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Andreas Heil
2013 Philologus (Berlin)  
Andreas Heil, Maronis mentula Augustus Caesar, as the prototype imperial reader of ,lascivos … versus', indeed as the prototype writer of such epigrams: a proto-Martial on the Palatine". 30 Zum Begriff  ...  Andreas Heil, Maronis mentula 20 Buchheit (1962) 67-69. 21 23 Ingleheart (2010) 21-24. 24 Das Aufspüren von "Stellen mit obszöner Nebenbedeutung" (κaκémfata) gerade im Werk Vergils wurde in der  ... 
doi:10.1515/phil.2013.0009 fatcat:gurfobkldnc4rplxiebf46qimi

Electromagnetic Sensors for Underwater Scour Monitoring

Andrea Maroni, Enrico Tubaldi, Neil Ferguson, Alessandro Tarantino, Hazel McDonald, Daniele Zonta
2020 Sensors  
Scour jeopardises the safety of many civil engineering structures with foundations in riverbeds and it is the leading cause for the collapse of bridges worldwide. Current approaches for bridge scour risk management rely mainly on visual inspections, which provide unreliable estimates of scour and of its effects, also considering the difficulties in visually monitoring the riverbed erosion around submerged foundations. Thus, there is a need to introduce systems capable of continuously monitoring
more » ... the evolution of scour at bridge foundations, even during extreme flood events. This paper illustrates the development and deployment of a scour monitoring system consisting of smart probes equipped with electromagnetic sensors. This is the first application of this type of sensing probes to a real case-study for continuous scour monitoring. Designed to observe changes in the permittivity of the medium around bridge foundations, the sensors allow for detection of scour depths and the assessment of whether the scour hole has been refilled. The monitoring system was installed on the A76 200 Bridge in New Cumnock (S-W Scotland) and has provided a continuous recording of the scour for nearly two years. The scour data registered after a peak flood event (validated against actual measurements of scour during a bridge inspection) show the potential of the technology in providing continuous scour measures, even during extreme flood events, thus avoiding the deployment of divers for underwater examination.
doi:10.3390/s20154096 pmid:32717822 fatcat:trijgxbgjrhbxjg47zrjjwo3ju

Laparoscopic Splenectomy for Splenic Hamartoma: A Case Report

Andrea Pisani Ceretti, Gabriele Bislenghi, Matteo Virdis, Nirvana Maroni, Andrea Gatti, Enrico Opocher
2012 Case Reports in Gastrointestinal Medicine  
Hamartoma is a rare splenic benign tumor usually accidentally detected as a radiologic finding. Preoperative diagnosis poses a challenge and thus surgery becomes necessary to confirm the clinical suspicion. Laparoscopic splenectomy has gained consensus as a standard surgical procedure particularly for autoimmune hematological diseases. This former experience has allowed this technique to be extended to other splenic pathologies. Here we report a case of total laparoscopic splenectomy for a bulky splenic hamartoma in a young male patient.
doi:10.1155/2012/435802 pmid:23125940 pmcid:PMC3485498 fatcat:iq4pw6j4abbrbgwpbxxivkwumm

Laparoscopic colonic resection for splenic flexure cancer: our experience

Andrea Pisani Ceretti, Nirvana Maroni, Matteo Sacchi, Stefano Bona, Maria Rachele Angiolini, Paolo Bianchi, Enrico Opocher, Marco Montorsi
2015 BMC Gastroenterology  
Pisani Andrea, Bona Stefano, Maroni Nirvana, Matteo Sacchi, Maria Rachele Angiolini, Opocher Enrico and Montorsi Marco have no conflicts of interest or financial ties to disclose.  ... 
doi:10.1186/s12876-015-0301-7 pmid:26148781 pmcid:PMC4494171 fatcat:bbeqjt4fuvbsvh2p2cycldauri

The Great Pretender: Rectal Syphilis Mimic a Cancer

Andrea Pisani Ceretti, Matteo Virdis, Nirvana Maroni, Monica Arena, Enzo Masci, Alberto Magenta, Enrico Opocher
2015 Case Reports in Surgery  
Rectal syphilis is a rare expression of the widely recognised sexual transmitted disease, also known as the great imitator for its peculiarity of being confused with mild anorectal diseases because of its vague symptoms or believed rectal malignancy, with the concrete risk of overtreatment. We present the case of a male patient with primary rectal syphilis, firstly diagnosed as rectal cancer; the medical, radiological, and endoscopic features are discussed below.
doi:10.1155/2015/434198 pmid:26451271 pmcid:PMC4586962 fatcat:3gmnxxem3rcrlks3hrexvxrewa

Three-Dimensional Printing of Medicinal Products and the Challenge of Personalized Therapy

Lucia Zema, Alice Melocchi, Alessandra Maroni, Andrea Gazzaniga
2017 Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences  
By 3D printing, solid objects of any shape are fabricated through layer-by-layer addition of materials based on a digital model. At present, such a technique is broadly exploited in many industrial fields because of major advantages in terms of reduced times and costs of development and production. In the biomedical and pharmaceutical domains, the interest in 3D printing is growing in step with the needs of personalized medicine. Printed scaffolds and prostheses have partly replaced medical
more » ... ces produced by more established techniques and, more recently, 3D printing has been proposed for the manufacturing of drug products. Notably, the availability of patient-tailored pharmaceuticals would be of utmost importance for children, elderly subjects, poor and high metabolizers and individuals undergoing multiple drug treatments. 3D printing encompasses a range of differing techniques, each involving advantages and open issues. Particularly, solidification of powder, extrusion and stereolithography have been applied to the manufacturing of drug products. The main challenge to their exploitation for personalized pharmacological therapy is likely to be related to the regulatory issues involved and to implementation of production models that may allow to efficiently turn the therapeutic needs of individual patients into small batches of appropriate drug products meeting preset quality requirements.
doi:10.1016/j.xphs.2017.03.021 pmid:28347731 fatcat:ta5rat6fnvefxalnjo57xckihu

Spillover of West Caucasian Bat Lyssavirus (WCBV) in a Domestic Cat and Westward Expansion in the Palearctic Region

Stefania Leopardi, Ettore Barneschi, Giuseppe Manna, Barbara Zecchin, Pamela Priori, Petra Drzewnioková, Francesca Festa, Andrea Lombardo, Fabio Parca, Dino Scaravelli, Andrea Maroni Ponti, Paola De Benedictis
2021 Viruses  
Acknowledgments: The authors acknowledge the work of the West Caucasian Bat Lyssavirus Emergency Group, composed by Silvio Borrello, Vittorio Guberti, Andrea Leto, Antonia Ricci, Luigi Ruocco, Calogero  ... 
doi:10.3390/v13102064 pmid:34696493 pmcid:PMC8540014 fatcat:rjhbtr5cf5fr3bghp3v5yza5ce

2008–2011 sylvatic rabies epidemic in Italy: challenges and experiences

Paolo Mulatti, Lebana Bonfanti, Tommaso Patregnani, Monica Lorenzetto, Nicola Ferrè, Laura Gagliazzo, Claudia Casarotto, Andrea Maroni Ponti, Gaetana Ferri, Stefano Marangon
2013 Pathogens and Global Health  
After more than 10 years of absence, in 2008 rabies re-emerged and spread in wild foxes in north-eastern Italy. In order to control the infection and to minimize the risk of human exposure, three oral foxes vaccination campaigns were first carried out by manual distribution of baits between January and September 2009, followed by four emergency oral rabies vaccination (ORV) campaigns by aerial distribution in the affected regions starting in December 2009. Ordinary aerial ORV campaigns followed
more » ... in spring and fall 2011 and 2012, although no cases were reported after February 2011. In our paper, we describe the main characteristics of the rabies epidemic that occurred in north-eastern Italy in 2008-2011, with particular focus on the innovative systems that were implemented to manage and evaluate the efficacy of the aerial ORV. The Italian experience in containing and eliminating rabies in less than 3 years may provide information and suggestions for countries affected by rabies, and sharing a similar geomorphological conformation as Italy.
doi:10.1179/2047772413z.000000000175 pmid:24392677 pmcid:PMC4083154 fatcat:hrzx7coi75dzvo2ckadcqpsxvi

Coordinate regulation of microenvironmental stimuli and role of methylation in bone metastasis from breast carcinoma

Emanuela Matteucci, Paola Maroni, Andrea Disanza, Paola Bendinelli, Maria Alfonsina Desiderio
2016 BBA - Molecular Cell Research  
The pathogenesis of bone metastasis is unclear, and much focus in metastatic biology and therapy relays on epigenetic alterations. Since DNA-methyltransferase blockade with 5-aza-2′-deoxycytidine (dAza) counteracts tumour growth, here we utilized dAza to clarify whether molecular events undergoing epigenetic control were critical for bone metastatization. In particular, we investigated the patterns of secreted-protein acidic and rich in cysteine (SPARC) and of Endothelin 1, affected by DNA
more » ... ltransferases in tumours, with the hypothesis that in bone metastasis a coordinate function of SPARC and Endothelin 1, if any occurs, was orchestrated by DNA methylation. To this purpose, we prepared a xenograft model with the clone 1833, derived from human-MDA-MB231 cells, and dAza administration slowed-down metastasis outgrowth. This seemed consequent to the reductions of SPARC and Endothelin 1 at invasive front and in the bone marrow, mostly due to loss of Twist. In the metastasis bulk Snail, partly reduced by dAza, might sustain Endothelin 1-SPARC cooperativity. Both SPARC and Endothelin 1 underwent post-translational control by miRNAs, a molecular mechanism that might explain the in vivo data. Ectopic miR29a reduced SPARC expression also under long-term dAza exposure, while Endothelin 1 down-regulation occurred in the presence of endogenous-miR98 expression. Notably, dAza effects differed depending on in vivo and in vitro conditions. In 1833 cells exposed to 30-days dAza, SPARCprotein level was practically unaffected, while Endothelin 1 induction depended on the 3′-UTR functionality. The blockade of methyltransferases leading to SPARC reduction in vivo, might represent a promising strategy to hamper early steps of the metastatic process affecting the osteogenic niche. Abbreviations: Runx2, Runt-related transcription factor 2; SPARC, secreted protein acidic and rich in cysteine; dAza, 5-aza-2′-deoxycytidine; PPARγ, Peroxisome proliferator activated receptor γ; ROI, regions of interest; PTEN, phosphatase and tensin homolog; ME, mice bearing bone metastasis; CHX, cycloheximide.
doi:10.1016/j.bbamcr.2015.10.010 pmid:26481505 fatcat:gl5jfybj4vf45mvkqyxqrgliim

Reposição de cães em área endêmica para leishmaniose visceral

Andréa Maria Andrade, Luzia Helena Queiroz, Gilson Ricardo Nunes, Sílvia Helena Venturoli Perri, Cáris Maroni Nunes
2007 Revista da Sociedade Brasileira de Medicina Tropical  
Esse trabalho objetivou estimar a reposição de cães em área endêmica para leishmaniose visceral, onde a eutanásia de animais soropositivos é indicada como medida de controle, e avaliar os motivos que levaram a aquisição ou não de novos animais. Houve a reposição em 44,5% dos casos, principalmente devido à necessidade de companhia ou guarda. O principal motivo para a não-reposição foi o temor da leishmaniose visceral.
doi:10.1590/s0037-86822007000500021 pmid:17992421 fatcat:627f6y2em5dlhi2uidkgqkgrdu

A Novel Injection-Molded Capsular Device for Oral Pulsatile Delivery Based on Swellable/Erodible Polymers

Andrea Gazzaniga, Matteo Cerea, Alberto Cozzi, Anastasia Foppoli, Alessandra Maroni, Lucia Zema
2011 AAPS PharmSciTech  
The feasibility of injection molding was explored in the preparation of a novel capsular device for oral pulsatile/delayed delivery based on swellable/erodible polymers. For this purpose, a mold intended to be coupled with a bench-top injection-molding press was designed. This was expected to enable the preparation of matching capsule cap and body items within a single manufacturing cycle and the selection of differing shell thicknesses (300, 600, and 900 μm). Hydroxypropylcellulose (Klucel ®
more » ... , LF, and GF) was employed as the release-controlling polymer in admixture with polyethylene glycol 1500 (10%, w/w) as the plasticizer. After preliminary trials aimed at the setup of operating conditions, Klucel ® EF and LF capsule shells with satisfactory technological properties were manufactured. The performance of capsular devices filled with a tracer drug powder was studied by means of a modified USP31 disintegration apparatus. Typical in vitro delayed release patterns were thereby obtained, with lag time increasing as a function of the wall thickness. A good correlation was found between the latter parameter and t 10% , i.e., the time to 10% release, for both polymer grades employed. On the basis of the overall results, the investigated technique was proven suitable for the manufacturing of an innovative pulsatile release platform.
doi:10.1208/s12249-011-9581-6 pmid:21267684 pmcid:PMC3066370 fatcat:adiyhbkvindo5jitki53tbaf3a

Novel hydrophilic matrix system with non-uniform drug distribution for zero-order release kinetics

Matteo Cerea, Alessandra Maroni, Luca Palugan, Marco Bellini, Anastasia Foppoli, Alice Melocchi, Lucia Zema, Andrea Gazzaniga
2018 Journal of Controlled Release  
Tel +39 02 50324654 25 email: 26 27 KEYWORDS 28 Hydrophilic matrices, powder layering, gradient concentration, oral prolonged release, zero-order kinetics, 29 tangential spray rotary fluid bed. 30 31 ABSTRACT 32 A decrease in the release rate over time is typically encountered when dealing with hydrophilic matrix systems 33 for oral prolonged release due to progressive increase of the distance the drug molecules have to cover to 34 diffuse outwards and reduction of
more » ... area of the glassy matrix at the swelling front. In order to solve this issue, 35 a novel formulation approach based on non-uniform distribution of the active ingredient throughout the 36 swellable polymer matrix was proposed and evaluated. Various physical mixtures of polymer (high-viscosity 37 hypromellose) and drug tracer (acetaminophen), having decreasing concentrations of the latter, were applied 38 by powder-layering onto inert core seeds. The resulting gradient matrices showed to possess satisfactory 39 physico-technological characteristics, with spherical shape and consistent thickness of the layers sequentially 40 applied. The non-uniform matrix composition pursued was confirmed by Raman mapping analysis. As 41 compared with a system having uniform distribution of the drug tracer, the multi-layer formulations were 42 proved to enhance linearity of release. The simple design concept, advantageous technique, which involves no 43 solvents nor high-impact drying operations, and the polymeric material of established use make the delivery 44 platform hereby proposed a valuable strategy to improve the performance of hydrophilic matrix systems. 45 46
doi:10.1016/j.jconrel.2018.08.027 pmid:30171979 fatcat:4dxjugkntnaw7a2itt4itenaga

Vascular Map Combined with CT Colonography for Evaluating Candidates for Laparoscopic Colorectal Surgery

Nicola Flor, Alessandro Campari, Anna Ravelli, Maria Antonietta Lombardi, Andrea Pisani Ceretti, Nirvana Maroni, Enrico Opocher, Gianpaolo Cornalba
2015 Korean Journal of Radiology  
doi:10.3348/kjr.2015.16.4.821 pmid:26175581 pmcid:PMC4499546 fatcat:wx5yhywcqfd6xb3puldg7sywwq

Hot-melt extruded filaments based on pharmaceutical grade polymers for 3D printing by fused deposition modeling

Alice Melocchi, Federico Parietti, Alessandra Maroni, Anastasia Foppoli, Andrea Gazzaniga, Lucia Zema
2016 International Journal of Pharmaceutics  
et 327 al., 2013a and b; Maroni et al., 2016; Sangalli et al., 2009; Zema et al., 2013a).  ...  D., Palugan L., Foppoli A., Zema L., Gazzaniga A., Maroni A., Erodible time-405 dependent colon delivery systems with improved efficiency in delaying the onset of drug release, J. 406 Pharm.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.ijpharm.2016.05.036 pmid:27215535 fatcat:mgijzorxsfg7bp7ewsn37apyha

Evaluation of hot-melt extrusion technique in the preparation of HPC matrices for prolonged release

Giulia Loreti, Alessandra Maroni, Maria Dorly Del Curto, Alice Melocchi, Andrea Gazzaniga, Lucia Zema
2014 European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences  
Tuberculosis has metamorphosized over the decades from drug resistant to multidrug resistant to the lethal extensively drug resistant forms lately. With scarce newer anti-TB drugs emerging, there is a pressing need to ameliorate the current treatment therapy by modulating the formulation approaches towards the first line treatment drugs. In the present study an attempt has been made to formulate Rifampicin (RIF), the first line treatment drug for TB as an extended release oral formulation using
more » ... melt extrusion technique. The total dose of RIF was divided into two components-Immediate release (IR) pellets of RIF as the loading dose (300mg) and extended release tablet as the maintenance dose (150mg). Extrusion trials were conducted using various class of extrudable polymers (cellulose, polyvinyl acetate, polyethylene oxide, poly(meth)acrylates). Based on the preliminary findings, IR pellets were formulated using Eudragit EPO whereas hydroxylpropyl cellulose (HPC) was further explored as the matrix former. The release rate was modified using addition of hydrophilic pH independent release modifier. The formulation was characterized with respect to in vitro dissolution behavior, thermal and chemical stability, miscibility, drug-polymer interactions and surface morphology followed by stability studies. The loading dose could adequately release RIF initially whereas a combination of hydrophilic pH independent polymer of varying viscosity could successfully control RIF release over 24 hours following zero order release mechanism. The developed formulation exhibited content uniformity, physical and chemical stability over a period of six months. The application of melt extrusion for developing extended release matrices for anti-TB drugs like RIF was sought. Melt extrusion being a continuous manufacturing process could be scaled up commercially thus enhancing the feasibility of the designed formulation.
doi:10.1016/j.ejps.2013.10.014 pmid:24211649 fatcat:pxw7vmz5unahhaftuwearokegq
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