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Causal Matrix Completion [article]

Anish Agarwal, Munther Dahleh, Devavrat Shah, Dennis Shen
2021 arXiv   pre-print
Such an assumption has also been explored in Agarwal et al. (2021a,b) ; Agarwal and Singh (2021) .  ...  et al. (2021c,a,b) ; Agarwal and Singh (2021) .  ...  C.1 Proof of Lemma 1 The result is immediate from Lemma G.1 of Agarwal et al. (2021b) after adapting the notation used in Agarwal et al. (2021b) to that used in this paper.  ... 
arXiv:2109.15154v1 fatcat:dooo2w22mngytdqyhstjj25oha

Synthetic Interventions [article]

Anish Agarwal, Devavrat Shah, Dennis Shen
2021 arXiv   pre-print
Agarwal et al. (2020).  ...  et al. (2020 Agarwal et al. ( , 2021 .  ...  This is seen by adapting the notation in Agarwal et al. (2021) to that used in this paper. In particular, are the notations used in Agarwal et al. (2021) with r = r pre .  ... 
arXiv:2006.07691v4 fatcat:c4yc6pvru5a6bilgdocfivdutu

Augmented Q Imitation Learning (AQIL) [article]

Xiao Lei Zhang, Anish Agarwal
2020 arXiv   pre-print
The study of unsupervised learning can be generally divided into two categories: imitation learning and reinforcement learning. In imitation learning the machine learns by mimicking the behavior of an expert system whereas in reinforcement learning the machine learns via direct environment feedback. Traditional deep reinforcement learning takes a significant time before the machine starts to converge to an optimal policy. This paper proposes Augmented Q-Imitation-Learning, a method by which
more » ... reinforcement learning convergence can be accelerated by applying Q-imitation-learning as the initial training process in traditional Deep Q-learning.
arXiv:2004.00993v2 fatcat:nwtzjuijwfgqfd3paiu34iy7my

On Robustness of Principal Component Regression

Anish Agarwal, Devavrat Shah, Dennis Shen, Dogyoon Song
Principal component regression (PCR) is a simple, but powerful and ubiquitously utilized method. Its effectiveness is well established when the covariates exhibit low-rank structure. However, its ability to handle settings with noisy, missing, and mixed-valued, i.e., discrete and continuous, covariates is not understood and remains an important open challenge. As the main contribution of this work we establish the robustness of PCR, without any change, in this respect and provide meaningful
more » ... te-sample analysis. To do so, we establish that PCR is equivalent to performing linear regression after pre-processing the covariate matrix via hard singular value thresholding (HSVT). As a result, in the context of counterfactual analysis using observational data, we show PCR is equivalent to the recently proposed robust variant of the synthetic control method, known as robust synthetic control (RSC). As an immediate consequence, we obtain finite-sample analysis of the RSC estimator that was previously absent. As an important contribution to the synthetic controls literature, we establish that an (approximate) linear synthetic control exists in the setting of a generalized factor model, or latent variable model; traditionally in the literature, the existence of a synthetic control needs to be assumed to exist as an axiom. We further discuss a surprising implication of the robustness property of PCR with respect to noise, i.e., PCR can learn a good predictive model even if the covariates are tactfully transformed to preserve differential privacy. Finally, this work advances the state-of-the-art analysis for HSVT by establishing stronger guarantees with respect to the ℓ2,∞-norm rather than the frobenius norm as is commonly done in the matrix estimation literature, which may be of interest in its own right.
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.14582279.v1 fatcat:zpxzv33qgrf5tfkwymetmen2ci

On the Inefficiency of Forward Markets in Leader-Follower Competition [article]

Desmond Cai, Anish Agarwal, Adam Wierman
2016 arXiv   pre-print
Motivated by electricity markets, this paper studies the impact of forward contracting in situations where firms have capacity constraints and heterogeneous production lead times. We consider a model with two types of firms - leaders and followers - that choose production at two different times. Followers choose productions in the second stage but can sell forward contracts in the first stage. Our main result is an explicit characterization of the equilibrium outcomes. Classic results on
more » ... contracting suggest that it can mitigate market power in simple settings; however the results in this paper show that the impact of forward markets in this setting is delicate - forward contracting can enhance or mitigate market power. In particular, our results show that leader-follower interactions created by heterogeneous production lead times may cause forward markets to be inefficient, even when there are a large number of followers. In fact, symmetric equilibria do not necessarily exist due to differences in market power among the leaders and followers.
arXiv:1606.08604v1 fatcat:gl4hpodszneuja3xxlnkijmu3y

Causal Imputation via Synthetic Interventions [article]

Chandler Squires, Dennis Shen, Anish Agarwal, Devavrat Shah, Caroline Uhler
2021 arXiv   pre-print
Anish Agarwal was partially supported by a MIT IDSS Thomson Reuters Fellowship.  ...  Under the factor model, as argued in Agarwal et al. (2020) , SI provably recovers the underlying X of interest.  ...  As such, Agarwal et al. (2020) proposed a data-driven hypothesis test to check when this condition is satisfied in practice.  ... 
arXiv:2011.03127v2 fatcat:tzjrcratxzgijefx3w3qt7molu


Anish Agarwalla, Saumya Agarwal, Mukul Mohindra
2019 Indian Journal of Case Reports  
A simultaneous bilateral intertrochanteric femur fracture is an extremely rare injury and there is paucity in the literature reporting the best outcome with a bilateral surgery or a staged fixation. Here, we report the case of a 55-year-old male who sustained bilateral intertrochanteric femur fracture and operated in a staged manner with Dynamic Hip screw (DHS). After 6 months of surgery, the patient was allowed to full weight bear and return to his routine office work.
doi:10.32677/ijcr.2019.v05.i02.008 fatcat:f4gzct7xfvebdhk6xiqvvonvtq

Online Convex Optimization Using Predictions

Niangjun Chen, Anish Agarwal, Adam Wierman, Siddharth Barman, Lachlan L.H. Andrew
2015 Performance Evaluation Review  
doi:10.1145/2796314.2745854 fatcat:zd5fxkzcdvbcbfc66aa5twv534

Winging of Scapula: An Uncommon Presentation of a Common Tumor

Ashish Rustagi, Anish Agarwalla, Sarang Agarwal, Loveneesh Krishna, Jatin Talwar
2020 Cureus  
Neuromuscular causes of winging of scapula are well known, but winging and snapping of scapula may rarely be caused by space-occupying lesion of the thoracic wall. Although osteochondroma of scapula is rare, it is the most common neoplasm of scapula, and osteochondroma of ventral scapula may lead to pseudo-winging, snapping, and rib erosion on the same side. Owing to its rarity, we report two cases of osteochondroma of ventral scapula with complains of difficult scapulothoracic movement
more » ... g scapula) and pseudo-winging. After initial clinical and radiological investigations, wide local excision was done and diagnosis confirmed histopathologically. In a two-year follow-up, there is no recurrence, and symptoms of snapping and pseudo-winging disappeared completely. Pertaining to its asymptomatic nature and rare location, diagnosis of osteochondroma may be missed initially searching for some other neuromuscular disorders, and these cases should be reported to increase awareness and to execute proper surgical management.
doi:10.7759/cureus.12384 pmid:33532149 pmcid:PMC7845743 fatcat:xfsvap4cdncjtgvmurbgb6rwjq

CMOS logic design with independent-gate FinFETs

Anish Muttreja, Niket Agarwal, Niraj K. Jha
2007 2007 25th International Conference on Computer Design  
Fin-type field-effect transistors (FinFETs) are promising substitutes for bulk CMOS in nano-scale circuits. In this paper, it is observed that in spite of improved device characteristics, high active leakage may remain a problem for FinFET logic circuits. Leakage is found to contribute 31.3% of total power consumption in power-optimized FinFET logic circuits. Various Fin-FET logic design styles, based on independent control of FinFET gates, are studied. A new low-leakage logic style is
more » ... . Leakage (total) power savings of 64.7% (14.5%) under tight delay constraints and 91.2% (37.2%) under relaxed delay constraints, through the judicious use of FinFET logic styles, are demonstrated.
doi:10.1109/iccd.2007.4601953 dblp:conf/iccd/MuttrejaAJ07 fatcat:legxajdw7ffrxhvtye5fuetwiy

A Marketplace for Data

Anish Agarwal, Munther Dahleh, Tuhin Sarkar
2019 Proceedings of the 2019 ACM Conference on Economics and Computation - EC '19  
In this work, we aim to design a data marketplace; a robust real-time matching mechanism to efficiently buy and sell training data for Machine Learning tasks. While the monetization of data and pre-trained models is an essential focus of industry today, there does not exist a market mechanism to price training data and match buyers to sellers while still addressing the associated (computational and other) complexity. The challenge in creating such a market stems from the very nature of data as
more » ... n asset: (i) it is freely replicable; (ii) its value is inherently combinatorial due to correlation with signal in other data; (iii) prediction tasks and the value of accuracy vary widely; (iv) usefulness of training data is difficult to verify a priori without first applying it to a prediction task. As our main contributions we: (i) propose a mathematical model for a two-sided data market and formally define the key associated challenges; (ii) construct algorithms for such a market to function and analyze how they meet the challenges defined. We highlight two technical contributions: (i) a new notion of "fairness" required for cooperative games with freely replicable goods; (ii) a truthful, zero regret mechanism to auction a class of combinatorial goods based on utilizing Myerson's payment function and the Multiplicative Weights algorithm. These might be of independent interest. CCS Concepts: • Theory of computation → Algorithmic game theory and mechanism design.
doi:10.1145/3328526.3329589 dblp:conf/ec/AgarwalDS19 fatcat:zqlhobq43vah5guzyfwo57jvly

Do No Harm: Health Systems' Duty to Promote Clinician Well-Being

Anish K. Agarwal, Thea Gallagher
2022 American Journal of Hospital Medicine  
doi:10.24150/ajhm/2022.006 fatcat:2oambv5djfdmjgxqwcwbn3nobm

Towards Data Auctions with Externalities [article]

Anish Agarwal, Munther Dahleh, Thibaut Horel, Maryann Rui
2021 arXiv   pre-print
Anish Agarwal, Munther Dahleh, Thibaut Horel, and Maryann Rui A vector field y : R n → R n is conservative if it can be expressed as the gradient of some scalar potential function φ : R n → R.  ... 
arXiv:2003.08345v4 fatcat:ujz6om5jznhs3pabew6fkb5zjy

Use of Resorbable Implants for Mandibular Fixation

Shailesh Agarwal, Anish Gupta, Mark Grevious, Russell R. Reid
2009 The Journal of craniofacial surgery (Print)  
CRD summary This review concluded that there was some evidence concerning possible indications of resorbable fixation methods for mandibular fractures, but no conclusive evidence to indicate their effectiveness. Despite some concerns about the review and a risk that relevant studies were missed, the authors' conclusions appear appropriate given the limitations of the included evidence. Authors' objectives To evaluate the effectiveness of resorbable implants and indications for their use for
more » ... tment of mandibular fractures and osteotomies. Searching MEDLINE via PubMed, The Cochrane Library, DARE, NHS EED, HTA and American College of Physicians Journal Club were searched for studies published between January 1990 and October 2007; the authors stated that firstgeneration biomaterials were not in use until the early 1990's. Search terms were reported. A Google internet search was performed to locate unpublished meta-analyses and systematic reviews. Reference lists of retrieved articles were searched for additional studies. Only studies published in English were included in the review.
doi:10.1097/scs.0b013e31819922fb pmid:19242367 fatcat:45no5rjbt5evld6rf6jifwfkry

A model for residential adoption of photovoltaic systems

Anish Agarwal, Desmond Cai, Sunil Shah, Mani Chandy, Robert Sherick
2015 2015 IEEE Power & Energy Society General Meeting  
Acknowledgements First and foremost, I would like to thank my adviser Prof. Mani Chandy. He took a chance on me even though I was by no means qualified. In addition, there were moments along the way when things looked quite stark and Mani's support was invaluable in me getting through it. For this, I will always be in his debt. He is one of a handful of researchers I have met that manages to conduct research that has both academic merit and yet a large societal impact. Still, the most valuable
more » ... hing I have learned from Mani is how to be a good person.
doi:10.1109/pesgm.2015.7286226 fatcat:ci437pet7veejh2yx5xr7joxaa
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