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UAS to Support Airport Safety and Operations: Opportunities and Challenges

Sarah Hubbard, Andrew Pak, Yue Gu, Yan Jin
2017 Journal of Unmanned Vehicle Systems  
the use of UAS for selected application, however, there has been limited documentation of the opportunities and challenges for the use of UAS for airport activities on airport property.  ...  The promulgation of Part 107 rules in June 2016 by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reduces the administrative burden for using unmanned aerial systems (UAS) and provides enhanced opportunities to  ...  Other technologies being evaluated by the FAA for drone detection include AUDS by Liteye, and AIRFENCE by Sensofusion (Lynch 2016) .  ... 
doi:10.1139/juvs-2016-0020 fatcat:357nm5xtzfcnxdvyadepnxh6k4

Bird damage to sunflower: international situation and prospects

Christophe Sausse, Myriam Lévy
2021 Oilseeds and fats, crops and lipids  
Finally, this review advocates international networking to consolidate a research community on this topic and on the wider issue of bird damage to crops.  ...  All production areas are affected by flowerhead damage at maturity.  ...  , and Michel Bertrand.  ... 
doi:10.1051/ocl/2021020 fatcat:fqn7jmbtjjbkvajcqo23hl4tza

Parameters – Full Issue – Spring 2017

USAWC Parameters
2017 Parameters  
resistance even while the supreme command had all but collapsed." 12 arl-Heinz Frieser's work on the legend of blitzkrieg supports Shamir's argument. 13 While blitzkrieg was invented more or less by accident  ...  at the Meuse, Avesnes, and Arras, he acted all but independently of his corps and army commanders, Generals Hermann Hoth and Hans von Kluge, who often had little idea of his location.  ...  Exploration and expansion of these capabilities must be continued while militaries remain conscious of low-technology threats, such as drone technology, that effectively act as autonomous rounds of ammunition  ... 
doi:10.55540/0031-1723.2657 fatcat:3pck7ne5snabzkqvldrfqgpsdm

Dangerous, Yet Not So Unique. Characteristics of the Chinese Social Credit System

Jan Pabisiak, University of Wrocław, Poland
2020 Polish Political Science Yearbook  
and movements of pigeons (Zhou, 2018) .  ...  the grouping of people depending on common interests or advantages, and building a sense of identity of group members with similar assessment criteria.  ... 
doi:10.15804/ppsy2020303 fatcat:g7lgzit2a5bhhcsxyy7s54d4li

Parameters – Full Issue – Winter 2014

USAWC Parameters
2014 Parameters  
The US Army, the US military and its Coalition partners, the United States? Does Bolger speak for all of them? Clearly he does not, but this first impression puts one on guard.  ...  The US Army will not, in the future, as in the past, be able to pick the kinds of wars it fights; it must be prepared to fight the wars that the President and Congress call on it to fight.  ...  Discard the politically infeasible option of resuming direct intervention, and the insufficient expedient of relying on drones and covert action to hunt terrorists.  ... 
doi:10.55540/0031-1723.2648 fatcat:wnmmks6xt5hylfa5nc5jyijvre

D. Trump's Economic Model: Results and Prospects
Экономическая модель Д. Трампа: итоги и перспективы

V. Supyan, Institute of the USA and Canadian Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences, 2/3 Khlebnyi Per., Moscow, 121069, Russian Federation
2020 Mirovaya Ekonomika i Mezhdunarodnye Otnosheniya  
Because current U.S. strategy is all about preventing Chinese military forces from taking Taiwan by using our aircraft carrier groups as a deterrent.  ...  ethnic cleansing campaigns now taking place in these anythingbut "autonomous regions" of China  ... 
doi:10.20542/0131-2227-2020-64-7-34-42 fatcat:er3f2xhuvzfurmghiwzacmgu7u

Food and Nutrition [article]

P.K. Newby
2021 Zenodo  
And a range of new health conditions and chronic diseases has emerged as a function of longer lives and changing lifestyles.  ...  Our food supply is more plentiful than ever, yet many of the challenges we've faced throughout history, like famine, nutrient deficiencies, and hunger, still plague our world.  ...  and improved detection, among other factors.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.5607142 fatcat:kvwphcvtgngynkwfqusshm5upq

Concordiam per Journal of European Security and Defense Issues Stopping the Spread of Terrorism 14 Al-Qaida Expands its Reach The terrorist group uses affiliates in an attempt to remain relevant. 20 Deadly Tools of Terror 26 The Radicalization of Syria Extremist foes fight for supremacy in the Syrian civil war

Robin Simcox, Henry Society, London, Alexander, Aaron Zelin
2014 unpublished
Repressive preventive measures focus primarily on deterrence, early intervention and prevention of travel.  ...  Dead pigeons cover the ground in the Damascus suburb of Arbeen in August 2013. Activists say the birds were killed during a chemical attack on civilians by Syrian government forces.  ...  and will provide instruction on both the nature and magnitude of today's terrorism threat.  ... 

The United States Air Force and the emergence of the intercontinental ballistic missile, 1945 - 1954

Christopher Gainor
During my studies and later during the preparation of this dissertation, I was also assisted greatly by Dr. Susan Smith and Dr.  ...  Smith showed great wisdom and patience in keeping me focused on the essential points of my studies and then this dissertation. His critical attention to my work has vastly improved it.  ...  Skinner's wartime work building a missile guidance system that used pigeons trained in pecking behavior pointing to targets in what was known as Project Pigeon.  ... 
doi:10.7939/r3593n fatcat:7gujczv3yrdwder7aapw45gknm

An exposition of the nature of volunteered geographical information and its suitability for integration into spatial data infrastructures

Antony Cooper
2016 unpublished
Acknowledgements Acknowledgements Dozie Ezigbalike, André Nonguierma and Paul Belanger); and Stuart Martin for allowing it to be distributed at the GISSA Gauteng meeting.  ...  solar-powered drones and low-earth orbit and geosynchronous satellites [Wakefield 2014].  ...  copies of the maps with the names of streets, buildings and landmarks.  ... 

Sonic, infrasonic, and ultrasonic frequencies : the utilisation of waveforms as weapons, apparatus for psychological manipulation, and as instruments of physiological influence by industrial, entertainment, and military organisations

T Heys
of physiological influence, by industrial, civilian, entertainment, and military organisations, predict future techniques of sociospatialised organisation.  ...  This study is a trans-disciplinary and trans-historical investigation into civilian and battlefield contexts in which speaker systems have been utilised by the military-industrial and military-entertainment  ...  rats and pigeons) responses to events (stimuli) in their lived environment.  ... 
doi:10.24377/ljmu.t.00006092 fatcat:bbxc6usgejccrpfml645rud2py

The Centre for Defence and Security Strategic Studies' scientific quarterly magazine is acknowledged by the National Council for Scientific Research in Higher Education as a B+ magazine Editorial Board: Editors: deputy editor-in-chief Daniela Răpan

Teodor Frunzeti, Marius Hanganu, Constantin Moştoflei, Hervé Coutau-Bégarie, John Clarke, Adrian Gheorghe, Eng, Libor Frank, Dario Matika, Mihai Velea, Petre, Alexandra Sarcinschi (+7 others)
Research Assistant   unpublished
There are books and evidences regarding the use of some means of communication by couriers, fires on highlands, pigeons, and other signals, for hundreds of years B.C.  ...  right for launching pre-emptive strikes, waging the War on Terror and carrying out flexible deterrence.  ...  Bibliographic references will be included at the end of the article and have to respect international regulations. Authors can publish only one article by issue.  ... 

Mrs Shakespeare: Muse, Mother, Matriarch, Madonna, Whore, Writer, Woman, Wife - Recovering a Lost Life

Marilynn Kaye Loveless, University, My, Nigel Krauth
What if an extraordinarily gifted woman, humble of birth, were born in Elizabethan England and circumstances conspired to give her rare acces to a world of privilege and the opportunity to learn how to  ...  read and write; how might such a clever woman have worked the system to her advantage?  ...  Seeing history as a multiple, overlapping and interactive  ... 
doi:10.25904/1912/3444 fatcat:jag2pjboazbzzccw7cnro7c3ni


Eugenijus Kisinas
be* on standby; bū́ti pasiruõšusiam pradėti lai̇dą radiotech. stand* by; bū́ti pasiruõšusiam priim̃ti rỹšį radiotech. stand* by; bū́ti pasiruõšusiam stand* by; bū́ti veikiamám be* under the stress of  ...  ir manevrúojant advance by fire and movement judėjimas stačiomi̇s stand-up advance J júosta judėjimas pérbėgimais advance by rushes judėjimas šúoliais advance by bounds, leap-frog advance judėjimas tùrint  ...  the enemy as to the intent; kontratakúojant išstùmti prasiveržusį į gynýbą pri̇éšą eject enemy penetration by a counterattack; naiki̇ǹti pri̇éšą dispose of the enemy; neléisti pri̇éšui atsikvėpti keep*  ... 

Theology as style: Dinah Mulock Craik, Margaret Oliphant, and the development of the modern religious subject [article]

Robyn Joyce Chandler, University Of Canterbury
paradigm of history, itself now seen by many scholars as an overly simplistic account.  ...  I find that both authors write the body as essential to the integrity and realisation of the word, and that both explore the poetics of faith and the politics of religious literacy.  ...  This thesis is dedicated with respect and gratitude to Dr. Margaret Belcher, whose enthusiasm for and knowledge of her subject inspired my own interest in the Victorians.  ... 
doi:10.26021/4492 fatcat:plvjfdlh5jb3rhpyouwrhtua5m
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