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Balanced Modulation for Nonvolatile Memories [article]

Hongchao Zhou, Anxiao Jiang, Jehoshua Bruck
2012 arXiv   pre-print
This paper presents a practical writing/reading scheme in nonvolatile memories, called balanced modulation, for minimizing the asymmetric component of errors.  ...  Balanced modulation has suboptimal performance for any cell-level distribution and it can be easily implemented in the current systems of nonvolatile memories.  ...  It enables balanced modulation to be adaptive to a variety of channels characters, hence, it makes balanced modulation applicable for most types of nonvolatile memories.  ... 
arXiv:1209.0744v1 fatcat:umf4hi4fjfbphin3bakda7fati

Anisotropic modulation of magnetic properties and the memory effect in a wide-band (011)-Pr0.7Sr0.3MnO3/PMN-PT heterostructure

Ying-Ying Zhao, Jing Wang, Hao Kuang, Feng-Xia Hu, Yao Liu, Rong-Rong Wu, Xi-Xiang Zhang, Ji-Rong Sun, Bao-Gen Shen
2015 Scientific Reports  
In addition, we find that the anisotropic, nonvolatile modulation of magnetic properties gradually diminishes as the temperature approaches FM transition, indicating that the nonvolatile memory effect  ...  However, a nonvolatile tuning of the magnetic state by the electric field, namely the memory effect, is required for information storage.  ...  It was assumed that such a nonvolatile magnetic memory effect was due to the modulated energy balance between coexisting FM and charge-ordered antiferromagnetic (COAFM) phases in the phase-separated manganite  ... 
doi:10.1038/srep09668 pmid:25909177 pmcid:PMC5386113 fatcat:wugzdz6cdnddnc2xlivblf5p2a

Ultra-compact nonvolatile plasmonic phase change modulators and switches with dual electrical-optical functionality [article]

Jacek Gosciniak
2021 arXiv   pre-print
Consequently, proposed here novel plasmonic nonvolatile switches can operate by phase modulation, absorption modulation, or both and under zero-static power.  ...  nonvolatile materials.  ...  Perspective view of the Mach-Zehnder interferometric modulator with the active biasing contacts and passive metallic contact for the field loss balancing.  ... 
arXiv:2112.02700v1 fatcat:qwnnxx4t7zatzjhcohbtrw3rnm

Experimental Demonstration of STT-MRAM based Nonvolatile Instantly On/Off System for IoT Applications: Case Studies

Yueting Li, Wang Kang, Kunyu Zhou, Keni Qiu, Weisheng Zhao
2022 ACM Transactions on Embedded Computing Systems  
To address such a challenge, on one hand, low-power electronic design methodologies and novel power management techniques have been proposed, such as nonvolatile memories and instantly on/off systems;  ...  In this paper, we built an instantly on/off system based on nonvolatile STT-MRAM for IoT applications, which can instantly power on/off under different conditions of the harvested energy.  ...  To balance clock regions and memory resources between modules, this system uses the asynchronous FIFO and read/write arbitration.  ... 
doi:10.1145/3546193 fatcat:kvfkhwjtmbgidkxzisu5qjqaa4

Design of an energy-efficient XNOR gate based on MTJ-based nonvolatile logic-in-memory architecture for binary neural network hardware

Masanori Natsui, Tomoki Chiba, Takahiro Hanyu
2019 Japanese Journal of Applied Physics  
A nonvolatile logic gate based on magnetic tunnel junction-based nonvolatile logic-in-memory (NV-LIM) architecture is designed for the implementation of compact and low-power binary neural network (BNN  ...  The use of NV-LIM architecture for designing BNN hardware makes it possible to reduce both computational and data transfer costs associated with inference functions of deep neural networks.  ...  Takako of Focal Agency for excellent technical assistance. Part of this research was supported by  ... 
doi:10.7567/1347-4065/aafb4d fatcat:64lkzkjegjczhbymfaoa4wvp3a

The Architecture and Design of HS-series StorageWorks Array Controllers

Stephen J. Sicola
1994 Digital technical journal of Digital Equipment Corporation  
The architecture and design of StorageWorks array controllers represents a balance between the market requirements and the available technology.  ...  The HS series of StorageWorks array controllers is a new family of Digital products that includes models for both open systems and systems that use Digital's proprietary buses.  ...  As noted earlier, when the cache module contains batteries, the memory is nonvolatile for up to 100 hours.  ... 
dblp:journals/dtj/Sicola94 fatcat:47eaulqzs5aqxomtwopsgwqggy

A compression-based area-efficient recovery architecture for nonvolatile processors

Yiqun Wang, Yongpan Liu, Yumeng Liu, Daming Zhang, Shuangchen Li, Baiko Sai, Mei-Fang Chiang, Huazhong Yang
2012 2012 Design, Automation & Test in Europe Conference & Exhibition (DATE)  
Finally, we proposed a reconfigurable state table architecture, which supports the reference vector selecting for different applications.  ...  This paper first demonstrated a fabricated nonvolatile 8051-compatible processor design, which indicates the ferroelectric nonvolatile version leads to over 90% area overhead compared with the volatile  ...  In real applications, we found the optimal m varies quite small for different input vectors. The value of m is set to balance the length of the encoded segments and the copied segments.  ... 
doi:10.1109/date.2012.6176714 dblp:conf/date/WangLLZLSCY12 fatcat:hgoyvywcbnavjmabzxjfnalepm

Ultra-compact nonvolatile phase shifter based on electrically reprogrammable transparent phase change materials [article]

Carlos Ríos, Qingyang Du, Yifei Zhang, Cosmin-Constantin Popescu, Mikhail Y. Shalaginov, Paul Miller, Christopher Roberts, Myungkoo Kang, Kathleen A. Richardson, Tian Gu, Steven A. Vitale, Juejun Hu
2022 arXiv   pre-print
The volatility not only compromises energy efficiency due to their demand for constant power supply, but also precludes them from emerging applications such as in-memory computing.  ...  To circumvent this limitation, we introduce a novel phase shifting mechanism that exploits the nonvolatile refractive index modulation upon structural phase transition of Sb_2Se_3, a bi-stable transparent  ...  Such nonvolatility is also interesting for in-memory computing, 34, [40] [41] [42] and configure-once applications, such as optical trimming and transient coupler for wafer-scale photonic testing. 43  ... 
arXiv:2105.06010v3 fatcat:c7ec5ljeqbbmdjqgou4v352alu

Near-threshold SIDO DC-DC converter with a high -precision ZCD for phase change memory chip

Jie Miao, Houpeng Chen, Yu Lei, Yi Lv, Weili Liu, Zhitang Song
2019 IEICE Electronics Express  
And the ZCD circuit is designed according to volt-second balance theory and minimizes the duration of reverse inductor current to about 1 nS.  ...  This letter proposes a near-threshold single-inductor doubleoutput (SIDO) DC-DC converter with a high-precision zero current detector (ZCD) circuit which supply voltage to phase change memory (PCRAM) chip  ...  Among the new memory material, phase change random access memory (PCRAM) is regarded as the most probable next-generation nonvolatile memory for its dramatically low latency and exponentially great endurance  ... 
doi:10.1587/elex.16.20190250 fatcat:4mrimzcg5zbn5b43qn42ruyeoq

A circuit-architecture co-optimization framework for exploring nonvolatile memory hierarchies

Xiangyu Dong, Norman P. Jouppi, Yuan Xie
2013 ACM Transactions on Architecture and Code Optimization (TACO)  
Many new memory technologies are available for building future energy-efficient memory hierarchies.  ...  Then, we use this framework to evaluate some emerging nonvolatile memory hierarchies.  ...  We believe that this work is only the first step toward a new generation of energy-efficient and cost-efficient heterogeneous computer memory hierarchies.  ... 
doi:10.1145/2541228.2541230 fatcat:4wnytimjcrahddzrzlydqvrmhu

Computing with Novel Floating-Gate Devices

Daniel Schinke, Neil Di Spigna, Mihir Shiveshwarkar, Paul Franzon
2011 Computer  
Furthermore, this dissertation presents the invention of a new unified memory device with merged dynamic and nonvolatile memory operations.  ...  Regardless of their enormous success, there has been little investigation of use of these nonvolatile devices outside of persistent storage memories.  ...  This is analogous for the nonvolatile memory operation.  ... 
doi:10.1109/mc.2010.366 fatcat:ry3mwl6dmjau5ahty4bz5a52ka

Artificial Neural Network LSIの設計法

森江 隆
2003 The Brain & Neural Networks  
Dig., pp.270−271 Kim, K. a皿d Lee, K.(1998) :An 8b resolution 360μswrite time nonvolatile analog memory based on differentially balanced constant−tunnel− ing−current scheme(DBCS),IEEE Int.  ...  T., Ishii, H. and Ohmi, T. (1995)lAn excellent weight−updating−linearity EEPROM synapse memory cell for self・−1eaming neuron−MOS neural networks, IEEE Trans.  ... 
doi:10.3902/jnns.10.68 fatcat:eqhn7hzgajahfpm3k32xqezffm

Nonvolatile Silicon Memory at the Nanoscale

Helena Silva, Moon Kyung Kim, Uygar Avci, Arvind Kumar, Sandip Tiwari
2004 MRS bulletin  
We discuss several approaches to nanoscale nonvolatile silicon memory, their attributes, and the underlying materials issues, with a focus on finding the design compromises necessary to enable their manufacturability  ...  The key challenges for memories that operate at the nanoscale and that are compatible with mainstream semiconductor processing are in achieving the performance characteristics that make the integration  ...  Tiwari's interests in this field of research started while he was at IBM Research Center with the invention of nanocrystal memories.  ... 
doi:10.1557/mrs2004.239 fatcat:cictaormpfe7zkldulpdg4ag3a

Log-Less Metadata Management on Metadata Server for Parallel File Systems

Jianwei Liao, Guoqiang Xiao, Xiaoning Peng
2014 The Scientific World Journal  
As the client file system backs up certain sent metadata requests in its memory, the overhead for handling these backup requests is much smaller than that brought by the metadata server, while it adopts  ...  In this technique, the client file system backs up the sent metadata requests, which have been handled by the metadata server, so that the MDS does not need to log metadata changes to nonvolatile storage  ...  The authors would like to thank anonymous reviewers for their thorough reviews and highly appreciate their comments and suggestions to revise this paper.  ... 
doi:10.1155/2014/813521 pmid:24892093 pmcid:PMC4032672 fatcat:75disrmolrftzcm26qeknovgny

WISPCam: A battery-free RFID camera

Saman Naderiparizi, Aaron N. Parks, Zerina Kapetanovic, Benjamin Ransford, Joshua R. Smith
2015 2015 IEEE International Conference on RFID (RFID)  
This scheme optimally balances capacitance and leakage to improve the sensitivity and efficiency of the power harvester.  ...  The WISPCam makes battery-free image capture practical for applications such as mechanical gauge reading and surveillance, both demonstrated in this paper, and opens the door to richer sensing applications  ...  The remaining option is nonvolatile memory on board the sensor platform.  ... 
doi:10.1109/rfid.2015.7113088 dblp:conf/rfid/NaderipariziPKR15 fatcat:xmltlqz2wjddhe4rqw6umkh2zu
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