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6th International Conference on Behavioral Addictions (ICBA2019), June 17–19, 2019 Yokohama, Japan

Zsolt Demetrovics
2019 Journal of Behavioral Addictions  
It is assumable that these approaches would be essential for an effective treatment of the disorder, there are limited studies which report the effectiveness of the community-based approach for patients  ...  The participants were evaluated using questionnaires about exercise dependence, perceived PA, and eating disorders symptoms (ED) before and after the APA program.  ...  They should have an awareness of the limitations of evidence-based pharmacotherapy approaches to the treatment of behavioral addictions.  ... 
doi:10.1556/jba.8.2019.suppl.1 fatcat:vh2jdvu3dvc2piwy3fzxzea32e

Mental Illness and Suicide Ideation Detection Using Social Media Data [article]

Prasadith Buddhitha Kirinde Gamaarachchige, University, My
Over the years, researchers in computational linguistics have extracted features from social media data for the early detection of users susceptible to mental disorders and suicide ideation.  ...  In recent years, a gradual increase in the use of deep neural network architectures in detecting mental disorders and suicide ideation with low false positive and false negative rates became feasible.  ...  The dataset is used to train the model to predict the emotion category of the tweets used by the users in the CLPSych 2015 Twitter dataset.  ... 
doi:10.20381/ruor-27125 fatcat:7vx3rytkbjbnjh6fzdgkl43qw4

Challenges in Climate Change Communication on Social Media

Aman Tyagi
I find that both Disbelievers and Believers talk within their group more than with the other group; this is more so thecase for Disbelievers than for Believers.  ...  In this thesis, I analyze each of these problems using conversations and news articles about one of the most significant challenges our society faces today, i.e., climate change.  ...  Pretrained BERT models outperform other models. is shows the advantage of a ention based models as shown by results reported for major NLP tasks in Devlin et al. [49] .  ... 
doi:10.1184/r1/14877105.v1 fatcat:avf7j7rxujbupaprq4haprtj3m

On Eschewing Teleology

William T. Powers
1959 Science  
SCIENCE, VOL. 129 >. bert ster, syn- iva- REICHERT OFFERS APPROACHES TO...  ...  The cavity is coated with a black finish of emissivity approaching unity. Cosine ra- diation distribution is achieved over a 20-deg field for standard apertures 0.040 and 0.015 in. in diameter.  ... 
doi:10.1126/science.129.3349.610 fatcat:2cz4szkiifeith7ukuo7ptb6di

Social Policies and Institutional Reform in Post-COVID Cuba: A Necessary Agenda [chapter]

Bert Hoffmann
2021 Social Policies and Institutional Reform in Post-COVID Cuba  
Yet, in the post-Cold War era, Cuban communism has now remained in control for as long as its tenure under Soviet protection.  ...  To understand what has happened to the people of the island in the intervening years -and therefore what kind of a society Cuba can achieve in the next thirty -we need studies of health, of housing, of  ...  Acknowledgments The research for this article was conducted as part of two research projects funded by the National Science Centre, Poland, number 2017/25/N/HS3/00315 and number 2019/32/T/HS3/00379, and  ... 
doi:10.3224/84742546.01 fatcat:5tnpim67sfcptjd7ad34glz3vq

Leveraging Longitudinal Data for Personalized Prediction and Word Representations

Charles Welch, University, My
The kind of personalized representations that we introduce in this work allow for applications such as predictive typing, style transfer, and dialog systems.  ...  When we have a lot of data for an individual, we create personalized word embeddings that improve performance on language modeling and authorship attribution.  ...  In this chapter, we apply this LSTM-based approach to personalized language modeling.  ... 
doi:10.7302/1398 fatcat:g5ptqs6dcne3xienr3tjehpive

Compost and consumption : organic farming, food, and fashion in American culture [article]

Robin 1977- O'Sullivan
Indiana University for providing an Everett Helm Visiting Fellowship; and the Carl Albert Congressional Research and Studies Center at the University of Oklahoma for providing a Visiting Scholars Grant  ...  At the University of Texas, other faculty members in the American Studies Department-especially Julia Mickenberg, Mark Smith, Shirley Thompson, Nhi Lieu, and Robert Abzug-have also lent their support and  ...  ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I owe special gratitude to my advisor at the University of Texas, Jeffrey Meikle, for his valuable guidance, careful editing, and sagacious advice throughout the process of writing the  ... 
doi:10.15781/t2rj48w59 fatcat:ajkg7wtplfdenkpkima37je4cq

Cultural Sustainability American Folklore Society Officers for 2013 American Folklore Society Staff American Folklore Society

Diane Goldstein, Ann Michael, Williams, Brent Björkman, Maria Gambliel, Idaho David, Todd Lawrence, Solimar Otero, Norman Leonard, Primiano, Carolyn Ware, Juwen Zhang (+17 others)
2013 Annual Meeting Program and Abstracts Omni Providence Hotel   unpublished
This essay is an excerpt from a memoir that explores experiences of an African American child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder and a Post Traumatic Stress Disorder growing up in the segregated South.  ...  I propose a model based on the idea that a meal at Noma can be read as a (cyclical) three-stage process of embodiment and narration.  ... 

"You Must Be African!" A Heuristic Deconstruction of Black Identity Production Through the Use of African Elements in African American Film

Tuleka Prah, Humboldt-Universität Zu Berlin, Humboldt-Universität Zu Berlin
Ultimately, it establishes a premise for why in the current scholarship there should be a place for a more differentiated analysis of black experiences within the discussed films.  ...  The conceptual framework of the thesis follows a cumulative approach where the respective determinants that have contributed to the choice, visualisation, and representations of the referenced African  ...  are necessary for an ameliorated conscientisation in the field of African American cinema.  ... 
doi:10.18452/21354 fatcat:asgzppsfdzb27pq5yy3aqf3lxi

Geographies of responsibility: the cultural logic of 21st century weather emergencies GEOGRAPHIES OF RESPONSIBILITY: THE CULTURAL LOGIC OF 21 st CENTURY WEATHER EMERGENCIES

Jennifer Ambrose, Jennifer Ambrose, Jennifer Ambrose
2014 unpublished
Thank you for taking the time to read my work so carefully, even during summers and in the midst of stressful semesters.  ...  To my family-I'm ready for that guacamole now. iii ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I have often heard the collaborative scholarship of the sciences contrasted with the ostensibly solitary writing in the humanities.  ...  Department of State through US AID, the National Endowment for the Arts, National Endowment for the Humanities, Institute of Museum and Library Services, the Broadway League and Broadway community, and  ... 

The passage of the twenty-fifth amendment

Rebecca Caryn Lubot
With a goal of expanding the field of legal history by examining cultural and political factors, this dissertation argues that nuclear anxiety provides another important explanation for the incorporation  ...  With the development of the atomic bomb came a concomitant increase in presidential power and a strong desire for stability at the top echelon of the United States government at all times.  ...  They "set up a clearinghouse," as Feerick recalled, that became "a hub for the entire effort." They worked closely with the executive director, Bert Early, who was based in Chicago.  ... 
doi:10.7282/t3p55rnj fatcat:7xwvxgdcirayvozk2m42i6ioem