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Perspectives on Health and Usage Monitoring Systems (HUMS) of helicopters

Alexandre Mauricio, Junyu Qi, Linghao Zhou, Wenyi Wang, David Mba, Konstantinos Gryllias, K. Stamoulis, M. Papanikou, A. Apostolidis, A. Plioutsias, H. Karakoc
2020 MATEC Web of Conferences  
Even though the development of HUMS contributed to the reduction of worldwide helicopter accident rate, more advanced systems are needed based on the investigation of the air accidents of AS332 L2 Super  ...  In this paper the performance of a recently proposed diagnostic tool, called IESFOgram, is evaluated and compared with state of the art techniques, applied on signal captured on a Category A Super Puma  ...  One of the most common approaches in bearing fault detection is the Envelope Analysis, where the signal is demodulated in order to detect the lower cyclic modulations of the bearing.  ... 
doi:10.1051/matecconf/202031402008 fatcat:vv26lpl765h5fg4ixfbadegtza

Cyclostationarity applied to acoustic emission and development of a new indicator for monitoring bearing defects

M. Kedadouche, M. Thomas, A. Tahan
2014 Mechanics & Industry  
Two new indicators based on this cyclostationary technique are proposed and compared for early detection of defective bearings.  ...  In this study, we propose an experimental study that characterizes the cyclostationary aspect of acoustic emission (AE) signals recorded from a defective bearing (40 µm on the outer race) to see its efficiency  ...  The cyclic power spectral density of the signal is estimated by using Welch's averaged periodogram method. The parameters and the method are set based on the recommendations of Antoni [21, 22] .  ... 
doi:10.1051/meca/2014061 fatcat:bjlbnrhugnds7mt3cu6od6pc2e

Long term vibration data analysis from wind turbine -statistical vs energy based features

Adrian Ignasiak, Norbert Gomolla, Piotr Kruczek, Agnieszka Wyłomanska, Radosław Zimroz
2017 Vibroengineering PROCEDIA  
The typical approach for damage detection in long term data is based on the energy and spectral analysis.  ...  In order to indicate the frequency band corresponding to the damage the proper statistics are used.  ...  In order to overcome this problem, the signal statistics can be applied in order to indicate the impulsive behavior related to damage. There is enormous variety of methods, which can be used.  ... 
doi:10.21595/vp.2017.19081 fatcat:vxwaxj4ssjc6zbldwzfor542pm

On-line vibration monitoring of bearing faults in induction machine usin Cyclic Spectral Analysis

F. Tafinine, M. Belhaq
2016 MATEC Web of Conferences  
A robust signal processing method for developing an on-line bearing fault detection based on Cyclic Spectral Analysis is presented in this paper.  ...  The proposed technique is tested with different bearing conditions, the results show that this diagnosis.  ...  the total vibration signal spectrum in order to detect the frequency of defects. and isolation problems can be solved by different techniques: model based, signal based or knowledge based methods.  ... 
doi:10.1051/matecconf/20168309010 fatcat:fggcqccfmzajnhek27xgiswglq

Multi-domain extreme learning machine for bearing failure detection based on variational modal decomposition and approximate cyclic correntropy

Wang Xiaohui, Sui Guangzhou, Xiang Jiawei, Wang Guangbin, Huo Zhiqiang, Huang Zhen
2020 IEEE Access  
Based on this, in 2019, Zhao et al. [23] first proposed using cyclic correntropy spectrum analysis for bearing failure detection.  ...  The multi-domain KELM (MKELM) based on singular values of the VMD component matrix and cyclic statistics achieved good results in bearing failure detection with strong Gaussian noise, frequent load conversion  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2020.3034651 fatcat:lipqs3ii5jdhleugbbaow7mc2a

Informative frequency band identification for automatic extraction of impulsive components in vibration data from rotating machinery

Jacek Wodecki, Radosław Zimroz, Tomasz Barszcz
2017 Vibroengineering PROCEDIA  
In this paper authors address the issue of local damage detection in rolling element bearings in the presence of non-Gaussian noise.  ...  Classical detection methods are often not sufficient for the task because of high energy of impulsive noise in comparison to spectral structure of the damage.  ...  Bearing fault related impacts are not detectable on the spectrum. Methodology In this section the presented methodology is described.  ... 
doi:10.21595/vp.2017.19100 fatcat:mbit4olid5gmdjvawjks6uuu3m

Adaptive Bearings Vibration Modelling for Diagnosis [chapter]

Ryszard A. Makowski, Radoslaw Zimroz
2011 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
The aim of the signal processing is to detect the impact signals (shocks) related to damages in rolling element bearings (REB).  ...  Thus, the solution should be an adaptive one. The proposed approach is based on the normalized exact least-square time-variant lattice filter (adaptive Schur filter).  ...  The filter calculates an optimal orthogonal signal representation using second-order statistics of the signal, resulting in a set of time-varying Schur coefficients.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-23857-4_26 fatcat:wfuwwnt6rjeslp24l6fhs7d6na

Self-Running Bearing Diagnosis Based on Scalar Indicator using Fast Order Frequency Spectral Coherence

Souhayb Kass, Amani Raad, Jérôme Antoni
2019 Measurement (London)  
The indicator is based on the recently developed Fast Order-Frequency Spectral Coherence, a key tool of the theory of second-order cyclostationary processes: it condenses the whole information initially  ...  Recently, a few autonomous methods have been proposed to alleviate the demand on the user's expertise, yet they have been mainly focused on fault detection.  ...  Based on the bearing geometry, the characteristic inner-race fault order is 5.4152. From now on, the coefficient 5.4152 will be denoted as the BPOI (ball-pass order on the inner-race).  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.measurement.2019.02.046 fatcat:unz4nw7wqfak5pnndt55bpdjnq

Fault detection in different types of noise environments

Grzegorz Zak
2017 Vibroengineering PROCEDIA  
Local damage detection is one of the most investigated problems in the field of condition monitoring.  ...  Raw signals often possess different components that make it difficult for one to directly detect damage.  ...  One can see works on the machine maintenance in the field [1] , application of the data mining methods [2, 3] , cyclicity detection [4] , signal segmentation via statistical approach [5] .  ... 
doi:10.21595/vp.2017.19052 fatcat:7ocd3w7tnnhjvcrv3sguex7mhq

Casing vibration signal characteristic extractions and applications in rolling bearing

Mingyue Yu, Baodong Qiao, Zhongyan An, Gao Qiang
2021 Journal of Vibroengineering  
Meanwhile, mean power ratio is calculated and used to identify the fault types of aero-engine rolling bearing based on single-channel casing vibration signal.  ...  A method of combining autocorrelation function with cyclostationary theory and Hilbert envelope analysis is proposed and applied to extract characteristic frequency of rolling bearing.  ...  The second-order of cyclostationary was utilized to detect and diagnose fatigue damage of the stainless steel based on vibration signal [13] .  ... 
doi:10.21595/jve.2020.21496 fatcat:72mvlic5ynfxbixrku2zea4244

Alternative Measures of Dependence for Cyclic Behaviour Identification in the Signal with Impulsive Noise—Application to the Local Damage Detection

Justyna Hebda-Sobkowicz, Jakub Nowicki, Radosław Zimroz, Agnieszka Wyłomańska
2021 Electronics  
The local damage detection procedures in rotating machinery are based on the analysis of the impulsiveness and/or the periodicity of disturbances corresponding to the failure.  ...  Thus, there is a need for new methods for hidden periodicity detection.  ...  Local Damage Detection-A Brief Overview The local damage detection methods for gearboxes and bearings attract the attention of many researchers, thus, there are many diagnostic signal processing methods  ... 
doi:10.3390/electronics10151863 fatcat:7nkbphkh2baelgm7bssldd7rhm

Cyclostationary Analysis towards Fault Diagnosis of Rotating Machinery

Shengnan Tang, Shouqi Yuan, Yong Zhu
2020 Processes  
Based on it, the fundamental definition and classification of cyclostationarity are introduced briefly. The mathematical principles of the essential cyclic spectral analysis are outlined.  ...  On account of the common cyclostationarity of vibration signal under faulty states, fault diagnosis methods based on cyclostationary analysis play an essential role in the rotatory machine.  ...  EESFO for the BPFO detection of the PLC upwind bearing damage corresponding to sensor AN5.  ... 
doi:10.3390/pr8101217 fatcat:gyrxgcdczrfnve7jyvfnlxt5im

A Simple Condition Monitoring Method for Gearboxes Operating in Impulsive Environments

Stephan Schmidt, Radoslaw Zimroz, Fakher Chaari, P. Stephan Heyns, Mohamed Haddar
2020 Sensors  
The synchronous average of the squared envelope is a relatively simple yet effective method to perform fault detection, fault identification and fault trending under constant and time-varying operating  ...  However, its performance is impeded by the presence of impulsive signal components attributed to impulsive noise or the presence of other damage modes in the machine.  ...  Performance of SMSE and SASE in Impulsive Noise In this section, it is assumed that the vibration generated by a damaged gear is generated by a second-order cyclostationary component with a cyclic period  ... 
doi:10.3390/s20072115 pmid:32283650 fatcat:fffvq4dvnbayvpqkyyx6oa56yq

A cointegration-based monitoring method for rolling bearings working in time-varying operational conditions

Ali Akbar Tabrizi, Hussein Al-Bugharbee, Irina Trendafilova, Luigi Garibaldi
2016 Meccanica (Milano. Print)  
Some methods have been proposed for damage detection in bearings working under time-varying speed conditions.  ...  In this study, a novel combined method for fault detection in rolling bearings based on cointegration is proposed for the development of fault features which are sensitive to the presence of defects while  ...  Some of these methods, like the order tracking one, can detect the damage when the speed variation is limited.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s11012-016-0451-x fatcat:jvdo7x4ibfgwncsrdu3tggntyq

Cyclostationary Analysis for Gearbox and Bearing Fault Diagnosis

Zhipeng Feng, Fulei Chu
2015 Shock and Vibration  
The gear and bearing faults are detected by checking the presence or monitoring the magnitude change of peaks in cyclic correlation and cyclic spectrum and are located according to the peak cyclic frequency  ...  In order to thoroughly understand the cyclostationarity of gearbox and bearing vibrations, the explicit expressions of cyclic correlation and cyclic spectrum for amplitude modulation and frequency modulation  ...  second order cyclostationarity, and early detected gear tooth spalling using spectral correlation analysis.  ... 
doi:10.1155/2015/542472 fatcat:n7ablylxyvdbllbqfteflm6s5i
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