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Applying a Portable Backpack Lidar to Measure and Locate Trees in a Nature Forest Plot: Accuracy and Error Analyses

Yuyang Xie, Tao Yang, Xiaofeng Wang, Xi Chen, Shuxin Pang, Juan Hu, Anxian Wang, Ling Chen, Zehao Shen
2022 Remote Sensing  
In the present study, we used the LiBackpack DG50 backpack lidar system to obtain the point cloud data of a 10 ha plot of subtropical evergreen broadleaved forest, and applied these data to quantify errors  ...  laser scanning, but it has never been used to measure and map forest structure in a large area (>101 hectares) with high tree density.  ...  The funders had no role in the design of the study; in the collection, analyses, or interpretation of data; in the writing of the manuscript, or in the decision to publish the results.  ... 
doi:10.3390/rs14081806 fatcat:nr267b24rzdxfp2q3awvoaja2u

Portable and Airborne Small Footprint LiDAR: Forest Canopy Structure Estimation of Fire Managed Plots

Claudia M.C.S. Listopad, Jason B. Drake, Ron. E. Masters, John F. Weishampel
2011 Remote Sensing  
We also wanted to thank the generosity of the Tallahassee-Leon County GIS staff for providing the airborne LiDAR data and technical information needed for our research.  ...  We are grateful for the mentoring and in-depth reviews provided by Ross Hinkle, Reed Noss, and Brian Ormiston.  ...  LiDAR data and (2) to apply the use of the portable LiDAR system to detecting differences in the 3D canopy structure of different fire managed forest plots.  ... 
doi:10.3390/rs3071284 fatcat:7x5lakgvh5aynkrbv5pal2kynm

Accuracy assessment and error analysis for diameter at breast height measurement of trees obtained using a novel backpack LiDAR system

Yuyang Xie, Jie Zhang, Xiangwu Chen, Shuxin Pang, Hui Zeng, Zehao Shen
2020 Forest Ecosystems  
The LiBackpack is a recently developed backpack light detection and ranging (LiDAR) system that combines the flexibility of human walking with the nearby measurement in all directions to provide a novel  ...  Method: In this study, we used the LiBackpack D-50 system to measure the diameter at breast height (DBH) for a Pinus sylvestris tree population in the Saihanba National Forest Park of China, and estimated  ...  (https://, providing Libackpack laser scanning system and LiDAR360 software for effectively manipulating LiDAR point cloud data.  ... 
doi:10.1186/s40663-020-00237-0 fatcat:gse2y2ww3rfpvi3srjfgq3joxy

Forest Inventory with Terrestrial LiDAR: A Comparison of Static and Hand-Held Mobile Laser Scanning

Sébastien Bauwens, Harm Bartholomeus, Kim Calders, Philippe Lejeune
2016 Forests  
The success of using MLS in forests will allow for 3D structure acquisition on a larger scale and in a time-efficient manner.  ...  In this study, we assessed and compared a hand-held mobile laser scanner (HMLS) with two TLS approaches (single scan: SS, and multi scan: MS) for the estimation of several forest parameters in a wide range  ...  We also thank the technical team of the Forest Resources Management unit of Gembloux Agro Bio Tech (University of Liège) who assisted us for field work and Nature + for their administrative support.  ... 
doi:10.3390/f7060127 fatcat:hwyg2qvfjjg57og7h5cix45tde

Terrestrial Structure from Motion Photogrammetry for Deriving Forest Inventory Data

Livia Piermattei, Wilfried Karel, Di Wang, Martin Wieser, Martin Mokroš, Peter Surový, Milan Koreň, Julián Tomaštík, Norbert Pfeifer, Markus Hollaus
2019 Remote Sensing  
We define an image capture method and we assess the accuracy of the photogrammetric results on four forest plots located in Austria and Slovakia, two in each country, selected to cover a wide range of  ...  Despite a variety of studies, much uncertainty still exists about the quality of photogrammetry-based methods for deriving plot-level forest attributes in natural forests.  ...  The imaging environment in a natural forest poses a significant challenge due to the lighting conditions, tree density and occlusions by branches, and shrubs.  ... 
doi:10.3390/rs11080950 fatcat:77drlo6aa5e2nogvc5r4yvknuu

LIDAR Technology

Mr. Pramod K, Akshay M C
2022 International Journal for Research in Applied Science and Engineering Technology  
Lidar mapping systems and their underlying technology have recently progressed, allowing scientists and mapping professionals to investigate natural and built environments at sizes never before feasible  ...  One may determine the distance between different objects in space and construct a 3D digital representation of the region in front of LiDAR using LiDAR readings.  ...  [3] demonstrated an empirical evaluation and error budget of accuracy in Airborne LiDAR-derived elevation.  ... 
doi:10.22214/ijraset.2022.43007 fatcat:4sm3263jwnbadf7gsyysoxid2i

Comparative Analysis of Different Mobile LiDAR Mapping Systems for Ditch Line Characterization

Yi-Chun Lin, Raja Manish, Darcy Bullock, Ayman Habib
2021 Remote Sensing  
Hydrological analyses, including flow direction and flow accumulation, are applied to extract the drainage network from the digital terrain model (DTM).  ...  The portable backpack system that could be carried by a surveyor or mounted on a vehicle is found to be the most cost-effective method for mapping roadside ditches, followed by the medium-grade wheel-based  ...  In addition, we thank the editor and three anonymous reviewers for providing helpful comments and suggestions which substantially improved the manuscript.  ... 
doi:10.3390/rs13132485 fatcat:uz5xm75mqbfsjbbh4blqxwtvzu

Large-scale field phenotyping using backpack LiDAR and GUI-based CropQuant-3D to measure structural responses to different nitrogen treatments in wheat [article]

Yulei Zhu, Gang Sun, Guohui Ding, Jie Zhou, Mingxing Wen, Shichao Jin, Qiang Zhao, Joshua Colmer, Yanfeng Ding, Eric S. Ober, Ji Zhou
2021 bioRxiv   pre-print
We describe how we combined backpack LiDAR and CropQuant-3D to accurately quantify crop height and complex 3D traits such as variation in canopy structure, which was not possible to measure through other  ...  Here, we present a novel phenotyping solution that combines a commercial backpack LiDAR device and our graphical user interface (GUI) based software called CropQuant-3D, which has been applied to phenotyping  ...  Acknowledgements 958 The authors would like to thank all members of the Zhou laboratory at the Nanjing Agricultural  ... 
doi:10.1101/2021.05.19.444842 fatcat:b3yy46vopnbw7emx2myv6vif3m

Large-scale field phenotyping using backpack LiDAR and CropQuant-3D to measure structural variation in wheat

Yulei Zhu, Gang Sun, Guohui Ding, Jie Zhou, Mingxing Wen, Shichao Jin, Qiang Zhao, Joshua Colmer, Yanfeng Ding, Eric S Ober, Ji Zhou
2021 Plant Physiology  
Here, we present a large-scale phenotyping solution that combines a commercial backpack LiDAR device and our analytic software, CropQuant-3D, which have been applied jointly to phenotype wheat (Triticum  ...  We therefore believe that the combined system is easy-to-use and could be used as a reliable research tool in multi-location phenotyping for both crop research and breeding.  ...  Acknowledgements 1028 The authors would like to thank all members of the Zhou laboratory at the Nanjing Agricultural 1029 University (NAU, China) and the Cambridge Crop Research, National Institute of  ... 
doi:10.1093/plphys/kiab324 pmid:34608970 pmcid:PMC8491082 fatcat:4z6di4qwavahdbznun4grwraea

Use of Modern Technologies for the Conservation of Historical Heritage in Water Management

Adrian Șmuleac, Laura Șmuleac, Teodor Eugen Man, Cosmin Alin Popescu, Florin Imbrea, Isidora Radulov, Tabita Adamov, Raul Pașcalău
2020 Water  
Historical monuments represent a cultural heritage that humanity has a duty to preserve and conserve.  ...  The work aims to complete the cultural heritage for Sânmihaiu Român hydro technical development built between 1912 and 1915, located on the Bega River in Western Romania, through modern mobile scanning  ...  and Development System, subprogram 1.2-Institutional Performance, Institutional Development Projects-Excellence Funding Projects in RDI.  ... 
doi:10.3390/w12102895 fatcat:3ewrxhy6xvcfzdvk4hmdd4vatq

Structure from Motion Photogrammetry in Forestry: a Review

Jakob Iglhaut, Carlos Cabo, Stefano Puliti, Livia Piermattei, James O'Connor, Jacqueline Rosette
2019 Current Forestry Reports  
In these studies, DBH and tree locations were estimated in circular plots with diameters ranging from 12 to 30 m.  ...  However, the accuracy of the scaling factor is crucial for forest plot and individual tree reconstruction [74] .  ... 
doi:10.1007/s40725-019-00094-3 fatcat:betgfmarszavxgak2ykpb43nei

Remote sensing methods for power line corridor surveys

Leena Matikainen, Matti Lehtomäki, Eero Ahokas, Juha Hyyppä, Mika Karjalainen, Anttoni Jaakkola, Antero Kukko, Tero Heinonen
2016 ISPRS journal of photogrammetry and remote sensing (Print)  
This literature review article aims to give a wide overview of the possibilities provided by modern remote sensing sensors in power line corridor surveys and to discuss the potential and limitations of  ...  However, in many studies datasets have been small and numerical quality analyses have been omitted.  ...  methods, Mikko Jalonen for providing a photograph and information on power lines in Finland and Lingli Zhu for providing a photograph.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.isprsjprs.2016.04.011 fatcat:um2nhoplr5ds7nsbuuh5mh6sau

Outdoor Mobile Mapping and AI-Based 3D Object Detection with Low-Cost RGB-D Cameras: The Use Case of On-Street Parking Statistics

Stephan Nebiker, Jonas Meyer, Stefan Blaser, Manuela Ammann, Severin Rhyner
2021 Remote Sensing  
Our investigations demonstrate the suitability of the latest generation of low-cost 3D cameras for real-world outdoor applications with respect to supported ranges, depth measurement accuracy, and robustness  ...  It can be applied to unslotted and slotted parking and different parking types including parallel, perpendicular, and angle parking.  ...  We would further like to acknowledge the hints and support of Pia Bereuter in establishing the GIS workflow.  ... 
doi:10.3390/rs13163099 fatcat:kzkofqzwxvbzlhlof5suognjoa

Radiative Transfer Modelling for the characterisation of natural burnt surfaces

Philip Lewis, Mat Disney, Jose Gómez-dans, Martin John Wooster, Bernard Pinty, david roy
Various researchers have attempted to characterise fire ̳severity' from optical data — usually focusing on a change in a normalised ̳burn ratio' (NBR) from satellite measurements in the NIR and MIR.  ...  There is a long history of using Earth Observation (EO) data in monitoring wildfires that has led to the development of operational products measuring fire occurrence.  ...  Acknowledgements We are extremely grateful to ESA for funding this study and to Dulce Lajas of ESA ESTEC for running and steering the study: it has, we believe, been a very worthwhile collaboration with  ... 
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.19657785.v1 fatcat:sghgq4exljbt7nlza37ghg34su

The use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for engineering geology applications

Daniele Giordan, Marc S. Adams, Irene Aicardi, Maria Alicandro, Paolo Allasia, Marco Baldo, Pierluigi De Berardinis, Donatella Dominici, Danilo Godone, Peter Hobbs, Veronika Lechner, Tomasz Niedzielski (+6 others)
2020 Bulletin of Engineering Geology and the Environment  
The use of UAV has progressively increased in the last decade and nowadays started to be considered a standard research instrument for the acquisition of images and other information on demand over an  ...  This paper represents the result of the IAEG C35 Commission "Monitoring methods and approaches in engineering geology applications" workgroup aimed to describe a general overview of unmanned aerial vehicles  ...  Acknowledgments Authors want to thank the Editors and Reviewers of the Bulletin of Engineering Geology and the Environment for their important revisions and improvement of the presented work.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10064-020-01766-2 fatcat:jdpsvodsqrhvnlesd5jpbtcoem
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