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Application Modelling Based on Typed Resources [chapter]

Cheng Fu, Jinyuan You
2004 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Distributed Computing and Technology Center -p.4/20 Capability Type(ranged over by Cap): Cap[X Z , K] An immobile capability contains a resource typed as S a -Cap[∨ 1 , S a ] Ambient Type(ranged over  ...  by Amb): Amb[X Z , R] A mobile ambient can contain multi-threaded process and no resources -Amb[ ω , φ] Process Type(ranged over by P roc): Proc[X Z , R] A quiet process -Proc[∨ 0 , φ] Shanghai Distributed  ...  Normal Types for SR Subtyping in SR type system Linear and reflexive relation X on mobilities: ∨ X X X Linear and reflexive relation Z on threadness: 0 Z 1 Z ω Reflexive relation on all combinations  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-540-24680-0_101 fatcat:u5mk2vauwrgmrhl6nse7kd4dme

Classification of Meteorological Satellite Ground System Applications

Manyun Lin, Xiangang Zhao, Xieli Zi, Peng Guo, Cunqun Fan
2017 Atmospheric and Climate Sciences  
In order to classify these applications according to the resource consumption and improve the rational allocation of system resources, this paper introduces several application analysis algorithms.  ...  Through the benchmark analysis of resource consumption, we will give a more accurate meteorological satellite ground application system.  ...  The application of the type of curve, is based on the application of CPU resources for the analysis of the target.  ... 
doi:10.4236/acs.2017.73028 fatcat:b66yfoj3vzecfd6j6d4jhfytly

A Finite-State Machine Approach for Modeling and Analyzing RESTful Systems

Ivan Zuzak, Ivan Budiselic, Goran Delac
2011 Journal of Web Engineering  
In this paper we present a generic model of RESTful systems based on a finite-state machine formalism.  ...  Furthermore, we describe the model's mapping to a system-level view of operation and apply the model to an example Web application and several real-word Web applications.  ...  A single link is then chosen based on application goals to form a resource manipulation request.  ... 
dblp:journals/jwe/ZuzakBD11 fatcat:y3dpgzixofapzoccpbbilib72u

A model and architecture for open cross-media annotation and link services

Beat Signer, Moira C. Norrie
2011 Information Systems  
We further introduce the concept of open cross-media information spaces where the integration of new media types on the data level as well as on the visualisation level is supported via a resource plug-in  ...  is not flexible enough to deal with new media types.  ...  cross-media link model it is based on.  ... 
doi:10.1016/ fatcat:wxzh35rjuja45kjishvyq5g57a

Enhancing integrated environmental modelling by designing resource-oriented interfaces

Carlos Granell, Laura Díaz, Sven Schade, Nicole Ostländer, Joaquín Huerta
2013 Environmental Modelling & Software  
In this paper we take a novel approach for integrated environmental modelling based on the notion of inter-linked resources on the Web.  ...  We present design practices for creating resourceoriented interfaces, driven by an interaction protocol built on the combination of valid linkages to enhance resource integration, accompanied by associated  ...  the application of our resource-based approach for an integrated modelling use case (Sections 5 and 6).  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.envsoft.2012.04.013 fatcat:7zz6c6vz6nh6dgbrnf3kzzbiye

Model-Based Cloud Resource Management with TOSCA and OCCI [article]

Stéphanie Challita, Fabian Korte, Johannes Erbel, Faiez Zalila, Jens Grabowski, Philippe Merle
2020 arXiv   pre-print
TOSCA Studio allows to graphically design cloud applications as well as to deploy and manage them at runtime using a fully model-driven cloud orchestrator based on the two standards.  ...  Cloud Applications (TOSCA) focuses on the standardization of a template language to enable the proper definition of the topology of cloud applications and their orchestrations on top of a cloud system.  ...  This graph describes the dependencies between modeled cloud resources based on the kind of links between them.  ... 
arXiv:2001.07900v2 fatcat:x7cu4s7u6bbfvokqvajpnww4tu

Workload Modeling for Microservice-Based Edge Computing in Power Internet of Things

Jun Zhou, Bowei Cen, Zexiang Cai, Yuanju Chen, Yuyan Sun, Hongli Xue, Weihao Tan
2021 IEEE Access  
Based on the established model, the workload model is formulated to calculate the computing resource demand and latency of the application.  ...  Workload modeling is not only the basis for analyzing the logical design and computing resource requirements of application, but also the premise of optimizing the computing resource configuration and  ...  WORKLOAD MODEL OF MICROSERVICE-BASED APPLICATION Based on the proposed topological structure of microservices and the edge computing terminal, the workload model is formulated to represent the computing  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2021.3081705 fatcat:wkh6enntdzdjpnrhrafbimy7ri

Линь М., Чжао С., Цзы С., Го П., Фань Ц. Классификация программного обеспечения по обработке данных метеорологических спутников

2018 Исследования космоса  
In order to classify these applications according to the resource consumption and improve the rational allocation of system resources, this paper introduces several application analysis algorithms.  ...  Through the benchmark analysis of resource consumption, we will give a more accurate meteorological satellite ground application system.  ...  The application of the type of curve, is based on the application of CPU resources for the analysis of the target.  ... 
doi:10.7256/2453-8817.2018.1.26055 fatcat:4ldjnmchr5ejlmq5adxc263xqe

An Architecture for Open Cross-Media Annotation Services [chapter]

Beat Signer, Moira C. Norrie
2009 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
This in turn raises new challenges in terms of how a true integration across different types of media can be achieved and how we can develop annotation services that are sufficiently flexible and extensible  ...  We present a general model for cross-media annotation services and describe how it was used to define an architecture that supports extensibility at the data level as well as within authoring and visualisation  ...  Various applications have been realised based on the presented cross-media annotation and link model.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-04409-0_39 fatcat:bm7cpbazyzdrncleszg4cppkea

Generic application description model: toward automatic deployment of applications on computational grids

S. Lacour, C. Perez, T. Priol
2005 The 6th IEEE/ACM International Workshop on Grid Computing, 2005.  
However, various types of applications may be run on a grid (component-based, MPI, etc.), so it may not be wise to design an automatic deployment tool for each specific programming model.  ...  Moreover, our generic description model allows to deploy applications based on a programming model combining several models, as parallel components encompass component-based and parallel programming models  ...  Last, different types of applications may be deployed on a grid, including applications based on a combination of parallel and distributed paradigms, like parallel components.  ... 
doi:10.1109/grid.2005.1542755 dblp:conf/grid/LacourPP05 fatcat:n7afo3eumbdp3bdu2hrpkzfy5q

The Design and Implementation of the Complicated Resource System Based on RBAC Model

Yan Chen, Chao Luo, Can Ying Huang, Shang Ping He
2012 Advanced Engineering Forum  
, but when facing complicated resource types and business processes, it must be expanding on that basis.  ...  The article has put forward and realized a permissions model which can solve complicated resource system and business processes—resource model.  ...  The model designed in the article can be used in network system of distributed disposition, implementing the real centralized management.  ... 
doi:10.4028/ fatcat:ur64gqgkrnh5vnc6gg2g6gyp7a

Process Preparation Resources Integration Service Mode and Semantic Description in Manufacturing Grid

Yi Fei Tong, Dong Bo Li, Yong He
2011 Advanced Engineering Forum  
Finally, an example of one kind of process preparation resource is given to illustrate the resource semantic description based on XML.  ...  After analyzing the features of process preparation resource, the integration service mode and semantic description for process preparation based on manufacturing grid is studied.  ...  Based on years of researches and applications of the work in the manufacturing enterprises, the process preparation resources in manufacturing grid are divided into 5 types as shown in Fig.1 .  ... 
doi:10.4028/ fatcat:n67e75za6zc2jijr7ji2xktgxe

Grid Resource Management Based on Functional Dependency [chapter]

Doan Thanh Tran, Eunmi Choi
2006 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Our approach is based on the functional dependency among application components to specify the probability of system QoS requirements for the emerging application.  ...  Experimental results show that our application scheduling based on functional dependencies can achieve scheduling and managing emerging applications to satisfy a client's quality of service in Grid computing  ...  Application Modeling Based on Functional Dependency Normally, resource management applied in Grid computing is used for single application.  ... 
doi:10.1007/11802167_38 fatcat:gfqp2kn7jbaufgcwdijiecynfq

Summary: Architecture Design Evaluation of PaaS Cloud Applications using Generated Prototypes (short paper)

David Gesvindr, Ondrej Gasior, Barbora Buhnova
2021 European Conference on Software Architecture  
To support the architects in the design of PaaS cloud applications, we propose a design-time quality evaluation approach for PaaS cloud applications based on automatically generated prototypes, which are  ...  the overall application quality.  ...  The StressCloud [8] simplifies the process (of full application development) with the generation of synthetic workload based on modeled CPU, memory and IO utilization using deployed agents in virtual  ... 
dblp:conf/ecsa/GesvindrGB21 fatcat:63lzvvmplrbbtjuif5d6jvpugu

Holistic VM Placement for Distributed Parallel Applications in Heterogeneous Clusters

Seontae Kim, Nguyen Pham, Woongki Baek, Young-ri Choi
2019 IEEE Transactions on Services Computing  
To train a performance estimation model, a distributed parallel application is profiled against synthetic workloads that mostly utilize the dominant resource of the application, which strongly affects  ...  First, we analyze the effects of the heterogeneity of resources, different VM configurations, and interference between VMs on the performance of distributed parallel applications with a wide diversity  ...  Note that we have attempted to have one model of the MPI-based applications based on exhaustive off-line profiling of a few MPI-based applications, similar to the general model of the big data analytics  ... 
doi:10.1109/tsc.2018.2890668 fatcat:aly3ugc6xrd6bgccdxrap2ohhe
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