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The Universe as an Aesthetic Symbolism of Postmodernity

Serhii Kostiuchkov, Iryna Shaposhnykova, Yulia Yurina, Anatolii Forostian, Serhii Kuznetsov
2022 Postmodern Openings  
Forostian -structuring text and building scientific logic, Serhii Kuznetsov -theory development analysis.  ...  Acknowledgement The contribution of the authors to this paper was as follows: Serhii Kostiuchkov -writing, literary processing, Iryna Shaposhnykovawriting, text stylization, Yulia Yurina -selection of literature, Anatolii  ... 
doi:10.18662/po/13.1sup1/423 fatcat:7wxakl5qtbcixoukkc45pvlske

Instrumental evaluation of traction machines sparking

Nikita Kolobashkin, Beligma Dorzieva, Evgeniy Beyerleyn, Polina Tyuteva, Anatoliy Cukublin, A.A. Kozyreva, A.O. Zhdanova, G.V. Kuznetsov
2017 MATEC Web of Conferences  
In the article, the authors considered the possibility of the sparking monitoring at a commutator of a traction motor under operating conditions. The authors developed a method for the evaluation of sparking level at the commutator by means of the current flowing through separate, isolated parts of the split brush recording. The relationship between an auxiliary commutation current and the sparkling level is revealed.
doi:10.1051/matecconf/201714101034 fatcat:smffno3utfcnbeniiiqpqph6ma

Catalytic Resonance Theory: Parallel Reaction Pathway Control

Matthew Alexander Ardagh, Manish Shetty, Anatoliy Kuznetsov, Qi Zhang, Phillip Christopher, Dion Vlachos, Omar Abdelrahman, Paul Jakob Dauenhauer
2020 Chemical Science  
Catalytic enhancement of chemical reactions via heterogeneous materials occurs through stabilization of transition states at designed active sites, but dramatically greater rate acceleration on that same active site can be...
doi:10.1039/c9sc06140a pmid:34109022 pmcid:PMC8152411 fatcat:xl5hyfxu4vcazacxl7ak55k7bi

Central aortic blood pressure and augmentation index: comparison between Vasotens® and SphygmoCor® technology

Anatoliy Rogoza, Kuznetsov
2012 Research Reports in Clinical Cardiology  
doi:10.2147/rrcc.s30994 fatcat:2l6ud36q5racbjolzltacvosju

Three-Dimensional Convolutions and Temporal Data for Sign Language Recognition

Serhii Kondratiuk, Iurii Krak, Vladislav A. Kuznetsov, Anatoliy Kulias
2021 International Conference "Information Technology and Interactions"  
The technology is proposed for recognition of gesture units (fingerspelling alphabet) of sign language. Implemented technology performs recognition of dactyl items from camera input using trained on collected training dataset set convolutional neural network, based on the MobileNetv2 architecture with spatio-temporal overlapping approach. Multiple configurations were used and based on experiments, optimal configuration in terms of complexity and quality was selected. On the test dataset accuracy of over 96% is achieved.
dblp:conf/iti2/KondratiukKKK21 fatcat:niwa2qogxre6hmio7eskirfpd4

Facial Expressions Analysis for Applications in the Study of Sign Language

Vladislav Kuznetsov, Iurii Krak, Olexander Barmak, Anatolii Kulias
2019 Computer Modeling and Intelligent Systems  
Elements of information technology for analysis of facial expressions to apply in interactive study of sign language are described. The main elements of information technology, its structure and experimental implementation has been discussed. Analysis was carried out in order to identify how the classifier error rate depends on type of classifier, number of feature and teach set. Optimal constructs of classifiers were proposed, giving appreciable improvement of existing algorithms.
doi:10.32782/cmis/2353-13 fatcat:sps36jclbzenfjiurheabcp23a

Constructive tendencies of speed increase of small and high-speed vessels

Yuriy N. Korobanov, Anatoliy I. Kuznetsov, Alla A. Korobanova
2014 Shipbuilding & marine infrastructure  
., Kuznetsov Al. I., Kuznetsov An. I., Moroz V. V.  ... 
doi:10.15589/smi20140211 fatcat:5vjppbrdzzcizb2jdvepkfgvja

Mathematical Simulation of the Asynchronous Electric Drive of Periodic Movement

Vasiliy O. Nagorniy, Anatoliy V. Aristov, P.A. Strizhak, G.V. Kuznetsov, A.O. Zhdanova
2016 MATEC Web of Conferences  
The article deals with the approach to construction of mathematical models of electric drives working in the mode of periodic motion. An example of a mathematical model and simulation results are presented.
doi:10.1051/matecconf/20179101042 fatcat:qv6qwfydrzg5xjhgcomltchaia

Age criteria aggrieved and subject of the crime in article 2281 and 230 UK RF

I. A. Kuznetsova, Anatoliy Vladimirovich Kuznetsov
2011 Siberian Law Review  
Kuznetsov -Fellow of the Institute of the с наркотическими средствами, психотропными и средств лицо, не достигшее совершеннолетия, Russian Interior Ministry branch in West Siberia, сильнодействующими ядовитыми  ... 
doaj:c73a53c131ed46338b284755d3efcdaf fatcat:uoxgxwz4obevrmmb2n4bwy2pna

Exemption from Punishment of Persons Under the Age of Majority in Connection with Changing Circumstances

I. A. Kuznetsova, Anatoliy Vladimirovich Kuznetsov
2011 Siberian Law Review  
The article deals with complex legal issues relating to the exemption from punishment of minors in connection with the of the change in the situation, reveals the status of a minor.
doaj:829756d59d054c15be1aea28f3f9f826 fatcat:5nvi7u3jkbb2jcdtjjkg4w2goa

The technology of selecting gifted children in combat sports based on comprehensive monitoring of conditions of athletes

Yury Glebov, Anatoliy Khorunzhiy, Boris Podlivaev, Aleksandr Kuznetsov, Z. Kuznetsova, A. Kuznetsov, R. Nagovitsyn, B. Shustin, G. Drandrov, A. Pyanzin, I. Gibadullin, E. Vrublevskiy (+1 others)
2020 BIO Web of Conferences  
The problem of 12-14-year-old athletes' selection that are engaged in combat sports is one of the most urgent problem of training the sports reserve. The search for gifted children and teenagers is in fact the most important factor for high achievements in the chosen sport. According to V. p. Guba [2], many experts understand sports selection as an assessment and recognition of children's individual predisposition to achieve in a particular sport based on their inclinations, abilities, and
more » ... . However, the components of athletic giftedness used in sports-oriented selection differ significantly in the available research. [1,3,4,5,6,7]. Federal State Budget Establishment Professional Educational Organization "Smolensk State College of Olympic Reserve" (referred to as FSBE PEO "SSCOR") and Smolensk Regional Fund "Social development" conduct the research for selecting sports gifted children that are engaged in martial arts. The research is held on the proposed technology and is based on comprehensive monitoring of the athletes condition. This technology allows to ensure the balance between high loads and maintaining health, increase the effectiveness of the training process, predict the achievement of the fitness form peak and maintain it throughout the competition period.
doi:10.1051/bioconf/20202600031 fatcat:3uesxp3scfcalnk7nngjm62pd4

Designs that can affect the stability of some small and high-speed vessels

Yuriy N. Korobanov, Anatoliy I. Kuznetsov, Alla A. Korobanova
2017 Shipbuilding & marine infrastructure  
Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding, Nikolaev Национальный университет кораблестроения имени адмирала Макарова, г. Николаев Abstract. Constructive designs used in shipbuilding of high-speed catamarans with a small waterline area for increase of their operation reliability have been subjected to analysis. The paper deals with possibilities of increasing the longitudinal stability and implementing the constructional designs described in the publications of various authors. General
more » ... dependencies are devised for determining the main constructional elements of the equipment which allows for increasing stability. Critical remarks on some defects of the mentioned designs are made. Keywords: constructional designs, high-speed catamarans, small waterline area, operation reliability. Аннотация. Анализу подвергнуты конструктивные решения, используемые в судостроении скоростных катамаранов с малой площадью ватерлинии способные привести к повышению надежности их эксплуатации. Речь идет о возможных путях повышения продольной остойчивости, о реализации конструктивных мер, описываемых в литературных источниках. Получены общие зависимости, позволяющие определять основные конструктивные элементы устройств, способных повышать остойчивость. Даны также критические замечания по некоторым недостаткам описанных конструкций. Ключевые слова: конструктивные решения, скоростные катамараны, малая площадь ватерлинии, надежность эксплуатации. Анотація. Аналізу підведені конструктивні рішення, які використовуються в суднобудуванні швидкісних катамаранів з малою площею ватерлінії, здатні підвищити надійність їх експлуатації. Мова йде про можливі шляхи підвищення продовжної остійності, а також про реалізацію конструктивних заходів, що описані в літературних джерелах. Отримані загальні залежності, які дозволяють визначити основні конструктивні елементи пристроїв здатних підвищувати остійність. Приведено також критичні зауваження стосовно деяких недоліків описаних конструкцій. Ключові слова: конструктивні рішення, швидкісні катамарани, мала площина ватерлінії, надійність експлуатації.
doi:10.15589/smi20170112 fatcat:7mmgbtbfbbbkviujcmjz2obrwu


Alla A. Hrabenko, Anatoliy I. Kuznetsov
2021 Collection of Scientific Publications NUS  
Alternative construction materials have a great importance in the construction of small vessels. A convincing substantiation of the effectiveness of their application for certain types of ships of a small floor is necessary. In the practice of world small shipbuilding, the use of low-pressure polyethylene (high-density polyethylene -HDPE) as a material for hull structures has been used for a long time. This fact requires drastic changes in the technical policy of the Shipping Register of
more » ... . Ignoring this structural material leads to the need for certification of vessels produced by domestic manufacturers outside Ukraine. For customers of small vessels, the need to select structural materials is limited, first of all, by the possibility of comparing HDPE structures (operational and economic characteristics) with alternative materials. Comparison only in terms of strength and cost parameters of the manufacture of structures is not correct. It is necessary to consider all aspects of the creation and operation of structures for the entire life of the vessel. The influence of material characteristics on general design solutions, operating features, durability of structures and the costs of manufacturing and using structures for the entire life cycle of the vessel is considered. The purpose of the work is to generalize, systematize, analyze the characteristics of HDPE as hull structures of small vessels and develop criteria for the applicability of the material for structures of small vessels for various purposes. The paper analyzes the strength, technological, environmental properties of HDPE used as hull structures of small vessels. The advantages and disadvantages of this material for the manufacture of hull structures of small ships are considered. The types of small vessels for which the use of this material will be close to optimal have been identified. The direction of development of criteria of applicability for the manufacture of hull structures of small vessels for various purposes is given. A complete model of the operation of hull structures of small vessels, developed by the authors, is used as a tool for evaluating the criteria. The results allow making an informed choice for customers of small vessels for various purposes.
doi:10.15589/znp2021.2(485).1 fatcat:4275d4ly6nhi7aqrzhfti5izsa

Assessment of the fractional efficiency of gradient transfer of aerosols in elements of power plants

Anatolii P. Shevtsov, Heorhii V. Kuznetsov
2019 Collection of Scientific Publications NUS  
doi:10.15589/znp2019.1(475).11 fatcat:nukk7qxwyfhzrmc77bet4k6a5y

Integration of contemporary art in the cultural space of the regions of Ukraine

Mykola Levchenko, Anatolii Forostian, Sergii Kuznetsov
2021 Vìsnik Nacìonalʹnoï akademìï kerìvnih kadrìv kulʹturi ì mistectv  
The purpose of the article is to study the peculiarities of the integration of contemporary art into the cultural space of the regions of Ukraine. Methodology. The general scientific methodology was widely used in the research, namely structural-functional, systemic, hermeneutic, axiological, semiotic research methods. The use of elements of structural-functional analysis was associated with the consideration of the object of study as a holistic system in which each element has its place and
more » ... ction in the structure. The scientific novelty of the proposed study is that this issue is not sufficiently covered by Ukrainian scientists and requires a thorough study. Conclusions. The challenge of modernity in Ukrainian society is particularly acute for the search for unifying principles that could become the basis for cohesion and fruitful interaction of different local (regional) cultures. It has been proven that the combination of cultural meanings and values ​​inherent in each of them gives birth to a single field of cultural space. Evidence of the objectivity of its existence is the tendencies to convergence and integration of cultures due to the impact of globalization. Culture is the container of the most stable systems of socio-cultural meanings, universal values, acts as a form of existence and communication of people of different - past, present, and future - cultures, in other words, a form of dialogue and intergeneration of cultures. It is important to note that in the common cultural space are preserved only those values ​​and ideals of local cultures that contribute to the development of society as a whole. The role of contemporary art in the peculiarities of the integration of contemporary art into the cultural space of the regions of Ukraine is assessed. It is noted that the main mission of cultural policy should be the spread of cultural norms, universal and national social ideals, as well as creating conditions for the full and harmonious development of the individual through preservation and involvement of cultural heritage (tangible and intangible), traditions and their actualization in modern life. Contemporary art is of particular importance in the implementation of this problem, and the cultural landscape is a physical and mental expression of the organization of space by man. It allows you to consider the cultural space locally, on the example of a particular region, in its relationship with a single culture. Thus, we can talk about the cultural landscape of the region, region, city, as well as an individual group or other community.
doi:10.32461/2226-3209.3.2021.244409 fatcat:gp5zncortvhnpf43n2ikjofnvq
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