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Innovandio S.A. at CLEF-IP 2013

Andreas Eiselt, Gabriel Oberreuter
2013 Conference and Labs of the Evaluation Forum  
Table 1 . 1 Results of the submitted runs; eiselt-cos: uses word uni-grams; eiselt-solr uses heuristic candidate retrieval; eiselt-c3g uses character tri-grams; eiselt-clesa uses Cross-Language Explicit  ... 
dblp:conf/clef/EiseltO13 fatcat:npayu3gw2nh43nm3egiy43xlee

Estimating Remaining Carbon Budgets Using Temperature Responses Informed by CMIP6

Martin Rypdal, Niklas Boers, Hege-Beate Fredriksen, Kai-Uwe Eiselt, Andreas Johansen, Andreas Martinsen, Endre Falck Mentzoni, Rune G. Graversen, Kristoffer Rypdal
2021 Frontiers in Climate  
A remaining carbon budget (RCB) estimates how much CO2 we can emit and still reach a specific temperature target. The RCB concept is attractive since it easily communicates to the public and policymakers, but RCBs are also subject to uncertainties. The expected warming levels for a given carbon budget has a wide uncertainty range, which increases with less ambitious targets, i.e., with higher CO2 emissions and temperatures. Leading causes of RCB uncertainty are the future non-CO2 emissions,
more » ... h system feedbacks, and the spread in the climate sensitivity among climate models. The latter is investigated in this paper, using a simple carbon cycle model and emulators of the temperature responses of the Earth System Models in the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project Phase 6 (CMIP6) ensemble. Driving 41 CMIP6 emulators with 127 different emission scenarios for the 21st century, we find almost perfect linear relationship between maximum global surface air temperature and cumulative carbon emissions, allowing unambiguous estimates of RCB for each CMIP6 model. The range of these estimates over the model ensemble is a measure of the uncertainty in the RCB arising from the range in climate sensitivity over this ensemble, and it is suggested that observational constraints imposed on the transient climate response in the model ensemble can reduce uncertainty in RCB estimates.
doi:10.3389/fclim.2021.686058 fatcat:7pyondp4mfatvlwrbcj5byc32a

Overview of the 3rd International Competition on Plagiarism Detection

Martin Potthast, Andreas Eiselt, Alberto Barrón-Cedeño, Benno Stein, Paolo Rosso
2011 Conference and Labs of the Evaluation Forum  
This paper overviews eleven plagiarism detectors that have been developed and evaluated within PAN'11. We survey the detection approaches developed for the two sub-tasks "external plagiarism detection" and "intrinsic plagiarism detection," and we report on their detailed evaluation based on the third revised edition of the PAN plagiarism corpus PAN-PC-11.
dblp:conf/clef/PotthastEBSR11 fatcat:o2ij4trpqnbftjgieaw6dwx3cy

Overview of the 2nd International Competition on Plagiarism Detection

Martin Potthast, Alberto Barrón-Cedeño, Andreas Eiselt, Benno Stein, Paolo Rosso
2010 Conference and Labs of the Evaluation Forum  
This paper overviews 18 plagiarism detectors that have been developed and evaluated within PAN'10. We start with a unified retrieval process that summarizes the best practices employed this year. Then, the detectors' performances are evaluated in detail, highlighting several important aspects of plagiarism detection, such as obfuscation, intrinsic vs. external plagiarism, and plagiarism case length. Finally, all results are compared to those of last year's competition.
dblp:conf/clef/PotthastBESR10 fatcat:qd4ukvvn6fe55dxjfp2i3sus2a

Single-cell coding of sensory, spatial and numerical magnitudes in primate prefrontal, premotor and cingulate motor cortices

Anne-Kathrin Eiselt, Andreas Nieder
2015 Experimental Brain Research  
For more details concerning the task see Eiselt and Nieder (2013) .  ...  For a more detailed behavioral analysis regarding quantitative rules see Eiselt and Nieder (2013) .  ... 
doi:10.1007/s00221-015-4449-8 pmid:26438509 fatcat:4y4ug2rxznha3p6gwdvuahy4vi

Rule Activity Related to Spatial and Numerical Magnitudes: Comparison of Prefrontal, Premotor, and Cingulate Motor Cortices

Anne-Kathrin Eiselt, Andreas Nieder
2014 Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience  
Reprint requests should be sent to Andreas Nieder, Animal Physiology, Institute of Neurobiology, University of Tübingen, Auf der Morgenstelle 28, 72076 Tübingen, Germany, or via e-mail: andreas.nieder@  ...  Recordings from PFC of Monkeys O and E are described in Eiselt and Nieder (2013) .  ...  Rule latency could not be determined in four PFC cells (for details, see Eiselt & Nieder, 2013) .  ... 
doi:10.1162/jocn_a_00545 pmid:24345164 fatcat:a6gutcdemneq7pwfeawvjhtacu

Quantification of compensatory processes of postnatal hypoxia in newborn piglets applying short-term nonlinear dynamics analysis

Steffen Schulz, Sina Reulecke, Michael Eiselt, Karin Schwab, Herbert Witte, Bernd Walter, Reinhard Bauer, Andreas Voss
2011 BioMedical Engineering OnLine  
Newborn mammals suffering from moderate hypoxia during or after birth are able to compensate a transitory lack of oxygen by adapting their vital functions. Exposure to hypoxia leads to an increase in the sympathetic tone causing cardio-respiratory response, peripheral vasoconstriction and vasodilatation in privileged organs like the heart and brain. However, there is only limited information available about the time and intensity changes of the underlying complex processes controlled by the
more » ... nomic nervous system. Methods: In this study an animal model involving seven piglets was used to examine an induced state of circulatory redistribution caused by moderate oxygen deficit. In addition to the main focus on the complex dynamics occurring during sustained normocapnic hypoxia, the development of autonomic regulation after induced reoxygenation had been analysed. For this purpose, we first introduced a new algorithm to prove stationary conditions in short-term time series. Then we investigated a multitude of indices from heart rate and blood pressure variability and from bivariate interactions, also analysing respiration signals, to quantify the complexity of vegetative oscillations influenced by hypoxia. Results: The results demonstrated that normocapnic hypoxia causes an initial increase in cardiovascular complexity and variability, which decreases during moderate hypoxia lasting one hour (p < 0.004). After reoxygenation, cardiovascular complexity parameters returned to pre-hypoxic values (p < 0.003), however not respiratory-related complexity parameters. Schulz et al. BioMedical Engineering OnLine 2011, 10:88
doi:10.1186/1475-925x-10-88 pmid:21967770 pmcid:PMC3224473 fatcat:bj4bbk6pffcqblmvfjn33jk45e

Betulin Sulfonamides as Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibitors and Anticancer Agents in Breast Cancer Cells

Antje Güttler, Yvonne Eiselt, Anne Funtan, Andreas Thiel, Marina Petrenko, Jacqueline Keßler, Iris Thondorf, Reinhard Paschke, Dirk Vordermark, Matthias Bache
2021 International Journal of Molecular Sciences  
Hypoxia-regulated protein carbonic anhydrase IX (CA IX) is up-regulated in different tumor entities and correlated with poor prognosis in breast cancer patients. Due to the radio- and chemotherapy resistance of solid hypoxic tumors, derivatives of betulinic acid (BA), a natural compound with anticancer properties, seem to be promising to benefit these cancer patients. We synthesized new betulin sulfonamides and determined their cytotoxicity in different breast cancer cell lines. Additionally,
more » ... investigated their effects on clonogenic survival, cell death, extracellular pH, HIF-1α, CA IX and CA XII protein levels and radiosensitivity. Our study revealed that cytotoxicity increased after treatment with the betulin sulfonamides compared to BA or their precursors, especially in triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) cells. CA IX activity as well as CA IX and CA XII protein levels were reduced by the betulin sulfonamides. We observed elevated inhibitory efficiency against protumorigenic processes such as proliferation and clonogenic survival and the promotion of cell death and radiosensitivity compared to the precursor derivatives. In particular, TNBC cells showed benefit from the addition of sulfonamides onto BA and revealed that betulin sulfonamides are promising compounds to treat more aggressive breast cancers, or are at the same level against less aggressive breast cancer cells.
doi:10.3390/ijms22168808 pmid:34445506 pmcid:PMC8395940 fatcat:omngmah6nresphrzpdjb2ihale

Ethograms indicate stable well-being during prolonged training phases in rhesus monkeys used in neurophysiological research

Steffen R Hage, Torben Ott, Anne-Kathrin Eiselt, Simon N Jacob, Andreas Nieder
2013 Laboratory Animals. Journal of the Laboratory Animal Science Association  
Awake, behaving rhesus monkeys are widely used in neurophysiological research. Neural signals are typically measured from monkeys trained with operant conditioning techniques to perform a variety of behavioral tasks in exchange for rewards. Over the past years, monkeys' psychological well-being during experimentation has become an increasingly important concern. We suggest objective criteria to explore whether training sessions during which the monkeys work under controlled water intake over
more » ... y days might affect their behavior. With that aim, we analyzed a broad range of species-specific behaviors over several months ('ethogram') and used these ethograms as a proxy for the monkeys' well-being. Our results show that monkeys' behavior during training sessions is unaffected by the duration of training-free days in-between. Independently of the number of training-free days (two or nine days) with ad libitum food and water supply, the monkeys were equally active and alert in their home group cages during training phases. This indicates that the monkeys were well habituated to prolonged working schedules and that their well-being was stably ensured during the training sessions.
doi:10.1177/0023677213514043 pmid:24367036 fatcat:d6mnrkx6mjeajmsic6jv3vp2dm

Expression, Localization, Structural, and Functional Characterization of pFGE, the Paralog of the Cα-Formylglycine-generating Enzyme

Malaiyalam Mariappan, Andrea Preusser-Kunze, Martina Balleininger, Nicole Eiselt, Bernhard Schmidt, Santosh Lakshmi Gande, Dirk Wenzel, Thomas Dierks, Kurt von Figura
2005 Journal of Biological Chemistry  
pFGE is the paralog of the formylglycine-generating enzyme (FGE), which catalyzes the oxidation of a specific cysteine to C␣-formylglycine, the catalytic residue in the active site of sulfatases. The enzymatic activity of sulfatases depends on this posttranslational modification, and the genetic defect of FGE causes multiple sulfatase deficiency. The structural and functional properties of pFGE were analyzed. The comparison with FGE demonstrates that both share a tissue-specific expression
more » ... rn and the localization in the lumen of the endoplasmic reticulum. Both are retained in the endoplasmic reticulum by a saturable mechanism. Limited proteolytic cleavage at similar sites indicates that both also share a similar threedimensional structure. pFGE, however, is lacking the formylglycine-generating activity of FGE. Although overexpression of FGE stimulates the generation of catalytically active sulfatases, overexpression of pFGE has an inhibitory effect. In vitro pFGE interacts with sulfatasederived peptides but not with FGE. The inhibitory effect of pFGE on the generation of active sulfatases may therefore be caused by a competition of pFGE and FGE for newly synthesized sulfatase polypeptides.
doi:10.1074/jbc.m413698200 pmid:15708861 fatcat:es6indzb75dotgzfhx7vsj5y34

Systematics and phylogenetic relationships of Whip snakes (Hierophis Fitzinger) and Zamenis andreana Werner, 1917 (Reptilia: Squamata: Colubrinae)

B Schätti, P Monsch
2004 Revue suisse de zoologie  
of Andreas' racer to dwarf snakes.  ...  Schätti (2001) thought that Andreas' racer is a representative of an early evolutionary lineage among Palaearctic racers.  ... 
doi:10.5962/bhl.part.80237 fatcat:zvlmi5e7lvhprlyjzuzzlhm4xa

Page 325 of The American Midland Naturalist Vol. 50, Issue 2 [page]

1953 The American Midland Naturalist  
Retzius, Andreas Johann (1742-1821). Eiselt, J. N., Geschichte, Syst. und Literatur der Insectenk. p. 46, 1836. Rerzius, Gustav (1841-1919). A., Kungl. Svenska Vetensk. Akad.  ...  ., Archives de Parasitol. 1:420-441, 1898; Eiselt, J. N., Geschichte, Syst. und Literatur der Insectenk. p. 22, 1836. RepicH, Hermann Julius Albert (1842-1903). Hoffmann, P., Ent.  ... 

Page 221 of Herpetologica Vol. 14, Issue 4 [page]

1958 Herpetologica  
Eiselt kindly checked the State Archives, the Vienna Academy records and other local institu- tions, with no success.  ...  The earliest applied to it is Liophis andreae Reinhardt and Luetken (1862, Vidensk. Meddel: 214), type locality Havana.  ... 

Page 722 of Acta Apostolicae Sedis Vol. 3, Issue 18 [page]

1911 Acta Apostolicae Sedis  
Ferrari Andreas, S. R. E., Card. Arch. Mediolanen., 475. wien taincries 0. Neeser  ...  Eiselt Guilelmus, 336. Eleutherius (S.), R. P., 553. Elisabeth (S.), Regina Hungariae, 471. Elisabeth (Ven.) Sanna, 50. Emanueli Thomas, 672. Emanuelli Franciscus, Episc. Uxellen. et Terralben., 598.  ... 

Prüfung der Kapitalflussrechnung im Jahresabschluss

Andreas Schmidt
2017 WiSt - Wirtschaftswissenschaftliches Studium  
Eiselt/Müller, Geschäftstätigkeit sein (vgl. Eiselt/Müller, 2014, S. 37 u. werden kann. Prüfungsberechtigte Prüfer haben dazu abgegrenzt werden.  ...  Eiselt/Müller, 2014, S. 50 ff.), die vom Cashflow aus lfd.  ... 
doi:10.15358/0340-1650-2017-9-12 fatcat:lpf2jjuy7rh6xahxaa2cszjzvi
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