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Dynamic bridging of proppant particles in a hydraulic fracture [article]

Igor A. Garagash, Andrei A. Osiptsov, Sergei A. Boronin
2018 arXiv   pre-print
Osiptsov.  ... 
arXiv:1810.09546v1 fatcat:ub4iyxmo3nfzffbpalwqi2epi4

Novel Trends in the Development of Surfactant-Based Hydraulic Fracturing Fluids: A Review

Andrey V. Shibaev, Andrei A. Osiptsov, Olga E. Philippova
2021 Gels  
Viscoelastic surfactants (VES) are amphiphilic molecules which self-assemble into long polymer-like aggregates—wormlike micelles. Such micellar chains form an entangled network, imparting high viscosity and viscoelasticity to aqueous solutions. VES are currently attracting great attention as the main components of clean hydraulic fracturing fluids used for enhanced oil recovery (EOR). Fracturing fluids consist of proppant particles suspended in a viscoelastic medium. They are pumped into a
more » ... ore under high pressure to create fractures, through which the oil can flow into the well. Polymer gels have been used most often for fracturing operations; however, VES solutions are advantageous as they usually require no breakers other than reservoir hydrocarbons to be cleaned from the well. Many attempts have recently been made to improve the viscoelastic properties, temperature, and salt resistance of VES fluids to make them a cost-effective alternative to polymer gels. This review aims at describing the novel concepts and advancements in the fundamental science of VES-based fracturing fluids reported in the last few years, which have not yet been widely industrially implemented, but are significant for prospective future applications. Recent achievements, reviewed in this paper, include the use of oligomeric surfactants, surfactant mixtures, hybrid nanoparticle/VES, or polymer/VES fluids. The advantages and limitations of the different VES fluids are discussed. The fundamental reasons for the different ways of improvement of VES performance for fracturing are described.
doi:10.3390/gels7040258 pmid:34940318 pmcid:PMC8701209 fatcat:73z6vsopyvbufgx4rhwd52ls5e

Conceptuality and communication at the philosophical tradition of Richard Rorty

Andrey Osiptsov, Olga Tsybulko
2019 Cхід  
The article deals with the philosophical achievement of Richard Rorty, a bright representative of the English-American tradition of analytic philosophy, in view of the communicative orientation of his key ideas. The author analyzes the attitude of the philosopher towards his contemporary philosophy, especially to the claim of the metaphilosophical theories comprehensive nature. It is shown that the progress of the mankind development can be ensured only in the presence of such an element as a
more » ... ivate sphere, where individuals are given the opportunity to freely analyze, study their own aesthetic creations. The scientist developed the ideas of analytical neopragmatism, considering language as a specific human tool, as an instrument of effective human action in the surrounding world. In today's changing world circumstances change with incredible speed, a person has to take into account this, which leads to the inevitable transformation of the language, the presence of multivariate discourses, and the provision of communication between them.
doi:10.21847/1728-9343.2019.1(159).157631 fatcat:k6m5htnytzgellgudmnfckcu7q

Data-driven model for hydraulic fracturing design optimization. Part II: Inverse problem [article]

Viktor Duplyakov, Anton Morozov, Dmitriy Popkov, Egor Shel, Albert Vainshtein, Evgeny Burnaev, Andrei Osiptsov, Grigory Paderin
2021 arXiv   pre-print
Osiptsov) important parameter.  ... 
arXiv:2108.00751v1 fatcat:i537ksfwz5gkvmnxmap7xnezee

Development of Deep Transformer-Based Models for Long-Term Prediction of Transient Production of Oil Wells [article]

Ildar Abdrakhmanov, Evgenii Kanin, Sergei Boronin, Evgeny Burnaev, Andrei Osiptsov
2021 arXiv   pre-print
We propose a novel approach to data-driven modeling of a transient production of oil wells. We apply the transformer-based neural networks trained on the multivariate time series composed of various parameters of oil wells measured during their exploitation. By tuning the machine learning models for a single well (ignoring the effect of neighboring wells) on the open-source field datasets, we demonstrate that transformer outperforms recurrent neural networks with LSTM/GRU cells in the
more » ... g of the bottomhole pressure dynamics. We apply the transfer learning procedure to the transformer-based surrogate model, which includes the initial training on the dataset from a certain well and additional tuning of the model's weights on the dataset from a target well. Transfer learning approach helps to improve the prediction capability of the model. Next, we generalize the single-well model based on the transformer architecture for multiple wells to simulate complex transient oilfield-level patterns. In other words, we create the global model which deals with the dataset, comprised of the production history from multiple wells, and allows for capturing the well interference resulting in more accurate prediction of the bottomhole pressure or flow rate evolutions for each well under consideration. The developed instruments for a single-well and oilfield-scale modelling can be used to optimize the production process by selecting the operating regime and submersible equipment to increase the hydrocarbon recovery. In addition, the models can be helpful to perform well-testing avoiding costly shut-in operations.
arXiv:2110.06059v1 fatcat:2irqaa3rczflhdafiuu3cvhaxy


Valerii Nikolaienko, Andrey Osiptsov, Igor Dub, Anatolii Kosholap, Alexander Vertel, Mykhailo Balychev
2021 Scientific Journal of National Pedagogical Dragomanov University. Series 15. Scientific and pedagogical problems of physical culture (physical culture and sports)  
In the 1980s, experts from different countries with developed football, realizing that "street" football is a thing of the past, came to the conclusion that it is necessary to revise the system of training young talents and give children the opportunity to train and play according to their own rules i.e. to the "nature" of children's football. When licensing football clubs, the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) defined the requirements for the development of training programs for
more » ... ung football players based on strategic tasks, where priority is given to the individual development of the player, and the achievement of sports results is secondary ("development first, then the result "). World experience shows that in order to create conditions for the gradual development of the diverse qualities of young players, it is necessary: firstly, to refuse to participate in official competitions up to 12 years old in order to focus on the quality and effectiveness of the training process aimed at individual development and training of a creative player; secondly, to conduct training sessions in a game form on a high emotional background with the obligatory consideration of age and individual characteristics of children. It is the application of the game method that is the key to effective learning, during which individual opportunities develop, game intelligence is formed, the foundations of the child"s technical and tactical skills are laid, which in the future will determine the player"s potential at a professional level.
doi:10.31392/npu-nc.series15.2021.8(139).01 fatcat:efuazzbltfbllbntfixqlomyge

Influence of typological features of the nervous system on individual performance in running for short distances in athletes with visual impairment on the example of an elite athlete

Zhanneta Kozina, Olena Chebanu, Olena Repko, Sergii Kozin, Andrey Osiptsov
2018 Physical Activity Review  
The purpose of the work is to theoretically and experimentally substantiate the influence of psychophysiological factors on individual performance in athletics sprint in high-qualified athletes on the example of an elite athlete. Material and methods: In this study, participated 1 athlete, 36 years of age, female. Athlete is specializing in short-distance running and long jump, the European Athletics Champion 2010; prize winner of the World Paralympic and Paralympic Games among athletes with
more » ... ual impairments (T12 category) in 2016. The study was conducted for 5 months. Twice a week, testing was conducted (psychophysiological indicators and running speed); 36 tests of one athlete were conducted. Individual characteristics of the psychophysiological state and results in running for 100 m for five months were analyzed. Results. The models of multiple linear regression between results in 100 m run for an elite athlete with visual impairment and psychophysiological indices are compiled. High importance of psychophysiological indices in individual performance in running on 100 m is shown. Conclusions. Compensatory mechanisms of visual function deficiency were established to maintain high speed in the 100 m run as psychophysiological functions: indicators characteristic of sprinters (speed of simple reaction and motility of the nervous system) and specific indicators (efficiency, strength of the nervous system).
doi:10.16926/par.2018.06.31 fatcat:qewfd4z54fhsbnpjlczlrisqe4


2017 Computational and Experimental Methods in Multiphase and Complex Flow IX   unpublished
We present the further development of the multi-fluid model of suspension filtration in porous media. The model is derived from conservation laws in the multi-fluid approach, where the three phases, namely the carrier fluid, the suspended particles, and the particles trapped in pores, are treated as three different continua described by hydrodynamic variables. Fluid fluxes through large pores of the porous medium and through narrow pores of the packed bed of deposited particles are explicitly
more » ... ken into account by introducing two permeabilities. These are the key novel features which distinguish it from the classical deep bed filtration model. The model predictions are compared with laboratory data sets on the contamination of core samples. The most recent progress in the model development is mainly in taking into account particle mobilization and compressibility of the fluid. Applications of the model are primarily in the oil and gas industry: drilling mud invasion and cleanup in the near-wellbore zone, suspension filtration in propped hydraulic fractures, as well as permeability damage and recovery in the near-wellbore zone of injection wells, which are used to maintain reservoir pressure.
doi:10.2495/mpf170161 fatcat:heesorkfpfaypmyhaxekmbrivi

Original Article Factor structure of the integral readiness of aerobics athletes (women)

Zhanneta Kozina, Tatyana Shepelenko, Andrey Osiptsov, Viktor Kostiukevych, Olena Repko, Tatyana Bazilyuk, Irina Sobko, Anatolii Guba, Andrii Prokopenko, Mikola Trubchaninov, Ivan Stasiuk, Katerina Mulik
2017 Journal of Physical Education and Sport ® (JPES)   unpublished
., Osiptsov, A., & Kostiukevych, V., 2017). But it should be noted that these indicators came with the opposite sign of correlation in comparison with men.  ...  Like men (Shepelenko, T., Kozina, Z., Cieślicka, M., Prusik, K., Muszkieta, R., Sobko, I., Ryepko, O., Bazilyuk, T., Polishchuk, S., Osiptsov, A., & Kostiukevych, V., 2017), this should be manifested in  ... 

The implementation of the concept of individualization in training elite Female athletes with visual impairment in the sprint

Zhanneta Kozina, Olena Chebanu, Ivan Prokopenko, Georgii Korobeynikov, Lesya Korobeynikova, Vitalii Korobeinik, Olena Repko, Sergii Kozin, Andrey Osiptsov, Viktor Kostiukevych, Anatolii Guba, Mikola Trubchaninov (+2 others)
2018 Journal of Physical Education and Sport ® (JPES)   unpublished
The parameters ZHANNETA KOZINA, OLENA CHEBANU, IVAN PROKOPENKO, GEORGII KOROBEYNIKOV, LESYA KOROBEYNIKOVA, VITALII KOROBEINIK , OLENA REPKO, SERGII KOZIN, ANDREY OSIPTSOV, VIKTOR KOSTIUKEVYCH, ANATOLII  ...  The first direction of the concept of individualization is the definition of the individual factor structure of the athlete's preparedness (Kozina, Shepelenko, Osiptsov, et al., 2017) .  ... 

Page 2637 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue Index [page]

Mathematical Reviews  
(English summary) 2004g:76014 Osiptsov, A. A. A self-similar solution to the problem of lava dome growth on an arbitrary conical surface. (Russian.  ...  ., 2004b:76140 Pyatnitskii, Andrei L. see Bourgeat, Alain et al., 2004b:35018; 2004g:76115; Cioranescu, Doina, 2004f:35014 and Kleptsyna, Marina, 2004i:35030 Ringhofer, Christian see Gobbert, Matthias  ... 

Page 1868 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue Index [page]

Mathematical Reviews  
(Paolo Dai Pra) 2004f:60211 60K37 (60K25, 90B18) Osiptsov, A. A. A self-similar solution to the problem of lava dome growth on an arbitrary conical surface.  ...  (Ronnie Levy) 2004m:54011 54B10 (54D30) Osipov, Andrei see Osipovy, A. S. Osipov, D. V. The infinite-dimensional Sato Grassmannian and coherent sheaves of rank 2 on curves. (Russian.  ... 

Scientific Program

2014 Procedia IUTAM  
Antimonov, Andrey V.  ...  flow FM06-023 Xueming Shao * , Tenghu Wu, Zhaosheng Yu, China Modeling of gravitational convection in disperse systems: Instabilities, vortex generation, and boycott effect FM06-003 A lexander Osiptsov  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.piutam.2014.01.011 fatcat:osy4egnuufdophopfpj75e24jm

Theoretical and Methodological Principles of Formation of the Spiritual Values of Students in the Conditions of Higher Education Institution

Violetta Lappo
2019 Future Human Image  
The analysis of the scientific work of Olga Bezkorovaina, Marina Bezugla, Irena Krivoshapko, Victor Kuzmych, Olga Kuznetsova, Olga Luchaninova, Lyudmila Moskaliova, Andrei Osiptsov, Alina Ponomariova,  ... 
doi:10.29202/fhi/11/5 fatcat:dbs7ggnbvjc2tfpsyrfasffhs4