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The dawn of the digital operating theatre and the rise of the digital surgeon

S. Atallah
2015 Techniques in Coloproctology  
But another important aviation paradigm relates to navigation and includes the digitization of information and the processes used for data interpretation via advanced avionics.  ...  The modern digital OR remains in early evolution, but will likely mirror the advancements made in aviation.  ...  But another important aviation paradigm relates to navigation and includes the digitization of information and the processes used for data interpretation via advanced avionics.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10151-015-1325-2 pmid:26077228 fatcat:ktfef7rm7ffvzjxgoenkyfrjte

Training Levels and Methodologies for Glass Cockpit Training in Collegiate Aviation

Richard Fanjoy, John Young
2004 Journal of Aviation/Aerospace Education & Research  
Modern commercial aircraft use extremely complex and sophisticated flight instrumentation systems that present training concerns for the aviation industry and collegiate aviation programs.  ...  Student feedback regarding orientation-level flight automation instruction in classes taught by the authors has been guardedly positive.  ...  training materials andlor devices.  ... 
doi:10.15394/jaaer.2004.1558 fatcat:kohrdvcu4bfwpdhhfopj3o452a


M. E. Pakdil, R. N. Celik, Ö. Kaya, Y. C. Konak, C. Guney
2015 ISPRS Annals of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences  
Civil aviation is developing rapidly, and the number of domestic and international operations is increasing exponentially every year than the previous one.  ...  An aircraft needs not only fuel but also pilot and aeronautical information (charts, digital navigation information, flight plan, and etc.) to perform flight operation.  ...  The ARINC 424 is an aeronautical specification developed and maintained by the aviation industry which has been used for the exchange of navigation and communication data between avionic system manufacturers  ... 
doi:10.5194/isprsannals-ii-2-w2-83-2015 fatcat:ujsjps2pibdcpi7vlpgq2wjaba


Jacek NOWAK, Krzysztof OGONOWSKI, Marek KUSTRA
2019 Scientific Journal of Silesian University of Technology. Series Transport  
The airport infrastructure The movement area The terminal Radio-navigation aids Visual navigation aids Meteorological equipment The airport security systems At international passenger terminals, apart  ...  One of the sensitive, although not always appreciated, elements of the aviation security system is the electromagnetic spectrum, which operates a number of radio navigation systems, communications and  ... 
doi:10.20858/sjsutst.2019.104.12 fatcat:fb4nbvw7wrbbri5ydeidflswla

Glass Cockpit Technology Training: How Is It Addressed in Collegiate Flight Programs?

John P. Young, Richard O. Fanjoy
2002 Collegiate Aviation Review International  
Collegiate aviation programs provide well-trained flight personnel resources to meet critical air transportation requirements.  ...  Such programs have traditionally relied on proven flight methodologies and general aviation aircraft with simple instrumentation to prepare students for air transportation employment.  ...  Desktop simulators and personal computer aviation training devices depicting glass cockpits were highly recommended.  ... 
doi:10.22488/okstate.18.100313 fatcat:meetwhe4j5c3zkuofgcnk6yg4e

Development of Navigation Services and Devices Evidence from a Case Study in Russia

Mikhail Bokov, Anastasia Edelkina, Marina Klubova, Thomas Thurner, Natalia Velikanova, Konstantin Vishnevskiy
2013 Social Science Research Network  
Among the trends in the individual segments of the world market of GNSS devices the most significant were identified: • the proportion of personal navigation devices will gradually decline; • aviation  ...  Among other segments are agriculture, aviation (commercial, regional, business and civil aviation) and maritime transport.  ... 
doi:10.2139/ssrn.2354925 fatcat:5bj55vjcfvh3rkq6l5noxty5sa


O. A. Sushchenko, Y. V. Beliavtsev
2017 Electronics and Control Systems  
The obtained results can be useful for creation of navigation systems used in high-accurate autonomous applications.  ...  The developed model is close to the real device as it includes models of both the gyroscope and service electronic devices.  ...  Such platforms are widely used in aviation and rocket technologies to solve vehicle navigation and also stabilization of special devices including direction finders, viewfinders, objectives of photo cameras  ... 
doi:10.18372/1990-5548.51.11705 fatcat:pvwcbkdn7vc3vbwz7xvzt4eb2e

Research Recommendations from the Airplane Simulation Transfer Literature

Jan Neal, Stephanie Fussell, Steven Hampton
2020 Journal of Aviation/Aerospace Education & Research  
Code of Federal Regulations (FAA, 2018b) provide the regulatory policies and guidance for advanced aviation training devices (AATDs), basic aviation training devices (BATDs), and FSTDs or full flight simulators  ...  (See Appendix A for the main categories of modern aviation simulators and their definitions.)  ...  Basic aviation training devices and personal computer-based aviation training devices.  ... 
doi:10.15394/jaaer.2020.1830 fatcat:wvgjpcmilnfyhedyf2pn3cf2oa

Potential Augmented Reality Application Areas for Pilot Education: An Exploratory Study

Harald Schaffernak, Birgit Moesl, Wolfgang Vorraber, Ioana Victoria Koglbauer
2020 Education Sciences  
AR navigation was the use case that was most frequently preferred by both female and male pilots.  ...  Like the field of engineering, the aviation industry is dominated by men.  ...  Safety Agency FAA Federal Aviation Administration FFS Full Flight Simulator FI Flight Instructor FNPT Flight and Navigation Procedures Trainer FSTD Flight Simulation Training Device IFR Instrument Flight  ... 
doi:10.3390/educsci10040086 fatcat:bnuopsedobg4dowb5olvchc4fm

Aviation Approach Charts in an iPad® World

William A. Tuccio
2012 Journal of navigation  
The process used to create charted depictions of aviation instrument approach procedures in the United States is examined.  ...  ., touch on a frequency on the mobile device and the frequency is selected on a communication or navigation device.  ...  Nav Lean: Instrument Flight Procedures: Navigation (NAV) Procedures Project Final Report.Federal Aviation Administration, Washington, DC.  ... 
doi:10.1017/s0373463312000409 fatcat:qeyevxlkwbdebczi6rwrcqiax4

Integrating critical interface elements for intuitive single-display aviation control of UAVs

Joseph L. Cooper, Michael A. Goodrich, Jacques G. Verly, Jeff J. Guell
2006 Enhanced and Synthetic Vision 2006  
Simple icons overlaid onto the main display provide intuitive control and feedback when necessary but fade to a semi-transparent state when not in use to avoid distracting the operator's attention from  ...  With various interface elements integrated into a single display, the interface runs nicely on a small, portable, inexpensive system with a single display screen and simple input device, but is powerful  ...  Flight, particularly with commercial aircraft, is commonly divided into the sub-tasks of aviation, navigation, and communication. 3 Aviation is the short-term process of adjusting craft attitude to maintain  ... 
doi:10.1117/12.666341 fatcat:ump7zstse5bbzmpfxshgtr43du

Gps & its applications

2016 International Journal of Latest Trends in Engineering and Technology  
GPS is a widely used tool for navigation & position tracking. It is free of charge. It is also useful in finding user's position in time.  ...  Aviation GPS is used in aviation throughout the world in order to increase the safety and efficiency of flights.  ...  The role of GPS in Aviation is :  Area Navigation allows aircraft to fly user preferred routes from way point to waypoint where waypoint does not depend upon the ground infrastructure  New & Efficient  ... 
doi:10.21172/1.81.027 fatcat:5rcfprb7nfgrbonqm733am2j2e

Efficacy of Low-Cost PC-Based Aviation Training Devices

Savern l Reweti, Andrew Gilbey, Lynn Jeffrey
2017 Journal of Information Technology Education  
Aim/Purpose: The aim of this study was to explore whether a full cost flight training device (FTD) was significantly better for simulator training than a low cost PC-Based Aviation Training Device (PCATD  ...  Background: A quasi-transfer study was undertaken to ascertain whether a Civil Aviation Authority certified Flight Training Device (FTD) was more effective at improving pilot proficiency in the performance  ...  MATERIALS The primary flight-training device (FTD) used in this study was the Frasca TruFlite Flight & Navigational Procedures Trainer (Frasca, 2015) .  ... 
doi:10.28945/3682 fatcat:apgkobtpvbe55cjybps3fi4gg4

Automation of Taxiing

Jaroslav Bursík, Jakub Kraus, Marek Štumper
2017 MAD: Magazine of Aviation Development  
Analyzed wand assessed were currently available technologies such as computer vision, Light Detection and Ranging and Global Navigation Satellite System, which are useful for navigation and their general  ...  The article primarily deals with possible ways of obtaining navigational information, and its automatic transfer to the controls.  ...  The need of automation in aviation was evident in the relatively distant past, when the first autopilot systems were developed, using feedback loops for controlling the airplane in the air.  ... 
doi:10.14311/mad.2017.01.01 fatcat:2ggqralxv5bdhgjzavd3oc7yda


Vasyl ZHELIASKOV, Doctor in Pedagogy, Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Humanities, Danube Institute of the National University «Odessa Maritime Academy»
2020 Cherkasy University Bulletin Pedagogical Sciences  
The safety of navigation, as well as the lives of passengers, depend on how effectively a navigator can communicate with crew members, and his level of professional interaction.  ...  The article deals with the problem of influence of the information environment on navigators' professional activity.  ...  These documents also deal with the necessity of thorough preparation of navigators to use of different navigational aids -simulators, GPS, electronic devices and tools.  ... 
doi:10.31651/2524-2660-2020-4-78-82 fatcat:fm57bqss55bv3oejawhiv3wgxe
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