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Applying Depth-Sensing to Automated Surgical Manipulation with a da Vinci Robot [article]

Minho Hwang, Daniel Seita, Brijen Thananjeyan, Jeffrey Ichnowski, Samuel Paradis, Danyal Fer, Thomas Low, Ken Goldberg
2020 arXiv   pre-print
In this study, we explore the potential of depth sensing for efficient and reliable automation of surgical subtasks.  ...  We use calibration techniques that allow the imprecise, cable-driven da Vinci to reduce error from 4-5 mm to 1-2 mm in the task space.  ...  The present paper revisits this pioneering work and applies depth sensing to a monochrome variant of the peg transfer task using six blocks and the da Vinci Research Kit (dVRK) [3] , [20] .  ... 
arXiv:2002.06302v1 fatcat:wedfovymn5d6dgfli6ll6sro7y

Accelerating Surgical Robotics Research: Reviewing 10 Years of Research with the dVRK [article]

Claudia D'Ettorre, Andrea Mariani, Agostino Stilli, Ferdinando Rodriguez y Baena, Pietro Valdastri, Anton Deguet, Peter Kazanzides, Russell H. Taylor, Gregory S. Fischer, Simon P. DiMaio, Arianna Menciassi, Danail Stoyanov
2021 arXiv   pre-print
The da Vinci Research Kit (dVRK), an academic and industry collaborative effort to re-purpose decommissioned da Vinci surgical systems (Intuitive Surgical Inc, CA, USA) as a research platform for surgical  ...  robotics research, has been a key initiative for addressing a barrier to entry for new research groups in surgical robotics.  ...  Fig. 1 . 1 (left) The da Vinci surgical system is a surgical tele-manipulator: the surgeon sits at a workstation and controls instruments inside the patient by handling a couple of masters; (right top)  ... 
arXiv:2104.09869v4 fatcat:p6q6mx3zprcrtc7dnkm5b3e3tu

Accelerating Surgical Robotics Research: A Review of 10 Years With the da Vinci Research Kit

Claudia D'Ettorre, Andrea Mariani, Agostino Stilli, Ferdinando Rodriguez y Baena, Pietro Valdastri, Anton Deguet, Peter Kazanzides, Russell H. Taylor, Gregory Scott Fischer, Simon P. DiMaio, Arianna Menciassi, Danail Stoyanov
2021 IEEE robotics & automation magazine  
The da Vinci Research Kit (dVRK), an academic and industry collaborative effort to repurpose decommissioned da Vinci surgical systems [Intuitive Surgical Inc.  ...  (ISI), California, USA] as a research platform for surgical robotics research, has been a key initiative for addressing a barrier to entry for new research groups in surgical robotics.  ...  of da Vinci surgical systems in 2020; (c) surgical specialties and the total number of interventions up to 2019 using the da Vinci surgical system; [(d); blue curve]the number of publications citing the  ... 
doi:10.1109/mra.2021.3101646 fatcat:hn66hzs4ojfhbnndasapgsppzy

Robotic Surgery in Ophthalmology [chapter]

Irena Tsui, Angelo Tsirbas, Charles W., Steven D., Jean-Pierre Hubschm
2010 Robot Surgery  
The robot controller senses forces applied by the surgeon on the surgical tool and uses them to provide smooth, tremor-free, precise and scaled motion of the arm.  ...  Fig. 5 . 5 A porcine eye with a full thickness scleroconjuntival wound is being sutured using the da Vinci surgical platform.  ... 
doi:10.5772/6902 fatcat:rnumcwqcuvd27bllzgecg4lk7m

State of the art of robotic surgery related to vision: brain and eye applications of newly available devices

Raffaele Nuzzi, Luca Brusasco
2018 Eye and Brain  
Limitations to robotic assistance remain, that need to be overcome before it can be more widely applied in ocular surgery.  ...  Robot-assisted surgery has revolutionized many surgical subspecialties, mainly where procedures have to be performed in confined, difficult to visualize spaces.  ...  The da Vinci robot The da Vinci robotic system, widely used in diverse surgical applications, has led to a dramatic increase in the number of robot-assisted procedures in general surgery (e.g., thyroid  ... 
doi:10.2147/eb.s148644 pmid:29440943 pmcid:PMC5798758 fatcat:6g3kgzdz6rgvhaf6cgube7zk7q

Robotic Vitreoretinal Surgery

Roomasa Channa, Iulian Iordachita, James T. Handa
2017 Retina  
Results-In ophthalmology, proof-of-concept papers have shown the feasibility of performing many delicate anterior segment and vitreoretinal surgical procedures accurately with robotic assistance.  ...  Robotic assistance can help overcome biologic limitations and improve our surgical performance.  ...  Acknowledgments Funding: Unrestricted grant from Research to Prevent Blindness, Robert Bond Welch Professorship, gifts from the Merlau family and Aleda Wright, National Institute of Health grant R01EB000526  ... 
doi:10.1097/iae.0000000000001398 pmid:27893625 pmcid:PMC5441978 fatcat:wi6em5lwzja4pph3f5nlfl2wpa

A System for MR-Ultrasound Guidance during Robot-Assisted Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy [chapter]

Omid Mohareri, Guy Nir, Julio Lobo, Richard Savdie, Peter Black, Septimiu Salcudean
2015 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
When the anterior prostate surface is exposed, the TRUS, which can be rotated under computer control, is registered to one of the da Vinci patient-side manipulators by recognizing the tip of the da Vinci  ...  MRI and TRUS images can then be pointed at and examined by the surgeon at the da Vinci console. We outline the approaches used and present our experience with the system in the first two patients.  ...  Next, it was used with a clinical da Vinci surgical system inside a robotic operating room and tested on two patients undergoing RALRP.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-319-24553-9_61 fatcat:xdo2jc63nfhkdiq6cyy5sfsfha

Robotic Assistance in Microvascular Surgery [chapter]

M.G.W. van den Heuvel, R.R.W.J. van der Hulst
2008 Medical Robotics  
The most important disadvantage is that only a two-dimensional image of the operating field can be provided, with a decreased depth perception as a result.  ...  A solution to all these problems can be provided by robotic surgery. Research has shown that robotic surgery is superior to traditional laparoscopy [8, 9].  ...  The role of automation is to standardize a procedure. Surgical robots can reduce variations in patient outcome among surgeons and for an individual surgeon.  ... 
doi:10.5772/5268 fatcat:qmdpuke3z5eepeqtl3phzpj3m4

Medical Robots: Current Systems and Research Directions

Ryan A. Beasley
2012 Journal of Robotics  
This paper provides a review of medical robot history and surveys the capabilities of current medical robot systems, primarily focusing on commercially available systems while covering a few prominent  ...  arm design, and haptic feedback to guide the surgeon.  ...  Figure 3 (d)), a four-armed surgical robotic system, to compete with the da Vinci [62] .  ... 
doi:10.1155/2012/401613 fatcat:hs6qrhzo2zezbozagrir5dxluy

Advanced Intelligent Systems for Surgical Robotics [article]

Mai Thanh Thai, Phuoc Thien Phan, Shing Wong, Nigel H. Lovell, Thanh Nho Do
2020 arXiv   pre-print
Advanced technologies for sensing, actuation, and intelligent control have enabled multiple surgical devices to simultaneously operate within the human body at low cost and with more efficiency.  ...  This paper will overview a historical development of surgery from conventional open to robotic-assisted approaches with discussion on the capabilities of advanced intelligent systems and devices that are  ...  Figure 22 . 22 The da Vinci Xi teleoperated system with a self-adjusting operating table. ©[2019] Intuitive Surgical, Inc. Figure 23 23 Figure 23.  ... 
arXiv:2001.00285v1 fatcat:eymmyaqgtve6jghuj4fd25jmby

Robotic Applications in Cardiac Surgery

Alan P. Kypson, W. Randolph Chitwood
2004 International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems  
Initially, long instruments without pivot points were used, however, more recent robotic telemanipulation systems have been applied that allow for improved dexterity, enabling the surgeon to perform cardiac  ...  As a paradigm shift in the size and location of incisions occurs in cardiac surgery, new methods have been developed to allow the surgeon the same amount of dexterity and accessibility to the heart in  ...  da Vinci Robotic System Three components comprise the da Vinci system: a surgeon console, an instrument cart, and a visioning platform.  ... 
doi:10.5772/5624 fatcat:ehc5jkssxfhf7oiemlzf7hjuyu

Robotics In Vivo: A Perspective on Human–Robot Interaction in Surgical Robotics

Alaa Eldin Abdelaal, Prateek Mathur, Septimiu E. Salcudean
2019 Annual Review of Control Robotics and Autonomous Systems  
This article reviews recent work on surgical robots that has been used or tested in vivo, focusing on aspects related to human–robot interaction.  ...  We conclude with the open problems and recommendations on how to move forward in this research area.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS We would like to acknowledge financial support from the following sponsors: the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research,  ... 
doi:10.1146/annurev-control-091219-013437 fatcat:cqyhipmtejctnjmkytik7gphae

Surgical and interventional robotics: part III [Tutorial]

G. Hager, A. Okamura, P. Kazanzides, L. Whitcomb, G. Fichtinger, R. Taylor
2008 IEEE robotics & automation magazine  
Keywords Surgical assistants, medical robotics, image-guided surgery, surgical CAD-CAM, robot safety.  ...  Acknowledgments We thank the National Science Foundation (NSF) for supporting our work in this field through the Engineering Research Center for Computer-Integrated Surgical Systems and Technology (CISST  ...  As noted earlier, the da Vinci system solves this problem by providing a stereoscopic display integrated with the robot master manipulators.  ... 
doi:10.1109/mra.2008.930401 pmid:20305740 pmcid:PMC2841438 fatcat:vddyuvldfngtxbkrf4kogvy5s4

Robotic Systems: Past, Present, and Future [chapter]

Shadie R. Badaan, Dan Stoianovici
2011 Robotics in Genitourinary Surgery  
Acknowledgments The research presented in this publication from the Urology Robotics Laboratory at Johns Hopkins Medicine has been partially supported by grants R21CA088232, R21CA141835 from the National  ...  robotic surgery with the da Vinci R Surgical System.  ...  Current surgical robotic research shows a trend of size reduction compared to the da Vinci system.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-1-84882-114-9_59 fatcat:bqiot4takbh6rlkgfxgltow5fe

The Role of Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy in the Era of Robotic Surgery

Jens Rassweiler, Marcel Hruza, Jan Klein, Ali S. Goezen, Dogu Teber
2010 European urology. Supplement  
Conflicts of interest The authors have nothing to disclose. Funding support None.  ...  da Vinci robot.  ...  Introduction In the United States, >70% of radical prostatectomies are performed using the robotic da Vinci surgical system (Intuitive Surgical, Inc., Sunnyvale, CA, USA).  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.eursup.2010.02.006 fatcat:z6ehxcvebbgkzaeb7ynnem263e
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