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On The Selection Of Radiating Elements For Compact Indoor Massive-Multiple Input Multiple Output Base Stations

Xavier Artiga, Bertrand Devillers, Julien Perruisseau-Carrier
2014 Zenodo  
However, envisioning indoor BS with such number of antennas it is essential to assess the implementation of compact arrays based on different antenna candidates, which constitutes the main objective of  ...  Characteristics such as return loss and mutual couplings are obtained via full-wave electromagnetic simulations and as a function of elements density in a given limited BS real estate.  ...  In this work, we address the implementation of compact antenna arrays for indoor Massive-MIMO base stations.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.58162 fatcat:e3eqbfauefdh3djoizzedklhhu

Investigation and analysis of the effects of geometry orientation of array antenna on directivity for wire-less communication

Twahir Kazema, Kisangiri Michael, Kun Chen
2016 Cogent Engineering  
Array antennas offer a wide range of opportunities in the variation of their directivity patterns through amplitude and phase control.  ...  A six by four antenna array was chosen for investigation with uniform element spacing between the elements and the results were presented for each selected geometry, Array elements of dipole and patch  ...  The PIN diode-based reconfigurable antenna solution is first motivated through a capacity analysis of the antenna in a clustered MIMO channel model.  ... 
doi:10.1080/23311916.2016.1232330 fatcat:mp45qiiu6vdxbkh2xy5rb4d6va

5G Uniform Linear Arrays With Beamforming and Spatial Multiplexing at 28, 37, 64, and 71 GHz for Outdoor Urban Communication: A Two-Level Approach

Jaswinder Lota, Shu Sun, Theodore S. Rappaport, Andreas Demosthenous
2017 IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology  
Spatial multiplexing requires sufficiently separated and incoherent antenna array elements, while in the case of beamforming, the antenna array elements need to be coherent and closely spaced.  ...  even for line-ofsight (LOS) transmission, which is an advantageous feature of mmWave channels, indicating that the transmitting and receiving array antenna elements can be co-located, thus enabling a  ...  Fig. 5 . 5 Sub-array patch antenna element. Fig. 6 . 6 28 GHz configuration C M 4 super array pattern, two sub-arrays each with 4 patch antennas.  ... 
doi:10.1109/tvt.2017.2741260 fatcat:6d3bcmfcerdc3myvvr2oroi6su

Efficient experimental evaluation of a MIMO handset with user influence

Fredrik Harrysson, Jonas Medbo, Andreas F. Molisch, Anders J. Johansson, Fredrik Tufvesson
2010 IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications  
In Paper II, the first step of the composite channel approach is evaluated with respect to MIMO by channel measurements including user influence in two static outdoor-to-indoor and indoor-to-indoor scenarios  ...  a super-antenna with its aggregate far-field pattern to be combined with a directional channel model in a classical way.  ...  Efficient Experimental Evaluation of a MIMO Handset with User ... Acknowledgment This work is supported by a grant from the Swedish Research Council.  ... 
doi:10.1109/twc.2010.02.090588 fatcat:ugxivrvaszcznhzbau5m7f7p24

Characterisation and Modelling of Measured Massive MIMO Channels [article]

Alex Oliveras Martinez
2017 PhD series, Technical Faculty of IT and Design, ˜Aalborg=ålborgœ University  
Paper C Copyright (Pg. 66) 3 Channel hardening (Pg. 70-73) Conclusions (Pg. 77) Paper E 4 Channel hardening (Pg. 110-116) Conclusions (Pg.121-123) The corrections are located at the beginning of this file  ...  The sounder measures a 8x16 MIMO channel fully in parallel in indoor-64 and 8x4 in outdoor-128, which is further extended by connecting the elements of each antenna set via a fast switch.  ...  The sounder measures a 8x16 MIMO channel fully in parallel in indoor-64 and 8x4 in outdoor-128, which is further extended by connecting the elements of each antenna set via a fast switch.  ... 
doi:10.5278/ fatcat:nv7beavwxvhehgu6prhticl7lm

MIMO Wireless Channel Modeling and Experimental Characterization [chapter]

Michael A. Jensen, Jon W. Wallace
2005 Space-Time Processing for MIMO Communications  
However, an examination of the topic of MIMO channels would be incomplete without some discussion of the impact of antenna element properties -such as directivity, polarization, and mutual coupling -antenna  ...  Therefore, we will highlight techniques for including these channel aspects in MIMO system characterization and will  ...  Virtual array architectures use precision displacement (or rotation) of a single antenna element rather than a set of fixed antennas connected via switches [14] [15] [16] .  ... 
doi:10.1002/0470010045.ch1 fatcat:26wi2adch5hcdb3z7jyr77o4ey

Beamforming via Large and Dense Antenna Arrays Above a Clutter

Osama N. Alrabadi, Elpiniki Tsakalaki, Howard Huang, Gert F. Pedersen
2013 IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications  
The paper sheds light on the beamforming (BF) performance of large (potentially unconstrained in size) as well as dense (but physically constrained in size) antenna arrays when equipped with arbitrarily  ...  many elements.  ...  The array is equipped with N = 24 vertical column elements spaced by 0.55λ. Each column is comprised of four patch antennas thus a total of 96 patch antennas exist.  ... 
doi:10.1109/jsac.2013.130218 fatcat:23st6u25wfhc7emta45pj4etwe

Feasibility of a wearable textile antenna hub based on massive MIMO systems

Estefania Crespo Bardera, Matilde Sanchez-Fernandez, Luis A. Talegon, Adrian Vega Delgado
2016 2016 18th Mediterranean Electrotechnical Conference (MELECON)  
to the creation of a circular array integrated by 30 radiating elements as illustrated in Fig. 3.8.  ...  (b) Radiation pattern (3D view) for element placed approximately in the middle of the 6 × 2 planar array. Figure 2 . 17 : 217 Simulated results of the 6 × 2 textile antenna array.  ... 
doi:10.1109/melcon.2016.7495384 fatcat:yfrxrfmk45e3lhxfj72m4bsobe

IRACON channel measurements and models [chapter]

Sana Salous, Davy Gaillot, Jose-Maria Molina-Garcia-Pardo, Ruisi He, Kentaro Saito, Ke Guan, Marina Barbiroli, Juan Pascual-Garcia, Katsuyuki Haneda
2021 Inclusive Radio Communications for 5G and Beyond  
The measurements used a 16-element dual-polarized cylindrical antenna array at the receiver as shown in Fig. 3.2(a) , us-  ...  Cellular scenarios [ODV17] reports 8 × 8 MIMO channel measurements at 3.8 GHz, in urban microcell environment in Louvain-la-Neuve. Fig. 3.1 shows an example of the results.  ...  It is concluded that the diversity brought by the indoor radio channel can be harvested even with a smaller array.  ... 
doi:10.1016/b978-0-12-820581-5.00009-2 fatcat:ucaoi4p6bzcgxcn4tizr4of4hq

An Inclusive Survey on Array Antenna Design for Millimeter-wave Communications

Saswati Ghosh, Debarati Sen
2019 IEEE Access  
The scope of the discussion is extended on the reported works in every sphere of mm-wave antenna array design, including the selection of antenna elements, array configurations, feed mechanism, integration  ...  There are diverse design challenges of the array due to the small size, use of large numbers of antennas in close vicinity, integration with radio-frequency (RF) front ends, hardware constraints, and so  ...  The diversity gain analysis of mm-wave MIMO systems for distributed antenna sub-array architecture is presented in [183] .  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2019.2924805 fatcat:vwhtrhs7wzfhtfdg5yy4iovquy

Prospective Beamforming Technologies for Ultra-Massive MIMO in Terahertz Communications: A Tutorial [article]

Boyu Ning, Zhongbao Tian, Zhi Chen, Chong Han, Shaoqian Li, Jinhong Yuan, Rui Zhang
2022 arXiv   pre-print
Then, we illustrate the basic principles of beamforming via UM-MIMO and introduce the schemes of beam training and beamspace MIMO for THz communications.  ...  Specifically, we first present the system model of THz UM-MIMO and identify its channel parameters and architecture types.  ...  Multi-User UM-MIMO Channels The two scenarios come with two kinds of multi-user MIMO channels, respectively.  ... 
arXiv:2107.03032v3 fatcat:kbax5r2urbaxhi3bctg6ahu4fe

A Review Of 5G Technology: Architecture, Security and wide Applications

Meer Zafarullah Noohani, Kaleem Ullah Magsi
2020 Zenodo  
In order to deal with state-of-the art technologies and connectivity in the form of smart cell phones, internet of things (IoT) devices, autonomous vehicles, virtual reality devices and smart homes connectivity  ...  This paper briefly discusses the architecture of 5G, following by the security associated with the 5G network, 5G as an energy efficient network, various types of efficient antennas developed for 5G and  ...  The smaller the ECC between any two components, it indicates that the proposed eight-element MIMO antenna system has a strong diversity of output [145] .  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3842353 fatcat:hl3e7kdp3ban7ggn2avttrqzwq

Antenna Array Enabled Space/Air/Ground Communications and Networking for 6G [article]

Zhenyu Xiao, Zhu Han, Arumugam Nallanathan, Octavia A. Dobre, Bruno Clerckx, Jinho Choi, Chong He, Wen Tong
2022 arXiv   pre-print
different types of antenna arrays with various beamforming technologies in space/air/ground communication networks, bringing in advantages such as considerable antenna gains, multiplexing gains, and diversity  ...  Antenna arrays have a long history of more than 100 years and have evolved closely with the development of electronic and information technologies, playing an indispensable role in wireless communications  ...  , multiplexing gains, diversity gains, and many other benefits.  ... 
arXiv:2110.12610v2 fatcat:2awnzv7t7nhefal7o5rsopgwqa

Introduction to Smart Antennas

Constantine A. Balanis, Panayiotis I. Ioannides
2007 Synthesis Lectures on Antennas  
Acknowledgments The authors would like to express their sincere appreciation for the cooperation, suggestions, generous contributions and supply of information by many of the authors of papers from which  ...  material in this paper was derived from and based upon.  ...  shows the normalized radiation pattern for a two-element antenna array when the weights of (4.7) are applied in the pattern forming network.  ... 
doi:10.2200/s00079ed1v01y200612ant005 fatcat:crh7v55hd5gp3h3obyb65sf2sa

Antenna Placement and Performance Tradeoffs with Hand Blockage in Millimeter Wave Systems [article]

Vasanthan Raghavan, Mei-Li Chi, M. Ali Tassoudji, Ozge H. Koymen, Junyi Li
2019 arXiv   pre-print
With wavelengths becoming smaller, antenna gain patterns becoming directional, and link budgets critically dependent on beamforming, it becomes imperative to use a number of antenna modules at different  ...  While more antennas/modules can enhance beamforming array gains, it comes with the tradeoff of higher component cost, power consumption of the associated radio frequency circuitry, and a beam management  ...  Thus, circular arrays share the same pros and cons as planar arrays and the face design (in particular), such as better parsing of clusters in the channel, limiting interference in unintended directions  ... 
arXiv:1901.00968v1 fatcat:spnvxuabmvd3dopu7fwd2nzwfi
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