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A qualitative investigation of the perceptions of female dog-bite victims and implications for the prevention of dog bites

Carri Westgarth, Francine Watkins
2015 Journal of veterinary behavior  
Identifying who was to blame, and had responsibility for preventing the bite, was straightforward for the participants in hindsight.  ...  A new approach to dog-bite prevention may now be required, drawing on other injury prevention strategies including awareness-raising and minimizing the damage caused by a bite when it happens.  ...  "Understanding dog ownership and walking for better human health" (grant number G1002402).  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.jveb.2015.07.035 pmid:26702271 pmcid:PMC4659589 fatcat:3y3o6gzlqngcngtvb7c2ibbxtm

"About Miracles": Seeing the "real thing" in Hong Sang-soo's Woman on the Beach and Éric Rohmer's Le Rayon vert

Jacob Hovind
2021 CINEJ Cinema Journal  
And thus, in a career frequently compared to Rohmer's, Woman on the Beach, with its search for this almost mystical encounter with reality, emerges as Hong's variation on Rohmer's own search for what's  ...  Placing this film in the context of Hong's oeuvre as a whole, I explore Hong's overarching interest in trying to see "the real thing" instead of imaginatively constructing it.  ...  film: "A miracle is a miracle because you don't know how you get it.  ... 
doi:10.5195/cinej.2021.326 fatcat:afffjbaljnbl7gd6sm5rgmyjv4


Paul E. McGHEE
1971 Child Development  
Thompson, for his guidance in planning and writing up this investigation and for his efforts to foster a scholarly attitude and a creative thinking capacity in his students.  ...  He has strengthened my belief in the value of knowledge for its own sake.  ...  the dog is carrying that car and a cat (man, dog) is inside the car. 3) Because the dog is carrying (biting, eating) that carbecause the dog tipped that big car over -because the dog is so big it can  ... 
doi:10.1111/j.1467-8624.1971.tb03623.x fatcat:3jtu7slg2zem5pagtvknmovofu

Lexical Decomposition II: Conceptual Axiology [chapter]

D. Alan Cruse, Franz Hundsnurscher, Michael Job, Peter Rolf Lutzeier
2002 Lexikologie  
For more information, please see the item record link above. Published as: Acquaviva, P. and Panagiotidis, P. 2012. Lexical decomposition meets conceptual atomism. Lingue e linguaggio XI.2, 165-180.  ...  Instead, we delineate a notion of syntactic root, distinct from that of morphological root; syntactic roots are name-tags establishing lexical identity for grammatical structures.  ...  CONCEPTS AND WORD STRUCTURE * Taking DOG to represent the concept associated with the word dog seems a straightforward choice, but it presupposes a clear notion of what is a word.  ... 
doi:10.1515/9783110113082.1.6.256 fatcat:sjupdrfi75hgfmp6vj3jeu5d2e

Nodal humor in comic narrative: a semantic analysis of two stories by Twain and Wodehouse

1992 Humor: An International Journal of Humor Research  
For this reason, the first type cannot explain why a particular passage of discourse elicits a humorous response.  ...  Imprecision and an inability to integrale humor into a larger framework plague attempts made in the past to explicate comic narratives.  ...  He lets loose in Weeks's apartment a dog, reputed for its "flashing fangs." He hopes, of course, that the dog will bite Weeks and thus effect the first stage of his plan.  ... 
doi:10.1515/humr.1992.5.3.233 fatcat:vxuulxlnpnee5pjt7ch2cmbpoe

Working at Play: BDSM Sexuality in the San Francisco Bay Area

Margot D. Weiss
2006 Anthropologica  
In this article, I argue that BDSM sexuality should be conceptualized as a form of "working at play."  ...  and leisure-labour.  ...  BDSM creates a place for this play, and in so doing produces new social relations through its combinant logics.  ... 
doi:10.2307/25605313 fatcat:4vg7n5kuzzeozohg7y5a5lbtdq

Toxic Bodies

Wibke Straube
2019 Environmental Humanities  
Chen, for example, the works here seem to reappropriate the status of the toxic body as a strategy for adjustment and alliance and a site of ethical engagement with the world.  ...  Through these works, Straube explores the meaning of this correlation between ticks and transing bodies for environmental ethics as well as for the forging of livable lives for trans people.  ...  with the text and for making important final suggestions.  ... 
doi:10.1215/22011919-7349510 fatcat:mlh7lxocinc5lokwgqolgms5zq

Orthodox Transgressions: The Ideology of Cross-Species, Cross-Class, and Interracial Queerness in Lucía Puenzo's Novel El niño pez (The Fish Child)

Ángeles Donoso Macaya, Melissa M. González
2013 American Quarterly  
for "the Paraguayan girl") by the family and by the dog narrator because of her nationality.  ...  : Deleuze here explains his dislike of the relationship between domestic pets and the people who love them, pointing out how caught up it is in an anthropocentric, psychoanalytic framework.  ... 
doi:10.1353/aq.2013.0036 fatcat:g67cneoyjzbijdq2542kjy5mne

On the Becoming of the Mizrahi Male Body

Yochai Oppenheimer
2014 Orbis Litterarum  
separate and delimited places for men and women.  ...  Such a logic would bring together different representations and would not be confined to a framework in which one representation rules out another.  ... 
doi:10.1111/oli.12018 fatcat:ohr53esnmjgybatyfafhivbddu


Marc Bekoff
2006 Zygon: Journal of Religion and Science  
I argue that cognitive ethology is the unifying science for understanding the subjective, emotional, empathic, and moral lives of animals because it is essential to know what animals do, think, and feel  ...  Are other minds really all that private and inaccessible? Can a nonhuman animal be called a person?  ...  Acknowledgments I thank Paul Waldau for organizing the AAR session and Graham Harvey (2006) , Nancy Howell (2006) , Jay McDaniel (2006) , and Donna Yarri (2006) for taking the time to read my "stuff  ... 
doi:10.1111/j.1467-9744.2006.00727.x fatcat:f6k7e7g44vb4naeyabjrrp5vwa

Catalyzing a Commitment to Community Service in Emerging Adults

Scott Seider
2007 Journal of Adolescent Research  
Enough committed fleas biting strategically can make even the biggest dog uncomfortable and transform even the biggest nation" (Millard-Hoie, 2005) .  ...  Having adopted this new worldview and its emphasis on social justice, Bonnie asserts that "I don't think I can not think about it for the rest of my life."  ... 
doi:10.1177/0743558407306347 fatcat:cjxkmz6wsrbjzjzqjxdm5dr5mu

The deal: Wives, entrepreneurial business and family life

Dina D Bowman
2009 Journal of Family Studies  
It examines how men and women as entrepreneurs, and as the spouses of entrepreneurs, account for their business and family lives.  ...  These beliefs take the form of a gender based 'deal' that frames the control and use of resources (money, time, space and care) that underpin engagement in business and family life.  ...  Nick said that he loved his relationship with his wife despite fighting 'like cats and dogs', because they knew they were in it 'for the long haul'.  ... 
doi:10.5172/jfs.15.2.167 fatcat:ftb55wxjbnbolbwskefhrcwtfq

Semantic networks

Fritz Lehmann
1992 Computers and Mathematics with Applications  
frame systems, case relations, llnk valence, abstraction, inheritance hierarchies and logic extensions; and III. a survey of 'world-structuring' systems including ontologies, causal link models, continuous  ...  You quickly get a yearning for some real understanding, some 'conceptual structure' forming a deeper model of the subject area.  ...  In Information Retrieval, semantic nets are needed for accurate retrieval of relevant documents in preference to using keywords or sets of features (so a search for cases of dogs biting men won't retrieve  ... 
doi:10.1016/0898-1221(92)90135-5 fatcat:4nli67lrsjdzdiu56i5ixwhm2a

The micro-rhetorics ofGame-o-Matic

Mike Treanor, Bobby Schweizer, Ian Bogost, Michael Mateas
2012 Proceedings of the International Conference on the Foundations of Digital Games - FDG '12  
This theoretical framework is informed by the design of Game-O-Matic, a videogame authoring tool that generates games to represent ideas.  ...  It takes a network of basic relationships between actors and assembles simple arcade-style game mechanics into videogames that are able to make arguments and depict ideas.  ...  Game-O-Matic addresses a problem facing newsgames [3] [10]: journalism has been hesitant to adopt the form because news organizations don't have the resources to train or hire game designers and integrate  ... 
doi:10.1145/2282338.2282347 dblp:conf/fdg/TreanorSBM12 fatcat:dzqgasvosfcddlbsxnhxfo5jpy

The Process of Evaluating [chapter]

2015 Listening  
He recounts the following dialogue between two men who meet in a city park. One man has a dog on a leash. Looking over at the dog, the first man asks, "Does your dog bite?"  ...  The second man assures him that his dog does not bite. The first man then reaches down to pet the dog and is immediately bitten.  ...  This arrangement creates a new set of concerns because new role relationships need to be established, new habits formed, and new interaction patterns facilitated.  ... 
doi:10.4324/9781315663647-15 fatcat:4gsm77c4xjc7lban4wjnksy6gy
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