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Being even slightly shallow makes life hard [article]

Irene Muzi and Michael P. O'Brien and Felix Reidl and Blair D. Sullivan
2017 arXiv   pre-print
In the following, we provide a negative answer: Dense r/2-Shallow Topological Minor and Dense r-Subdivsion are already NP-hard for r = 1 in very sparse graphs.  ...  Since Densest Subgraph can be solved in polynomial time, we ask whether these slight relaxations also admit efficient algorithms.  ...  Conclusion We showed that finding dense substructures that are just slightly less local than subgraphs is computationally hard, and even a parameterization by treewidth cannot provide very efficient algorithms  ... 
arXiv:1705.06796v1 fatcat:jvdqsxgbffdlvpjq2qixl7z3ja

Being Even Slightly Shallow Makes Life Hard *

Irene Muzi, Michael O'brien, Felix Reidl, Blair Sullivan, Blair Sullivan, Irene Muzi, Michael O'brien, Felix Reidl, Blair Sullivan
2017 Creative Commons License CC-BY 42nd International Symposium on Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science   unpublished
In the following, we provide a negative answer: Dense r /2-Shallow Topological Minor and Dense r-Subdivsion are already NP-hard for r = 1 in very sparse graphs.  ...  There has been significant recent work on a slightly more general substructure, r-shallow minors, which are formed by contracting disjoint connected subgraphs of radius at most r.  ...  Even Slightly Shallow Makes Life Hard Lemma 1.  ... 

Page 430 of New McClure's Magazine Vol. 15, Issue 5 [page]

1900 New McClure's Magazine  
Margaret Alden looked slightly pafned; then she said, with sympathetic pity: ‘‘ But people who don’t think—how much pleas- ure—how much joy in life they must miss.”’ ‘* One of the saddest things in life  ...  THE SHALLOW SPIRIT OF JUDGMENT. growing rather hard for him to think up, on the spur of the moment, oracular reflections on Lulu as a problem.  ... 

Page 403 of Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society Vol. 105, Issue 4 [page]

1961 Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society  
The dorsal (spinal) furrow is shallow through- | lumbar fossulae were to be out.  ...  Any unknown to our mountain dwellers; they remai barefoot throughout life.  ... 

Page 395 of Entomological News Vol. 11, Issue 3 [page]

1900 Entomological News  
They may be extremely local and be found only for a few days, but in that time and place they are common, or if even a part of the life- habits of a species can be found out, it usually ceases to be a  ...  Head broadly lunate, vertex slightly longer at middle than next eye, a distinct but rather shallow transverse depression on anterior third in and  ... 


G.K. Egert, T. D. Burleigh
2020 Materials and Corrosion Engineering Management  
All these differences were measured even though there was no measurable difference in retained austenite.  ...  These tests showed no major changes between the control and the liquid nitrogen treated steel, but the dry ice (-78°C) treated steel showed narrower XRD peaks, more reproducible hardness measurements,  ...  The shallow (dry ice) treatment made the steel slightly harder and more homogenous than the control or the deep (liquid nitrogen) treatment. Figure 2: The Rockwell C hardness of the samples.  ... 
doi:10.26480/macem.01.2020.21.24 fatcat:qz5wxizzonc5dmgejsh4cjphse

Extant Earthly Microbial Mats and Microbialites as Models for Exploration of Life in Extraterrestrial Mat Worlds

Bopaiah Biddanda, Anthony Weinke, Ian Stone, Scott Kendall, Phil Hartmeyer, Wayne Lusardi, Stephanie Gandulla, John Bright, Steven Ruberg
2021 Life  
Microbial life found in Earth's many extreme habitats are considered useful analogs to life forms we are likely to find in extraterrestrial bodies of water.  ...  Herein, we document studies of these two distinct earthly microbial mat ecosystems and ponder how similar or modified methods of study (e.g., robotics) would be applicable to prospective mat worlds in  ...  We are grateful to Jasmine Mancuso, Oakland University, MI, for proof-reading and making improvements to the English language in this manuscript.  ... 
doi:10.3390/life11090883 pmid:34575032 fatcat:6nuqyyqca5dmjjbqu7dyllftee

Page 562 of Commonweal Vol. 1, Issue 21 [page]

1925 Commonweal  
These things are hard, but they are also inevitable. Being slightly disreputable is only part of the price the Catholic Church pays for being universal. MR.  ...  But they are sceptical, atheistically unspiritual, basing their recommendations, even when good, on shallow grounds of expediency and utilitarianism.  ... 

Page 681 of Mechanical Engineering Vol. 70, Issue 8 [page]

1948 Mechanical Engineering  
Rather, it is recommended that two passes be used where colerances are sufficiently close to make heat expansion a prob lem.  ...  It has been thought that the broach could be ground slightly undersize to compensate for expansion due to generated heat, preheating the broach be- fore actually using it, to correct this difficulty.  ... 

Page 69 of Green Book Magazine Vol. 23, Issue 3 [page]

1920 Green Book Magazine  
She learned that the business of life is gayety, that to be serious is living death, and that where two highballs blossom in place of one, brilliant conversation may be expected.  ...  And Ivan had pleaded so with that some- thing hard in her which stood firm against him even while her own whirlwind emotions abetted him.  ... 

Recent Researches on Cholera—II

Leonard Rogers
1919 Scientific American  
In future, I understand pathologists af our medical colleges will be supplied from the bacteriological or research department, and will make the subject their life-study, and not be eli gible for clinical  ...  In spite of the fact that few vessels attain really high speeds in shallow water, there is some in crease of draft at the stern even in large vessels moving moderately slowly in shallow water.  ... 
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican07261919-58supp fatcat:t33yuivamnb2xhgosogiquwyzu

The Anti-intellectual Representation of the Academia in Lucky Jim

Arpita Sawhney
2019 Journal of Humanities and Education Development  
The novel aims at unveiling the camouflaged truth regarding the shallowness of the academic life. The novel satirizes the academicians who are consumed in anti-intellectual and pretentious pursuits.  ...  The novel aims at unveiling the camouflaged truth regarding the shallowness of the academic life. It makes the reader question the glorified image of the intellectuals in the profession of teaching.  ...  Humour arises when this shallow man's pretentious side comes to the fore. He always tries hard to attract the press to his house for musical events.  ... 
doi:10.22161/jhed.1.4.10 fatcat:zdct7dd5mjf3hlpv735ka4zmai

Echinoid assemblages as a tool for palaeoenvironmental reconstruction – an example from the Early Miocene of Egypt

Andreas Kroh, James H Nebelsick
2003 Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology  
, coarse sandy substrates; (5) the Mixed Assemblage representing a slightly shallower, low-to moderateenergy environment with reduced sedimentation rates; (6) a Clypeaster martini Assemblage characterising  ...  a shallow, higher-energy environment; (7) finally, the poorly diverse Phyllacanthus Assemblage from shallow-water carbonates.  ...  Disarticulated or fragmented material could in many cases only be determined to family level or even higher systematic units.  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0031-0182(03)00610-2 fatcat:pg3t4eknt5hkjelv7ddvsgfmje

Paleoecology of benthic metazoans in the Early Cambrian Maotianshan Shale biota and the Middle Cambrian Burgess Shale biota: evidence for the Cambrian substrate revolution

Stephen Q. Dornbos, David J. Bottjer, Jun-Yuan Chen
2005 Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology  
As the depth and intensity of bioturbation increased through the Proterozoic-Phanerozoic transition, the substrates on which marine benthos lived changed from being relatively firm with a sharp sediment-water  ...  modes Genus Description Life mode Cambrorhytium conical animal attached to hard substrates hard substrate attacher Capsospongia sponge with pointed lower end shallow sediment sticker Chancelloria  ...  Even lacking solid evidence for seafloor microbial mats, the muddy source substrate of these intraclasts still had to be relatively cohesive and firm in order to be ripped-up and transported.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.palaeo.2003.11.016 fatcat:cjkgbp27wzgsjofdbc665knb2i

Page 628 of The Review of Reviews Vol. 33, Issue 198 [page]

1905 The Review of Reviews  
His natural height was even somewhat diminished by a habit of bending forward slightly from the waist, begotten, no doubt, of short-sightedness and the need to peer into things.  ...  rof artistic development, will permanently avail any people unless its home life is healthy, unless the average man ossesses honesty, courage, commonsense, and decency ; unless ks works hard and is willing  ... 
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