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Society 5.0: Human Centric, Decentralized, and Hyperautomated

Charalampos Patrikakis, Kincho Law
2022 IT Professional Magazine  
In "Assessing Prehospital Seismic Resilience: An Agent-Based Modeling Approach," Long et al. describe a holistic approach to enhance the seismic resilience of a hospital upon a potentially disastrous earthquake  ...  (power, communication, and transportation) and models the system using an agent-based framework.  ... 
doi:10.1109/mitp.2022.3177281 fatcat:aqazm6f7n5ecvot6vrsf2qhtqm

Abstracts of the 4th Pan American Regional Conference of WADEM

2013 Prehospital and Disaster Medicine  
This presentation will provide an overview of Red Cross strategies for reducing responder risk spanning the continuum of pre-deployment to post-deployment.  ...  Methods: Strategies include: pre-deployment screening and mental health messaging; utilization of client mental health August 2013 Prehospital and Disaster Medicine ABSTRACTS  ...  This model included implementation and performance dimensions and gave rise to an indicator framework.  ... 
doi:10.1017/s1049023x13000253 fatcat:nqeszmnxabgchiq2yq2qtmmo2q

Research and Evaluations of the Health Aspects of Disasters, Part I: An Overview

Marvin L. Birnbaum, Elaine K. Daily, Ann P. O'Rourke, Alessandro Loretti
2015 Prehospital and Disaster Medicine  
Both the Relief/Recovery and Risk-Reduction Frameworks are based on the DLM.  ...  of a community to the consequences of such an event.BirnbaumML,DailyEK,O'RourkeAP,LorettiA.Research and evaluations of the health aspects of disasters, part I: an overview.Prehosp Disaster Med.2015;30  ...  The Effects, Outcome(s), and Impact(s) all are based on assessments.  ... 
doi:10.1017/s1049023x15005129 pmid:26451781 fatcat:wpkosq7orvdkrogfxmjx64rgru

Controversy and Consensus in Disaster Mental Health Research

Kathleen J. Tierney
2000 Prehospital and Disaster Medicine  
external agent" (24) .  ...  Accompanying these differences, there has been considerable variation in the methodological approaches, strategies, and explanatory models used in disaster mental health studies.  ... 
doi:10.1017/s1049023x00025292 fatcat:44vdu5cdwvdofkfwc5qduxn3yi

Research and Evaluations of the Health Aspects of Disasters, Part II: The Disaster Health Conceptual Framework Revisited

Marvin L. Birnbaum, Elaine K. Daily, Ann P. O'Rourke, Alessandro Loretti
2015 Prehospital and Disaster Medicine  
Capacity Building consists of all interventions undertaken before an event occurs in order to increase the resilience of the community to an event related to a hazard that exists in an area-at-risk.  ...  This Framework is based on deconstructions of the commonly used Disaster Management Cycle. The Conceptual Framework incorporates the steps that occur as a hazard progresses to a disaster.  ...  Delayed onset refers to the ability to predict the onset of an event prior to its impact on an area (eg, a tropical cyclone approaching a coastal area).  ... 
doi:10.1017/s1049023x15005130 pmid:26451782 fatcat:a5xjkafuenb4hgocdjsdaghwje

Creating a resilient nursing workforce : developing adaptive capacity to deal with the effects of natural hazard disasters

GC Scrymgeour
contributions to sustained resilience and adaptive capacity in nurses.  ...  Stage One of the sequential mixed method study used a pluralistic approach to explore the scope of issues facing nurses working within inpatient healthcare facilities in New Zealand and Australia during  ...  Educate using an all hazard approach.  ... 
doi:10.25959/100.00037996 fatcat:qx45do4ckvfltmkqux2nojthim

March/April 2006

Richard A. DeVito, Jr.
2006 Journal of Emergency Management  
This process had been suggested by Dan Henstra, who argued that an important step in building disaster resilience is to identify potential hazards in the community and assess the level of risk associated  ...  and resilience."  ...  Furthermore, the traditional model is based on an isolated chemical spill with a limited number of victims, treatment provided to victims after decontamination, a slow and deliberate process to contain  ... 
doi:10.5055/jem.2006.0024 fatcat:zoedtf2lc5axtpute3ozi3wzt4

ABC of conflict and disaster: Humanitarian assistance: standards, skills, training, and experience

Marion Birch, Simon Miller Parkes
2005 The BMJ (British Medical Journal)  
Refugee health-an approach to emergency situations.  ...  The rights based approach to women's experiences International law is clear that just because people are victims of an emergency they do not lose their entitlement to dignity and respect.  ...  The basis of an effective response involves x Stay upwind and uphill x Monitor to identify agents (more than one may be used) x Decontaminate or isolate people affected x Give antidotes as appropriate  ... 
doi:10.1136/sbmj.0506244 fatcat:j7nkkj6vurbsfcufk7xdrfpzue

Evaluating post-earthquake functionality and surge capacity of hospital emergency departments using discrete event simulation

Gerald M. Palomino Romani
Nonlinear response history analysis of the hospital building was performed using simplified structural models, and the structural and nonstructural component damage was estimated based on FEMA P-58.  ...  Past earthquakes have illustrated the impacts of reduced hospital functionality due to physical damage resulting in a health service deficit immediately after a major seismic event.  ...  ABS is an emerging method that focuses on the interactions between autonomous agents (patients and healthcare workers) and has been mainly used to build agent-based decision support systems such as models  ... 
doi:10.14288/1.0403375 fatcat:cxnkrq535vfnhnk3j2vvgtyzrq

Part I Dictionary [chapter]

S. William A. Gunn
2012 Dictionary of Disaster Medicine and Humanitarian Relief  
Contingency plan An anticipatory emergency plan to be followed in an expected or eventual disaster, based on risk assessment, availability of human and material resources, community preparedness,  ...  The Oxfam emergency sanitation unit is a good model.  ...  Cf. voluntary repatriation Representative The delegate of an international organization to a country or to another organization.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-1-4614-4445-9_1 fatcat:g5bhykfqhzekha5wa74tlt6noi

Epidermal Systems and Virtual Reality: Emerging Disruptive Technology for Military Applications

Marco Marsili
2020 Zenodo  
In the WZ, the choice of chemical protective suits (CPS) for rescuers is recommended to be based on a risks assessment approach and on the anticipated psycho-physiological constraints.  ...  Further numerical and experimental results will be shown in the presentation for assessing the capabilities of the approach with different targets and in more realistic operating conditions.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3931546 fatcat:3weo62i6qfckhkl6wjy5tyi6ge

Three contexts of planning and decision analysis for disaster mitigation in hospitals : Taiwan, Vancouver, and Los Angeles

Darren Cole
To improve resiliency at hospitals and reduce vulnerability to power and water outages several steps are necessary.  ...  Decision analysis tools are used to illustrate the inter-connected nature of decision-making in disaster mitigation and to identify opportunities to improve outcomes and increase disaster resilience in  ...  adhoc project based model.  ... 
doi:10.14288/1.0092519 fatcat:notgmu2ey5bovamsrx2nwtur6i

Development and evaluation of a training program to professionalize medical residents in humanitarian assistance and disaster response

through the Kirkpatrick evaluation model was conducted.  ...  Methods Firstly, a preliminary assessment of the target audience in terms of interest and potential involvement was conducted; secondly, an analysis of the educational needs through two different methods  ...  It is a rapid assessment based on pre-existing data to decide whether an intervention is needed or not e.  ... 
doi:10.20373/uniupo/openthesis/115149 fatcat:xdyd5gyc25afzphh6ir3zmovka

The Role of General Practitioners in Disaster Health Management [article]

Penelope Burns, University, The Australian National
Following this the thesis reports a series of three qualitative studies employing a constructivist grounded theory approach: two using semi-structured interviews, and one using a focus group, with disaster-experienced  ...  In 2009 the focus on resilience, and local capacity building, strengthened with the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) adopting a national resilience-based collective approach to develop the nation's  ...  Male GPs reported greater preparedness, with increased familiarity with triage and assessment for exposure to specific toxic agents.  ... 
doi:10.25911/3bte-tf05 fatcat:xbxyudpyp5h6ng25pke7d3znvu