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Coarse Qualitative Descriptions in Robot Navigation [chapter]

Rolf Müller, Thomas Röfer, Axel Lankenau, Alexandra Musto, Klaus Stein, Andreas Eisenkolb
2000 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
This work is about the integration of the skills robot control, landmark recognition, and qualitative reasoning in a single autonomous mobile system. It deals with the transfer of coarse qualitative route descriptions usually given by humans into the domain of mobile robot navigation. An approach is proposed that enables the Bremen Autonomous Wheelchair to follow a route in a building, based on a description such as "Follow this corridor, take the second corridor branching off on the right-hand
more » ... side and stop at its end." The landmark recognition uses a new method taken from the field of image processing for detecting significant places along a route.
doi:10.1007/3-540-45460-8_20 fatcat:xgiaro2qeja5rbeek7bvfzwzki

From Motion Observation to Qualitative Motion Representation [chapter]

Alexandra Musto, Klaus Stein, Andreas Eisenkolb, Thomas Röfer, Wilfried Brauer, Kerstin Schill
2000 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
., Eisenkolb, A., Röfer, T., Brauer, W., Schill, K. (2000) . From Motion Observation to Qualitative Motion Representation. In: Freksa, Ch., Brauer, W., Habel, Ch., Wender, K. F.  ... 
doi:10.1007/3-540-45460-8_9 fatcat:kxnlhm2c4zhptgpwmzxvydlaea

Anno4j - Idiomatic Access to the W3C Web Annotation Data Model [chapter]

Emanuel Berndl, Kai Schlegel, Andreas Eisenkolb, Thomas Weißgerber, Harald Kosch
2016 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
W3C Web annotations are a powerful way to support metadata information about digital resources. The Web Annotation Data Model proposes standardised RDF structures that express this by implementing a hierarchical annotation structure. Those annotations are designed to be shared, linked, tracked back as well as searched and discovered across different peers. However, non-Semantic Web experts may struggle to produce the corresponding RDF data or SPARQL queries. Therefore, we propose Anno4j, a
more » ... based library that gives developers the possibility to create and consume Web Annotations by using plain old Java objects. Anno4j follows natural Object-oriented idioms including inheritance, polymorphism, and composition to facilitate the development with Web Annotations. An extensible and modular architecture supports enhancements and use-case specific model alterations, while the plugin functionality of Anno4j allows to enrich querying by adding custom function evaluators.
doi:10.1007/978-3-319-47602-5_43 fatcat:fh5rivejz5aaxc72w2fv6uzah4

Qualitative and Quantitative Representations of Locomotion and their Application in Robot Navigation

Alexandra Musto, Klaus Stein, Andreas Eisenkolb, Thomas Röfer
1999 International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence  
MUSTO, STEIN, EISENKOLB, AND ROPER Whereas the first problem could be handled during generalization process by combining neighboring segments connected with small angles, the second problem cannot be  ...  motion tracks and their generalizations Figure 5 : 5 Figure 5: A discretization of the distance domain Figure 6 : 6 Figure 6: Two discretizations of the direction domain 3 MUSTO, STEIN, EISENKOLB  ... 
dblp:conf/ijcai/MustoSER99 fatcat:mn3rkomj35akndzlpv6ecdeqxa

Page 210 of National Union Catalog Vol. 7, Issue [page]

1953 National Union Catalog  
QD181.P3E55 57-51739 Eisenmenger, Johann Andreas, 1654-1704. Entdecktes Judenthum in Roblik, Elias Liborius.  ...  TN695.E55 55-41242 ¢ Eisenkolb, Johann Freidrich see Eisenkolb, Fritz. Eisenlohr, Fridolin. Bin ich denn der Hiiter meines Bruders? Zehn Jahre erster Arbeiter in einer Maschinenfabrik.  ... 

Recent developments for testing of Cherenkov Telescope Array mirrors and actuators in Tuebingen

Juergen Dick, Antonio Bonardi, Stephan Bressel, Massimo Capasso, Sebastian Diebold, Felix Eisenkolb, Daniel Gottschall, Eckhard Kendziorra, Gerd Puehlhofer, Siegbert Renner, Andrea Santangelo, Thomas SCHANZ (+1 others)
2016 Proceedings of The 34th International Cosmic Ray Conference — PoS(ICRC2015)   unpublished
The Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA) is the next generation Cherenkov telescope facility. It will consist of a large number of segmented-mirror telescopes of three different diameters, placed in two locations, one in the northern and one in the southern hemisphere, thus covering the whole sky. The total number of mirror tiles will be on the order of 10,000, corresponding to a reflective area of ∼10 4 m 2 . The Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics in Tübingen (IAAT) is currently developing
more » ... ror control alignment mechanics, electronics, and software optimized for the medium sized telescopes. In addition, IAAT is participating in the CTA mirror prototype testing. In this paper we present the status of the current developments, the main results of recent tests, and plans for the production phase of the mirror control system. We also briefly present the Tübingen facility for mirror testing.
doi:10.22323/1.236.1040 fatcat:f7j4wbs6vzd3nmk5askhxufgwm

Molekulare Signalwege der aseptischen Endoprothesenlockerung / Molecular pathways in aseptic loosening of orthopaedic endoprosthesis

Philipp Drees, Anke Eckardt, Renate E. Gay, Steffen Gay, Lars C. Huber
2008 Biomedical Engineering  
Nowak, Gerald Fischer, Leonhard Wieser, Bernhard Tilg, Andreas Neurauter and Hans U.  ...  transcutaneous vagus nerve stimulation leads to brainstem and cerebral activations measured by functional MRI Stefan Dietrich, James Smith, Charlotte Scherzinger, Karina Hofmann-Preiß, Timo Freitag, Alexander Eisenkolb  ... 
doi:10.1515/bmt.2008.021 pmid:18601617 fatcat:tgrhbp2tffg7bidfgjnf4dui2m

Contents index Biomed Tech volume 53 (2008)

2008 Biomedical Engineering  
Nowak, Gerald Fischer, Leonhard Wieser, Bernhard Tilg, Andreas Neurauter and Hans U.  ...  transcutaneous vagus nerve stimulation leads to brainstem and cerebral activations measured by functional MRI Stefan Dietrich, James Smith, Charlotte Scherzinger, Karina Hofmann-Preiß, Timo Freitag, Alexander Eisenkolb  ... 
doi:10.1515/bmt.2008.051 fatcat:m3m3byhu5bda5otmzjswjguw6y


2020 The New Space  
Vera Berkman (Tucson, Arizona) and Susanne Eisenkolb (Berlin) kindly gave me their permission to translate and reproduce the texts, respectively, of Oskar Strnad and Josef Frank.  ...  I also owe thanks to Ruth Hansich (Dortmund and Vienna), Erich Hubmann and Andreas Vass (Vienna), Claudia Mazanek (Vienna), Iris Meder (Vienna), and Georg Riesenhuber (Brussels) for thoughtfully sharing  ... 
doi:10.12987/9780300223927-001 fatcat:6pj27mi2v5at5ehm3rm7d7tpma

FlashCam: a fully-digital camera for the medium-sized telescopes of the Cherenkov Telescope Array

Gerd Puehlhofer, Christian Bauer, Sabrina Bernhard, Massimo Capasso, Sebastian Diebold, Felix Eisenkolb, Daniel FLORIN, Christian FOEHR, Stefan Funk, Arno GADOLA, Frank GARRECHT, German HERMANN (+22 others)
2016 Proceedings of The 34th International Cosmic Ray Conference — PoS(ICRC2015)   unpublished
doi:10.22323/1.236.1039 fatcat:jselwy65rnbfvmmrthnrzws63a

Gabinete do Reitor 1

Avenida Lucio, Martins Rodrigues, -Travessa -Bloco, Abraham Omar, Espinoza Culupú, Adib Kamal, Adriana Rocio, Cárdenas Arias, Alejandra Valdés Álvarez, Alexandrina Striffling, Alexis Marlangue, Ali Mehmandoost Kotlar (+37 others)
Amayrani Perez Cruz 10 Andreas Lindquist Haakonsen 11 Angela Paola Yaya Candela 12 Angéle Aja-Fowé 13 Anja-katharina Bitzer 14 Annabel Kate Malins 15 Argel Nasir Sosa Nuñez 16 Arnol Daniel Garcia Orozco  ...  Pablo Hoyos Daza 74 Juan Sebastian Echeverri Salamanca 75 Juan Simon Rodriguez Hernandez 76 Julien Amelin 77 Juliette Kounde 78 Juliette Marie Nina Chartrain 79 Kadir Amilcar Gonzalez Carrion 80 Karolina Eisenkolb  ... 

Page 1191 of Journal of the Chemical Society Vol. 98, Issue [page]

Journal of the Chemical Society  
Georg See Karl Andreas  ...  Eisenkolbe, J. Flebbe, and #&. Neumann, effect of non-protein nitrogen compounds on the protein metabolism in ruminants, A., li, 424, Kendall, Arthur. See Archibald Herter. Kendall, Z.  ... 

Supplemental Material for Proceedings of the American Psychological Association for the Legislative Year 2011: Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Council of Representatives, February 18–20, 2011, Washington, DC, and August 3 and 5, 2011, Washington, DC, and Minutes of the February, June, August, and December 2011 Meetings of the Board of Directors

2012 American Psychologist  
Eilers, Scott Jason Eisenkolb, Brigitte Agnes Eklund, Jennifer Ekwebelem, Ikenna Anthony Elkins, Jennifer D. Ellis, Alissa J.  ...  Feit, Andrea Joy Feldman, Zoya Feliciano, Jason Feller, Jason Feller, Marianne Fellows, Pamela A. Fellows, Robert Felton, Nicole' L.  ... 
doi:10.1037/a0028359.supp fatcat:putmh24ehzasxbu7cpfkentfsy

Liquid-Ordered Phase Formation by Mammalian and Yeast Sterols: A Common Feature With Organizational Differences

Alena Khmelinskaia, Joaquim M. T. Marquês, André E. P. Bastos, Catarina A. C. Antunes, Andreia Bento-Oliveira, Silvia Scolari, Gerson M. da S. Lobo, Rui Malhó, Andreas Herrmann, H. Susana Marinho, Rodrigo F. M. de Almeida
2020 Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology  
that sterol is cholesta-5,7,24-trienol, which was found to accumulate in membrane regions resistant to detergent extraction in Erg6p defective mutants, at levels identical to those of Erg in wt cells (Eisenkolb  ...  strain elo3 erg6 , with defects both in sphingolipid and sterol biosynthesis, revealed an important role of the methyl group at carbon 24 of the side chain of Erg for its interaction with sphingolipids (Eisenkolb  ... 
doi:10.3389/fcell.2020.00337 pmid:32596234 pmcid:PMC7304482 fatcat:j47wflvmrbgkraof3dann6xcny

Index of authors' names

1910 Journal of the Chemical Society Abstracts  
See Karl Andreas Hof- mann.  ...  Hofmann, Karl Andreas, and Hein2 Kirmreuther, chloroethylaes, A., i, 3. Hofmann, Karl Andreas, aiid Heinz Kirmreuther, metallic derivatives of chloro-and bromo-acetylene, A., i, 16.  ... 
doi:10.1039/ca9109806125 fatcat:os74rkglyrdkbmbuxt434m2smu
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