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Best Laid Plans of Lions and Men [article]

Mikkel Abrahamsen and Jacob Holm and Eva Rotenberg and Christian Wulff-Nilsen
2021 arXiv   pre-print
Finally, we consider the following game played on the entire plane instead of a compact region: There is any finite number of unit speed lions and one fast man who can run with speed 1+ε for some value  ...  By letting the number of lions tend to infinity, we furthermore show that the man can survive against any countably infinite set of lions.  ...  Throughout this paper, all men, lions, and other animals are assumed to be points.  ... 
arXiv:1703.03687v3 fatcat:vezcjzvokrc4rhhkidahr2pn5q

Best Laid Plans of Lions and Men

Mikkel Abrahamsen, Jacob Holm, Eva Rotenberg, Christian Wulff-Nilsen
Next, we consider the following game played on the entire plane instead of a bounded area: There is any finite number of unit speed lions and one fast man who can run with speed 1 + ε for some value ε  ...  Littlewood (1885-1977): Can two lions catch a man in a bounded area with rectifiable lakes? The lions and the man are all assumed to be points moving with at most unit speed.  ...  Best Laid Plans of Lions and Men We now explain how to construct the rest of the boundary of each lake L f . Consider a face f of G and assume that the vertices on f are uvxyz in that order on f .  ... 

Page 393 of Republican Vol. 6, Issue 13 [page]

1822 Republican  
Put the names of men altogether out of iestion: listen to nothing about this man’s system, or that a's plan: sift it to the bottom, and exercise your owu  ...  an- xiously desired to unite hand and heart with all honest men in the acquirement of that common,good.  ... 

CONTENTS [chapter]

2000 The School of History  
Constitution / The Best Laid Plans / Desperate Straits / Moderation and Accommodation 6 A Procession of Victories, 411-408 Victory at Cyzicus / Immutable Change / The Generals and the Men of Athens  ...  The Past and the Truth / The Origins of Democracy / Choral Songs and Tragedies / Praise in Song / Enacting the The Privileges of Empire / The Best of the Athenians / The Public Display of Private Arete  ...  Athenians / Andocides and the Laws / The Work of the Nomothetai / The Laws of Athens  ... 
doi:10.1525/9780520929715-toc fatcat:b6iete45dbcrdowyc4ivtkj7w4

Page 537 of Saint Nicholas; A Magazine for Boys and Girls Vol. 4, Issue 8 [page]

1877 Saint Nicholas; A Magazine for Boys and Girls  
WILD MICE sharing in the general catastrophe. intended this; but The best-laid plans o’ mice and men Gang aft agley.”  ...  It was by the gnawing of a ridiculous little mouse, you remember, that the lion in the fable got free from the net in which the king of beasts found himself caught.  ... 

Page 366 of The North American Review Vol. 231, Issue 4 [page]

1931 The North American Review  
They laid careful plans, which included treating with the Indians for extinguishment of their claims, surveying and appraising the land which had been bought to prepare it for resale, and founding a settlement  ...  OULD these men who were acting C as directors of the newly-formed Connecticut Land Company have known that they held in their hands the future of a territory in which mil- lions of men and women were to  ... 

Page 487 of New McClure's Magazine Vol. 32, Issue 5 [page]

1909 New McClure's Magazine  
Even as she said it, the watch-fire far beneath him sent out a spear of flame which showed the great white pad plainly. The Bibi’s plan was laid, her decision was taken.  ...  The men were roping the lion now, and his howls and roaring did away with all reflection.  ... 

Page 15 of Journal of Irish Literature Vol. 10, Issue 2 [page]

1981 Journal of Irish Literature  
And, as Robbie Burns said, the best-laid plans of mice and men have a habit of going as sour as the mastitis-flavoured milk in the Present from Margate. Of the Dorans, there was no trace.  ...  Duffy’s yard, not softly as he left it but as a lion rampant upon a field of fools... . The Humdingers are still horseless—and trapless—as Cream- [15]  ... 

Page 597 of New Outlook Vol. 129, Issue [page]

1921 New Outlook  
It has suggested the thought to some timid souls that per- haps the best plan was to avoid the lion by going around another way.  ...  there would be left ships un- der construction (whose keels had al- ready been laid) and completed and commissioned dreadnoughts and super- dreadnoughts.  ... 

Page 28 of Herald of Gospel Liberty Vol. 121, Issue 30 [page]

1929 Herald of Gospel Liberty  
Danie, “the servant of the Most High God’, was honored again for his faithfulness and. his bravery to stand alone for God, The presidents and princes and powers were defeated for “the best laid plans of  ...  And a stone was brought, and laid upon the mouth of the den; and the king sealed it with his own signet, and with the signet of his lords; that the purpose might not be changed concerning Daniel. 18 Then  ... 

Page 771 of Science Vol. 23, Issue [page]

1906 Science  
Track has been laid out from the main line of the Panama Railroad. All idea of double-tracking this road has been aban- doned, and instead gangs of men are put- ting in sidings at all stations.  ...  Work at the Colon end, in default of proper facili- ties for unloading vessels, has been of no consequence, and there seems to be a doubt as to the best course to pursue.  ... 

Page 153 of American Architect and Architecture Vol. 91, Issue 1634 [page]

1907 American Architect and Architecture  
THE LION OF BABYLON HE Lion of Babylon is made of green and yellow glazed tiles baked several thousand years ago.  ...  INTERLOCHAING RUBBER Made in One Quality Only—THE BEST TILING Noiseless, non- slippery, sanitary and extraordina- rily durable, the finest floor that can be laid in business offices, banking rooms, court  ... 

Page 368 of The American Historical Review Vol. 2, Issue 2 [page]

1897 The American Historical Review  
As Hannibal’s Numidians pestered the Roman legions; as the Austrian Pandours more than once upset old Frederick’s best laid plans; so Mosby’s brilliant success was won be- cause the conditions had bred  ...  Mosby sallied forth at intervals of a few days or weeks, and by his intimate knowledge of the serrain, the aid of the country people, his exceptional speed, and his power of get- ting work out of his men  ... 

Page 75 of Bookman; A Review of Books and Life Vol. 19, Issue 1 [page]

1904 Bookman; A Review of Books and Life  
,” the rhinos and lions, but especially the lions, are live and real, and Bessie, the only girl in the book is a thoroughly satisfactory and delightfully real girl.  ...  , an experi- enced African hunter, and an old friend of Roy’s, Signor Polti, an anarchist on his way to blow up the Sultan of Zanzi- bar, and, best of all, the Devonshire boatswain, Dan Hook, a born humourist  ... 

Page 198 of Penn Monthly: Devoted to Literature, Art, Science and Politics Vol. 12, Issue [page]

1881 Penn Monthly: Devoted to Literature, Art, Science and Politics  
At pres- ent, the fact is that, although there are so many poor districts in Ire- land overcrowded, there are large tracts of the best land in Ireland lying merely under grass in the hands of a few men  ...  body of men might be entrusted wiih the busi- ness of selling out the land among the peasantry.  ... 
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