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Radiation exposure in cardiac multislice spiral computed tomography (MSCT)

Annick C Weustink, Pim J de Feyter
2009 F1000 Medicine Reports  
(c) Prospectively gated axial CTCA or step-and-shoot algorithm (E ≈ 23 mSv in 64-slice CT). Table 1 . 1 Parameters of radiation dose Table 2.  ...  (a) The curved multiplanar projection (MPR), (b) the maximum intensity projection (MIP) and (c) the colored-volume-rendered image show a subtotal occlusion (marked by a white arrowhead) of the proximal  ... 
doi:10.3410/m1-1 pmid:20948773 pmcid:PMC2920698 fatcat:ncqnhaxizrhojmefq2xbjpqygu

Autopsy rates in the Netherlands: 35 years of decline

Britt M. Blokker, Annick C. Weustink, M. G. Myriam Hunink, J. Wolter Oosterhuis, Jefferson Terry
2017 PLoS ONE  
Blokker BM, Weustink AC, Hunink MGM, Oosterhuis JW (2017) Autopsy rates in the Netherlands: 35 years of decline.  ...  Fig 1 . 1 Deaths and autopsy rates per year: Overall in the Netherlands (A), clinical (B) and forensic (C). //  ... 
doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0178200 pmid:28617835 pmcid:PMC5472266 fatcat:jxb5vgjkpbaqhkk2mtsjameu6e

Vessel Specific Coronary Artery Calcium Scoring

Rahil Shahzad, Theo van Walsum, Michiel Schaap, Alexia Rossi, Stefan Klein, Annick C. Weustink, Pim J. de Feyter, Lucas J. van Vliet, Wiro J. Niessen
2013 Academic Radiology  
C oronary artery disease is one of the leading causes of mortality worldwide (1) .  ...  shown in Figure 4 . 4 Scatterplot of automatic and manual volume scores for each of the arteries on the 1.5-mm scans: (a) left circumflex coronary artery (LCX), (b) right coronary artery (RCA), and (c)  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.acra.2012.07.018 pmid:22981481 fatcat:qvd3yirvejaifcm7pnbv7apwim

Pre-Procedural Dual Source 64-Slice Computed Tomography in Unprotected Left Main Intervention

Annick C. Weustink, Arend F.L. Schinkel, Martin van der Ent, Pim J. de Feyter
2009 JACC: Cardiovascular Interventions  
J A C C : C A R D I O V A S C U L A R I N T E R V E N T I O N S , V O L . 2 , N O . 5 , 2 0 0 9 M A Y 2 0 0 9 : 4 7 0 -1  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.jcin.2008.12.016 pmid:19463473 fatcat:3qvtpvq6xbfybj3abrhwaknbia

Post-Mortem Tissue Biopsies Obtained at Minimally Invasive Autopsy: An RNA-Quality Analysis

Anita van der Linden, Britt M. Blokker, Marcel Kap, Annick C. Weustink, Peter H. J. Riegman, J. Wolter Oosterhuis, Francesco Cappello
2014 PLoS ONE  
Immediately after MIA the body was returned to the mortuary with an ambient temperature of 4˚C.  ...  The samples were then placed in a pre-cooled aluminum vial, stored temporarily in a 280˚C freezer and finally transferred into liquid nitrogen storage.  ... 
doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0115675 pmid:25531551 pmcid:PMC4274113 fatcat:iiehiwcyejbtdjpso4vlnpcxba

Accelerated subclinical coronary atherosclerosis in patients with familial hypercholesterolemia

Lisan A. Neefjes, Gert-Jan R. ten Kate, Rossi Alexia, Koen Nieman, Annette J. Galema-Boers, Janneke G. Langendonk, Annick C. Weustink, Nico R. Mollet, Eric J. Sijbrands, Gabriel P. Krestin, Pim J. de Feyter
2011 Atherosclerosis  
Total calcium score a (Agatston) 51 (2-350) 0 28 (20%) 0-100 51 (36%) 101-400 29 (21%) >400 32 (23%) CT cornary angiography Presence of cornary plaque 23 (16%) CAD extent g 7 (3-16) c  ...  Variable n = 140 Gender (male) 90 (64%) Age (years) 52 (8) Riskfactors Smoker b 40 (29%) Hypertension c 37 (26%) Diabetes d 9 (6%) CAD positive in family history e 99 (71%) Body mass index  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.atherosclerosis.2011.09.052 pmid:22018443 fatcat:7d2bsb2gtzecbkfx2vlm6hsqiu

Fully automatic cardiac segmentation from 3D CTA data: a multi-atlas based approach

Hortense A. Kirisli, Michiel Schaap, Stefan Klein, Lisan A. Neefjes, Annick C. Weustink, Theo Van Walsum, Wiro J. Niessen, Benoit M. Dawant, David R. Haynor
2010 Medical Imaging 2010: Image Processing  
We used the following MI definition given by Thevenaz and Unser 9 : MI(C, I F , I M ) = m∈LM f ∈LF p(f, m; C)log 2 p(f, m; C) p F (f )p M (m; C) (3) where L F and L M are sets of regularly spaced intensity  ...  and C a cost function that measures the dissimilarity between the two images.  ... 
doi:10.1117/12.838370 dblp:conf/miip/KirisliSKNWWN10 fatcat:ddwux552gvd6hmpa2rrxoq7vae

Total-body CT and MR features of postmortem change in in-hospital deaths

Ivo M. Wagensveld, Britt M. Blokker, Piotr A. Wielopolski, Nomdo S. Renken, Gabriel P. Krestin, Myriam G. Hunink, J. Wolter Oosterhuis, Annick C. Weustink, Andrew Churg
2017 PLoS ONE  
Blokker BM, Wagensveld IM, Weustink AC, Oosterhuis JW, Hunink MG.  ...  (A/C) antemortem CT (A) and PMCT (C). Normal (A) and internal livores (C) (arrowheads). (B/D) antemortem CT (B) and PMCT (D). Patient with a pneumonia (arrowheads).  ... 
doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0185115 pmid:28953923 pmcid:PMC5617178 fatcat:ogejvvzryvd4rcmopku4qpbb6y

Diagnostic Accuracy of Computed Tomography Angiography in Patients After Bypass Grafting

Annick C. Weustink, Koen Nieman, Fransesca Pugliese, Nico R. Mollet, Bob W. Meijboom, Carlos van Mieghem, Gert-Jan ten Kate, Filippo Cademartiri, Gabriel P. Krestin, Pim J. de Feyter
2009 JACC Cardiovascular Imaging  
C O N C L U S I O N S Noninvasive CTA is successful for evaluating bypass grafts in symptomatic post-CABG patients, whereas invasive coronary angiography is still required for the assessment of significant  ...  O B J E C T I V E S We sought to evaluate the contribution of noninvasive dual-source computed tomography angiography (CTA) in the comprehensive assessment of symptomatic patients after coronary artery  ...  Weustink et al. Table 3.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.jcmg.2009.02.010 pmid:19608130 fatcat:p3ttcwxmkvgypdbmadrtvnbs5i

Autopsy of Adult Patients Deceased in an Academic Hospital: Considerations of Doctors and Next-of-Kin in the Consent Process

Britt M. Blokker, Annick C. Weustink, M. G. Myriam Hunink, J. Wolter Oosterhuis, Gavin Daker-White
2016 PLoS ONE  
C. Next-of-kin's motives to give consent for autopsy (N = 150).  ... 
doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0163811 pmid:27736974 pmcid:PMC5063372 fatcat:3oceimawxbelpfhjgjlgh7blda

Non-invasive or minimally invasive autopsy compared to conventional autopsy of suspected natural deaths in adults: a systematic review

Britt M. Blokker, Ivo M. Wagensveld, Annick C. Weustink, J. Wolter Oosterhuis, M. G. Myriam Hunink
2015 European Radiology  
Weustink et al. [50] calculated a mean cost of $1497±148 per minimally invasive autopsy, and $2274±104 per conventional autopsy. Wichmann et al.  ...  Weustink et al. [50] evaluated a combination of MRI and CT, and ultrasound-guided tissue biopsies, and showed agreement for cause of death in 76.7 %.  ...  OR PMCT OR 'magnetic resonance' OR MR OR MRI OR endoscop* OR scop* OR laparoscop* OR thoracoscop* OR virtual OR imaging OR radiolog* OR alternative*):ab,ti) AND ('cause of d e a t h ' / d e O R ( ( ( c  ... 
doi:10.1007/s00330-015-3908-8 pmid:26210206 pmcid:PMC4778156 fatcat:6cmmd3yytrg3rdjw7w5a5c2lyy

Hospital implementation of minimally invasive autopsy: A prospective cohort study of clinical performance and costs

Ivo M. Wagensveld, M. G. Myriam Hunink, Piotr A. Wielopolski, Folkert J. van Kemenade, Gabriel P. Krestin, Britt M. Blokker, J. Wolter Oosterhuis, Annick C. Weustink, Andrew Churg
2019 PLoS ONE  
Wolter Oosterhuis, Annick C. Weustink. Writing -original draft: Ivo M. Wagensveld, Annick C. Weustink. Table 1 . 1 Postmortem MRI protocol. T1 T2 Table 2 . 2 Postmortem CT protocol.  ...  Wielopolski, Annick C. Weustink. Methodology: Ivo M. Wagensveld, M. G. Myriam Hunink, Folkert J. van Kemenade, J. Wolter Oosterhuis. Project administration: Gabriel P. Krestin, J.  ... 
doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0219291 pmid:31310623 pmcid:PMC6634385 fatcat:sinhqbd6xvamtjo5kzkubjgz2y

Standardized evaluation methodology and reference database for evaluating coronary artery centerline extraction algorithms

Michiel Schaap, Coert T. Metz, Theo van Walsum, Alina G. van der Giessen, Annick C. Weustink, Nico R. Mollet, Christian Bauer, Hrvoje Bogunović, Carlos Castro, Xiang Deng
2009 Medical Image Analysis  
c 0 ¼ ½p 0 ; q 0 .  ...  The last connection c nþmÀ1 connects the end points: c nþmÀ1 ¼ ½p nÀ1 ; q mÀ1 . If connection c k ¼ ½p a ; q b then connection c kþ1 equals either ½p aþ1 ; q b or ½p a ; q bþ1 .  ... 
doi:10.1016/ pmid:19632885 pmcid:PMC3843509 fatcat:zakl4k2a6jgf3ezpigkfcxv27a

Incremental value of the CT coronary calcium score for the prediction of coronary artery disease

Tessa S. S. Genders, Francesca Pugliese, Nico R. Mollet, W. Bob Meijboom, Annick C. Weustink, Carlos A. G. van Mieghem, Pim J. de Feyter, M. G. Myriam Hunink
2010 European Radiology  
Diagnostic performance was assessed by calculating the area under the receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curve, the c-index.  ...  The c-index is a measure of discrimination and is interpreted as being the probability that a randomly chosen patient with CAD will have a higher predicted probability of disease than a randomly chosen  ... 
doi:10.1007/s00330-010-1802-y pmid:20559838 pmcid:PMC2940023 fatcat:vlhgwswlqndzphw2j5grffjx3y

Reliable High-Speed Coronary Computed Tomography in Symptomatic Patients

Annick C. Weustink, Willem B. Meijboom, Nico R. Mollet, Masato Otsuka, Fransesca Pugliese, Carlos van Mieghem, Roberto Malago, Niels van Pelt, Marcel L. Dijkshoorn, Filippo Cademartiri, Gabriel P. Krestin, Pim J. de Feyter
2007 Journal of the American College of Cardiology  
on a per-segment level and classified as good image quality (defined as absence or presence of any image-degrading artifacts related to motion, calcification, or noise, but evaluations possible with Weustink  ...  Weustink et al.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.jacc.2007.04.068 pmid:17707184 fatcat:7p2yawusnzcvlapzzfm4dakuee
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