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Use of Artificial Intelligence-Based Software as Medical Devices for Chest Radiography: A Position Paper from the Korean Society of Thoracic Radiology

Eui Jin Hwang, Jin Mo Goo, Soon Ho Yoon, Kyongmin Sarah Beck, Joon Beom Seo, Byoung Wook Choi, Myung Jin Chung, Chang Min Park, Kwang Nam Jin, Sang Min Lee
2021 Korean Journal of Radiology  
Acknowledgments This article is simultaneously published in Journal of the Korean Society of Thoracic Radiology in Korean.  ...  All approved devices can detect specific abnormalities in a single CR. Three of the seven approved AI-SaMDs can detect only lung nodules, while the others can detect various types of abnormalities.  ...  Can artificial intelligence-based software as medical devices currently available for chest radiography be used as a decision support tool for clinicians in a situation where radiologists' interpretation  ... 
doi:10.3348/kjr.2021.0544 pmid:34564966 pmcid:PMC8546139 fatcat:ig2jvukf7be57om3lh3si53p5u

Achieving greater efficiency in NDT inspections

James Quirk
1999 Sensor Review  
Describes the application of an ultrasonic sensing system for the non-destructive inspection of welds as an alternative to X-rays.  ...  Replacing radiography with ultrasound not only allows faster, more economical inspections but also eliminates the health and safety risks associated with radiography.  ...  in place of radiography.  ... 
doi:10.1108/02602289910294646 fatcat:nudz6jjadre2lizfd2nsf5voya

Collision Avoidance Route Planning for Autonomous Medical Devices Using Multiple Depth Cameras

Mohd Mahmeen, Raul David Dominguez Sanchez, Michael Friebe, Maciej Pech, Sultan Haider
2022 IEEE Access  
Radiography is one of the most widely used imaging techniques in the world.  ...  Since its inception, it has continued to evolve, leading to the development of intelligent and automated radiography systems that are able to perceive parts of their environment and respond accordingly  ...  The key contributions of our work are as follows: • We have developed an obstacle detection, object recognition, and motion planning system for ceiling-mounted radiography devices to automate radiography  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2022.3159239 fatcat:vmhgikr7j5bafd3ghqow5bbxbu

The Chairside Periodontal Diagnostic Toolkit: Past, Present, and Future

Tae-Jun Ko, Kevin M. Byrd, Shin Ae Kim
2021 Diagnostics  
There have been numerous attempts to improve, automate, and digitize the collection of this information with varied success.  ...  These diseases specifically affect the tooth-supporting tissues (i.e., the periodontium) but are also known to contribute to systemic inflammation.  ...  Acknowledgments: The authors would like to thank the ADASRI colleagues for their administrative and technical support. Conflicts of Interest: The authors declare no conflict of interest.  ... 
doi:10.3390/diagnostics11060932 pmid:34067332 fatcat:2ghwepfjsfakvmkb2bdwzst54u

COVED: A Hardware Accelerated Soft Computing Enabled Intelligent Value Chain Based Diagnostic Automation for nCOVID-19 Estimation and Identification

Swarnava Biswas, Debajit Sen, Dinesh Bhatia, Moumita Mukherjee, Department of Physics, School of Basic and Applied Sciences, Adamas University, Kolkata, West Bengal, India
2021 International Journal of Statistics in Medical Research  
Conclusion: For the first time, our group has developed an AI-enabled Decision Support System to automate the entire process flow from estimation to detection of COVID-19 subjects as part of an Intelligent  ...  its DNA strands in the process.  ...  INTRODUCTION Smart cities, industry, home automation, and medical have all embraced IoT devices in recent years [1] .  ... 
doi:10.6000/1929-6029.2021.10.14 fatcat:42ewzz2v5zekzgu3nwrog3d6mu

Advances in Tuberculosis Diagnostics

Marzieh Ghiasi, Tripti Pande, Madhukar Pai
2015 Current Tropical Medicine Reports  
The emergence of extensively drug-resistant TB, in addition to challenges in detecting TB among children and people living with HIV has created an urgent need for better technologies.  ...  This review describes advances in non-molecular and molecular diagnostics and their potential to fill the gaps in TB case detection.  ...  The use of automated reading algorithms has become important in the field of chest radiography.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s40475-015-0043-1 fatcat:i4dluhylbjerxnhby3qi2fcoyi

Container Inspection Utilizing 14 MeV Neutrons

Vladivoj Valkovic, Davorin Sudac, Karlo Nad, Jasmina Obhodas
2016 IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science  
The inspected container is stationary in the "inspection 16 position" on the transportation device while the "inspection unit" 17 moves along its side.  ...  This could be accomplished 4 by the incorporation of an inspection system on various container 5 transportation devices (straddle carriers, yard gentry cranes, 6 automated guided vehicles, trailers).  ...  The inspected container was stationary in the "inspec-85 tion position" on the transportation device while the 86 "inspection unit" was moving along side with a speed of 87 12 m/min, resulting in ∼1 min  ... 
doi:10.1109/tns.2016.2521925 fatcat:kyahm4pm4zf3xg2mj7y545rh2y

A new screening pathway for identifying asymptomatic patients using dental panoramic radiographs

Tatsuro Hayashi, Takuya Matsumoto, Tsuyoshi Sawagashira, Motoki Tagami, Akitoshi Katsumata, Yoshinori Hayashi, Chisako Muramatsu, Xiangrong Zhou, Yukihiro Iida, Masato Matsuoka, Kiyoji Katagi, Hiroshi Fujita (+2 others)
2012 Medical Imaging 2012: Computer-Aided Diagnosis  
The detection rate of carotid artery calcifications that suggests the need for further medical evaluation was approximately 93.6 % with 4.4 false-positives per image.  ...  We addressed the development of a computer-aided detection (CAD) system that detects radiographic signs of pathology on panoramic images, and the design of the framework of new screening pathway by cooperation  ...  This research was supported in part by a Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Regional Innovation Cluster Program (City Area Type) in Southern Gifu Area "Development of Advanced  ... 
doi:10.1117/12.911791 dblp:conf/micad/HayashiMSTKHMZI12 fatcat:ygchpv755rabpczdp4d7qbhvte

Current status of digital dental surgery
Aktuelni status digitalne dentalne hirurgije

Rastko Ivković, Emil Miladinović
2019 PONS - medicinski casopis  
Computer technologies extend across different areas and offer support to oral surgeons in patient management.  ...  This paper represents a review of the most recent advances of computer-assisted dentistry in the domain of oral surgery.  ...  of implant positioning in the bone in three dimensions, the human factor is indispensable.  ... 
doi:10.5937/pomc16-21259 fatcat:izoeignfljghjolec57pvyvjym

A review on lung boundary detection in chest X-rays

Sema Candemir, Sameer Antani
2019 International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery  
We believe that a broad review of lung region detection algorithms would be useful for researchers working in the field of automated detection/diagnosis algorithms for lung/heart pathologies in CXRs.  ...  Due to its wide usage, there is a rich literature addressing automated detection of cardiopulmonary diseases in digital chest X-rays (CXRs).  ...  We believe that a broad review of lung region detection algorithms would be useful for researchers working in the field of automated detection/diagnosis algorithms for lung/heart pathologies in CXRs.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s11548-019-01917-1 fatcat:yzmcc5xc45f3zjid7m47z67x4y

ChangeChip: A Reference-Based Unsupervised Change Detection for PCB Defect Detection [article]

Yehonatan Fridman, Matan Rusanovsky, Gal Oren
2021 arXiv   pre-print
The usage of electronic devices increases, and becomes predominant in most aspects of life.  ...  In this paper, we introduce ChangeChip, an automated and integrated change detection system for defect detection in PCBs, from soldering defects to missing or misaligned electronic elements, based on Computer  ...  As future work, we also suggest increasing the support of the system in radiography images, by analyzing multiple images of adjacent layers, in order to strengthen the assurance in a significant defect  ... 
arXiv:2109.05746v1 fatcat:t5zmlzr64jcellgcby6m2utnme

X-ray tables in 1980

D Blakesley
1971 Proceedings of the Royal Society of Medicine  
Detector: The revolution in X-ray detection started in 1950 with the introduction of the image intensifier.  ...  This naturally brings us to the automation of diaWostic radiology by the use of computers.  ... 
pmid:5551472 pmcid:PMC1811539 fatcat:y7q74clkyzf6ldyy67nokrzkdm

Software for automated application of a reference-based method fora posterioridetermination of the effective radiographic imaging geometry

RKW Schulze, O Weinheimer, DD Brüllmann, F Röder, B d'Hoedt, E Schoemer
2005 Dentomaxillofacial Radiology  
Accuracy of the computed coordinates is investigated in a set of 28 charge-coupled device (CCD)-based radiographs of two human mandible segments produced on an optical bench.  ...  Methods: The software uses modern pattern recognition and computer vision algorithms adapted for the particular application of automated detection of the reference sphere shadows (ellipses) with subpixel  ...  We explicitly acknowledge the Department of Anatomy for providing us with the human mandible segments.  ... 
doi:10.1259/dmfr/56357032 pmid:15961593 fatcat:ouknxrd2dbacnnai2rwwky6k6a

Design of a Computed Tomography Automation Architecture

Nicholas Hashem, Mitchell Pryor, Derek Haas, James Hunter
2021 Applied Sciences  
By analyzing the multiple existing but disparate efforts found in the literature, we present a framework for fully automating NDT procedures and discuss the remaining technical gaps in the developed framework  ...  The reviewed literature is organized based on the steps associated with a general NDT task in order to define an end-to-end computed tomography automation architecture.  ...  Acknowledgments: The authors would like to thank the colleagues at Los Alamos National Laboratory for supporting this research. Conflicts of Interest: The authors declare no conflict of interest.  ... 
doi:10.3390/app11062858 fatcat:7zaj2ubcn5ei5p5pnovnjndgeq

Conventional radiography and computed tomography of cardiac assist devices

Hans Scheffel, Paul Stolzmann, Markus J. Wilhelm, Mario Lachat, Lotus Desbiolles, Sebastian Leschka, Thomas Frauenfelder, Thomas Schertler, Borut Marincek, Hatem Alkadhi
2009 European Radiology  
Acknowledgements This research has been supported by the National Center of Competence in Research, Computer Aided and Image Guided Medical Interventions (NCCR CO-ME) of the Swiss National Science Foundation  ...  Generally, conventional radiography and CT are both useful techniques that may aid in the detection of complications [11, 34] , whereas CT is superior in characterisation of these complications such as  ...  Micromed-DeBakey Both the device and the cannulae positions of the Micromed-DeBakey LAVD were depicted by conventional radiography (Fig. 4b, c) .  ... 
doi:10.1007/s00330-009-1406-6 pmid:19408002 fatcat:kfcdqz7a35cyjhoram6blq5hne
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