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1921 Journal of Industrial & Engineering Chemistry  
Bernard J. Haggarty, secretary t o t h e Mayor, who extended t h e freedom of t h e city t o t h e members of t h e SOCIETY on behalf of Mayor Hiram Edgerton, who was unable t o be present. Mr.  ...  Haggarty paid tribute t o the chemical industries of Rochester for t h e important part they are playing in the development of t h e city. H e was followed by Mr. E. G.  ...  Bernard J. Haggarty, secretary t o t h e Mayor, who extended t h e freedom of t h e city t o t h e members of t h e SOCIETY on behalf of Mayor Hiram Edgerton, who was unable t o be present. Mr.  ... 
doi:10.1021/ie50137a003 fatcat:3mufuvatvvf3pmvzz52zyi5vry

Page 20 of World's Work Vol. 60, Issue 3 [page]

1931 World's Work  
Roosevelt's By BERNARD HAGGARTY tial mansions, but there is nothing on record to show that the traditional headgear of saints and divinities has ever lighted the way of a President to the White House.  ... 

Page 188 of The American Political Science Review Vol. 26, Issue 1 [page]

1932 The American Political Science Review  
Bernard Haggarty. World’s Work. Sept., 1931. Police Power. The supreme court and state police power. 7. R. Powell. Va. Law Rev. June, Nov., Dec., 1931. Political Dishonesty.  ... 

Page 33 of Welding Journal Vol. 40, Issue 5 [page]

1961 Welding Journal  
(C) Haggarty, Robert J. (C) Hauser, Joseph J. (C) Henderson, William J. (C) Hilger, Fritz (C) Holtzhouse, Irvin L., Jr. (C) Hoppe, Charles W. (B) Kine, Robert C. (C) Kosnik, Bernard L.  ... 

Index of Authors

1997 British Journal of Nutrition  
Bernard see LE FLWH Nathalie, THIBAULT Jean-Noel & SEVE Bernard Tissue localization of threonine oxidation in pigs. SmEs Martti A. see AKENAMI Francis 0.  ...  THIBAULT Jean-Noel see LE PLOC' H Nathalie, THIBAULT Jean-N&l & SEW Bernard Tissue localization of threonine oxidation in pigs.  ... 
doi:10.1079/bjn19970094 fatcat:c3azx3lgfne7tcupe46zfi2ore

Page 42 of Central Law Journal Vol. 99, Issue [page]

1926 Central Law Journal  
Bernard, 1703, Q. B., 2 Ld. Raym., 909, ‘919: Needless to say. Lord Holt “does not refer to deceit in the limited sense in which it is now understood.  ...  Haggarty, 1859, 36 Pa., 67— the same). (7) For example, an attorney may be sued in tort for negligence in the performance of services for his client (Watson v. Calvert Bldg.  ... 

The BioMart community portal: an innovative alternative to large, centralized data repositories

Damian Smedley, Syed Haider, Steffen Durinck, Luca Pandini, Paolo Provero, James Allen, Olivier Arnaiz, Mohammad Hamza Awedh, Richard Baldock, Giulia Barbiera, Philippe Bardou, Tim Beck (+93 others)
2015 Nucleic Acids Research  
The BioMart Community Portal ( is a community-driven effort to provide a unified interface to biomedical databases that are distributed worldwide. The portal provides access to numerous database projects supported by 30 scientific organizations. It includes over 800 different biological datasets spanning genomics, proteomics, model organisms, cancer data, ontology information and more. All resources available through the portal are independently administered and funded by their
more » ... ost organizations. The BioMart data federation technology provides a unified interface to all the available data. The latest version of the portal comes with many new databases that have been created by our ever-growing community. It also comes with better support and extensibility for data analysis and visualization tools. A new addition to our toolbox, the enrichment analysis tool is now accessible through graphical and web service interface. The BioMart community portal averages over one million requests per day. Building on this level of service and the wealth of information that has become available, the BioMart Community Portal has introduced a new, more scalable and cheaper alternative to the large data stores maintained by specialized organizations.
doi:10.1093/nar/gkv350 pmid:25897122 pmcid:PMC4489294 fatcat:vg2axbtz5rauti5yac74id57k4

Page 1394 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. 51, Issue 4 [page]

1976 Mathematical Reviews  
K. 9822 Guttman, Irwin 9380 de Haan, Laurens 9171 Hadano, Toshihiro 8124 Hadjidimos, Apostolos 9518 HadzZiev, D. 8782 Haggarty, R.  ...  H. 8801 Freud, G. 8503 Frey, T. 8556 Frit, Roman 9013 Friedberg, M. 8323 Friedland, Bernard 9889 Friedman, Menahem 9552 Friedrich, Hermann 9468 Frik, G. 9452 Fritzsche, Klaus %8.448 Frohlich, A. 8077 Frohlich  ... 

The nature and significance of nutritional adaptation

JC Waterlow
1999 European Journal of Clinical Nutrition  
Haggarty et al (1997) have now produced a study showing that the PAL is not independent of body weight.  ...  He says``The principle enunciated by Claude Bernard, if dressed up in modern language, seems to me just a little grotesque.  ... 
doi:10.1038/sj.ejcn.1600739 pmid:10365976 fatcat:y7lwly75dbd5hd3mipwqbakeni

Page 1150 of Genetics Vol. 183, Issue 7 [page]

2009 Genetics  
BERNARD et al., 2006 Negative epistasis between natural variants of the Saccha- romyces cerevisiae MLH1 and PMS] genes results in a defect in mis- match repair. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci.  ...  HAGGARTY, L. KRuGLYAK et al., 2006 Revealing complex traits with small molecules and naturally recombinant yeast strains. Chem. Biol. 13: 319-327. PERLSTEIN, E. O., D. M. RupeRFER, D. C. RoBeErTs, S.  ... 


Alvan Macauley, William A. Bostick, E. P. Richardson, William A. McGonagle
1959 Bulletin of the Detroit Institute of Arts  
Sutter, Bernard Walker, Mary Louise Johnson Founda- tion and A. H. Meyer.  ...  Miss Ann Haggarty, who had been half-time secretary in the Department, became a [full-time alt member July |, 1958.  ... 
doi:10.1086/dia41505761 fatcat:df3kn6dolrdprkf3jvnvjxude4

Index of Authors

1996 Proceedings of the Nutrition Society  
L. see Haggarty, I? 126A Goode, H. E, Davies, M. J. ' & Webster, N. R.  ...  E. see Haggarty, I? 126A Vallette, G. see Laboisse, C. 259-264 Van Der Meulen, J.. Bakker, J. G. M., Smits. B. & De visser, H.  ... 
doi:10.1079/pns19960092 fatcat:pp5hi6mjavdpdjqitvmynzqhnu

Page 4607 of Psychological Abstracts Vol. 88, Issue 11 [page]

2001 Psychological Abstracts  
. , 34885 Guarton, Gladys B Guberman, Shelia, 35445 Gudjonsson, Gisli, 33489 Guerney, Bernard G., 34404 Guerra, Rogerio F., 32665 Guhe, Markus, 35448 AUTHOR INDEX Guimaraes, Francisco S., 32941 Guimaraes  ...  Dusan, 32331, 34101 Hafemeister, Thomas L., 34116 Hafenstein, Norma Lu, 35241 Hafiz, Intan Azreena, 33980 Hagan, Michael P., 33913 Hagekull, Berit, 32275 Hager, Reinmar, 32669 Haggard, Patrick, 32456 Haggarty  ... 

Page 1368 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. 55, Issue 4 [page]

1978 Mathematical Reviews  
Se) Si sk wes 7943 Halphen, Bernard. 9652 Hoeh De Dominicis, C.. . . Duruisseau, Jean-Paul . Ferguson, Pamela A. . 8165 Fuller, K. R......  ...  A..... 8179 Isn Duda, Edwin... .. 9017 Faxén, Karl O..... #9888 Frahlich, A... .... 7687 Goffman, Casper... #8267 Haggarty. R. J. ... 8160 Higgins, J. J...... 9379 Isn Duflo.  ... 

Page 125 of American Ceramic Society Bulletin Vol. 49, Issue 1 [page]

1970 American Ceramic Society Bulletin  
George Filice (P); Bernard J. Swords (SM); M. A. Schueler (D R&Eng). UNION CAMP CORP. 628-9000 (201) 1600 Valley Rd., Wayne, N. Y. 07470 Manufacture corrugated boxes, folding cartons.  ...  Cable (CB); John Haggarty (P); S. J. Cable (VP, S); A. R. McMannis (Sr VP); Philip Stewart (VP); John P. Mitchell (VP Sales); R. A. McClellan (VP Fin); R. B. Rowlett (Asst VP, Sales Dev D); W. S.  ... 
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