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A 3D Informational Database for Automatic Archiving of Archaeological Pottery Finds

Luca Di Angelo, Paolo Di Stefano, Emanuele Guardiani, Anna Eva Morabito
2021 Sensors  
Their correct interpretation and classification are laborious and time-consuming and requires measurement, analysis and comparison of several items.  ...  Through the automatic measurement of the dimensional attributes of the various features, it is possible to facilitate the comparative analyses between archaeological artifacts and the inferences of the  ...  , for automatic identification of archaeological pottery from a single picture of a sherd.  ... 
doi:10.3390/s21030978 pmid:33540519 fatcat:6vwlytn5hvhahjesfesipn3ibq

Finding Their Place in the Swahili World: an archaeological exploration of southern Tanzania

Matthew Pawlowicz
2012 Azania  
Instead, they began to draw deeper connections with neighboring communities to the interior, epitomized by the development of a new style of local ceramics.  ...  of the characteristic imported ceramics of the time.  ...  It also contained a high concentration of local ceramic sherds with second-millennium motifs as well as many pieces of slag.  ... 
doi:10.1080/0067270x.2012.677331 fatcat:trazepu5mfgfzpmp2nfnx5amcq

An archaeometric approach to the majolica pottery from alcazar of Nájera archaeological site

Estefania Calparsoro, Uxue Sanchez-Garmendia, Gorka Arana, Maite Maguregui, Javier G. Iñañez
2019 Heritage Science  
They include a large set of plain tin-lead glazed pieces of tableware, as well as some mono or polychrome decorated sherds.  ...  From this last period (1500-1600) date the ceramics that were unearthed during the recent excavations of the Alcázar of Nájera.  ...  In addition, the authors want to give special thanks to Juanjo Larrea for the help provided with the historical context. This research project has been carried out in the framework of  ... 
doi:10.1186/s40494-019-0275-9 fatcat:m3zpq3skszhvzjlptmksimqc5m

Sebastopol State Historical Park (41GU9), Seguin, Texas: Archeological Excavations, 1978-1988

1998 Index of Texas Archaeology Open Access Grey Literature from the Lone Star State  
The excavations were preparatory to and in conjunction with architectural restoration of the building and development of the site as a State Historical Park.  ...  This report, prepared by Prewitt and Associates, Inc., summarizes the excavation seasons and provides analyses of ceramics from across the site as well as diagnostic artifacts from three rooms in the house  ...  By 1890, relief decoration had shifted to curvilinear delicate floral and abstract motifs consistent with the Art Nouveau movement on finer wares.  ... 
doi:10.21112/ita.1998.1.50 fatcat:4uktiqfejfet3bmk2m5qz5y26u

Archaeological Investigations at a Spanish Colonial Site, (41KA26-B) Karnes County, Texas

Cynthia L. Tennis
2001 Index of Texas Archaeology Open Access Grey Literature from the Lone Star State  
Hard Acknowledgments Funding for this project was provided by the Texas Department of Transportation. We thank Jeff Speakman and Jim Cogswell for carrying out most of the lab work on this project.  ...  A second phase created classification groups based on the similarity of the paste and temper between sherds.  ...  The bone-tempered ceramics are almost exclusively plain, with the exception of one brushed sherd.  ... 
doi:10.21112/ita.2001.1.3 fatcat:tcvmnztmuves3jrepb36l2ltdq

Life on Jackson Creek, Smith County, Texas: Archeological Investigations of a 14th Century Caddo Domicile at the Leaning Rock Site (41SM325)

Mark Walters, Leslie G. Cecil, Linda S. Cummings, J. Phil Dering, Jeffer R. Ferguson, Michael D. Glascock, Timothy K. Perttula, LeeAnna Schniebs, Harry J. Schafer, Jesse Todd, Chester P. Walker
2008 Index of Texas Archaeology Open Access Grey Literature from the Lone Star State  
L and Caddo sherds mixed in the dark brown soils in the scattered gopher mounds. The next step was to record the site with the State of Texas, obtaining the trinomial 41SM325.  ...  This was not a formal survey with transect lines. nor one using regularly spaced shovel tests. but was rather more of a "windshield"' type survey, consisting of driving across pasture lands looking at  ...  Perttula, who not only contributed the sections on decorated sherds and plain rims, but also edited the rest of the article, and donated an AMS date on a charred maize cob.  ... 
doi:10.21112/.ita.2008.1.24 fatcat:o6lfof55inf3ff7xiagt3crgkm

The second life of ceramics: a new home in a lime environment [chapter]

Ioannis Karatasios, Konstantinos Alexiou, Noémi S. Müller, Peter M. Day, Vassilis Kilikoglou
2014 Craft and science: International perspectives on archaeological ceramics  
Anthropology of the University of Arizona.  ...  of a Lucre jar; Ann Kendall, Director of the Cusichaca Archaeological Project, under whose auspices most of the pottery discussed here was collected; Dennis Ogburn, for providing the Huaccoto and Rumiqolqa  ...  with more dense decoration and common arched motifs.  ... 
doi:10.5339/uclq.2014.cas.ch29 fatcat:zw7oi6yebfeavgmfif73ulmvoa

Pharr-Reynosa International Bridge: Continued Archeological and Historical Research at El Capote Ranch Community, Hidalgo County, Texas

1994 Index of Texas Archaeology Open Access Grey Literature from the Lone Star State  
Also outside the area of potential effects, a historic house site (4IHG 169) contains the only known standing dwelling associated with nineteenth-century EI Capote.  ...  The work included additional survey and documentation of seven historic sites, testing and evaluation of three sites, archival and oral history research on the former Hispanic community of EI Capote, and  ...  Temporally diagnostic ceramics dating from the 1830s-1860s include sherds with blue-painted scalloped-rim edge decoration, transfer-printed sherds in black and blue, sherds with banded annular decorations  ... 
doi:10.21112/ita.1994.1.16 fatcat:jb2nuhacxnd6pamafsynorcl4q

The Archaeology and Technology of Metal Production in the Late Iron Age of the Southern Waterberg, Limpopo Province, South Africa

Foreman Bandama
2014 Azania  
long-distance trading, the re-melting of glass beads, the working of ivory, and the weaving of cotton using ceramic spindle whorls.  ...  To bridge this gap, the present study sought, to explore the visibility of tin production in the Southern Waterberg at sites that are contemporary with the appearance of tin and bronze in southern Africa  ...  Figure 7 . 7 13: Ceramic motifs from Rhenosterkloof 4 This task is complicated by the eroded context of the current assemblage of the Eiland ceramics and that surface collections are mixed with Madikwe  ... 
doi:10.1080/0067270x.2014.891873 fatcat:yerlg3tmwbfeff2umagwjltr2a

New Investigations in the Environment, History, and Archaeology of the Iraqi Hilly Flanks: Shahrizor Survey Project 2009–2011

Mark Altaweel, Anke Marsh, Simone Mühl, Olivier Nieuwenhuyse, Karen Radner, Kamal Rasheed, Saber Ahmed Saber
2012 Iraq  
New archaeological investigations have provided insight into the importance of the region as a transit centre between Western Iran and northern and southern Mesopotamia, with clear material culture links  ...  Recent palaeoenvironmental, historical, and archaeological investigations, primarily consisting of site reconnaissance, in the Shahrizor region within the province of Sulaymaniyah in Iraqi Kurdistan are  ...  reduced and schematized motifs (Fig. 15; Mühl 2011:297-300) .  ... 
doi:10.1017/s0021088900000231 fatcat:6sdgh24md5goxkuuakdiokxbke

What Are Bucrania Doing in Tombs? Art and Agency in Neolithic Sardinia and Traditional South-East Asia

Guillaume Robin
2017 European Journal of Archaeology  
The interior of Neolithic tombs in Europe is frequently decorated with carved and painted motifs.  ...  This article reviews similar examples of bucranium 'art' in the tombs of three traditional societies in South-East Asia, focusing on the agency of the motifs and their roles within social relationships  ...  Most appear on ceramic vessels with impressed or appliqué head-and-horns motifs stylistically very similar to those found inside the domus de janas (Tanda, 2015: chapter 9) , and are found in caves (Grotta  ... 
doi:10.1017/eaa.2017.12 fatcat:7tedvwy4zjej7dsekzfwf422fi

Artefactual, environmental and archaeological evidence from the Holyrood Parliament Site excavations

Adrian Cox, Derek Hall, Effie Photos-Jones, Robin Murdoch, Julie Franklin, Torben Ballin, Nicholas Holmes, Dennis Gallagher, Stephen Carter, Tim Holden, Mhairi Hastie, Catherine Smith (+1 others)
2010 Scottish Archaeological Internet Reports  
A summary of these specialist reports (Parts 1 and 2) was published in 2008 in the monograph on the Holyrood Parliament Site Project: Scotland's Parliament Site and the Canongate: Archaeology and History  ...  The Irish connection is enforced on one of the pipes with an unusual motif of a cross on a shamrock, in relief on the base of the bowl (no. 343).  ...  Among these is a single bowl with the initials AM (no. 311), which has a basal stamp in the form of an incuse castle, rather than the motif being in relief.  ... 
doi:10.9750/issn.1773-3803.2010.40 fatcat:ojztqfht7zfgfixyqzaudde7dm

Friendship: An African-American Community on the Prarie Margin of Northeast Texas

1998 Index of Texas Archaeology Open Access Grey Literature from the Lone Star State  
The following report summarizes the findings of an intensive archival and oral history review, coupled with limited archeological investigations, of the small post-Reconstruction era African-American community  ...  with other communities in the area, and ultimately, its demise.  ...  Decorative motifs on ironstones include blue tinted, relief molded, and a single piece with a copper rim band (ca. 1880-1910) .  ... 
doi:10.21112/ita.1996.1.17 fatcat:hcwtwg3derdmzeknurzxf65i7y

Symbolism, Iconography [chapter]

M. Denil
2009 International Encyclopedia of Human Geography  
The Philistines were immigrants from the Aegean region and Cyprus who arrived at the southern coast of Palestine/Israel during the 12th century BCE.  ...  Ceramic head cups The body of the cup is decorated by typical Philistine Bichrome motifs (spirals, triglyphs).  ...  Sherds with depictions of ships from Ekron and Ashkelon (courtesy of the Leon Levy Expedition to Ashkelon). Figure 3 . 3 14.  ... 
doi:10.1016/b978-008044910-4.00071-7 fatcat:vbsdynrg2jfi7a5jc4untmknq4


1952 Journal of The American Ceramic Society  
Decoration was of the following types: plain, sculp- tured ornament in the round, low relief appliqué, incised, a com- bination of relief appliqué and incised, and crackle.  ...  —The basic funda- mentals of automatic control and definitions of terms are covered. 22 diagrams. For Parts VI-XIII see Ceram. Abstracts, 1952, Aug., p. 145). W.A.  ... 
doi:10.1111/j.1151-2916.1952.tb13104.x fatcat:jbdsntcxm5dypgk7ymgyx5tana
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