluorescence and Biogeochemistry in the Eastern Lagoon of New Caledonia

Cécile Dupouy, Rüdiger Röttgers, Marc Tedetti, Robert Frouin, François Lantoine, Martine Rodier, Chloe Martias, Madeleine Goutx
2020 Frontiers in Earth Science  
and coral reefs surrounding the main island.  ...  The CALIOPE (CALedonian Inherent Optical PropErties) cruises were performed along the Eastern Lagoon of New Caledonia (ELNC) (400 km, 13 transects from Bay to open ocean, 51 stations) during contrasted  ...  We also thank Province Nord and Province Sud of New Caledonia and town halls of the Eastern Coast for cruise authorization in the ELNC.  ... 
doi:10.3389/feart.2020.00054 fatcat:wpeujmjwjrgx3jhj2vnoi6iqli

How Can Present and Future Satellite Missions Support Scientific Studies that Address Ocean Acidification?

Joseph Salisbury, Douglas Vandemark, Bror Jönsson, William Balch, Sumit Chakraborty, Steven Lohrenz, Bertrand Chapron, Burke Hales, Antonio Mannino, Jeremy Mathis, Nicolas Reul, Sergio Signorini (+2 others)
2015 Oceanography  
How can present and future satellite missions support scientific studies that address ocean acidification? Oceanography 28(2):108-121,  ...  Norman Kuring NASA/GSFC TABLE 1 . 1 CORAL REEF AND COASTAL MAPPING | APPLICATION: Coral reef area, coral reef health, shallow water resuspension, near coastal processes A sampling of current satellite  ...  Within the context of a moving water mass, bio-optical approaches may be employed to estimate biological perturbations to carbonate parameters along the flow path, including those that are not conservative  ... 
doi:10.5670/oceanog.2015.35 fatcat:zjpokryp7zd43hexewwycfh5ye

Living up to the Hype of Hyperspectral Aquatic Remote Sensing: Science, Resources and Outlook

Heidi M. Dierssen, Steven G. Ackleson, Karen E. Joyce, Erin L. Hestir, Alexandre Castagna, Samantha Lavender, Margaret A. McManus
2021 Frontiers in Environmental Science  
Advances in machine learning and cloud computing allow for exploitation of the full electromagnetic spectrum, and better bridging across the larger scientific community that also includes biogeochemical  ...  aquatic biodiversity, habitats, water quality, and natural and anthropogenic hazards.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS We would like to acknowledge the organizers of the 2018 Alliance for Coastal Technologies (ACT) Hyperspectral Imaging of Coastal Waters Workshop, Mario Tamburri the director of ACT, and  ... 
doi:10.3389/fenvs.2021.649528 fatcat:ax75yli4jfeh7gw6wtocpkngta

Phytoplankton phenology indices in coral reef ecosystems: Application to ocean-color observations in the Red Sea

Marie-Fanny Racault, Dionysios E. Raitsos, Michael L. Berumen, Robert J.W. Brewin, Trevor Platt, Shubha Sathyendranath, Ibrahim Hoteit
2015 Remote Sensing of Environment  
The phenological indices are estimated in the four open water provinces of the basin, and further examined at six coral reef complexes of particular socio-economic importance in the Red Sea, including  ...  structure and functioning of coral reef ecosystems in the Red Sea.  ...  Acknowledgments This work is a contribution to the Ocean Colour Climate Change Initiative of the European Space Agency.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.rse.2015.01.019 fatcat:p3xbgz5p7zfvnnl56jt5dpa6nu

Dissolved organic matter from tropical peatlands impacts shelf sea light availability on coral reefs in the Singapore Strait, Southeast Asia [article]

Patrick Martin, Nivedita Sanwlani, Tiffany Wan Qi Lee, Joel Meng Cheng Wong, Kristy Chang, Elizabeth Wing-See Wong, Soo Chin Liew
2021 bioRxiv   pre-print
Here, we present time-series data from the Sunda Shelf in Southeast Asia, where the monsoon-driven reversal in ocean currents supplies water enriched in CDOM from tropical peatlands for part of the year  ...  photosynthetic corals.  ...  bio-optical factors in shallow coral-reef waters of Malaysia.  ... 
doi:10.1101/2021.03.30.437655 fatcat:tehoulqemzhljgapxtngnsahvi

Water Quality and River Plume Monitoring in the Great Barrier Reef: An Overview of Methods Based on Ocean Colour Satellite Data

Michelle Devlin, Caroline Petus, Eduardo da Silva, Dieter Tracey, Nicholas Wolff, Jane Waterhouse, Jon Brodie
2015 Remote Sensing  
coral reefs in the central areas of the GBR, with concerns for the recovery potential of these impacted ecosystems.  ...  A strong driver of water quality change in the Great Barrier Reef (GBR) is the pulsed or intermittent nature of terrestrial inputs into the GBR lagoon, including delivery of increased loads of sediments  ...  (BOM) for the access to ocean colour products.  ... 
doi:10.3390/rs71012909 fatcat:cksiub6l35bojcrujd2ebfxwta

Conversion of Forest to Agriculture Increases Colored Dissolved Organic Matter in a Subtropical Catchment and Adjacent Coastal Environment

Stacey L. Felgate, Christopher D. G. Barry, Daniel J. Mayor, Richard Sanders, Abel Carrias, Arlene Young, Alice Fitch, Claudia G. Mayorga‐Adame, Gilbert Andrews, Hannah Brittain, Sarah E. Cryer, Chris D. Evans (+8 others)
2021 Journal of Geophysical Research - Biogeosciences  
, indicative of differences in reactivity.  ...  Land-ocean dissolved organic matter (DOM) transport is a significant and changing term in global biogeochemical cycles which is increasing as a result of human perturbation, including land-use change.  ...  Once in the land-ocean continuum, terrigenous DOM undergoes a range of bio-mediated and photo-mediated transformations, driven by a range of biotic and abiotic processes which vary by geographical and  ... 
doi:10.1029/2021jg006295 fatcat:nz5bvdnoffgl3fbmbiqxokvwmq

Cold-water coral mounds on the Pen Duick Escarpment, Gulf of Cadiz: The MiCROSYSTEMS project approach

D. Van Rooij, D. Blamart, L. De Mol, F. Mienis, H. Pirlet, L.M. Wehrmann, R. Barbieri, L. Maignien, S.P. Templer, H. de Haas, D. Hebbeln, N. Frank (+9 others)
2011 Marine Geology  
The spatially and temporally variable character and burial stage of the observed open reef frameworks, formed by cold-water coral rubble, provides a possible model for the transition from cold-water coral  ...  drivers in cold-water coral mound development in the Gulf of Cadiz.  ...  Acquisition of BOBO lander data and shiptime of R/V Pelagia were supported by Royal NIOZ and the organization for the advancement of pure science NOW. We are grateful to M. Segl and B.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.margeo.2010.08.012 fatcat:lcovp767ovdhjgro24vdsjpdam

Enhanced monitoring of life in the sea is a critical component of conservation management and sustainable economic growth

Maurice Estes, Clarissa Anderson, Ward Appeltans, Nic Bax, Nina Bednaršek, Gabrielle Canonico, Samy Djavidnia, Elva Escobar, Peer Fietzek, Marilaure Gregoire, Elliott Hazen, Maria Kavanaugh (+15 others)
2021 Marine Policy  
Acknowledgments We are grateful for the support of the NASA Applied Sciences Office, Biodiversity & Ecological Forecasting Program to Maurice G. Estes, Jr,  ...  Monitoring priority #6: Coral Reef Habitats: Trends in 'coral reef habitat extent and condition' EOVs. Shallow-water tropical coral reef habitats are an important element for economic monitoring.  ...  The Coral Reef Sentinels program endorsed by the Ocean Decade, for example, is an important initiative to deploy autonomous, low-cost robots to monitor the health of coral reefs around the world in near  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.marpol.2021.104699 fatcat:5pkmdn53bnevrfdewoqxo7ofya

Effects of ocean acidification on microbial community composition of, and oxygen fluxes through, biofilms from the Great Barrier Reef

Verena Witt, Christian Wild, Kenneth R. N. Anthony, Guillermo Diaz-Pulido, Sven Uthicke
2011 Environmental Microbiology  
Subsequently, 320 µl of each extract was measured using a Synergy Plate Reader (Bio-Tek, USA) at wavelengths of 665 nm and 750 nm.  ...  target indicator species and evaluating the suitability of microbial biofilms as indicators for coral reef water quality and perhaps provide suggestions for coastal management.  ... 
doi:10.1111/j.1462-2920.2011.02571.x pmid:21906222 fatcat:d4j4svpqavgazincuccrves3oa
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