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The levels of thyroid hormones in hemorrhagic stroke

Andrey Vasil'evich Elfimov, Nikolay Nikolaevich Spirin, Aleksandr Danilovich Nozdrachev, Mikhail Mikhaylovich Fateev, Andrey Olegovich Ivanov, A. V. Yelfimov, N. N. Spirin, A. D. Nozdrachev, M. M. Fateyev, A. O. Ivanov
2009 Problemy Endokrinologii  
еморраzuческuil uнсульm, muреоuOнм atcmeшa, локмьныil фuбрuнолuз, Rаdiоimпuпоаssау using was used to study the bhod сопсепtrаtiопs of thyroid hоrmопеs (thyroid-stimulating hоrmопе (TSH), Т, апd Т) iп раtiепts  ... 
doi:10.14341/probl200955415-20 fatcat:4llagluxsrgbzg2tm2luuqnmse

Andrei Dmitrievich Ado: a person, a scientist, a healthcare organizer

O V Skorokhodkina, A Yu Ivanov
2019 Russian Allergology Journal  
Ado: a person, a scientist, a healthcare organizer  ...  Так, было определено значение холинергической системы, изучено значение серотонина, медленно действующего вещества анафилаксии (SRS-A) и других медиаторов в формировании аллергического воспаления.  ... 
doi:10.36691/rja1316 fatcat:hg7dbjab6ffwzapwl6v7qruk2y

Bishop Andrey (Ukhtomsky): Church Comprehension and Criticism of Ideology and Practice of Socialism

A. A. Ivanov
2021 Nauchnyi Dialog  
Particular attention is paid to Andrey (Ukhtomsky)'s criticism of socialism, professed by left political forces and attempts to oppose it with a different socialism, which the church publicist called Christian  ...  The legitimacy of classifying the bishop as a supporter of Christian socialism is questioned and a view is proposed according to which Bishop Andrey's opposition to political socialism was forced and was  ...  Particular attention is paid to Andrey (Ukhtomsky)'s criticism of socialism, professed by left political forces and attempts to oppose it with a different socialism, which the church publicist called Christian  ... 
doi:10.24224/2227-1295-2021-8-323-340 fatcat:widkfksk5bhmtgxq7l4sfnwt4e

First evidence of virus-like particles in the bacterial symbionts of Bryozoa [article]

Andrey E Vishnyakov, Nadezhda P Karagodina, Grace E Lim-Fong, Pavel A Ivanov, Thomas F Schwaha, Andrey Viktorovich Letarov, Andrey N Octrovsky
2020 bioRxiv   pre-print
We speculate that viruses destroying bacteria regulate symbiont numbers in the bryozoan hosts, a phenomenon known in some insects.  ...  Our ultrastructural study showed for the first time a variety of virus-like particles (VLPs) and supposed virus-related structures inside symbiotic bacteria in two marine species from the phylum Bryozoa  ...  Scale bars: A, 2 μm; B-D, 500 nm.  ... 
doi:10.1101/2020.04.16.045880 fatcat:jufhmzh7rvdrnfegsdpntudwrq

Oxygen doping of HTSC and resistive switching in HTSC-based heterostructures

Natalia A Tulina, Ivan Borisenko, Andrey A Ivanov, Andrey M Ionov, Ivan M Shmytko
2013 SpringerPlus  
The studies of the bipolar resistive switching effect in thin film heterojunctions (YBa 2 Cu 3 O 7−δ /Ag) and (Nd 2−x Ce x CuO 4−y /Ag) have exhibited the role of oxygen as a doping element in hole-and  ...  Nevertheless, they have a feature in common.  ...  The electric supply leads were attached to the silver contacts with conductive paste or a mechanical contact in a micromanipulator.  ... 
doi:10.1186/2193-1801-2-384 pmid:24010042 pmcid:PMC3756730 fatcat:q3inta7bgbf5zokpwzsuqtxkle

Giant field fluctuations in dielectric metamaterial and Raman sensor

Konstantin N. Afanas'ev, Irina A. Boginskaya, Igor A. Budashov, Andrey V. Ivanov, Ilya N. Kurochkin, Andrey N. Lagarkov, Ilya A. Ryzhikov, Andrey K. Sarychev, Nader Engheta, Mikhail A. Noginov, Nikolay I. Zheludev
2015 Metamaterials, Metadevices, and Metasystems 2015  
It has a form of periodic system of rectangles separated by the open gaps.  ...  We use the computer simulation as well as analytical solution to find the reflectance of the multilayer as a function of the wavelength and electromagnetic (em) field distribution.  ...  Figure 2 . 2 (a) Calculated reflectance as a function of the free-space wavelength λ for normal incidence (φ=0 deg) for p-(a) and s-(b) polarized wave.  ... 
doi:10.1117/12.2187134 fatcat:zojxefae3be3habuwsm7s3pjie

Design and Justification of a Combined Tillage Machine

Andrey Ivanov
2019 KnE Life Sciences  
The proposed machine includes a frame with a flat working element with a leg, top and bottom rotary agitators with a drive mechanism placed behind a flat working element above each other.  ...  Besides, the proposed shape of a rotary agitator made along the Archimedes' spiral does not allow soil to be collapsed by the back of a cutting edge.  ...  How to cite this article: Andrey Ivanov, (2019),``Design and Justification of a Combined Tillage Machine'' in International scientific and practical conference``AgroSMART -Smart solutions for agriculture  ... 
doi:10.18502/kls.v4i14.5582 fatcat:sgvryauiq5cyhcsexvyqvlulte

Localization of a sequential B-epitope in the VP2 protein of hepatitis A virus

Liudmila N. Kulik, Vadim S. Ivanov, Leonid D. Tchikin, Andrey G. Ostrovsky, Vadim T. Ivanov
1995 FEBS Letters  
A set of synthetic peptldes derived from the capsid containing p-cresol and purified by reversed-phase HPLC.  ...  The amino proteins of hepatitis A virus was used to search for B-epitopes. acid analysis of peptides was consistent with their expected composi-Peptides from the 115-139 region of the VP1 protein, from  ...  Synthetic peptides ered as positive when the signal-noise ratios (S/N) were greater than Peptides were synthesized by a solid-phase method on a modernised 2.2.  ... 
doi:10.1016/0014-5793(95)00520-j pmid:7541374 fatcat:ruaflrncrneydi4wfabw7r7nqq

A Data-Centric Optimization Framework for Machine Learning [article]

Oliver Rausch, Tal Ben-Nun, Nikoli Dryden, Andrei Ivanov, Shigang Li, Torsten Hoefler
2021 arXiv   pre-print
Every part is extensible through a Python API, and can be tuned interactively using a GUI.  ...  Rapid progress in deep learning is leading to a diverse set of quickly changing models, with a dramatically growing demand for compute.  ...  It is well-established that the performance of modern DNNs such as Transformers hinges on data movement minimization (Ivanov et al., 2021; Microsoft, 2020) , and that a certain FLOP reduction does not  ... 
arXiv:2110.10802v1 fatcat:nr2bsdbpnbabzoilc3xnexgoye

A novel system of peptidergic regulation

Andrei A Karelin, Elena Yu Blishchenko, Vadim T Ivanov
1998 FEBS Letters  
Systematic analysis of structure and biological activity of peptide components of tissue extracts and biological fluids allows us to formulate a novel concept of a peptidergic regulatory system, complementary  ...  According to that concept, the proteolytic degradation of tissue proteins carried out by a specific and regulated system of tissue-specific enzymes and protein substrates gives rise to a large group of  ...  A number of peptides from tissue extracts were discovered earlier and found to be active in a variety of biological test systems.  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0014-5793(98)00486-4 pmid:9645464 fatcat:36uw3kcxujfv3eppbs37kutyqq

What should we do with the myths about Stalin?
Что нам делать с мифами о Сталине?

Andrey A. Linchenko, Andrey G. Ivanov
2017 Vestnik Tomskogo gosudarstvennogo universiteta  
The authors distinguish the content and formal aspects of demythologization, they consider it not only as a result, but also as a social process.  ...  The article makes a theoretical analysis of the concepts "myth", "mythologeme", "demythologization".  ... 
doi:10.17223/15617793/425/12 fatcat:blhzr3dfjre4zpa474nju577hu

Synthetic peptides in the determination of hepatitis A virus T-cell epitopes

Vadim S. Ivanov, Liudmila N. Kulik, Andrei E. Gabrielian, Leonid D. Tchikin, Alexander T. Kozhich, Vadim T. Ivanov
1994 FEBS Letters  
Computer search for probable T-epitopes of hepatitis A virus capsid proteins was performed using an integrated set of programs.  ...  concanavalin A.  ...  Introduction Hepatitis A virus (HAV) belongs to the picornavirus family with a host range restricted to certain primates [l] .  ... 
doi:10.1016/0014-5793(94)00427-7 pmid:7515358 fatcat:nnh5pkzho5hv3c74awu73ycu4i

"The Verse about the Holy Mountain" by Vyacheslav Ivanov: A Close Reading. First Essay
«Стих о Святой горе» Вяч. Иванова: опыт интерпретации. Статья первая

Andrey L. Toporkov
2016 Studia Litterarum  
Наибольшее количество безударных слогов между сильными иктами -8 в колоне: «...Вам в обрáдование и во оправдáние...».  ...  В кульминационном фрагменте Стиха имеется перекрестная риф- ма оправдание -осияние в сочетании с неточной рифмой создáнная и ассонансом освящение: «И явится на ней церковь создáнная, Вам в обрадование  ... 
doi:10.22455/2500-4247-2016-1-3-4-298-324 fatcat:of5ddkoucnenpnyy6tsigotwwu

Conflicts associated with migratory processes: a political perspective

Victoria Ravilꞌevna Sagitova, Andrey Valeryevich Ivanov
2020 Cuestiones políticas  
It is concluded that, for a long time, the criticism of racism has developed as a criticism of colonialism, Nazism, including anti-Semitism, and in modern times as a political criticism of migration-phobia  ...  Migrant phobia is a concept that latently generates motives of political, ideological, racial, national, religious hatred, xenophobia, or hostility towards an ethnic or social group within the framework  ...  Valeryevich Ivanov Conflicts associated with migratory processes: a political perspective Through cooperation agreements, programs for the admission of students, postgraduates, doctoral students, young  ... 
doi:10.46398/cuestpol.382e.13 fatcat:4hyptfuvjjds5eryop75onxvzq

EPFL Lectures on General Relativity as a Quantum Field Theory [article]

John F. Donoghue, Mikhail M. Ivanov, Andrey Shkerin
2017 arXiv   pre-print
These notes are an introduction to General Relativity as a Quantum Effective Field Theory, following the material given in a short course on the subject at EPFL.  ...  The intent is to develop General Relativity starting from a quantum field theoretic viewpoint, and to introduce some of the techniques needed to understand the subject.  ...  Andrey Shkerin and Mikhail Ivanov have worked to turn these into a manuscript. Specifically, most of the manuscript consists of their phrasing of the lecture material following the class notes.  ... 
arXiv:1702.00319v1 fatcat:umtya4evqnbblbcfnzl7i63ujq
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