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Vibration Control for a Flexible Timoshenko Arm Subject to Constrained Input

Xiuyu He, Zhijia Zhao
2019 IEEE Access  
achieve the angular tracking for the flexible link.  ...  This paper copes with the vibration reduction and angle positioning issues of a flexible Timoshenko arm system by developing a boundary vibration control strategy.  ...  In [34] , vibration control for a 2D crane with variable length under external disturbances are ensured with output constraint satisfaction.  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2019.2908215 fatcat:qpwxdfqa4jf2nouuqi3p675a2e

The Dynamic Behavior of Different Hollow Flexible Robot's Arms

Dr. Saad Zaghlul Saeed, Bakr Noori Alhasan
2014 Al-Rafidain Engineering Journal  
A PD controller with fuzzy logic is used for tracing the desired trajectory and reducing the overshoot of the system.  ...  As a result, the tapered arm (shape B) shows better characteristics in which less deflection, stress and tracking.  ...  Zakariya Yahya Mohammed comments and suggestions which have significantly improved the presentation of the paper.  ... 
doi:10.33899/rengj.2014.88216 fatcat:fstjewxsvjbw3epous5yvi3ldm

Optimal Trajectory Planning of the Variable-Stiffness Flexible Manipulator Based on CADE Algorithm for Vibration Reduction Control

Qiang Cheng, Wenxiang Xu, Zhifeng Liu, Xiaolong Hao, Yi Wang
2021 Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology  
Robotic manipulators are widely used for precise operation in the medical field. Vibration suppression control of robotic manipulators has become a key issue affecting work stability and safety.  ...  In this paper an optimal trajectory planning control method to suppress the vibration of a variable-stiffness flexible manipulator considering the rigid-flexible coupling is proposed.  ...  For the single-link flexible arm mounted on the base (Abe, 2009; Abe and Komuro, 2012; Abe, 2013) , proposed a point-to-point trajectory planning algorithm.  ... 
doi:10.3389/fbioe.2021.766495 pmid:34692668 pmcid:PMC8531977 fatcat:4rbbhxhhgjfavpvp6stxzzz3vm

Experimental Application of Robust and Converse Dynamic Control for Rotary Flexible Joint Manipulator System

Ahmed IM. Iskanderani, Ibrahim M. Mehedi, Dr. Dilbag Singh
2021 Mathematical Problems in Engineering  
Performance evaluation of trajectory tracking for a rotary flexible joint system is demonstrated in this paper.  ...  The robust and converse dynamic (RCD) technique is proposed and implemented for this evaluation.  ...  Design of Robust and Converse Dynamic Controller is section will illustrate the design methodology and implementation of RCD control for angular tracking and vibration control of flexible joint manipulator  ... 
doi:10.1155/2021/8917134 fatcat:5kepsidvczagnpb5ilb27rufxq

Dynamic Model and Robust Control of Flexible Link Robot Manipulator

Mohammad Khairudin, Zaharuddin Mohamed, Abdul Rashid Husain
2011 TELKOMNIKA (Telecommunication Computing Electronics and Control)  
For the controller of the system, LQR was developed to solve flexible link robustness and input tracking capability of hub angular position.  ...  This paper presents design and development of a robust control based on linear quadratic regulator (LQR) for a flexible link manipulator.  ...  A LQR robust controller has been implemented for input tracking control capability of hub angular position response, end-point displacement, end-point residual and hub velocity of the flexible link manipulator  ... 
doi:10.12928/telkomnika.v9i2.698 fatcat:ydaspgw4bvci5i4nipnlscw6tu

The Study of Dynamic Modeling and Multivariable Feedback Control for Flexible Manipulators with Friction Effect and Terminal Load

Fuli Zhang, Zhaohui Yuan
2021 Sensors  
The trajectory tracking and vibration suppression of the manipulator are effective under the control method of multi-feedback moment calculation.  ...  Therefore, this paper establishes a robot dynamics model under the coupling effect of flexibility, friction, and terminal load, and analyzes and studies its control.  ...  Trajectory tracking and vibration suppression control were carried out for the nominal model with multiple feedback control.  ... 
doi:10.3390/s21041522 pmid:33671789 fatcat:c3awloxzlfhivc7pytxzicowzm

Robust Control of Collaborative Manipulators - Flexible Object System

Balasubramanian Esakki, Rama B. Bhat, Chun-Yi Su
2013 International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems  
This paper deals with the robust design of a control system for two planar rigid manipulators moving a flexible object in the prescribed trajectory while suppressing the vibration of the flexible object  ...  This paper attempts to develop a robust control scheme without approximating the PDE in order to avoid measurements of flexible coordinates and their time derivatives.  ...  [15] used two time scale controllers to track the desired trajectory for the rigid body motion and also to suppress the vibration.  ... 
doi:10.5772/56204 fatcat:wmvatv5ckfdptjuh7efaykmtay

Dynamic Modeling and Simulation of a Rotating Single Link Flexible Robotic Manipulator Subject to Quick Stops

Mihai Dupac, Siamak Noroozi
2014 Strojniski vestnik  
The constrained trajectory allows trajectory control and obstacle avoidance for the active end of the robotic arm.  ...  In this paper the modeling of such a robotic arm with a rigid guide and a flexible extensible link subject to quick stops after each complete revolution is considered and its dynamical behavior analyzed  ...  The linear control a rotating flexible link of variable length undergoing periodic impacts was studied in [18] .  ... 
doi:10.5545/sv-jme.2013.1544 fatcat:sdjfhvsiendhhoihskryphbvjq

Control of Flexible Robot by Harmonic Functions

Zdeněk Neusser, Martin Nečas, Michael Valášek
2022 Applied Sciences  
The invariant control method performs the control of a flexible robot as a representative of an underactuated system with zero dynamics. The control input is separated into two parts.  ...  The main target of this paper is to show the invariant control approach and its application to the system with flexible elements.  ...  The robust sliding mode control is developed for stabilizing and trajectory tracking of a ballbot system in [20] , and the wheel-legged biped robot motion is stabilized using active arm manipulator in  ... 
doi:10.3390/app12073604 fatcat:epx72xj3t5eidcj5dmn544yy3q

Sliding Mode Observers for Rotational Robotics Structures [chapter]

Dorin Sendrescu, Dan Selisteanu, Emil Petre, Cosmin Ionete
2008 Automation and Robotics  
For tracking the angular position, a new state variable is required to allow setpoint tracking.  ...  For the flexible beam experiment a LQG/LTR controller was developed in order to achieve the flexible link position control and to damp the arm vibrations.  ...  These papers describe projects where topics of artificial intelligence, modeling and simulation process, target tracking algorithms, kinematic constraints of the closed loops, non-linear control, are used  ... 
doi:10.5772/6106 fatcat:f7tbtomjxvhnngo3cerptg4zuq

Energy-based trajectory tracking and vibration control for multilink highly flexible manipulators

Ivan Giorgio, Dionisio Del Vescovo
2019 Mathematics and Mechanics of Complex Systems  
The aim of the control is to track a trajectory of the end effector of the robot arm, without the onset of vibrations. To this end, an energy-based method is proposed.  ...  In this paper, a discrete model is adopted, as proposed by Hencky for elastica based on rigid bars and lumped rotational springs, to design the control of a lightweight planar manipulator with multiple  ...  The aim of the work concerns the modeling and control of flexible planar multilink arms.  ... 
doi:10.2140/memocs.2019.7.159 fatcat:fnnypelirfcb5ezkkfup75zsia

Application of non-linear observer with simultaneous perturbation stochastic approximation method to single flexible link SMC

Jorge Ivan Medina Martinez, Umerujan Sawut, Kazushi Nakano
2008 2008 SICE Annual Conference  
As for the vibration and position control , a model reference sliding mode control (MR-SMC) has been proposed.  ...  The simulations show that the vibration and position controls of a one-link flexible arm system can be achieved more easy and efficiently with a non-linear observer designed using our proposed modified  ...  One end of this arm is attached to a motor and the other end carries a payload. The control of vibration and angular position of the arm is taken as our purpose.  ... 
doi:10.1109/sice.2008.4655019 fatcat:7dm535ys35bedadygn36lrtmqe

Low-Dimensional-Approximate Model Based Improved Fuzzy Non-Singular Terminal Sliding Mode Control for Rigid-Flexible Manipulators

Lisha Xu, Xiaoshan Qian, Rong Hu, Yi Zhang, Hua Deng
2022 Electronics  
While realizing the accurate positioning of the end of the manipulator, the vibration of the end of the flexible arm is significantly suppressed.  ...  This study combined a state feedback module and a fuzzy non-singular terminal sliding mode to suppress vibration and deformation.  ...  Acknowledgments: Thank you for the hardware experimental equipment provided by the State Key Laboratory of high performance and complex manufacturing, College of mechanical and electrical engineering.  ... 
doi:10.3390/electronics11081263 doaj:71c62aa8a39b4416a9bd25fa231bf163 fatcat:zuujjpl4ljcjdn23yhdzybnyeq

Shear force feedback control of flexible robot arms

Zheng-Hua Luo, N. Kitamura, Bao-Zhu Guo
1995 IEEE Transactions on Robotics and Automation  
Experimental results on set point control and trajectory tracking control are reported.  ...  In this paper, a simple sensor-based output feedback control law, called shear force feedback, is newly proposed to control vibrations arising from structural flexibility of robots of Cartesian or SCARA  ...  M represents a moving body driven by control motor. One end of the flexible arm is attached to this moving body. Let the vibration magnitude of flexible arm at time t and position T be w(t, T ) .  ... 
doi:10.1109/70.466607 fatcat:ptrc7giy7rhi5isdvo5me4kkmq

Vibration Reduction of Open-chain Flexible Manipulators by Optimizing Independent Motions of Branch Links

Bian Yushu, Gao Zhihui, Yun Chao
2008 Chinese Journal of Aeronautics  
In order to suppress vibration in flexible manipulators, a new type of manipulator mechanism with controllable local degrees of freedom is proposed.  ...  On this basis, an optimal method for reducing vibration of flexible manipulators is proposed. Finally, the effectiveness of this method is verified by numerical simulations.  ...  In this paper, Eq.(13) is used to suppress vibration, and Eq.(15) to make the end-effector track a desired trajectory accurately.  ... 
doi:10.1016/s1000-9361(08)60011-4 fatcat:4ki62t7xkrhu7dg6ulxubyuwl4
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