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Combined Optimization of Aircraft Maneuvers and RF Measurements for Passive Air-Air Ranging

Ronald Matthew Yannone, Melvin Carroll
2009 Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft für Informatik  
We conclude with a review of the complex relationship between the sensing aircraft maneuvers, required RF measurements, and initial uncertainties in emitter aircraft range, speed and heading angle; and  ...  The RWR detects RF (radio frequency) emissions from airborne target fire control radars and land/sea radars that are a part of complex weapon systems  such as SAM (surface-to-air missiles) and AAA (antiaircraft-artillery  ...  PROBLEM -Passive Air-to-Air Ranging -Passively estimate the range of a target aircraft from an airborne platform at long range quickly and accurately.  ... 
dblp:conf/gi/YannoneC09 fatcat:6xbrgux65zgzfbxhu5njoturr4

Industrial Trends in Development of Target Mapping Interface for Passive Radar Systems

Syed Aamer Hussain
2017 Pakistan Journal of Engineering Technology & Science  
Direction/angle of arrival and various range estimation techniques allows target localization. Mapping interfaces are used to provide a visual interpretation to the mathematical results.  ...  In this paper we have discussed various trends that are persisting in the form of features incorporated in the target mapping modules, different techniques to extract the information from the Passive emitter  ...  This uses the highest power level and angle of arrival of the signal to estimate direction of the emitter.  ... 
doi:10.22555/pjets.v6i1.1144 fatcat:jhtzcamn2vfxfg2gmfqqlndbqq

Broadband waveguide QED system on a chip

Qimin Quan, Irfan Bulu, Marko Lončar
2009 Physical Review A. Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics  
The slot waveguide is a convenient platform from the experimental point of view, since the emitter can be placed in the gap region where optical field is the strongest.  ...  Otherwise, if the incoming photon arrives from one side only, the efficiency is limited to 50%.  ... 
doi:10.1103/physreva.80.011810 fatcat:zo7vus6zsjfcriv65rwi5jh7mi

Special issue on Surveillance Systems for Air Navigation Services

Gaspare Galati, Piet van Genderen
2012 International journal of microwave and wireless technologies  
Finally, we have solicited a paper on technology for locating emitters on the ground from airborne platforms using passive techniques.  ...  Doppler frequency and its differences (frequency difference of arrival (FDOA)), possibly combined with angular/direction measurements (angle of arrival (AOA)/ direction of arrival (DOA)).  ... 
doi:10.1017/s175907871200027x fatcat:f7adnikiv5d6tp3tnkbu4adrja

Single-sensor RF emitter localization based on multipath exploitation

Alan O'connor, Pawan Setlur, Natasha Devroye
2015 IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems  
This paper considers the problem of passive localization of a RF emitter by exploiting the multipath interaction of the signal with the environment, as occurs in urban settings.  ...  The feasibility of localizing using times-of-arrival (TOA) of multipath components is examined. The primary contribution is a method to correctly associate measured TOA with scatterering surfaces.  ...  A single-platform, single-antenna localization system has several advantages compared with a multi-platform system, or systems utilizing a single platform equipped with an antenna array.  ... 
doi:10.1109/taes.2015.120807 fatcat:z2uuzu4cpfe4vixwvaedqxdkxa

Cooperative Control of UAVs for Localization of Intermittently Emitting Mobile Targets

Daniel J. Pack, Pedro DeLima, Gregory J. Toussaint, George York
2009 IEEE Transactions on Systems Man and Cybernetics Part B (Cybernetics)  
target localization error achieved.  ...  Compared with a single platform, cooperative autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) offer efficiency and robustness in performing complex tasks.  ...  We explore the benefits of three different techniques for target localization in a multisensor environment using only an angle-of-arrival (AOA) sensor information.  ... 
doi:10.1109/tsmcb.2009.2010865 fatcat:hrk4ndhwsjhuxktmu7vtddc6a4

Cooperative Control of UAVs for Localization of Intermittently Emitting Mobile Targets

D.J. Pack, P. DeLima, G.J. Toussaint, G. York
2009 IEEE Transactions on Systems Man and Cybernetics Part B (Cybernetics)  
target localization error achieved.  ...  Compared with a single platform, cooperative autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) offer efficiency and robustness in performing complex tasks.  ...  We explore the benefits of three different techniques for target localization in a multisensor environment using only an angle-of-arrival (AOA) sensor information.  ... 
doi:10.1109/tsmcb.2008.2010865 pmid:19473935 fatcat:fxrlqxx4indq3nvk3zsm7mraze

Passive emitter location with Doppler frequency and interferometric measurements

J.S. Groot, F.A.M. Dam, A. Theil
2008 2008 Tyrrhenian International Workshop on Digital Communications - Enhanced Surveillance of Aircraft and Vehicles  
Ground based emitters can be located with a receiver installed on an airborne platform.  ...  Measurements of the first technique are provided, while we discuss and compare the theoretical accuracy of both.  ...  CONCLUSIONS Experiments showed that ground based emitter locations can be estimated from an airborne platform with a relative accuracy of 3%, using Doppler frequency measurements.  ... 
doi:10.1109/tiwdc.2008.4649031 fatcat:g44hwwdyjfgtjensj32hxrgo64

Modelling and Analysis of Emitter Geolocation using Satellite Tool Kit

Suman Agrawal, Anupam Sharma, Charul Bhatnagar, D.S. Chauhan
2020 Defence Science Journal  
Accuracy and size of the geolocation area depend on the distance between emitters and the receiver and also on the contour widths geometry.  ...  Results of geolocation accuracy are compared by installing the radio frequency emitter at increasing latitudes and at varying contour widths.  ...  It covers diverse platforms such as land, sea, air and even space.  ... 
doi:10.14429/dsj.70.15162 fatcat:tt3icjhcfzcxfd5zti2f23rmyi

Passive localization of moving emitters using out-of-plane multipath

S.D. Coutts
2000 IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems  
LEXINGTON MASSACHUSETTS ABSTRACT The purpose of this work is to establish how a moving emitter can be localized by a passive receiver through the use of out-of-plane multipath signals reflected by the  ...  Several extensions to the basic results are considered such as localizing pulsed and self-correlated emitters, multiple emitters, and the effects of receiver motion. in PREFACE  ...  That is, the receiver is capable of measuring the angle-of-arrival of the emitter and azimuthal angle, 0" of the scatterers.  ... 
doi:10.1109/7.845246 fatcat:i6pnfsjbkjf47gdiw4vv7vi6sm

A Survey for Recent Techniques and Algorithms of Geolocation and Target Tracking in Wireless and Satellite Systems

Abulasad Elgamoudi, Hamza Benzerrouk, G. Arul Elango, René Landry
2021 Applied Sciences  
RFI source geolocation and tracking methodology gained universal attention from numerous researchers, specialists, and scientists.  ...  This survey introduces a review of various conventional geolocation techniques, current orientations, and state-of-the-art techniques and highlights some approaches and algorithms employed in wireless  ...  Angle of Arrival (AOA) AOA is the angle of the arriving signal at a sensor that was emitted by the target. This angle is utilized to determine the location of the emitter [38] .  ... 
doi:10.3390/app11136079 fatcat:6vgotxtkrjanzhu5rjh7t5rkju

Enabling cognition on Electronic CounterMeasure systems against next-generation radars

Muharrem Arik, Ozgur Baris Akan
2015 MILCOM 2015 - 2015 IEEE Military Communications Conference  
Simulations reveal that CECM system provides accurate mapping performance while providing satisfying generalization for unknown emitters.  ...  In this paper, we present an architecture for Cognitive Electronic CounterMeasure (CECM) system.  ...  The number of epoch was set as 300. The training data set in Fig. 4 was selected from land and air radar emitters which can classified as a threat for a helicopter platform.  ... 
doi:10.1109/milcom.2015.7357593 dblp:conf/milcom/ArikA15 fatcat:wjddfdvnrfez3gfz62ujqsaecy

Synthetic Aperture Source Localization

Chad Waddington, Margaret Cheney, James Given
2019 Inverse Problems  
We present a new source localization technique which employs a cross correlation measure of the time difference of arrival (TDOA) for signals recorded at two separate platforms, at least one of which is  ...  Nor does it rest on an ability to identify regions of the data which come from individual emitters, though if this capability is present it may improve image quality.  ...  Acknowledgment This material is based upon work supported by the Air Force Office of Scientific Research under awards FA9550-14-1-0185 and FA9550-18-1-0087 5 .  ... 
doi:10.1088/1361-6420/ab50ab fatcat:xaszr64x55bh5lfr3epsnlzzxi

The design and implementation of a self-calibrating distributed acoustic sensing platform

Lewis Girod, Martin Lukac, Vlad Trifa, Deborah Estrin
2006 Proceedings of the 4th international conference on Embedded networked sensor systems - SenSys '06  
The ENSBox's integrated, high precision self-calibration facility sets it apart from other platforms.  ...  Each ENSBox integrates an ARM processor running Linux and supports key facilities required for source localization: a sensor array, wireless network services, time synchronization, and precise self-calibration  ...  the typical error in angle of arrival due to reflection.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1182807.1182815 dblp:conf/sensys/GirodLTE06 fatcat:4dnraptgurddhipvmh73wns4pe

Wind flow characterization associated with fire behaviour measurements [chapter]

Dan Jimenez, Bret W. Butler, Casey Teske, Joseph O'Brien, Louise Loudermilk, Ben Hornsby, Craig Clements
2014 Advances in forest fire research  
General understanding of observed fire behaviour suggests an increase in fire intensity associated with increased wind speed (Van Wagner 1987 , Rothermel 1991 , Finny et al. 2006 , Forthofer 2007 .  ...  wind anemometer towers deployed around the perimeter of each plot.  ...  For this study fire intensity was measured both in-situ by FBPs and remotely from IR cameras on an elevated oblique angle platform.  ... 
doi:10.14195/978-989-26-0884-6_57 fatcat:4lrdrlnurng2forchyn4qrciai
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