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Finite Element Integration with Quadrature on the GPU [article]

Matthew G. Knepley and Karl Rupp and Andy R. Terrel
2016 arXiv   pre-print
The total number of cells is N cells = (# of chunks)N chunk + N R , where N R is the number of remainder cells which are always processed on the CPU.  ...  Since N R is less than the chunk size N chunk , it is vanishingly small compared to the total number of elements.  ... 
arXiv:1607.04245v1 fatcat:z7shx7tygradpesq7lvkniht4q

ManyClaw: Slicing and dicing Riemann solvers for next generation highly parallel architectures [article]

Andy R. Terrel, Kyle T. Mandli
2013 arXiv   pre-print
Next generation computer architectures will include order of magnitude more intra-node parallelism; however, many application programmers have a difficult time keeping their codes current with the state-of-the-art machines. In this context, we analyze Hyperbolic PDE solvers, which are used in the solution of many important applications in science and engineering. We present ManyClaw, a project intended to explore the exploitation of intra-node parallelism in hyperbolic PDE solvers via the
more » ... ck software package for solving hyperbolic PDEs. Our goal is to separate the low level parallelism and the physical equations thus providing users the capability to leverage intra-node parallelism without explicitly writing code to take advantage of newer architectures.
arXiv:1308.1464v1 fatcat:ob3xeo6zx5glxaxxwmd6g56eyq

Finite Element Integration on GPUs

Matthew G. Knepley, Andy R. Terrel
2013 ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software  
Therefore, we also minimize traffic to global memory by loading input into shared memory and storing intermediate FEM Integration In [11] , it is shown that for any given multilinear weak form of arity r,  ... 
doi:10.1145/2427023.2427027 fatcat:pgpexn6k3bhcbgbfh6uzo6hyme

Topological Optimization of the Evaluation of Finite Element Matrices

Robert C. Kirby, Anders Logg, L. Ridgway Scott, Andy R. Terrel
2006 SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing  
We present a topological framework for finding low-flop algorithms for evaluating element stiffness matrices associated with multilinear forms for finite element methods posed over straight-sided affine domains. This framework relies on phrasing the computation on each element as the contraction of each collection of reference element tensors with an element-specific geometric tensor. We then present a new concept of complexity-reducing relations that serve as distance relations between these
more » ... ference element tensors. This notion sets up a graph-theoretic context in which we may find an optimized algorithm by computing a minimum spanning tree. We present experimental results for some common multilinear forms showing significant reductions in operation count and also discuss some efficient algorithms for building the graph we use for the optimization.
doi:10.1137/050635547 fatcat:w7s47mfrwrbfbnza5jf32a3ijm

American Telemedicine Association's Principles for Delivering Telerehabilitation Services

Tammy Richmond, Christopher Peterson, Jana Cason, Mike Billings, Evelyn Abrahante Terrell, Alan Chong W. Lee, Michael Towey, Bambang Parmanto, Andi Saptano, Ellen R. Cohn, David Brennan
2017 International Journal of Telerehabilitation  
Telehealth is a broad term used to describe the use of electronic or digital information and communications technologies to support clinical healthcare, patient and professional health related education, and public health and health administration. Telerehabilitation refers to the delivery of rehabilitation and habilitation services via information and communication technologies (ICT), also commonly referred to as" telehealth" technologies. Telerehabilitation services can include evaluation,
more » ... essment, monitoring, prevention, intervention, supervision, education, consultation, and coaching. Telerehabilitation services can be deployed across all patient populations and multiple healthcare settings including clinics, homes, schools, or community-based worksites. This document was adapted from the American Telemedicine Association's (ATA) "A Blueprint for Telerehabilitation Guidelines" (2010) and reflects the current utilization of telerehabilitation services. It was developed collaboratively by members of the ATA Telerehabilitation Special Interest Group, with input and guidance from other practitioners in the field, strategic stakeholders, and ATA staff. Its purpose is to inform and assist practitioners in providing effective and secure services that are based on client needs, current empirical evidence, and available technologies. Rehabilitation professionals, in conjunction with professional associations and other organizations are encouraged to use this document as a resource for developing discipline-specific standards, guidelines, and practice requirements.Keywords: American Telemedicine Association, Habilitation, Rehabilitation, Telehealth, Telepractice
doi:10.5195/ijt.2017.6232 pmid:29238450 pmcid:PMC5716618 fatcat:uwrfdd472rc6zbnh6bhcth2l7u

SymPy: symbolic computing in Python

Aaron Meurer, Christopher P. Smith, Mateusz Paprocki, Ondřej Čertík, Sergey B. Kirpichev, Matthew Rocklin, AMiT Kumar, Sergiu Ivanov, Jason K. Moore, Sartaj Singh, Thilina Rathnayake, Sean Vig (+15 others)
2017 PeerJ Computer Science  
SymPy is an open source computer algebra system written in pure Python. It is built with a focus on extensibility and ease of use, through both interactive and programmatic applications. These characteristics have led SymPy to become a popular symbolic library for the scientific Python ecosystem. This paper presents the architecture of SymPy, a description of its features, and a discussion of select submodules. The supplementary material provide additional examples and further outline details of the architecture and features of SymPy.
doi:10.7717/peerj-cs.103 fatcat:f2mwkmqosrd5lepcej76cwalt4

Nutrition and health in amphibian husbandry

Gina M. Ferrie, Vance C. Alford, Jim Atkinson, Eric Baitchman, Diane Barber, William S. Blaner, Graham Crawshaw, Andy Daneault, Ellen Dierenfeld, Mark Finke, Greg Fleming, Ron Gagliardo (+27 others)
2014 Zoo Biology  
Amphibian biology is intricate, and there are many inter-related factors that need to be understood before establishing successful Conservation Breeding Programs (CBPs). Nutritional needs of amphibians are highly integrated with disease and their husbandry needs, and the diversity of developmental stages, natural habitats, and feeding strategies result in many different recommendations for proper care and feeding. This review identifies several areas where there is substantial room for
more » ... nt in maintaining healthy ex situ amphibian populations specifically in the areas of obtaining and utilizing natural history data for both amphibians and their dietary items, achieving more appropriate environmental parameters, understanding stress and hormone production, and promoting better physical and population health. Using a scientific or research framework to answer questions about disease, nutrition, husbandry, genetics, and endocrinology of ex situ amphibians will improve specialists' understanding of the needs of these species. In general, there is a lack of baseline data and comparative information Zoo Biology 9999 : 1-17 (2014) for most basic aspects of amphibian biology as well as standardized laboratory approaches. Instituting a formalized research approach in multiple scientific disciplines will be beneficial not only to the management of current ex situ populations, but also in moving forward with future conservation and reintroduction projects. This overview of gaps in knowledge concerning ex situ amphibian care should serve as a foundation for much needed future research in these areas. Zoo Biol. XX:XX-XX, 2014.
doi:10.1002/zoo.21180 pmid:25296396 pmcid:PMC4685711 fatcat:z5ihkhjbwbappcrpp7od57wxnu

ForestClaw: Hybrid forest-of-octrees AMR for hyperbolic conservation laws [article]

Carsten Burstedde, Donna Calhoun, Kyle Mandli, Andy R. Terrel
2013 pre-print
Patch-based numerics at the leaf level For hyperbolic problems, we integrate the solution on a single uniform patch, containing m d cells, using the wave propagation algorithm described by R. J.  ... 
doi:10.3233/978-1-61499-381-0-253 arXiv:1308.1472v1 fatcat:eo3yhldcrfhhbfphyxc5vmsfx4

Page 3256 of Psychological Abstracts Vol. 71, Issue 11 [page]

1984 Psychological Abstracts  
, , 29551 Valentino, R.  ...  ., 27555 Terrell, Francis, 29563 Terrell, Sandra, 29563 Tesser, Abraham, 27860 Tessier-Switlick, Diane, 29857 Faith iN % ‘- ig e 33 : fifi a8 fi  ... 

Page 371 of National Union Catalog Vol. 19, Issue [page]

1948 National Union Catalog  
Terrell, delivered at Church’s auditorium be fore the Citizen's industrial league of Memphis, Tennessee, September 22, 1903. Washington, Press of R. L.  ...  R. E. E. R. (1947, ea ft voles — le ndmero spécial de la revue “Terres eaten pour l'année 1 . Africa—Religion. re ‘Title. BL2400.T4 51-35365 Terres lutines. Tierras latinas. México. . In vy. lus.  ... 

Page 17 of Review Vol. 48, Issue 1 [page]

1996 Review  
Scott CC (KS) replacing Andy Jay Arbeitman.  ...  Our apologies to Terrell Baker, Champlain College, Burlington, Vermont.  ... 

Page 4 of Viewpoints in Teaching and Learning Vol. 23, Issue 5 [page]

1947 Viewpoints in Teaching and Learning  
Marke Homer H, Terrell Herbert Edwa C, Matthey Georgia Thompson Lee Eve i ld Michel S. Boyd Todd Paul C. Fa l P, M ‘ John R. Troy Andy Fernur 1. E. Moor Glen D. Vannatta Knofel E, Fortn iH.  ...  R  ... 

Page 968 of Southern Medical Journal Vol. 29, Issue 9 [page]

1936 Southern Medical Journal  
Stephen McReynolds, Terrell, aged 76, died recently of coronary thrombosis. Dr. Andie Cleon Calvert, Italy, aged 53, died May S. Dr.  ...  R. D. Hollowell has been made Director of the Albemarle County-Charlottesville City, University of Virginia Health Dis- trict succeeding Dr. C. Howe Eller. Dr. C.  ... 

Page 358 of Florida Bar Journal Vol. 58, Issue 8 [page]

1984 Florida Bar Journal  
Donovan, Secretary of Labor Margaret Heckler, Secretary of Health and Human Services Terrel Bell, Secretary of Education Samuel R.  ...  CABINET John R. Block, Secretary of Agriculture Donald Model, Secretary of Energy Malcolm Baldrige, Secretary of Commerce Raymond J.  ... 

Page 7 of The Mathematics Student Vol. 19, Issue 3 [page]

1972 The Mathematics Student  
MINNESOTA—Dan Anderson (355); Dean Anderson (360); Brian Danielson (355); Bob Dickie (355); Sarisse R.  ...  PENNSYLVANIA—Judy Backer (360); Carol Bartch (360); Andy Bekoff (360); Albert E. Bippus Jr. (357); James A.  ... 
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