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A cross sectional study on antipsychotic induced amenorrhoea in women attending a tertiary care centre in South India

Monisha Kanya Savarimuthu, Srisudha Bhaskar, Anu Mary Alexander, Suja Kurian
2019 International Journal of Research in Medical Sciences  
Absence of menstrual period in a woman of reproductive age group could be physiological or pathological. Ascertaining the cause for this is a common clinical scenario faced by physicians.  ...  It is also a common clinical problem in women who are on treatment with antipsychotic medication.  ...  In African tradition, menstruation and menstrual blood is given a special place as they believe it carries life. 1 The transition of a girl to a woman following menarche is considered as a mark of womanhood  ... 
doi:10.18203/2320-6012.ijrms20192123 fatcat:ntnn2rzf7vh4ticee7utsnuau4

Basal cell carcinoma of the perineum

Adriane Ann Levin, Tushar Dabade, Monisha Dandekar, Gary Rogers, David Rosmarin
2014 Dermatology Online Journal  
We present a case of BCC of the perineum in a man with no previous history of skin cancer.  ...  This is the first report of BCC in this region and one of a small body of cases arising on or near the genital and perianal regions.  ...  In the perianal region, one report describes a polypoid BCC [16] and an older report describes two BCCs of the anus [17] . Although rare, BCCs do occur in covered and sun-protected areas.  ... 
doi:10.5070/d3208023533 fatcat:ovz2vprt2fajpotlhdqmhagiyy

Page 575 of Journal of Clinical Oncology Vol. 26, Issue SUPPLEMENT [page]

2008 Journal of Clinical Oncology  
Simeone, Sara A.  ...  20619 Simons, Lisa 603 Simopoulos, Costantinos 15068 Simpkins, Fiona 5568 Simpson, Andrew 1077 Simpson, Lijo 8586 Sims, Inez 524 Sinard, Robert 6039 Sinclair, James 20020 Singer, Christian 22206 Singh, Anu  ... 

Page 437 of Psychological Abstracts Vol. 91, Issue 1 [page]

2004 Psychological Abstracts  
L., 1772 Past, Luigi, 3006 Pastoor, Denise D., 1761 Pasupathi, Monisha, 935, 967 Patching, Geoffrey R., 579 Patel, Chintan N., 769 Patel, Kaushal, 769 Patel, Meeta R., 2057 Pater, Joe, 936 Paterson, Kevin  ...  Ravizza, Teresa, 615 Rawlings, Anne, 2759 Rayburn, Nadine Recker, 1611 Raykov, Tenko, 257 Raymer, Anastasia M., 2533 Rayner, Keith, 375 Razak, Aishah Abd., 2727 Reach, Kelle, 976 Read, Daniel, 359 Realo, Anu  ... 

Page 1405 of Psychological Abstracts Vol. 85, Issue 3 [page]

1998 Psychological Abstracts  
P., 6889, 6905 Rawson, Richard A., 9075 Rawsthorne, Laird J., 7670 Raz, J., 8727 Read, Marsha H., 7278 Realo, Anu, 7618 Reavey, Paula, 8012 Rebora, Alfredo, 8686 Recchia, Susan L., 8470 Rechea-Alberola  ...  Passerieux, Christine, 7882 Passik, Steven, 8320 Pastorino, Ellen, 7657 Pasupathi, Monisha, 7257 Paterson, Charlotte, 8793 Paterson, John G., 7822 Paterson, Roger, 9012 Patil, Kashinath D., 8133 Pato,  ... 

Perirectal Extragastrointestinal Stromal Tumor: An Unusual Presentation

Mohamed M Elagami, Alman Khalid, Vinod Kumar, Monisha Singhal, Matthew A Grossman
2021 Cureus  
This endoscopic approach utilized an endosonoscope, which was introduced through the anus and advanced to the rectosigmoid junction.  ...  A stain with Ki-67 showed a low proliferation fraction (~5%). These results supported a diagnosis of GIST. A molecular genetics study was performed to guide the choice of chemotherapy.  ... 
doi:10.7759/cureus.15529 fatcat:q7c3lznepnbdjhvrx5n4jpbefy

ICCMC 2020 Table of Contents

2020 2020 Fourth International Conference on Computing Methodologies and Communication (ICCMC)  
Chalil 275 52 VLSI Implementation of Reed Solomon Codes Syam Krishnan T, Anu Chalil, Sreehari KN 280 53 A Novel Strategy for Prediction of Cellular Cholesterol Signature Motif from G Protein  ...  Sathish Kumar, B.Indrani 640 120 Fuzzy c-means Segmentation on Enhanced Mammograms Using CLAHE and Fourth Order Complex Diffusion Monisha Mohan, Lekshmi Priya T, Lekha S Nair 647 121 Intelligent  ... 
doi:10.1109/iccmc48092.2020.9076526 fatcat:d6arkuu4fzbj5jvkurf4sqq3fy

Global Communications Newsletter

Prosper Chemouil, Noura Limam, Chadi Assi, Lisandro Zambenedetti Granville, Imen Grida Ben Yahia, Ana Garcia Armada, Baek-Young Choi, Michele Nogueira, Dola Saha, Anum Talpur
2018 IEEE Communications Magazine  
The conference attracted 164 participants representing 25 countries, a significant increase compared to NetSoft 2017. The vast majority of participants attended the main track of NetSoft.  ...  The core of the conference ran on Tuesday, June 26 through Thursday, June 28 and featured four visionary keynote talks delivered by world-class researchers and practitioners, a distinguished expert panel  ...  Innovation and Research in Wireless The keynote speakers were Vanitha Kumar, Vice President-Software Engineering, Qualcomm Technologies Incorporated, and Monisha Ghosh, Program Director, NSF. Ms.  ... 
doi:10.1109/mcom.2018.8570031 fatcat:lyzumkekjzepnb6hqzoe5pdwqm

In Vitro Anthelminitic Activity of Medicinal Plants -A Review

Senthil Kumari, K.V. Mridhula, T. Kanimozhi, S. Monisha
2019 American Journal of PharmTech Research  
Anthelmisintics or antihelminthics are a group of antiparasitic drugs that expel parasitic worms and other internal parasites from the body by either stunning or killing them and without causing significant  ...  Several preventive and corrective methods for modern medicine are available, however, it is not safe due to serious side effects .In order to overcome these side effects, there is a need of natural anthelminitic  ...  Albendazole 10mg/ml is used as a standard and normal saline as a control.  ... 
doi:10.46624/ajptr.2019.v9.i4.009 fatcat:thij6gghqjhktcw3xtpzygiicy

Table of Contents

2021 2021 5th International Conference on Intelligent Computing and Control Systems (ICICCS)  
Monisha, P. S. Manoharan, J.  ...  Review Robin Sharma 937 157 Building A Voice based Image Caption Generator With Deep Learning Mohana priya R, Maria Anu, Divya S 943 158 Obstetrics and Gynaecology Ultrasound image Analysis  ... 
doi:10.1109/iciccs51141.2021.9432148 fatcat:d3fpewop6nb4jdzclxaxxb5vv4

UC Davis Dermatology Online Journal Title Basal cell carcinoma of the perineum Publication Date

Adriane Levin, Tushar Dabade, Monisha Dandekar
2014 unpublished
We present a case of BCC of the perineum in a man with no previous history of skin cancer.  ...  This is the first report of BCC in this region and one of a small body of cases arising on or near the genital and perianal regions.  ...  In the perianal region, one report describes a polypoid BCC [16] and an older report describes two BCCs of the anus [17] . Although rare, BCCs do occur in covered and sun-protected areas.  ... 

Review On Denoising And Detection Of QRS Complex Using Mamemi And Derivative Filter

Anureet Kaur, Anu Sheetal
2017 unpublished
Monisha et al [2] compare two filtering techniques. These are band pass filtering and Savitzky-Golay filtering.  ...  These interruptions in the normal signal can act as a barrier in diagnosing the actual cardiac disorder from which the person is suffering.  ... 

Hidden MARKOV Model Approach Towards Emotion Detection From Speech Signal

Sathiyamurthy K, Pavidhra T, Monisha B, VishnuPriya K
2015 Computer Science & Information Technology ( CS & IT )   unpublished
Assessment of emotions can also be beneficial in interactions involving a human and a machine.  ...  A system is developed to recognize the universally accepted emotions such as happy, anger, sad, disgust, fear and surprise.  ...  A work on Gender Specific Emotion Recognition through Speech Signals [2] done by Vinay, Shilpi Gupta, Anu Mehra.  ... 
doi:10.5121/csit.2015.50802 fatcat:ld7xsaki45cq3hxeqtmjpriehy

Purification and molecular characterization of chitinases from soil actinomycetes

Das Payal, Kumar Prateek, Kumar Munendra, Solanki Renu, Khanna Kapur Monisha
2017 African Journal of Microbiology Research  
N-terminal sequence corresponded to chitinase, the gene encodes a protein of 453 amino acid residues.  ...  Homology modeling showed that the enzyme was folded into a domain of (α/β) 8 barrel structure. Identification of secondary structure was done by CD spectroscopy.  ...  Narayana and Vijayalakshmi (2009) performed a single-step purification of chitinase from Streptomyces sp. ANU 6277.  ... 
doi:10.5897/ajmr2017.8612 fatcat:7aaxhlrut5afjbqx74vcq4uo4a

Author Index

2020 2020 IEEE International Conference on Power Electronics, Drives and Energy Systems (PEDES)  
Nachankar 57 166 A Space Vector based Pulse Density Modulation Scheme with Reduced Computational Complexity Monisha Menon A and Biji Jacob 58 196 Enhanced Double Exponential Reaching Law based  ...  Veerachary and Anu Gupta 191 546 A Hybrid Chain-Link Push-Pull Series Connected (H- CL-P2SC) M2C with DC Fault Blocking Capability Mustafa Kaya, Alessandro Costabeber, Alan J.  ... 
doi:10.1109/pedes49360.2020.9379679 fatcat:7if4kje7vvdtdftfrvhvf6jqim
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