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Examining the interseasonal resurgence of respiratory syncytial virus in Western Australia

David Anthony Foley, Linny Kimly Phuong, Joseph Peplinski, Selina Mei Lim, Wei Hao Lee, Asifa Farhat, Cara A Minney-Smith, Andrew C Martin, Ariel O Mace, Chisha T Sikazwe, Huong Le, Avram Levy (+7 others)
2021 Archives of Disease in Childhood  
BackgroundFollowing a relative absence in winter 2020, a large resurgence of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) detections occurred during the 2020/2021 summer in Western Australia. This seasonal shift was linked to SARS-CoV-2 public health measures. We examine the epidemiology and RSV testing of respiratory-coded admissions, and compare clinical phenotype of RSV-positive admissions between 2019 and 2020.MethodAt a single tertiary paediatric centre, International Classification of Diseases, 10th
more » ... edition Australian Modification-coded respiratory admissions longer than 12 hours were combined with laboratory data from 1 January 2019 to 31 December 2020. Data were grouped into bronchiolitis, other acute lower respiratory infection (OALRI) and wheeze, to assess RSV testing practices. For RSV-positive admissions, demographics and clinical features were compared between 2019 and 2020.ResultsRSV-positive admissions peaked in early summer 2020, following an absent winter season. Testing was higher in 2020: bronchiolitis, 94.8% vs 89.2% (p=0.01); OALRI, 88.6% vs 82.6% (p=0.02); and wheeze, 62.8% vs 25.5% (p<0.001). The 2020 peak month, December, contributed almost 75% of RSV-positive admissions, 2.5 times the 2019 peak. The median age in 2020 was twice that observed in 2019 (16.4 vs 8.1 months, p<0.001). The proportion of RSV-positive OALRI admissions was greater in 2020 (32.6% vs 24.9%, p=0.01). There were no clinically meaningful differences in length of stay or disease severity.InterpretationThe 2020 RSV season was in summer, with a larger than expected peak. There was an increase in RSV-positive non-bronchiolitis admissions, consistent with infection in older RSV-naïve children. This resurgence raises concern for regions experiencing longer and more stringent SARS-CoV-2 public health measures.
doi:10.1136/archdischild-2021-322507 pmid:34433552 pmcid:PMC8390145 fatcat:4autii7lcvd53izac2clddaxai

Community network for deaf scientists

Henry J. Adler, Kelsey L. Anbuhl, Samuel R. Atcherson, Nathan Barlow, Marc A. Brennan, John V. Brigande, Brad N. Buran, Juergen-Theodor Fraenzer, Jonathan E. Gale, Frederick J. Gallun, Sarah D. Gluck, Ray L. Goldsworthy (+22 others)
2017 Science  
doi:10.1126/science.aan2330 pmid:28450605 pmcid:PMC5499993 fatcat:w5al3gq5w5ei5dqrmke776vode

Page 119 of Congregational Quarterly Vol. 15, Issue 1 [page]

1873 Congregational Quarterly  
Peet, Joseph Hurlburt, 7|Henry Hess, W. A. Patten, Frederick Crang, Ariel A. Baker, B. King, H. 8. Clark, J.K. Nutting, B. M. "<a Non “ Was J em, ii L. Gh en ase Honiy b-Chase, Peter Weidmann, None.  ...  House, Joseph L. Cook, John A. Ross, Wn. L. Bray, J. A.  ... 

Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Environments in 2019

Environments Editorial Office
2020 Environments  
Fredianelli, Luca Fuchs, Werner Fun, Lim Yee Galiano, Antonio Berná Shore, Richard Shrestha, Mani Silva, Gabriela Ventura Singh, Rao Martand Skilodimou, Hariklia D.  ...  Suh, Minjae Summers, James Kevin Sunderland, Keith Szajerski, Piotr Szczepańska, Agnieszka Szogi, Ariel Szyszkowicz, Mieczyslaw Tai, Sheng-Lun Tallini, Marco Tang, Ting Teodoro, Ana  ... 
doi:10.3390/environments7010009 fatcat:why22zalczaejk5ooly3fxx2ru

Page 798 of Journal of Family Psychology Vol. 24, Issue 6 [page]

2010 Journal of Family Psychology  
Light JungHa Lim Eric Lindsey Suzanne Linkroum Yang Yang Liu Ann B. Loper Joseph LoPiccolo Frederick Lorenz Sandra H. Losoya Mary Lovejoy Carol J. Loveland-Cherry Joseph M.  ...  Klein Bonnie Klimes-Dougan Kathleen Knafi Ariel Knafo Lynne Knobloch-Fedders Gabriel P. Kuperminc Mary Jo Kupst Young In Kwon Jaslean J. La Taillade Robert Laird Michael E.  ... 

Page 2423 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 89D [page]

1989 Mathematical Reviews  
Chee-Seng, Lim See Lim, Chee Seng Chegis, Raimondas .  ...  See Curran, Donald Joseph Curran, Donald Joseph Currie, David See Currie, David A.  ... 

Page 597 of Sage Family Studies Abstracts Vol. 29, Issue 4 [page]

2007 Sage Family Studies Abstracts  
., 0118 Mahieu, Aki, 1001 Mahoney, Joseph L., 0417 Mahoney, Kevin J., 0142 Maimane, S., 0285 Malarkey, William B., 0713 Maldonado-Molina, Mildred M., 1200 Malka, Ariel, 1102 Malone, Patrick S., 0086, 0423  ...  ., 0721 Liew, Jeffrey, 0401 Lifter, Karin, 0084, 0652 Lightman, Ernie, 0726 Lim, J. Y., 0157 Lin, Li-Wen, 0163 Linares, L.  ... 

Thank you to our reviewers – 2020

2021 Human Reproduction  
Levin, Monica Lewis, Sheena E M Li, Hang-Wun Raymond Li, Ming-Qing Li, Wei Li, Wentao Lidegaard, Øjvind Lie Fong, Sharon Liebermann, Juergen Lim, Arianne Lim, Whasun Lin, Chih-Jen Lindheim  ...  Laven, Joop Lawrenz, Barbara Leader, Benjamin Leandri, Roger Leaver, Megan Ledger, William Lee, Dayong Lee, Peter A Leeners, Brigitte Lensen, Sarah Lessey, Bruce Lete, Iñaki Letourneau, Joseph  ... 
doi:10.1093/humrep/deab084 fatcat:yqd6slubtjhevgvfxus6sbarmq

2014 Hepatology referees (volumes 59 and 60)

2014 Hepatology  
, Joseph Lim, Seng Gee Lim, Young-Suk Lin, Chao Lin, Herbert Linas, Benjamin Lindenbach, Brett Lindgren, Stefan Lindor, Keith Ling, Simon Linton, Kenneth Liu, Guangwei Liu, Lin Liu, Wanqing  ...  Fabregat, Isabel Fabris, Luca Factor, Valentina Fallowfield, Jonathan Fan, Lin Fargion, Silvia Farinati, Fabio Farrell, Geoff Feld, Jordan Feldstein, Ariel Feranchak, Andrew Feray, Cyrille  ... 
doi:10.1002/hep.27589 fatcat:runc6mofu5g2jpwevvdseekmxu

Page 3215 of American Society of Civil Engineers. Collected Journals Vol. 115, Issue 12 [page]

1989 American Society of Civil Engineers. Collected Journals  
Flathau, Joseph L. Smith and John F. Betz, ST Apr. 89 p809-825. Dynamic loads Modeling Dynamic Occupant Loads, A. Ebrahim- pour and R. L. Sack, ST June 89 p1476-1496.  ...  Behavior of Reinforced Steel-Fiber-Concrete Beams in Flexure, Teck-Yong Lim, P. Para- masivam and Seng-Lip Lee, ST Dec. 87 p2439- 2458. Composite Action in Eccentrically Braced Frames, James M.  ... 

Page 1425 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 99b [page]

1991 Mathematical Reviews  
Grove and Joseph Y. Halpern, On the ex- pected value of games with absentmindedness (51-65); Joseph Y. Halpern, On ambiguities in the interpretation of game trees (66— 96); Barton L.  ...  (An earlier paper by Lim solved a similar game in which R; and R> were allowed to use different strategies and joint randomization.)” 99b:90160 90D05 90C30 Zhang, J.  ... 

2012 HEPATOLOGYReferees (Volumes 55 and 56)

2013 Hepatology  
, Joseph Lin, Anning Lin, Chao Lin, Herbert Lin, Shi-Ming Lindenbach, Brett Lindor, Keith Lindor, Keith Ling, Simon Lipkin, W.  ...  Everson, Gregory Fabregat, Isabel Fabris, Luca Factor, Valentina Falck-Ytter, Yngve Falleti, Edmondo Fallon, Michael Fargion, Silvia Farinati, Fabio Farrell, Geoff Feld, Jordan Feldstein, Ariel  ... 
doi:10.1002/hep.26178 fatcat:sictcpetnvdlvjb4mckiitvl24

Page 4610 of Psychological Abstracts Vol. 88, Issue 11 [page]

2001 Psychological Abstracts  
., 34654 Lang, Ariel J., 33486 Lang, Ariella, 33487 Lang, Christoph J.  ...  E. , 32529 Lattuada, Enrico, 33639 Latzer, Yael, 33115 Lau, Ivy Y-M, 33435 Lau, Joseph T.  ... 

Page 167 of Ariel Vol. 6, Issue 11 [page]

1832 Ariel  
As the ceremonies, of which she was now made the object, went on, her only ARIEL. relief from the vague fears they awakened, was in the persuasion that they might form a part of some | religious rite,  ...  Gar- dens of the Summer Palace, among the fountains, she | used, with her cousin, to pass days of such calm de- light--painting, as he sat beside her, landscapes on jessamine leaves, or chasing with lim  ... 

Page 88 of Ariel Vol. 5, Issue 6 [page]

1831 Ariel  
oe 8 THE ARIEL; A LITERARY AND MISCELLANEOUS GAZETT®. BIOGRAPHY. ant annals. Such men as Marshal, Madison, From the Encyclopedia Americana.  ...  As he stood rumina- ting on his condition, he was accosted by a man of respectable appearance, who asked lim whe- ther he had not taught a class at Princeton col- lege, in which there was a youth of a  ... 
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