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The Social Phenomenon of Football: German ultras as political players? An analysis of the protest against the 'Secure Stadium Experience'

Christian Brandt, Fabian Hertel
2015 Miscellanea Anthropologica et Sociologica  
An analysis of the protest against the 'Secure Stadium Experience' 3 In 2011 in Egypt and in 2014 in Ukraine, ultras became a fundamental part of the protest that lead to the change of the government.  ...  German ultras as political players?  ...  It differs from the perception of the ultras, which will be shown in the following chapter. 69 German ultras as political players?… as coined by Axel Honneth.  ... 
doi:10.5604/20842937.1189813 fatcat:h7n65rbayzeafkzyruv2ozggra

The eve of Spain: myths of origins in the history of Christian, Muslim, and Jewish conflict

2010 ChoiceReviews  
Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Grieve, Patricia E. The eve of Spain : myths of origins in the history of Christian, Muslim, and Jewish conflict / Patricia E. Grieve. p. cm.  ...  fall of Spain legend and its principal players-Rodrigo; La Cava; Julian; Bishop Oppas; Egilona, Rodrigo's wife; Pelayo and his sister Ermesinda-but started from the point of view that the core legend  ...  Pelayo's defiant speech to Oppas, repeated in the legend for centuries thereafter, places his trust in God and Christianity.  ... 
doi:10.5860/choice.47-3407 fatcat:gzysr4ltmjdsbh3awlw3wlq52e

Research and Science Today Supplement No. 2/2014

Silviu STOIAN, Vasile Flaviu RUS, Mihai SOFONEA, Raul-Ciprian DĂNCUŢĂ, Elena NOVĂCESCU, Cristian BARNA, George PIŞLEAG, Mihai SANDU, Daniela PETRAȘCU, Alexandra TIEANU, Corneliu PREJA, Vasile CERBU (+15 others)
2014 Research and Science Today  
Thus, each issue of the journal (two per year and at least two supplements) will contain professional articles from any academic field, authored by domestic and international academics.  ...  Regarding the national and international visibility of Research and Science Today, it is indexed in over 30 international databases (IDB) and is present in over 200 online libraries and catalogues; therefore  ...  The Danish model of flexicurity A grid for analyzing the models of flexicurity above mentioned was created, starting from The European Commission Communication "Towards Common Principles of Flexicurity  ... 
doaj:8be64ab70f0e4ca784d45c8cd17e74b6 fatcat:tikxc4xbifgu3fcypfzdhn7cue

Pizzagate, Pedogate - inside Podesta's emails [article]

Victor Christianto
2020 Figshare  
This is an insightful discussion on pedogate links of certain secrecy emails, Podesta emails etc.New book release (2020).  ...  could be abused to stifle free speech.  ...  The very people high up in Washington whose jobs it is to protect children from pedo traffickers are likely the same guilty players who are part of the criminal operation.  ... 
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.12423758 fatcat:6uvipoushjbfdpzcioynxuewre

Remembrance and oblivion in divided countries

Ilenia Pappalardo
2019 unpublished
The flags on the mountain reminds of myths and legends full of symbolism as well. Indeed, Pentadaktylos mountain derives its names from the myth of Digenis Akritas.  ...  Earlier, during the 1986-87 Champions League, APOEL withdrew from the competition because it refused to go to Istanbul to play against Besiktas JK, thus receiving a two-year ban from the competition.  ... 
doi:10.25365/thesis.57825 fatcat:qwhiqmi475d63py3kaezzuh5oi

The targum (1934:Nov. 3 - 1934:Nov. 28)

No Name Supplied
As a student organization, the Targum operated under the oversight of the dean of students and student government but in October 1980, the Targum became an independent college paper.  ...  Some University historians indicate that the Targum was first published as an annual in 1867, but of this we have no extant evidence.  ...  Pop Young will again be back in the fullback slot, with the other three men sure to come from the players drafted from the Varsity squad.  ... 
doi:10.7282/t3-x7mr-nj21 fatcat:na7a3l7ksbbs5bck2qf7rd27my


Tome, Editura Literaturii, Române Bucureşti, Muzeul Naţional, Literaturii Române, Angela Stănescu, Constantin-Georgel Stoica, Mihai Cuciureanu, Editura Muzeul, Literaturii Române, Naţional Al, Literaturii Române (+3 others)
2015 unpublished
Simona represses her hate towards Mietta and takes the model of the nanny who raised her. Her unassailable grief is an insurmountable upland.  ...  Apart from this speech, in the Romanian Academy Library can be found three other smaller texts, also transcripts of speeches.  ...  To achieve this, the researcher analyzed the data collected from four classroom observations in grades 3 up to 6.  ... 

Salafi Jihadism, Disengagement, and the Monarchy: Exploring the case of Morocco

Abdelkader Filali, University, My, University, My
In addition to advancing theories of violent radicalization and disengagement from violence, this thesis makes a methodological contribution to the study of the meanings of disengagement through an ethnographic  ...  On the one hand, there is a central inclusive narrative that suggest the institutionalization of the religious terrain in Morocco through the Institution of the Commander of the Faithful (mou'assassat  ...  This is where first signs of disengagement emerged, including abandoning of hate speech.  ... 
doi:10.20381/ruor-23962 fatcat:5unvbt7nczhunhta3k2eokyeim


Guntis Smidchens, Linda Ddgh, Sandra Dolby, Henry 14v, Ph Glassie, Toivo Ut </, Raun
1996 unpublished
Eestimaa Pay me now, The history of "Usi, usi" is interesting: Leeeaius had learned this song in the late 1970's from MSrtipS Boiko, a Latvian ethnomusicologist, who had in turn recorded the song in  ...  in the repertoire of many Latvian groups.  ...  friendship with the 14 The text of the speech is from Tonurist's personal files.  ... 

Milk against Poverty: Nutrition and the Politics of Consumption in Twentieth-Century Mexico

Maria Del Pilar Zazueta
Thus, from the early 1930s, the Mexican government regulated prices and intervened in food markets to control the supply side.  ...  This belief resulted in the implementation of policies with the goal of improving the quality of the Mexican diet.  ...  In the original legend, the chincuate, a serpent, hypnotizes a mother to steal her breast milk from her emaciated child.  ... 
doi:10.7916/d8dv1s25 fatcat:6ozw6raxp5fjdowjufoc2wmdca

Tobacco, Alcohol Use and its Associated Factors: A Systematic Review A Study on the Factor Influencing for Gift-Giving Behaviour of Thathaiyangarpet, Tiruchirapplli District A Study on Growth of Revenue of Centre and States with Special Reference to Tax and Non-Tax Revenue Morphometric Analysis of Lakhari River

Monica Singh, Viney Dhiman, G Suresh, Ms Sk, Sai Siravani, A Selvamurugan, N Eswaran, Purushottam Sharma, M Singh, Amit Sharma
Anju hates everyone in the house except for Sudha because everyone in the house is trying to make her a sincere girl in the eyes of Indian society.  ...  One of the Muslim lunatic from Chainton, who used to be one of the most devoted workers of the All Indian Muslim League and obsessed with bathing himself fifteen or sixteen times a day, had suddenly stopped  ...  The study has attempted to analyze the following aspects: i) How much amount of growth of total revenue has been increased?  ... 

The Ainu of Tsugaru : the indigenous history and shamanism of northern Japan

Tanaka, Sakurako (Sherry)
This is the first doctoral level Ainu study outside Japan from an indigenous perspective, and the first academic Ainu study ever from a female perspective.  ...  Tsugaru was the last autonomous stronghold of the Ainu people in Honshu, remaining largely independent until it came under the control of the Japanese state, the Edo government, in the seventeenth century  ...  In this map, mena appears in the eastern parts of both sides of the Strait: on the north side, Mena-gawa (mena-river), and the town of Mena; on the south side, Mena-zawa (raewtf-riverside) and the towns  ... 
doi:10.14288/1.0076926 fatcat:b5aaytsowjb3rjrs66yjlivnwa

UKnowledge Historiography and Hierotopy: Palestinian Hagiography in the Sixth Century A.D

Rod Stearn
The first piece of evidence is found in a letter from Menas to Peter written between the two synods of 536. In it Menas gave assurances that Peter was favored at court.  ...  From both what is known about Aurelian and the general chronology of the Life, Di Segni argues that "If the story of Chariton's confession is not entirely a legend, it must therefore be placed at the time  ...  THE ANTI-CHALCEDONIAN NETWORK IN PALESTINE  ... 

Journal of Folklore and Education A publication of Local Learning: The National Network for Folk Arts in Education

Belonging Newcomers
2017 Journal of Folklore and Education   unpublished
Children's Bureau, in a speech to the National Women's Trade Union League, she noted, "It is a relatively few people who do accomplish things that must be done.  ...  Music Education in City Heights Christopher Mena: San Diego Band Director From 2010 to 2015, I was the band director at Hoover High School in the San Diego neighborhood of City Heights.  ...