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Perceiving Necessity

Catherine Legg, James Franklin
2015 Pacific Philosophical Quarterly  
In many diagrams one seems to perceive necessityone sees not only that something is so, but that it must be so.  ...  The reason for this belief is often thought well-summarized in Hume's maxim: 'there are no necessary connections between distinct existences'.  ...  Might not the apparent directness of our mathematical insight cover up an unconscious process of inference whereby we rule out other possibilities?  ... 
doi:10.1111/papq.12133 fatcat:7bxhqawksfcbrd7y2rikrvmbce

Papers on pragmatism

Thomas Mark Eden Donaldson
Chapter One: James is often accused of claiming that a belief is true just in case it is useful. The objections to this view are obvious.  ...  According to the Quinean objection, the definitionalist's distinction between definitions and other statements is illicit, because it is not discernible in mathematical practice.  ...  See for example Sider (2007) . assumption and so, by the elimination rule for ∃ 1 , can infer ∃ 2 xA(x) discharging that assumption in favour of the first.  ... 
doi:10.7282/t3qc0298 fatcat:vslzhggicvfkdnvbykaujr3j4u

An Irrealist Theory of Self

Jonardon Ganeri
2004 The Harvard Review of Philosophy  
But in keeping with our tradition of variety in subject matter, both contain papers and interviews on many areas of philosophy.  ...  flow of excellent submissions, we've distributed this year 's content over two full-length issues: this issue focuses more on the philosophy of mind and moral philosophy, and the next one, due out early in  ...  I say that with some hesitation because-strictly speaking-the rules of rationality are not literally rules. They are, rather, built-in constraints.  ... 
doi:10.5840/harvardreview20041219 fatcat:jmktzxn3l5dgtnilmh6furnqaa

Relations, Properties and Particulars [chapter]

Herbert Hochberg
Relations and Predicates  
Martin-Lof's writings about inference rules and the meaning of the logical signs.)  ...  themselves-the truths and rules employed in taking the conjunction to be a logical consequence of the pair of atomic components.  ... 
doi:10.1515/9783110326857.17 fatcat:iwcqqj4afjevhoryisuctajp3y

Whole and object: groundwork for a new metaphysics of objects and the language of existence

Paul-Mikhail Podosky
With the revised notions of whole and object in mind, I consider what implications this bears on existential quantification.  ...  The existential status of a counted entity is left unstated until it is explicitly asserted as existing by a speaker, in the mental frame of a realist attitude, and this expression of existence is captured  ...  In what will come in this chapter is broadly in line with Armstrong's picture of the world.  ... 
doi:10.4225/03/58b90792c91d4 fatcat:ooltznlxp5cjtogroi5egmke3q

Platonism, mereology and Whitehead's process ontology

Dwayne Schulz
is grounded in their own genetic nature rather than some super-sensible realm of forms beyond sense experience.  ...  The thesis makes the case however that Whitehead's thought does contain the seeds of a one-category ontology of relational events producing and binding themselves into processes, whose similarity and contingency  ...  True repeatables, to borrow David Armstrong's words,"are strictly identical in their different instantiations" Armstrong, D.M. A World of States of Affairs, p.27.  ... 
doi:10.4225/03/58b8a54182c3a fatcat:nqmk3qgbefhinnyqtfot2hbfsa

Logic and Philosophy of Time: Themes from Prior

P Hasle, P Blackburn, P Øhrstrøm
2017 Nr. 1 Logic and Philosophy of Time   unpublished
Prior (1914-69) in the course of the 1950s and 1960s founded a new and revolutionary paradigm in philosophy and logic.  ...  This remarkable integration of themes also embodies an original and in fact revolutionary conception of logic.  ...  My special thanks to Victor Guerreiro for helping me in the translation of this paper. Bibliography  ...