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Automatic inspection of surface mount solder joints using X-ray images

E. Griffiths, R. Jordan
1990 Procedings of the British Machine Vision Conference 1990  
Currently solder joints are inspected visually with a microscope or tested electrically. Neither is completely satisfactory.  ...  X-ray images give a good indication of solder joint quality because the solder contains lead which is opaque to X-rays.  ...  DISCUSSION We have described a method of automatically inspecting the solder joints of SMT components using X-ray images.  ... 
doi:10.5244/c.4.29 dblp:conf/bmvc/GriffithsJ90 fatcat:2z62nv2wazhrbaqckbx2t2omxq

Automatic solder joint inspection utilizing color illumination
外観検査における照明手法 色彩照明を用いたソルダジョイント検査

1990 Journal of the Japan Society for Precision Engineering  
doi:10.2493/jjspe.56.1375 fatcat:4fmwvbaxurcotm4wgnlxrfqr2q

Vertical Edge Detection-Based Automatic Optical Inspection of HGA Solder Jet Ball Joint Defects

Jirarat Ieamsaard, Suchart Yammen, Paisarn Muneesawang, Frode Eika Sandnes
1970 ECTI Transactions on Computer and Information Technology  
Therefore, HGA inspection needs to be improved during HDD manufacturing. This paper describes an image processing method that automate the optical inspection of HGA solder jet ball joint defects.  ...  The goal is therefore to develop an automatic inspection system to reduce the chance of errors, reduce costs and improve the productivity.  ...  [8] , proposed a Bayesian approach for solder joint defects addressing solder bridging, burnt solder balls, non-wet, dry joints and cases with no connections between the slider and suspension.  ... 
doi:10.37936/ecti-cit.201592.54420 fatcat:tb3iszv57vbwtg2alyojikllri

Automatic Solder Joint Inspection System by X-ray Imaging

Toshimitsu HAMADA, Kozo NAKAHATA, Satoru FUSHIMI, Yoshifumi MORIOKA, Takehiko NISHIDA
1993 Journal of the Japan Society for Precision Engineering  
Jain : Automatic Visual Inspection of Solder Joints, IEEE Int. Conf. on Robotics & Automation, (1985) 467. 4) 村 岡建 樹:SMTに  ...  な お,(a),(b),(c),(d)に 示 す ウ ィ ン ドウ は,は ん だ 付 部 抽 出 結 果 を も とに 設 定 す る判 定 処 理 領 域 を 表 して (a) Flllet (b) Solder volume (c) Bridge (d) Mis-alignment い る.ま た,は ん だ 付 欠 陥 は基 本 的 に は フ ィ レ ッ ト形 状 不 良,ブ リ ッ ジ,  ... 
doi:10.2493/jjspe.59.65 fatcat:mfuajvju25hyzis2crp2fjns74

Page 539 of ASQ World Conference on Quality and Improvement Proceedings Vol. 42, Issue [page]

1988 ASQ World Conference on Quality and Improvement Proceedings  
The Laser Inspection system reduced unwarranted "touch-up" since many solder joints rejected on “cosmetic" grounds are acceptable solder joints.  ...  Also having identified that the Laser Inspection system can be used to inspect solder joints, the costly way is to identify its usage in each drawing.  ... 

Three-dimensional THT solder joint reconstruction for inline inspection systems

Johannes Richter, Jörg Schambach, Bernhard Zagar, Pawel Mazurek, Maik Rosenberger, Paul-Gerald Dittrich
2019 Photonics and Education in Measurement Science 2019  
Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) is an important part of modern electronics manufacturing.  ...  A new approach is presented, which uses specular reflections of angled illuminations to reconstruct the surface of THT solder joints for inline inspection.  ...  Figure 1 illustrates an optimal concave through-hole solder joint. When inspecting THT solder joints using automatic optical inspection systems, two criterions are essential.  ... 
doi:10.1117/12.2530888 fatcat:zxeklfjkp5btpjoxz3p63lr54a

Design and development of automatic visual inspection system for PCB manufacturing

N.S.S. Mar, P.K.D.V. Yarlagadda, C. Fookes
2011 Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing  
This paper proposes two inspection modules for an automatic solder joint classification system. The "front-end" inspection system includes illumination normalisation, localisation and segmentation.  ...  The "back-end" inspection involves the classification of solder joints using the Log Gabor filter and classifier fusion.  ...  As a consequence, the variety of the solder joint shapes is also a barrier to the development of an automatic solder joint inspection system.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.rcim.2011.03.007 fatcat:5ujhquhnxbdppa442xtcqixvqy

Deep Learning Based Defect Detection for Solder Joints on Industrial X-Ray Circuit Board Images [article]

Qianru Zhang, Meng Zhang, Chinthaka Gamanayake, Chau Yuen, Zehao Geng, Hirunima Jayasekara, Xuewen Zhang, Chia-wei Woo, Jenny Low, Xiang Liu
2021 arXiv   pre-print
For automated X-ray inspection, joint of interest on the X-ray image is located by region of interest (ROI) and inspected by some algorithms. Some incorrect ROIs deteriorate the inspection algorithm.  ...  Many technologies have been incorporated for inspecting failed soldering, such as X-ray imaging, optical imaging, and thermal imaging.  ...  Ideally, ROIs not only provide the location of the inspected solder joint, but also the area of the inspected solder joint. However, some ROIs are not reliable.  ... 
arXiv:2008.02604v2 fatcat:etfgz75zcrg3znqq32ec25mwie

Automatic Solder Joint Defect Classification using the Log-Gabor Filter

Nang Seng Siri Mar, Clinton Fookes, K.D.V. Yarlagadda Prasad
2010 Advanced Materials Research  
This paper proposes the validity of a Gabor filter bank for feature extraction of solder joint images on Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs).  ...  A distance measure based on the Mahalanobis Cosine metric is also presented for classification of five different types of solder joints.  ...  Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) of solder joints has become an important issue for quality control in PCB assembly as AOI has the enormous potential of completely automating human visual inspection  ... 
doi:10.4028/ fatcat:xu4dvfhxurbizcedjecl2kltfu

Detection of PCB Soldering Defects using Template Based Image Processing Method

Saban Ozturk
2017 International Journal of Intelligent Systems and Applications in Engineering  
In this study, a predefined template-based image processing system is proposed to automatically detect of PCB soldering defects that negatively affect circuit operation.  ...  In the next step, a joint template is created that contains solder joints information. This joint template contains information about the joints that includes possible touching odds to other joints.  ...  The control process is automatically performed according to the color boxes in the template. In Figure 5 , a joint is not inspected by the remaining 49 joints on the template.  ... 
doi:10.18201/ijisae.2017534388 fatcat:lhdb2avoozetxpinrzq37ynexq

Automatic Optical Inspection of Soldering [chapter]

Mihly Janczki, kos Becker, Lszl Jakab, Richrd Grf, Tibor Takcs
2013 Materials Science - Advanced Topics  
Previously, the quality of solder joints had only been verified by manual visual inspection (MVI).  ...  In preparing the parameters for such Materials Science -Advanced Topics 388 Automatic Optical Inspection of Soldering http://dx.  ...  classify the inspected PWB, component or solder joint.  ... 
doi:10.5772/51699 fatcat:sc4co5f25zagbj2gnjffpfvzyq

Combining soldering with inspection

R. Vanzetti, A.C. Traub
1988 Control Systems Magazine  
This paper describes a procedure in which an infrared detector is used for controlling the quality of solder joints being formed on printed circuit boards while, at the same time, automatically inspecting  ...  This approach eliminates the "after the fact" inspection operation while also making available real-time data for process control of the soldering operation.  ...  One needs merely to instruct the computer as to the range of thermal signature values for acceptable joints in order to have an automatic soldering-andinspection system.  ... 
doi:10.1109/37.7740 fatcat:whuydene3vabbcaun63lez36ga

Page 892 of Welding Journal Vol. 31, Issue 10 [page]

1952 Welding Journal  
Visual inspection under ultra- violet light is often used in inspecting the soldered seams on Wax or oil filled capacitors.  ...  Hand soldering requires S892 MacIntosh Soldering Practices Courtesy National Can Co Fig. 11 Can tester. Faulty cans ejected automatically.  ... 


Magdalena Michalska
2020 Informatyka Automatyka Pomiary w Gospodarce i Ochronie Środowiska  
Modern inspection systems provide comprehensive checks of the body of the element and the solder joint by combining a 2D texture with a 3D inspection.  ...  The software packages available on the market today provide a data source for solder paste inspection (SPI) and automatic optical inspection (AOI) data.  ... 
doi:10.35784/iapgos.2379 fatcat:jwf2hvsvx5awlnz7altdmlztgq

Extreme Learning Machine and Moving Least Square Regression Based Solar Panel Vision Inspection

Heng Liu, Caihong Zhang, Dongdong Huang
2017 Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering  
In this work, for solar panel vision inspection, we present an extreme learning machine (ELM) and moving least square regression based approach to identify solder joint defect and detect the panel position  ...  Particularly in the field of automatic industry inspection, the machine learning based vision inspection plays a more and more important role in defect identification and feature extraction.  ...  Therefore, automatic nondestructive inspection can be achieved in machine vision detection system.  ... 
doi:10.1155/2017/7406568 fatcat:tt3yfmxygvb5pjsxydzm62kafy
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