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NeuralPDE: Automating Physics-Informed Neural Networks (PINNs) with Error Approximations [article]

Kirill Zubov, Zoe McCarthy, Yingbo Ma, Francesco Calisto, Valerio Pagliarino, Simone Azeglio, Luca Bottero, Emmanuel Luján, Valentin Sulzer, Ashutosh Bharambe, Nand Vinchhi, Kaushik Balakrishnan (+2 others)
2021 arXiv   pre-print
Physics-informed neural networks (PINNs) are an increasingly powerful way to solve partial differential equations, generate digital twins, and create neural surrogates of physical models. In this manuscript we detail the inner workings of NeuralPDE.jl and show how a formulation structured around numerical quadrature gives rise to new loss functions which allow for adaptivity towards bounded error tolerances. We describe the various ways one can use the tool, detailing mathematical techniques
more » ... e using extended loss functions for parameter estimation and operator discovery, to help potential users adopt these PINN-based techniques into their workflow. We showcase how NeuralPDE uses a purely symbolic formulation so that all of the underlying training code is generated from an abstract formulation, and show how to make use of GPUs and solve systems of PDEs. Afterwards we give a detailed performance analysis which showcases the trade-off between training techniques on a large set of PDEs. We end by focusing on a complex multiphysics example, the Doyle-Fuller-Newman (DFN) Model, and showcase how this PDE can be formulated and solved with NeuralPDE. Together this manuscript is meant to be a detailed and approachable technical report to help potential users of the technique quickly get a sense of the real-world performance trade-offs and use cases of the PINN techniques.
arXiv:2107.09443v1 fatcat:22zfxicti5ed3msl6lcbzmynga

Endoscopic management of retrosternal goitres through cervical approach: a single centre experience

Shailesh Puntambekar, Abhishek Bhaumik, Suyog Bharambe, Mihir Chitale, Ravindra Sathe, Mangesh Panse, Kshitij Manerikar, Yogesh Langade, M. Azharuddin Azim Attar, Nikesh Gandhi, Apoorv Bhat, Ashutosh Ghuge (+1 others)
2022 International Journal of Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery  
<h1><strong>Background:</strong> Retrosternal extension of thyroid poses a significant challenge due to its size and high vascularity. The objective of this study was to assess the outcomes of endoscopic approach via cervical approach for retrosternal thyroid removal.</h1><h1><strong>Methods:</strong> This was a hospital based retrospective cross-sectional study, conducted among<strong> 12 patients of goitres with retrosternal extension who fulfilled the inclusion criteria for endoscopic
more » ... n via cervical approach from January 2016 to December 2020. The </strong>data was collected using patient record sheet. STATA 15.0 was used to analyse the data. <strong>Results:</strong> The median age of the participants was 62 (18.5) years. Approximately 66.7% (N=8) and 33.3% (N=4) of the patient's respectively presented with the complaint of unilateral and bilateral swelling in the neck. The majority of the patients reported due to cosmetic reasons (58.3%), breathlessness (33.3%), hoarseness and dysphagia (8.3%). Among the patients all were euthyroid. There was no incidence of haemorrhage, tracheal and esophageal injury in the patients intraoperatively. Postoperative histopathology showed benign multinodular goiter (41.7%) and colloid formation (58.3%).</h1><h1><strong>Conclusions:</strong> <strong>The traditional thyroidectomy is widely accepted by the surgeons for retrosternal goitres however the results of our study suggest that </strong>the endoscopic technique is minimally invasive and safe procedure that offers excellent cosmetic satisfaction. With the careful selection of cases and surgeon expertise endoscopic thyroidectomy can yield results similar with the traditional approach however, with less complication rates and morbidity.</h1>
doi:10.18203/issn.2454-5929.ijohns20220804 fatcat:eyr5itt475ezjfvfeonudkcilm


Mr Abhijeet, V Datye, Mr Bhavesh, A Bharambe, Mr Vishal, R Chintalghat, Miss Arati, P Pawar, Mr Ashutosh, H Patare, Miss Shraddha, P Sawant (+2 others)
International Journal of Technical Research and Applications   unpublished
Water pollution and scarcity are two serious problems living organisms are facing currently. Out of which Water scarcity is in some areas but Water pollution is everywhere. If we consider India only, as almost 70% of surface water resources and growing percentage of its groundwater reserves are polluted by biological, toxic, organic and inorganic pollutants. If we observe closely we can easily find out that these two problems are directly interdependent. And day by day these problems are
more » ... ly affecting entire ecosystem. In most cases, these sources have been rendered unsafe from households as well as industrial waste. This shows that degraded water quality can contribute to water scarcity because it limits it's availability for both human use and ecosystem. Waste water and solid waste disposal are the problems among the other environmental problems which urban and semi-urban areas are facing. These wastes ranges from household waste to animal & human excreta to industrial waste material etc. The time has come to take serious action so that we can make this planet exists and that too in better condition for the generations to come.This needs awareness at individual side as well as collective side. The local public authorities can play a crucial role in this. They must develop proper system to collect, treat and dispose all waste products. There are several techniques used to treat domestic wastewater. These can be broadly classified into two groups, Conventional and Non-Conventional Treatment Plants.

Effect of integrated nutrient management practices on soil chemical properties: A review

Ashutosh Singh, Amit Kumar Pandey, Umesh Singh
2020 International Journal of Chemical Studies  
The electrical conductivity of soil was evaluated after the harvest of rice as well as wheat crop by Bharambe et al. (2004) [6] which revealed that there was no significant change in electrical conductivity  ... 
doi:10.22271/chemi.2020.v8.i4aq.10186 fatcat:cntzsgmtbjaotay26ty6w27fmq

Influence of Integrated Nutrient Management Strategies on Soil Fertility

Amit Kumar Pandey, Ashutosh Singh, Umesh Singh
2020 International Journal of Current Microbiology and Applied Sciences  
build up of available phosphorus in the soil due to application of 100% NPK with or without FYM application may be ascribed to the residual effect of applied fertilizers and the mineralization of FYM (Bharambe  ...  Kumari, Madhavi; Pandey, Amit Kumar and Singh, Ashutosh (2017) . Effect of continuous cropping and fertilization on distribution of potassium fractions  ... 
doi:10.20546/ijcmas.2020.908.280 fatcat:6qc2fat2h5defgs64hxmav7h54

Conference Main Schedule

2021 2021 International Conference on Intelligent Technologies (CONIT)  
Sumika Chauhan and Govind Vashishtha Mutation-based Arithmetic Optimization Algorithm for Global Optimization 4.30 PM 4.45 PM 4 144 Ayesha Gulrajani, Jay Bendre, Vignesh Pillai and Asha Bharambe  ...  Bhaskar S A Priority Based Dynamic DSR Protocol for Avoiding Congestion Based Issues for Attaining QoS in MANETS 10.01 AM 10.15 AM 7 1130 Ashutosh Sharma and Suryanarayana Gangolu Sequence  ... 
doi:10.1109/conit51480.2021.9498269 fatcat:6kqyrpvszjcyjjfretndzzdpfy

A Survey on Recent Approaches for Natural Language Processing in Low-Resource Scenarios [article]

Michael A. Hedderich, Lukas Lange, Heike Adel, Jannik Strötgen, Dietrich Klakow
2021 arXiv   pre-print
As- Varun Kumar, Ashutosh Choudhary, and Eunah Cho. sociation for Computational Linguistics. 2020.  ...  Kaiming He, Manohar Paluri, Yixuan Li, Ashwin Bharambe, and Laurens van der Maaten. 2018. Ex- Tomas Mikolov, Quoc V. Le, and Ilya Sutskever. 2013.  ... 
arXiv:2010.12309v3 fatcat:26dwmlkmn5auha2ob2qdlrvla4

A Survey on Recent Approaches for Natural Language Processing in Low-Resource Scenarios

Michael A. Hedderich, Lukas Lange, Heike Adel, Jannik Strötgen, Dietrich Klakow
2021 Proceedings of the 2021 Conference of the North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics: Human Language Technologies   unpublished
Varun Kumar, Ashutosh Choudhary, and Eunah Cho. 2020. Data augmentation using pre-trained transformer models.  ...  Dhruv Mahajan, Ross Girshick, Vignesh Ramanathan, Kaiming He, Manohar Paluri, Yixuan Li, Ashwin Bharambe, and Laurens van der Maaten. 2018. Exploring the limits of weakly supervised pretraining.  ... 
doi:10.18653/v1/2021.naacl-main.201 fatcat:xrgln55my5djxo3qqpzel3acuy