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Optimized Power Trading of Reconfigurable Microgrids in Distribution Energy Market

Arezoo Jahani, Kazem Zare, Leyli Mohammad Khanli, Hadis Karimipour
2021 IEEE Access  
3 Scenario 4 MG peak non-peak peak non-peak peak non-peak peak non-peak Generation 1 90 63 96 63 73 81 79 84 2 4 2 7 6 4 2 5 4 3 4 4 4 AREZOO JAHANI is a postdoctoral  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2021.3064634 fatcat:3rxhfx5j55drfmpvpzqfd2v4xi

ARank: A Multi-agent Based Approach for Ranking of Cloud Computing Services

Arezoo Jahani, Farnaz Derakhshan, Leyli Mohammad Khanli
2017 Scalable Computing : Practice and Experience  
Jahani, F. Derakhshan, L. Mohammad Khanli Fig. 6.1. Response time of system by increasing number of services  ...  Jahani and Mohammad Khanli [29] (our earlier work) proposed a ranking system (NSGA SR) that can select some candidate services and rank them based on multi-objective optimization problem.  ... 
doi:10.12694/scpe.v18i2.1283 fatcat:xnbt4am3nrd3vhyhnnokyci7oa

W_SR: A QoS Based Ranking Approach for Cloud Computing Service

Arezoo Jahani, Leyli Mohammad Khanli, Seyed Naser Razavi
2014 Computer Engineering and Applications Journal  
Cloud computing is a kind of computing model that promise accessing to information resources in request time and subscription basis. In this environment, there are different type of user's application with different requirements. In addition, there are different cloud Service providers which present spate services with various qualitative traits. Therefore determining the best cloud computing service for users with specific applications is a serious problem. Service ranking system compares the
more » ... ifferent services based on quality of services (QoS), in order to select the most appropriate service. In this paper, we propose a W_SR (Weight Service Rank) approach for cloud service ranking that uses from QoS features. Comprehensive experiments are conducted employing real-world QoS dataset, including more than 2500 web services over the world. The experimental results show that execution time of our approach is less than other approaches and it is more flexible and scalable than the others with increase in services or users.
doi:10.18495/comengapp.v3i2.76 fatcat:rll2uboqzfgn5n2grmpu527pw4

MooreCube: A Scalable and Flexible Architecture for Cloud Computing Data Centers on Multi-port Servers

Arezoo Jahani, Leyli Mohammad Khanli
2017 Scalable Computing : Practice and Experience  
Jahani, L. M. Khanli • Modularity: Recursive architecture has modularity concept.  ... 
doi:10.12694/scpe.v18i4.1334 fatcat:orxubnt4rzd6pahqg6w3s5whke

Studying Risk Effect in Evaluating the Financing Methods of New Technology-Based Firms

Arezoo Jahani, Parastoo Mohammadi, Hamid Mashreghi
2018 International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Production Research  
Probability Distribution of Risk Variable in Study of Ye & Tiong [5] 138 Arezoo Jahani, Parastoo Mohammadi * & Hamid Mashreghi Variable Distributional assumption Construction cost lognormal (µ  ...  Figs. 1 and 2 show the results of simulation with 1000 iterations for both financing methods proposed in this study for project No.1 as an example. 139 Arezoo Jahani, Parastoo Mohammadi * & Hamid  ... 
doaj:83841f81906c4e2c9005394567f2d6c1 fatcat:srwhl6fal5hh7iyldj7a3uem7e

Optimizing on-demand GPUs in the Cloud for Deep Learning Applications Training

Arezoo Jahani, Marco Lattuada, Michele Ciavotta, Danilo Ardagna, Edoardo Amaldi, Li Zhang
2019 2019 4th International Conference on Computing, Communications and Security (ICCCS)  
Deep learning (DL) methods have recently gained popularity and been used in commonplace applications; voice and face recognition, among the others. Despite the growing popularity of DL and the associated hardware acceleration techniques, GPU-based systems still have very high costs. Moreover, while the cloud represents a cost-effective and flexible solution, in large settings operations costs can be further optimized by carefully managing and fostering resource sharing. This work addresses the
more » ... nline joint problem of capacity planning of virtual machines (VMs) and DL training jobs scheduling, and proposes a Mixed Integer Linear Programming (MILP) formulation. In particular, DL jobs are assumed to feature a deadline, while multiple VM types are available from a cloud provider catalog, and each VM has, possibly, multiple GPUs. Our solutions optimize the operations costs by (i) right-sizing the VM capacities; (ii) partitioning the set of GPUs among multiple concurrent jobs running on the same VM, and (iii) determining a deadline-aware job schedule. Our approach is evaluated using an ad-hoc simulator and a prototype environment, and compared against first-principle approaches, resulting in a cost reduction of 45-80%.
doi:10.1109/cccs.2019.8888151 dblp:conf/icccs/JahaniLCAA019 fatcat:6pquteghqrb5xfptzeh75zcas4

The Relationship between Self-Confidence of Nursing Students and their Attitude towards a Nursing Career

Fatemeh Ghofrani Kelishami, Afsaneh Sadoogiasl, Ahmad Izadi, Arezoo Mohamadkhani Ghiasvand, Reza Jahani, Maliheh Nasiri
2018 Iranian Journal of Nursing Research  
doi:10.21859/ijnr-12068 fatcat:ch3qrwkdhne5pikrqu6i7eyksy

Hierarchical Scheduling in on-demand GPU-as-a-Service Systems

Federica Filippini, Marco Lattuada, Arezoo Jahani, Michele Ciavotta, Danilo Ardagna, Edoardo Amaldi
2020 2020 22nd International Symposium on Symbolic and Numeric Algorithms for Scientific Computing (SYNASC)  
Deep learning (DL) methods have recently gained popularity. Training this class of models is, however, computing-intensive, and frequently GPUs are used to boost performance. Although the costs of GPU-based systems are gradually reducing due to the high demand, they are still prohibitive: in public clouds, GPU-powered virtual machines (VMs) time unit price is 5-8x higher than CPU-only VMs. While the cloud remains the most cost-effective and flexible deployment, operation costs can be reduced,
more » ... large settings, by rightsizing and sharing resources among multiple processes. This work addresses the online joint capacity planning and job scheduling with due dates problem and proposes alternative matheuristic solution methods. Our objective is to optimize operation costs by: i) rightsizing the VM capacities at each node, ii) partitioning the set of GPUs among multiple concurrent jobs on the same VM, and iii) determining a duedate-aware job schedule. The effectiveness of the proposed hierarchical approach, coupled with an appropriate Mixed Integer Linear Programming formulation, is validated against first-principle methods by relying on simulation. The experiments prove that the efficiency of GPU-based systems evaluated in terms of costs can be improved by 50-70%. Finally, scalability analyses show that the proposed approach enables to solve problem instances with up to 100 nodes in less than one minute on average, making it suitable for practical scenarios.
doi:10.1109/synasc51798.2020.00030 fatcat:7uehqkyh4fenvgdtvzyhc4refu

Predictors of the prolonged recovery period in COVID-19 patients: a cross-sectional study

SeyedAhmad SeyedAlinaghi, Ladan Abbasian, Mohammad Solduzian, Niloofar Ayoobi Yazdi, Fatemeh Jafari, Alireza Adibimehr, Aazam Farahani, Arezoo Salami Khaneshan, Parvaneh Ebrahimi Alavijeh, Zahra Jahani, Elnaz Karimian, Zahra Ahmadinejad (+5 others)
2021 European Journal of Medical Research  
The clinical course of COVID-19 may vary significantly. The presence of comorbidities prolongs the recovery time. The recovery in patients with mild-to-moderate symptoms might take 10 days, while in those with a critical illness or immunocompromised status could take 15 days. Considering the lack of data about predictors that could affect the recovery time, we conducted this study to identify them. This cross-sectional study was implemented in the COVID-19 clinic of a teaching and referral
more » ... rsity hospital in Tehran. Patients with the highly suggestive symptoms who had computed tomography (CT) imaging results with typical findings of COVID-19 or positive results of reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) were enrolled in the study. Inpatient and outpatient COVID-19 participants were followed up by regular visits or phone calls, and the recovery period was recorded. A total of 478 patients were enrolled. The mean age of patients was 54.11 ± 5.65 years, and 44.2% were female. The median time to recovery was 13.5 days (IQR: 9). Although in the bivariate analysis, multiple factors, including hypertension, fever, diabetes mellitus, gender, and admission location, significantly contributed to prolonging the recovery period, in multivariate analysis, only dyspnea had a significant association with this variable (p = 0.02, the adjusted OR of 2.05; 95% CI 1.12-3.75). This study supports that dyspnea is a predictor of recovery time. It seems like optimal management of the comorbidities plays the most crucial role in recovery from COVID-19.
doi:10.1186/s40001-021-00513-x pmid:33957992 fatcat:uitzpg42pvhahk3ufwhxgqu3me

Author Index

2020 2020 22nd International Symposium on Symbolic and Numeric Algorithms for Scientific Computing (SYNASC)  
, Arezoo 125 Jeffrey, David 36 Kaslik, Eva 63 Koletzko, Berthold 175 Kumara, Indika 133 Kusper, Gábor 84 Lattuada, Marco 125 Limboi, Sergiu 224 Lyaletski, Alexander 75 Lyaletsky  ...  Teodora 218 Gutu-Robu, Gabriel 175 Gyozo Yang, Zijian 84 Iftene, Adrian 218 Ignat, Anca 202 Ionascu, Alexandru 310 Ionita, Dorin-Marian 55 Iuhasz, Gabriel 270 Jaccheri, Letizia 9 Jahani  ... 
doi:10.1109/synasc51798.2020.00058 fatcat:xgha2ugre5gvddooxpodiyjp6y

Effects of Saffron Corm and Leaf Extracts on Early Growth of Some Plants to Investigate the Possibility of Using Them as Associated Crop

Hamid-Reza FALLAHI, Arezoo PARAVAR, Mohammad-Ali BEHDANI, Mahsa AGHHAVANI-SHAJARI, Mohammad-Javad FALLAHI
2014 Notulae Scientia Biologicae  
., 2008; Abbassi and Jahani, 2008; Soufizadeh et al., 2008; Khazaei et al., 2013) .  ...  Mean comparisons of the effect of different levels of saffron corm and leaf extracts on germination and initial seedling growth criteria of alfalfa F, Jahani M (2008).  ... 
doi:10.15835/nsb.6.3.9259 fatcat:t57nmzteirdjthoi2mg2cat62q

Health Education in Self-Care in Patients with High Blood Pressure

Kalvandi Narges, Vanda Razieh, Maghsoudi Zahra, Bafahm Fatemeh
2018 Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science  
Jahani B. Investigating the impact of education based on health belief model on self-care behaviors in patients with hypertension referred to health centers of ahwaz metropolis.  ...  REFERENCES Khalili Mozhgan J, Arash K, Arezoo S, Abdolmajid P. Design of health in equity questionnaire among medical staff. Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science. 2018; 6(1):434-37. 7.  ... 
doaj:f73a13c41af1477b9c4f5e5e5d9e0344 fatcat:mo4xe566gzbq5h5dia2a5l4u5y

First International Conference on Aspects of Iranian Linguistics Organizing committee

Mohammad Bateni, Gilbert Lazard, Ecole Pratique, Hautes Etudes, Paris, Donald Stilo, Simin Karimi, Vida Samiian
List of Participants The Iranian languages in diachrony and synchrony: a variegated and moving picture.Carina Jahani (University of Uppsala/ Sweden) Expressions of future in classical and Modern New Persian.Jon  ...  Lecture Hall 15.45 - 16.30 Coffee Break Entrance Hall Session VIII Chair: Shahrzad Mahootian (Northeastern Illinois University) 16.30 - 17.00 Arezoo Najafian and Mohamad Vahedi Langrudi  ...  Najafian, Arezoo (Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran) The analysis of Impersonal constructions in Persian: : an unaccusative hypothesis approach.  ... 

Physicochemical properties of biodegradable films of spine yam (Dioscorea rotundata), hydroxypropylmethylcellulose and clove oil (Syzygium aromaticum)
Propiedades fisicoquímicas de películas biodegradables de almidón de ñame espino (Dioscorea Rotundata), hidroxipropilmetilcelulosa y aceite de clavo (Syzygium aromaticum)

A. Villabona-Ortiz, C.N. Tejada-Tovar, R. Ortega-Toro, Universidad de Cartagena
2020 Revista Mexicana de Ingeniería Química  
2019; Acosta et al., 2016; Peláez and Rodríguez, 2016; Valderrama, 2018; Mehdizadeh et al., 2020; Jahani et al., 2020; Piñeros-Guerrero et al., 2020) .  ...  These oils have antioxidant and antifungal activity due to their phenol and terpenoid content, and this makes them potential additives in the production of food preservation packaging (Arezoo et al.,  ... 
doi:10.24275/rmiq/alim1540 fatcat:tmlufxbhibfbxim6jgxpgru3cm

An Architectural Framework for the implementation of ERP using Cloud Computing in SMEs: A Literature Survey

Sarvjit Singh Bhatia, Anurag Rai, Harsimran Kaur
2015 International Journal of Science and Research   unpublished
. © CS & IT-CSCP 2014 Leyli Mohammadkhanli, Arezoo Jahani(2014): Ranking Approaches for Cloud Computing Services Based on Service: A Review, ARPN Journal of Systems and Software, VOL. 4, NO. 2, March  ... 
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