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Ahmed Arif Edebiyat Müze Kütüphanesi

Metin Aksoy
2013 Türk Kütüphaneciliği  
Türkiye'nin ömek Edebiyat Müze Kütüphanelerinden biri olan ve Türk şairi Ahmed Arif adına açılan Edebiyat Müze Kütüphanesi hakkında bilgi verilmektedir.  ...  Bu nedenlerden dolayı Edebiyat Müze Kütüphanesi Ahmed Arif adının verilmesinin son derece isabetli olduğunu düşünüyorum.  ...  Ahmed Arif Edebiyat Müze Kütüphanesi Diyarbakıom Sur ilçesinde 6 odalı, avlulu, kentin en güzel sivil mimari örneklerinden biri olan yaklaşık 120 yıllık bir konakta açılmıştır.  ... 
doaj:41a4e796be2f423caf2708d39e1637ae fatcat:bfc7bcxqwzal3pt3zlfj5tzqoy

Ahmed Avni Konuk'un Mesnevî-i Şerîf Şerhi'nde Bir Ârif ve Mürşit Olarak Ebu'l-Hasan-ı Harakânî

Dilaver GÜRER
2020 Kafkas Üniversitesi İlahiyat Fakültesi Dergisi  
The Gnostic (al-'arif) and the divine guide (al-murshid) are the most significant terms of tasawwuf.  ...  'Arif is someone who knows Allah in the light of Islamic sources and lives apropriate for the sake of Allah.  ...  | Gürer, "Ahmed Avni Konuk'un Mesnevî-i Şerîf Şerhi'nde Bir Ârif ve Mürşit Olarak Ebu'l-Hasan-ı Harakânî" Kafkas Üniversitesi İlahiyat Fakültesi Dergisi 7/14 (July 2020): 151-170 | Gürer, "Ahmed  ... 
doi:10.17050/kafkasilahiyat.737667 fatcat:qazbkjhhibcxpc3bqlsjfbcx7u

The love moaning of a poet: the vocabulary of the letters written by Ahmed Arif to Leyla ErbilBir şairin aşk iniltileri: Ahmed Arif'ten Leyla Erbil'e mektupların söz varlığı

Sami Baskın
2015 International Journal of Human Sciences  
All these reasons make the verbal existence of the Letters from Ahmed Arif to Leyla Erbil important.  ...  <p>Ahmed Arif, who is one of the Sociable Poets of the 1940s, wrote about the topics in his works in a romantic style.  ...  In the scope of this study, it has been revealed that the relation between Ahmed Arif and Leyla Erbil is mainly Ahmed Arif-centered.  ... 
doi:10.14687/ijhs.v12i2.3249 fatcat:gkysrx6vpbc7hp5f7cjpnrna44

Rationality and Future Discounting

Arif Ahmed
2018 Topoi  
The best justification of time-discounting is roughly that it is rational to care less about your more distant future because there is less of you around to have it. I argue that the standard version of this argument, which treats both psychological continuity and psychological connectedness as reasons to care about your future, can only rationalize an irrational-because exploitable-form of future discounting.
doi:10.1007/s11245-018-9539-3 fatcat:6z4bjxtuwfblhovlz2uqv6ekxi

Metrics for Multi-Touch Input Technologies [article]

Ahmed Sabbir Arif
2020 arXiv   pre-print
Multi-touch input technologies are becoming popular with the increased interest in touchscreen- and touchpad-based devices. A great deal of work has been done on different multi-touch technologies, and researchers and practitioners are frequently coming up with new ones. However, it is almost impossible to compare such technologies due to the absence of multi-touch performance metrics. Designers usually use their own methods to report their techniques' performances. Moreover, multi-touch
more » ... tion was never modeled. That makes it impossible for designers to predict the performance of a new technology before developing it, costing them valuable time, effort, and money. This article discusses the necessity of having dedicated performance metrics and prediction model for multi-touch technologies, and ways of approaching that.
arXiv:2009.13219v1 fatcat:4xekldtawjetvnmc7egxxlg6la

Authentic Leadership, Trust And Work Engagement

Arif Hassan, Forbis Ahmed
2011 Zenodo  
DISCUSSION Arif Hassan and Forbis Ahmed Authentic Leadership, Trust and Work Engagement L World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology International Journal of Economics and Management  ...  that translates into several positive outcomes such as Arf Hassan is a professor at International Islamic University Malaysia (phone:+603 61964186, fax:+603 61964856, e-mail: Forbis Ahmed  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1075159 fatcat:ozfnk7pgcfh7lglnwhcqy2o7mm

Metrics for Bengali Text Entry Research [article]

Sayan Sarcar, Ahmed Sabbir Arif, Ali Mazalek
2017 arXiv   pre-print
With the intention of bringing uniformity to Bengali text entry research, here we present a new approach for calculating the most popular English text entry evaluation metrics for Bengali. To demonstrate our approach, we conducted a user study where we evaluated four popular Bengali text entry techniques.
arXiv:1706.08205v1 fatcat:4grlhlvfc5bf5earqxvohq2zka

Hume and the Independent Witnesses

Arif Ahmed
2015 Mind  
A longstanding and widely accepted objection to the neo-Humean argument concerning miracles is that sufficiently numerous independent testimonies to a miracle should make one almost certain of it. The paper argues that this objection fails. Even witnesses who are known to be (i) sincere (ii) reliable (iii) causally independent of one another and (iv) causally independent of anything relevant other than the supposed miracle itself, might fail to satisfy the very demanding and highly implausible
more » ... ort of independence that the anti-Humean objection actually requires. Sections 1-5 argue for this claim. Section 6 turns aside from that argument to investigate conditions under which non-independent witness ensembles should be convincing. Here the conclusion is at best equivocally Humean. There are apparently reasonable doxastic positions in which one should reject even arbitrarily extensive uniform testimony to a miracle. But there may be others in which such testimony is rationally compelling. So given the individual positive testimony, one's Bayes-appropriate degree of belief that the miracle has occurred (one's posterior degree of belief in this) is now one's prior Cr (Mt). And one's Bayes-appropriate posterior that it has not occurred is one's prior Cr (Mt). So one's correct posterior odds on M, written O (Mt) = def. Cr (Mt) / Cr (Mt), is given by: (3) O (Mt) = [Cr (tM) Cr (M)] / [Cr (tM) Cr (M)] Consider the right hand side of (3). It follows from (1) that this is approximately [Cr (tM) Cr (M)] / Cr (tM), from the probability calculus that this quantity is no greater than Cr (M) / Cr (tM), and from (2) that the latter quantity is very small. Hence the left hand side of (3), one's rational posterior odds on the miracle, should also be very small. So notwithstanding testimony t affirming it, one should remain very confident that M is false. This argument depends only on premises (1) and (2) , which are reasonable assumptions in any context where we have only a single eyewitness's testimony to a miracle. So it is reasonable to call it an a priori argument against believing such individual testimony.
doi:10.1093/mind/fzv076 fatcat:q4fe4n47jjgatpq2ytjcsjd6nu

Introducing Identity

Owen Griffiths, Arif Ahmed
2021 Journal of Philosophical Logic  
Ahmed We are grateful to two anonymous referees and the audience at the Cambridge Serious Metaphysics Group for comments.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10992-021-09605-9 fatcat:3ng7ikgmdjgdjiv7yyorpj6aia


Dr Muhammad Ahmed Arif, Dr Ayesha Arif, Dr Noor Fatima Malik
2020 Zenodo  
Objective: Labor induction is frequent, lifesaving procedure in almost all obstetrical practice1. Labor induction is a procedure in which labor is started artificially before its spontaneous onset, to accomplish safe delivery of fetus and placenta. Aim of this study was to determine the efficacy of oral misoprostol in the induction of labor at term pregnancy Study Design: This was a Prospective observational study Place and Duration of Study: This study was conducted in Obstetrics & Gynaecology
more » ... Department of Mayo Hospital Lahore for the duration of one year, from June 2019 to June 2020. Patients and Methods: All women received 50 ug of tablet misoprostol orally every 4 hours (max 6 doses). All the women were followed up regularly till 12 to 24 hours after the first course of 3 doses patients were given 24 rest and then re induced with patient consent. All the observations and therapeutic intervention were done under supervision of an expert obstetrician having minimum of five years of experience. Results: In this study mean age was 27 years with SD ± 2.317. 43 percent patients were Primi gravida patients while 57% patients were multi gravida. The most common indication for induction was postdate pregnancies (41%) followed by PROM and oligohydramnios. 211(95%) patients delivered with 24 hours requiring only 3 doses of misoprostol. The efficacy of misoprostol was found to be 78% in induction of labor at term pregnancy. Conclusion: The efficacy of misoprostol was 78% in induction of labor at term pregnancy. Key Words: Efficacy, Oral misoprostol, Labour induction, Term pregnancy
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4312427 fatcat:go7jeltdsrajxprtuawdsrucqa

Frankfurt cases and the Newcomb Problem

Arif Ahmed
2019 Philosophical Studies  
Ahmed Cf. Hunt (2005) : 135.Frankfurt cases and the Newcomb Problem  ...  Ahmed (2010): 316. For another 'prior sign' case see e.g.(Sartorio 2016: 13).  ... 
doi:10.1007/s11098-019-01375-0 fatcat:uyn4a2u3ing47mxznzurslno3m

Evaluating Feedback Strategies for Virtual Human Trainers [article]

Xiumin Shang, Ahmed Sabbir Arif, Marcelo Kallmann
2020 arXiv   pre-print
In this paper we address feedback strategies for an autonomous virtual trainer. First, a pilot study was conducted to identify and specify feedback strategies for assisting participants in performing a given task. The task involved sorting virtual cubes according to areas of countries displayed on them. Two feedback strategies were specified. The first provides correctness feedback by fully correcting user responses at each stage of the task, and the second provides suggestive feedback by only
more » ... otifying if and how a response can be corrected. Both strategies were implemented in a virtual training system and empirically evaluated. The correctness feedback strategy was preferred by the participants, was more effective time-wise, and was more effective in improving task performance skills. The overall system was also rated comparable to hypothetically performing the same task with real interactions.
arXiv:2011.11704v1 fatcat:25ips4smdjhqjk6nokdu36ui4y

Application of Soft Computing in Predicting Groundwater Quality Parameters

Marwah Sattar Hanoon, Amr Moftah Ammar, Ali Najah Ahmed, Arif Razzaq, Ahmed H. Birima, Pavitra Kumar, Mohsen Sherif, Ahmed Sefelnasr, Ahmed El-Shafie
2022 Frontiers in Environmental Science  
Evaluating the quality of groundwater in a specific aquifer could be a costly and time-consuming procedure. An attempt was made in this research to predict various parameters of water quality called Fe, Cl, SO4, pH and total hardness (as CaCO3) by measuring properties of total dissolved solids (TDSs) and electrical conductivity (EC). This was reached by establishing relations between groundwater quality parameters, TDS and EC, using various machine learning (ML) models, such as linear
more » ... (LR), tree regression (TR), Gaussian process regression (GPR), support vector machine (SVM), and ensembles of regression trees (ER). Data for these variables were gathered from five unrelated groundwater quality studies. The findings showed that the TR, GPR, and ER models have satisfactory performance compared to that of LR and SVM with respect to different assessment criteria. The ER model attained higher accuracy in terms of R2 in TDS 0.92, Fe 0.89, Cl 0.86, CaCO3 0.87, SO4 0.87, and pH 0.86, while the GPR model attained an EC 0.98 compared to all developed models. Moreover, comparisons among the different developed models were performed using accuracy improvement (AI), improvement in RMSE (PRMSE), and improvement in PMAE to determine a higher accuracy model for predicting target properties. Generally, the comparison of several data-driven regression methods indicated that the boosted ensemble of the regression tree model offered better accuracy in predicting water quality parameters. Sensitivity analysis of each parameter illustrates that CaCO3 is most influential in determining TDS and EC. These results could have a significant impact on the future of groundwater quality assessments.
doi:10.3389/fenvs.2022.828251 fatcat:avm4t6ornjcdtehmdksxfla4j4


Dr M Mosa Ayub1, Dr Mian Umair Ahmed Arif 2, Dr Ahmed Ghassan3
2021 Zenodo  
Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) affects 12 million people in the US. 11.7% in Pakistan. Diabetes (DM) has a significant correlation with PAD. Patients with PAD and DM have a greater risk of amputation than just PAD. Aim: Our study aimed to measure the prevalence of PAD among diabetics, and to explore quality of management by determining the frequency of ankle-brachial index (ABI) measurement among them. Moreover, it aimed to educate people about PAD and its risk factors. Place and Duration: In
more » ... he Medicine Unit II of Services Hospital, Lahore for one-year duration from March 2018 to March 2019. Methods and materials: A cross-sectional study involving 161 diabetic patients. They were interviewed using a questionnaire about demographics, past medical history and ordinary history. The second part concerned the physical examination of the lower limbs and ABI measurements; values below 0.9 or higher than 1.3 were considered incorrect. Results: Of the 161 diabetic patients included in the study, 104 (64.6%) were middle-aged 55.3 ± 11.472 and 59.39 ± 12.974 male. 55.9% were hypertensive and 75.8% hypercholesterolemic. 18 (11.2%) smokers were 14 (77.8%) men. 64 (39.8%) cases performed regular exercises, 38 (59.4%) were women. ITB <0.9 was detected in 32 (19.9%). While 24 of them (75%) are middle-aged women 59, 66 are men. Among people with low ITB 7 (23.3%) had symptoms. The most common symptom was numbness and tingling. In addition, 31 (96.9%) patients with PAD had an additional diagnosis other than diabetes. 24 of them (77.4%) are women, and hypercholesterolemia was the most common comorbid disease. Three (9.4%) PAD patients smoked. Conclusion: In Pakistan, one fifth of DM patients had PAD; the majority is asymptomatic and was females. Large percent of the subjects were not checked by ABI, o [...]
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4446375 fatcat:duwl6yxc35bvndzxrrfiijfq5y

Energy Harvesting in 5G Networks: Taxonomy, Requirements, Challenges, and Future Directions [article]

Muhammad Imran, Latif U. Khan, Ibrar Yaqoob, Ejaz Ahmed, Muhammad Ahsan Qureshi, Arif Ahmed
2019 arXiv   pre-print
Ejaz Arif  ...  technology, University of Jeddah, Khulais, Saudi Arabia. • Arif Ahmed is with Department of Computer Science & Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Silchar, Silchar, India.  ... 
arXiv:1910.00785v1 fatcat:7neezzavlva3xlvdmmx457jine
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