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Why CEO's Resign: Poor Performance or Better Opportunities?

Nikos Bozionelos, Sumona Mukhuty
2015 Academy of Management Perspectives  
A common view is that CEOs resign because shareholders and the board want them to leave because of lower-thanexpected performance.  ...  Yet in many cases, the reasons CEOs resign are murky and appear to have little to do with performance. Consequently, in a recent paper, Yun Liu from the University of California at Riverside  ...  In the case of CEOs, this simply means that CEOs may leave because they can land better deals in other firms or institutions.  ... 
doi:10.5465/amp.2015.0039 fatcat:abg6rnobhvhrbgqlr42u25cggm

Are Improvements in Measured Performance Driven by Better Treatment or "Denominator Management"?

Alex H. S. Harris, Cheng Chen, Anna D. Rubinsky, Katherine J. Hoggatt, Matthew Neuman, Megan E. Vanneman
2016 Journal of general internal medicine  
denominator management.  ...  KEY RESULTS: Measured performance improved over time (P < 0.001).  ...  to determine if the changes in denominator were justified due to better coding or care management or perhaps evidence of less desirable denominator management.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s11606-015-3558-1 pmid:26951270 pmcid:PMC4803672 fatcat:j2a7qbgkhzaqrigzyfaspy3s7y

Uncomplicated gallbladder mucoceles – is it better for prognosis to perform cholecystectomy or medically manage?

Rachel T. Griffiths, Wanda J. Gordon-Evans
2021 Veterinary Evidence  
PICO question In dogs with an uncomplicated gallbladder mucocele, is the long-term survival when surgically managed superior, inferior, or equal to those medically managed?  ...  Knowledge Summaries are a resource to help reinforce or inform decision making.  ...  In order to better answer this question, more prospective analyses of medically and surgically managed cases of uncomplicated gallbladder mucoceles should be performed.  ... 
doi:10.18849/ve.v6i2.395 fatcat:xbpaeykth5hqzj2niu5swvoora

Which is a Better Predictor of Job Performance: Job Satisfaction or Life Satisfaction?

Michelle D. Jones
2006 Journal of Behavioral and Applied Management  
Some used self-report ratings to assess performance, while others used peer or supervisor ratings.  ...  Will people who are happy with their jobs exhibit superior job performance?  ...  Implications for Managers and Organizations Do the findings from this and other studies that conclude there is not a strong relationship between satisfaction and performance mean managers should no longer  ... 
doi:10.21818/001c.16696 fatcat:npdfsu66erc4riroiyu2n2qvr4

Software model refactoring based on performance analysis: better working on software or performance side?

Davide Arcelli, Vittorio Cortellessa
2013 Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science  
Typically the interpretation can take place by browsing either the software model or the performance model.  ...  transformations between software and performance models.  ...  to decide which one(s) applying to the (software or performance) model.  ... 
doi:10.4204/eptcs.108.3 fatcat:5aabq37cbrecdkyo4ihrtfkmhq

Does Technical or Strategic HRM Provide a Better Explanation of Organization Performance?

Chien-Chang Yang, Carol Y. Y. Lin
2014 iBusiness  
From the result, we found that technical HRM is more important in explaining perceived organizational performance, and strategic HRM is better at predicting human capital accumulation.  ...  A postal survey was distributed to the HR managers of all the hospitals in Taiwan, with a response rate of 56%. Hierarchical regression analyses were based on data from the 277 responding hospitals.  ...  Hypothesis 1a: Better technical HRM enhances organizational performance.  ... 
doi:10.4236/ib.2014.62007 fatcat:aerngwxsind75h2rr6akip66ke

Standard or Sustainable - Which Offers Better Performance for the Passive Investor

Daniel Khajenouri, Jacob Schmidt
2020 Journal of Applied Finance & Banking  
Keywords: Sustainable, Passive, Investment, ESG, Asset, Management, Wealth  ...  We found no academic papers focusing specifically on analyzing the performance of indices and their ESG screened equivalents.  ...  Standard or Sustainable -Which Offers Better Performance for the Passive Investor? 71  ... 
doi:10.47260/jafb/1114 fatcat:smpplv5y4jepjhgh7hscnzbx7i

Does Better Environmental Performance Affect Revenues, Cost, or Both? Evidence from a Transition Economy

Dietrich Earnhart, Lubomir Lizal
2007 Social Science Research Network  
If both revenues and costs rise (or fall), does better environmental performance improve or undermine profitability?  ...  As environmental performance improves, do revenues rise and costs fall so that profits unambiguously increase? Or vice versa?  ...  If both revenues and costs rise (or fall), does better environmental performance improve or undermine profitability?  ... 
doi:10.2139/ssrn.969038 fatcat:usd3fp26ezbu5pzjo6cyu5v5tq

S11.2 Which algorithm performs better, screening with a non-treponemal or treponemal test?

C. Fortin
2011 Sexually Transmitted Infections  
Research is needed to better understand the variation in treponemal test performance. S11.2 WHICH ALGORITHM PERFORMS BETTER, SCREENING WITH A NON-TREPONEMAL OR TREPONEMAL TEST?  ...  Discordant sera cause uncertainty about patient management, and the TP-PA test might be a useful confirmatory test with these sera.  ... 
doi:10.1136/sextrans-2011-050102.45 fatcat:xlu3y3cs5fhcznvf5r47xzasve

Strength of perceptual experience predicts word processing performance better than concreteness or imageability

Louise Connell, Dermot Lynott
2012 Cognition  
Analysis of lexical decision and word naming performance showed that maximum perceptual strength (i.e., strength in the dominant perceptual modality) consistently outperformed both concreteness and imageability  ...  Second, we examined whether so-called concreteness effects in word processing are better predicted by concreteness/imageability ratings or by strength of perceptual experience.  ...  Concreteness effects could therefore be better characterized as perceptibility effects, which can be sometimes nullified or inverted (e.g., Kousta et al., 2011; Papagno et al., 2009) when elicited from  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.cognition.2012.07.010 pmid:22935248 fatcat:rp65veuaafeszckhfmvcjl3eai

Which performs better under trader settings, double auction or uniform price auction?

Koji Kotani, Kenta Tanaka, Shunsuke Managi
2018 Experimental Economics  
Whereas properties of MPSs in non-trader settings (each player becomes either a seller or a buyer) are well-documented, little is explored about how MPSs perform in trader settings (each player can be  ...  See Davis and Holt (1992) for further information. 2 a permit market can be both a seller and a buyer during trading periods or whether each agent 28 can only be one or the other.  ...  UPAs work better in the same environment.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10683-018-9585-0 fatcat:w666dzd6ofacdnrrrs2edu6yzm


Agata Adamska, Tomasz J. Dabrowski, Anna Grygiel-Tomaszewska
2016 Eurasian Journal of Business and Management  
Stakeholder behavior and reputation are held to be the two main factors explaining the positive correlation between corporate social responsibility and financial performance.  ...  In light of the primary objective of this study, the key finding was that the performance of funds did depend on whether or not their managers were guided by ethical criteria in selecting portfolios.  ...  Funds with highly geographically diversified portfolios should be able to invest some of the capital they manage in markets characterized by better economic conditions, which could have a beneficial effect  ... 
doi:10.15604/ejbm.2016.04.02.001 fatcat:53fhnxyf3bgnpd2uvrnsaldx2i

Use-value or performance: Towards a better understanding of small reservoirs in sub-Saharan Africa

Jean-Philippe Venot, Philippe Cecchi
2011 Agricultures  
Valeurs d'usage ou performances techniques : comment apprécier le rôle des petits barrages en Afrique subsaharienne ? Cah Agric 20 : 112-7.  ...  Valeurs d'usage ou performances techniques : comment apprécier le rôle des petits barrages en Afrique subsaharienne ? Pour citer cet article : Venot JP, Cecchi P, 2011.  ...  Abstract Use-value or performance: Towards a better understanding of small reservoirs in sub-Saharan Africa Small reservoirs are a reality of rural sub-Saharan Africa.  ... 
doi:10.1684/agr.2010.0457 fatcat:mppx2cwshbd5ddg3hnhw6vgfyq

Gender and Leadership – Do Female Leaders Perform a Different, Better or even a Healthier Leadership Style?

Frank Hager
2019 Humanities and Social Sciences Latvia  
Managers can influence social relationships, as well as prevailing work situations -and finally the health status of employees.  ...  Nevertheless, it is argued that women in general perform better.  ...  These explanations on the token status and its effects also apply to the statement "women perform better".  ... 
doi:10.22364/hssl.27.1.04 fatcat:cv7ung2gfzajrdq3a33jgzb3re

To see or not to see: does video CPR perform better than telephone CPR?

A Ghuysen, A Delfosse, S Stipulante, A Donneau, V D'Orio
2014 Critical Care  
Investigating the theft of CDs is costly and usually involves pharmacists, managers and the police.  ...  Conclusion PDF may be a useful blood purifi cation therapy for ALF, but PDF should be performed below a MELD score of 30. References Acknowledgement Supported by EC 81/00469.  ...  , nonviolent communication and managing stressful situations; and increase the number of nurses and security guards in the ED and motivate them to ensure a better quality of care and minimize the delay  ... 
doi:10.1186/cc13677 pmcid:PMC4069543 fatcat:zc3zhlvj3ze4rhumi4iytnxgbu
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