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Annual Report 2015
国立情報学研究所 平成27年度(2015年度)年報

人工知能学会 Information Communication and Interaction (VINCI '15),pp.166-167 (2015.08) Humanities 2015 (2015.07) 2015 年大会 (2015.05) Photographic Crowd-Reporting" ,NII Shonan Meeting: Big Data: Challenges and  ...  Successful organization of the second NII Shonan Meeting on Dimensionality and Scalability. DDO-Free XQuery への書き換え手法を開発した。  ... 
doi:10.20736/0000001212 fatcat:utovsw2ruzbzrhdu3jppuntw34

Annual Report 2018
国立情報学研究所 平成30年度(2018年度)年報

Data Analytics and Machine Learning for Data Communication Networks (Big-DAMA2018) (2018.08) of IEEE 43rd Conference on Local Computer Networks (LCN) (short paper) (2018.10) 22) Celimuge Wu,Zhi Liu,Di  ...  Data Analytics and Machine Learning for Data Communication Networks (Big-DAMA '18),pp.8-14 (2018.08) 2) S.Mongkolluksamee,V.Visoottiviseth,K.Fukuda: "Robust Peer to Peer Mobile Botnet Detection by Using  ... 
doi:10.20736/0000001316 fatcat:ag6okeeknjeoxglo6j6yylm55y

Annual Report 2017
国立情報学研究所 平成29年度(2017年度)年報

Data and Collective Intelligence Computing"(2017.07) 2) ANDRES Frederic: "The Cooking Recipe Analytics Benchmark Initiative" ,3rd International Symposium on Big Data Analytics in Science and Engineering  ...  Shonan Meeting Academic Committee [Chair] 2) 五島正裕: "あなたの回路を倍速に ~ばらつきが問題になる時代のクロッキング~" ,国立情報学研究 組合せ最適化,パラメータ化計算量 (2017.11) 計算機科学 Advanced Network meeting (APAN44) (2017.08) ・ビッグデータによる災害への準備と対応 (3)ソフトウェア  ... 
doi:10.20736/0000001218 fatcat:fybrqh7tifb3liogikv27kztca

LIPIcs, Volume 32, SNAPL'15, Complete Volume [article]

Thomas Ball, Rastislav Bodik, Shriram Krishnamurthi, Benjamin S. Lerner, Greg Morrisett
The gradual guarantee is sketched in Boyland's paper at the FOOL workshop [9] and in Siek's presentation at the NII Shonan meeting on Contracts [48]. Acknowledgements.  ...  The work presented in this paper has profited from numerous interactions with other researchers in the area, for example at Shonan Meetings 2012 and 2014, and annual IFIP WG 2.11 meetings.  ...  as of February 2015.  ... 
doi:10.4230/lipics.snapl.2015 fatcat:ljoxwa7wp5achn2tbrmpriez7y