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Blob-based Algebraic Reconstruction Technique for Computed Laminography

Tim Dahmen, Patrick Trampert, Philipp Slusallek
2018 Microscopy and Microanalysis  
The four different setups were compared for voxel based and for blob based reconstructions. Besides visual inspection two statistical figures of merit were computed for evaluation.  ...  Computed Laminography (CL) is an X-Ray based technique for acquiring flat samples, meaning one dimension of a sample is much smaller than the others.  ...  The four different setups were compared for voxel based and for blob based reconstructions. Besides visual inspection two statistical figures of merit were computed for evaluation.  ... 
doi:10.1017/s1431927618005469 fatcat:fucji2bhoja27euadq6wign7qu

Computation of the Travelling Salesman Problem by a Shrinking Blob [article]

Jeff Jones, Andrew Adamatzky
2013 arXiv   pre-print
Its computational intractability has attracted a number of heuristic approaches to generate satisfactory, if not optimal, candidate solutions.  ...  In this paper we demonstrate a simple unconventional computation method to approximate the Euclidean TSP using a virtual material approach.  ...  Halting the Computation It is important to halt the shrinkage of the blob at the right time.  ... 
arXiv:1303.4969v2 fatcat:rdrw6gwsqzdtxe27rfwrzqcc3q

The foundation of self-developing blob machines for spatial computing

Frédéric Gruau, Christine Eisenbeis, Luidnel Maignan
2008 Physica D : Non-linear phenomena  
Blob computing is a new approach that addresses this parallel computing challenge in a radically new and unconventional way: it decouples the mapping of computations onto the hardware from the software  ...  They form the basis of a runtime system (RTS) that transforms an arbitrary computing medium into an easier-to-program virtual machine called the blob machine.  ...  We acknowledge support from EPRC grant EP/F003811/1 on general purpose spatial computation.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.physd.2008.03.046 fatcat:oldfq6hv65axdinizsymsnbuba

Computation of the travelling salesman problem by a shrinking blob

Jeff Jones, Andrew Adamatzky
2013 Natural Computing  
A 'blob' of this material is placed over a set of data points projected into the lattice, representing TSP city locations, and the blob is reduced in size over time.  ...  As the blob shrinks it morphologically adapts to the configuration of the cities. The shrinkage process automatically stops when the blob no longer completely covers all cities.  ...  for the project ''Developing non-neural models of material computation in cellular tissues'' from UWE.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s11047-013-9401-x fatcat:x74mauw5bnf3tjfigggfkae55u

Volumetric deformable models: active blobs

Ross T. Whitaker, Richard A. Robb
1994 Visualization in Biomedical Computing 1994  
Active blobs have a n umber of advantages over other types of modeling techniques.  ...  This paper introduces volumetric deformable models, or active blobs, as a means of visualizing and segmenting 3D data.  ...  The tting of models to data is a fundamental problem in computer vision.  ... 
doi:10.1117/12.185173 dblp:conf/vbc/Whitaker94 fatcat:od4qysa3cvavvmgljxi5rqtpn4

Computer blob detection and tracking for highly repeatable optical fiber sensor

Nawfel Azami, Driss El Idrissi, Said Amrane, Mohammed Harmouchi
2014 2014 9th International Conference on Intelligent Systems: Theories and Applications (SITA-14)  
Computer blob tracking are used to precise measurement of both cladding and stress parts etching rates of Panda-type polarization maintaining optical fibre.  ...  Images processing are performed using computer vision methods. Blob detection is designed to identify the etched optical fiber probe.  ...  In each image, the average background value and the noise value are computed and we used the value (threshold value = average background value +2xnoise value) as dynamic threshold value.  ... 
doi:10.1109/sita.2014.6847297 dblp:conf/sita/AzamiIAH14 fatcat:ei3aylqiqndnpldttmjuuvuqzy

A blob method for the aggregation equation

Katy Craig, Andrea L. Bertozzi
2015 Mathematics of Computation  
Motivated by classical vortex blob methods for the Euler equations, we develop a numerical blob method for the aggregation equation.  ...  By regularizing the velocity field with a mollifier or "blob function", the blob method has a faster rate of convergence and allows a wider range of admissible kernels.  ...  Blob methods for the Euler equations often only compute approximate particle trajectories, setting aside computations of the approximate density [3, 8, 9] .  ... 
doi:10.1090/mcom3033 fatcat:m455dbifbjgltk2hgx24whnjwq

An Explanation of Computation - Collective Electrodynamics in Blobs of Carbon Nanotubes

Dragana Laketic, Gunnar Tufte, Odd Rune Lykkebo, Stefano Nichele
2016 Proceedings of the 9th EAI International Conference on Bio-inspired Information and Communications Technologies (formerly BIONETICS)  
Three conceptual domains of computations are identified which are related to different hierarchical levels.  ...  In this short paper an attempt is made to explain computations in nanomaterials under the Evolution-In-Materio scenario.  ...  Materials used for EIM in NASCENCE The main property of the material blob which is used for computations is its conductivity.  ... 
doi:10.4108/eai.3-12-2015.2262510 dblp:journals/fiee/LaketicTLN16 fatcat:7fuhrlnugvax3k35xhn6bx4f4u

Blob Metamorphosis based on Minkowski Sums

E. Galin, S. Akkouche
1996 Computer graphics forum (Print)  
Thus, we propose heuristics with a view to preserving coherence during the transformation and accelerating computations. We have implemented and tested our techniques in an experimental ray tracer.  ...  intermediate distance and eld functions; we describe a set of interpolation methods and propose to use a restricted class of parametrized distance and eld functions so as to preserve coherence and speed up computations  ...  Weight computation In this section, we propose heuristics for the computation of the weights ij and ij involved in the splitting of the components of the initial and the nal shapes based on an original  ... 
doi:10.1111/1467-8659.1530143 fatcat:t5xd5yblynaobidshtpxu3t4tu

Robust Multi-scale Extraction of Blob Features [chapter]

Per-Erik Forssén, Gösta Granlund
2003 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
It even allows blobs within blobs, to provide a pyramid blob structure of the image.  ...  This paper presents a method for detection of homogeneous regions in grey-scale images, representing them as blobs.  ...  To reduce this effect, we will make use of the fact that the moments of a combined mask v(x, y) can be computed from the moments of its parts (e.g. v 1 and v 2 with v 1 + v 2 = v), and merge blobs whenever  ... 
doi:10.1007/3-540-45103-x_3 fatcat:q4flf7lpybejtl6jojvdtspxyi

Parallel Algorithms for Encoding and Decoding Blob Code [chapter]

Saverio Caminiti, Rossella Petreschi
2010 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
In this paper we focus our attention on the Blob code: a code particularly considered in the field of Genetic Algorithms.  ...  The more demanding step of Blob Parallel Decoding is the computation of η realized by algorithm Compute η. It requires O(log n) sequential iterations, each of which uses O(n) processors.  ...  The overall cost of Blob Parallel Decoding is O(n log n) on a CREW PRAM.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-11440-3_16 fatcat:w4tshwpzhza57npamaxlmwsngm

The Blob Projection Method for Immersed Boundary Problems

R. Cortez, M. Minion
2000 Journal of Computational Physics  
These are described by a collection of regularized point forces, and the velocity field they induce is computed directly on a regular Cartesian grid via a smoothed dipole potential.  ...  Convergence rates for the blob projection method computed by comparison with a reference solution.  ...  FIG. 20 . 20 Convergence rates for the blob projection method with fixed regularization computed by Richardson extrapolation.  ... 
doi:10.1006/jcph.2000.6502 fatcat:qc52fd44obhhdlde6yfawxlsr4

Vortex blob methods applied to interfacial motion

Gregory R. Baker, J.Thomas Beale
2004 Journal of Computational Physics  
Comput. Phys. 76 (1988) 48; 75 (1988) 253]. We use a "blob" regularization in certain local terms in the evolution equations as well as in the velocity integral.  ...  Comput. Phys. 65 (1986) 292], but the higher order kernels lead to more detailed structure.  ...  Vortex blob methods were introduced as a regularization of the Birkhoff-Rott integral for vortex sheet flows without stratification [16, 26, 27] in order to provide a numerically stable method for computing  ... 
doi:10.1016/ fatcat:nc2jqspmfvhtxbjz7b66cyxpxi

Active blobs: region-based, deformable appearance models

Stan Sclaroff, John Isidoro
2003 Computer Vision and Image Understanding  
One of the the reasons modes are used in active blobs is because they simplify computation of the active blobÕs internal energy.  ...  The amount of computation needed per minimization iteration scales approximately linearly with the number of pixels. Computation vs. the number of parameters scales quadratically.  ... 
doi:10.1016/s1077-3142(03)00003-1 fatcat:sbswvx6rvnasrhr44tcykkwjb4

A Finite Element Blob Detector for Robust Features [chapter]

Dermot Kerr, Sonya Coleman, Bryan Scotney
2011 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Traditionally feature extraction is focussed on edge and corner detection, however, more recently points of interest and blob like features have also become prominent in the field of computer vision and  ...  We present a new approach to a Hessian blob detector, designed within the finite element framework, which is similar to the multi-scale approach applied in the SURF detector.  ...  The blob response is computed over a total of 4 octaves that each contain 4 scale ranges.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-24085-0_52 fatcat:53yyxg6vjze5xmwjyf4bg6l2xq
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