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Analysis of the Cost of Handover in a Mobile Wireless Sensor Network [chapter]

Qian Dong, Waltenegus Dargie
2012 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Specifically, it investigates the latency of packet transmission in a mobile wireless sensor network with and without the support of a handover mechanism.  ...  I confirm that I acknowledge the applicable doctorate regulations of the Abstract Handling mobility in wireless sensor networks can pose formidable challenges in protocol design, especially, at the link  ...  in a mobile wireless sensor network with and without the support of a handover mechanism.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-30630-3_28 fatcat:ab47civg5rfz3ccaoa5r3yaptu

Distributed Group-Based Mobility Management Scheme in Wireless Body Area Networks

Moneeb Gohar, Hind Ahmed M. Alrubaish, Ruba Suliman M. Alowaid, Jin-Ghoo Choi
2017 Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing  
Besides, each MAG maintains the information of the group of mobile sensors and aggregates the Authentication-Authorization-Accounting (AAA) query messages for a group of mobile sensors as a "single" message  ...  For group-based mobility management in 6LoWPAN-based wireless body area networks (WBAN), some schemes using the Proxy Mobile IPv6 (PMIP) have been proposed.  ...  To maintain the sessions while reducing the handover delay and signaling cost of group-based mobility in 6LoWPAN-based wireless sensor body area networks is an important issue.  ... 
doi:10.1155/2017/4180801 fatcat:hwggrfbg4fa2zclpdb4j35a4pi

A Study of Network Based Mobility Management Schemes, 6LoWPAN Mobility, Open Issues and Proposed Solutions [article]

Riaz A Khan, Ajaz Hussain Mir
2014 arXiv   pre-print
Wireless Sensor Nodes (SNs), the key elements for building Internet of Things (IOT), have been deployed widely in order to get and transmit information over the internet.  ...  With the introduction of IPv6 over Low Power Wireless Personal Area Network (6LoWPAN), it is possible to connect these constrained devices to IPv6 Networks and transmit IPv6 packets.  ...  [47] proposed mobile sensor node's handover procedure in Wireless Sensor Networks.  ... 
arXiv:1408.2632v1 fatcat:h7glleaaojhk5kvnvya24ff3am

A multiple handover method by using the guide of mobile node

Radhwan Mohamed Abdullah, Radhwan Basher, Ayad Hussain Abdulqader
2021 Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science  
In general, remote sensor nodes of WBAN are positioned on the body of a subject.  ...  <span>Today's healthcare system can be characterised using the up-and-coming integral component of mobility management of wireless body area networks (WBANs).  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENT The authors are very grateful to the University of Mosul / College of Agriculture and Forestry for their provided facilities, which helped to improve the quality of this work.  ... 
doi:10.11591/ijeecs.v21.i2.pp1090-1102 fatcat:vsteyz54qjfwhe2izgxdq3ikoq

A Review of Network Based Mobility Management Schemes, WSN Mobility in 6LoWPAN Domain and Open Challenges

Riaz Khan, A H Mir
2014 International Journal of Future Generation Communication and Networking  
Wireless Sensor Nodes (SNs) in Internet of Things (IOT), have revolutionized and changed the perspective of internet.  ...  In IOT, the objects are mostly mobile and therefore requires a mobility management protocol for maintaining IP mobility.  ...  ., [47] proposed mobile sensor node's handover procedure in Wireless Sensor Networks.  ... 
doi:10.14257/ijfgcn.2014.7.5.08 fatcat:pkpfn7zf25b6flz4r2lx4jzhbm

A Competent Scheme For Rapid and Secure Handover Authentication Procedure of Mobile Nodes in Wireless Sensor Network

S.Asifa Begum S.Asifa Begum, D.Sathish Kumar D.Sathish Kumar
2012 International Journal of Scientific Research  
There is a chance of occurrence of communication delay by means of obtaining services from an increased number of access points which are formally deployed in Wireless sensor network.  ...  In this paper, we proposed the scheme of an efficient handover process which resolves the essential issues like network latency by credential Ticket issuance concept and also the computation complexity  ...  CONCLUSION We analysed the characteristics of the handover process in wireless sensor network and identifies the major issues that arises between the networks in the communication. it resolves the conflicts  ... 
doi:10.15373/22778179/apr2014/48 fatcat:fii26limxray7loeedtn6hafue

Distributed Mobility Management in 6LoWPAN-Based Wireless Sensor Networks

Moneeb Gohar, Jin-Ghoo Choi, Seok-Joo Koh, Kashif Naseer, Sohail Jabbar
2015 International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks  
However, the existing schemes are centralized, and thus they have many serious drawbacks such as nonoptimal data route, injection of unwanted data traffics into core networks, increased cost of network  ...  In the proposed schemes, Home Agent (HA), Local Mobility Anchor (LMA), and Mobile Access Gateway (MAG) functions are implemented in 6LoWPAN gateways, and the handover operations are performed directly  ...  However, to deliver data packets over mobile wireless networks, the sensors need a support from the mobility management scheme.  ... 
doi:10.1155/2015/620240 fatcat:c2q5jp3uoja4pbsiabz37ve3ey

Cluster-Based Group Mobility Support for Smart IoT

Kanwal Imran, Nasreen Anjum, Saeed Mahfooz, Muhammad Zubair, Zhahoui Yang, Abdul Haseeb Malik, Qazi Ejaz Ali, Madeeha Aman
2021 Computers Materials & Continua  
of Things (IoTs) infrastructure and allows mobile nodes to send packets over the IEEE 802.15.4 wireless network.  ...  IPv6 over Low Power Wireless Personal Area Network (6LoWPAN) connects the highly constrained sensor nodes with the internet using the IPv6 protocol. 6LoWPAN has improved the scalability of the Internet  ...  Conflicts of Interest: The authors have no conflict of interest to declare.  ... 
doi:10.32604/cmc.2021.017177 fatcat:is5npnjkqjdvzifjjmvprl6tpa

Vertical Handoff Algorithm Based On the Improved Joint Vertical Handover

Guanqun Liu, Ping Tan, Lin Zi
2015 International Journal of Future Generation Communication and Networking  
Vertical handoff is the mutual fused result of heterogeneous wireless network.In the process of vertical handoff, switching decision is a very important link which determines handoff function directly.  ...  As the residence time of mobile terminals is different in various covered area,it brought in concept of speed thresholds and made improvements for selection algorithm of combined vertical handoff network  ...  Acknowledgements The Research Is Supported By the 12th five-year plan project in hunan province(XJK014BXX005)  ... 
doi:10.14257/ijfgcn.2015.8.4.14 fatcat:7vqjyyy4kjbgpat5sf3ixlkf44

Partial Bicasting with Buffering for Proxy Mobile IPV6 Mobility Management in CoAP-Based IoT Networks

Moneeb Gohar, Sajid Anwar, Moazam Ali, Jin-Ghoo Choi, Hani Alquhayz, Seok-Joo Koh
2020 Electronics  
Constrained application protocol (CoAP) can be used for message delivery in wireless sensor networks.  ...  Here, when an IoT device moved into a new network, the corresponding mobile access gateway (MAG) updated the local mobility anchor (LMA) binding.  ...  Therefore, wireless networking eliminates the costs of cables. Furthermore, wireless networking is implemented in the physical layer of open systems interconnection (OSI) model networks [2] .  ... 
doi:10.3390/electronics9040598 fatcat:zbcy47hjvbeenlvz72tgun4oo4

A study of mobility support in wearable health monitoring systems: Design framework

Amine Boulemtafes, Abderrezak Rachedi, Nadjib Badache
2015 2015 IEEE/ACS 12th International Conference of Computer Systems and Applications (AICCSA)  
The development of a special type of wireless sensor Networks (WSNs) called Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN), was directly triggered by the unsuitability of WSN for monitoring human body [2, 3] .  ...  Power consumption and cost are important parameters to be taken in consideration by handover decision algorithms and a tradeoff between quality of the connections and others parameters such as cost might  ... 
doi:10.1109/aiccsa.2015.7507158 dblp:conf/aiccsa/BoulemtafesRB15 fatcat:hruoc7n42bgftigh7opak75oa4

Editorial: special issue on "Recent advanced in ubiquitous infrastructure technology"

Changhoon Lee, Jiang Xiaohong, Christian Becker, Laurence T. Yang
2013 Telecommunications Systems  
Ubiquitous Infrastructure Technologies (UITs), including RFID/USN, mobile/wireless network, home network, and optical network technologies to provide computing and communication services, are growing rapidly  ...  This special issue aims to foster the dissemination of high quality research in any new theory, technique, and research related to UIT, as well as to enhance its state-of-the-art.  ...  The simulation result reveals handover latency, handover time cost and the number of network handover for the new proposed mechanism is less than the standard one.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s11235-013-9745-7 fatcat:fiumuqzjv5htnbluw3hqn3vyqi

A Cellular-Assisted Efficient Handover Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks

Jun Zhu, Hui Gao, Yuling Ouyang
2012 International Journal of Communications, Network and System Sciences  
A number of edge nodes are set at the edge of each Personal Area Networks (PANs).  ...  Heterogeneous network convergence and handover have become very hot in recent years. This paper proposed an efficient handover scheme in Multi-PAN Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs).  ...  In the coverage area of a cellular network, there also exists a group of wireless sensor nodes composing the WSN networks.  ... 
doi:10.4236/ijcns.2012.510073 fatcat:2veluu7d7bh6no4nrzam5ebhei

MobiLab: A Testbed for Evaluating Mobility Management Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks

Jianjun Wen, Zeeshan Ansar, Waltenegus Dargie
2017 EAI Endorsed Transactions on Ubiquitous Environments  
Wireless sensor networks that support the mobility of nodes are finding applications in different areas such as healthcare, elderly care, and rehabilitation from total knee and hip replacement.  ...  In this paper we present a wireless sensor network testbed for carrying out repeated and reproducible experiments, independent of the application or protocol types which should be tested.  ...  This work has been partially funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) under project agreement: DA 1211/5-2.  ... 
doi:10.4108/eai.21-12-2017.153504 fatcat:x35g2rfnsfajhlh6lnhdftpdle

A Secure and Efficient Cluster-Based Authentication Scheme for Internet of Things (IoTs)

Kanwal Imran, Nasreen Anjum, Abdullah Alghamdi, Asadullah Shaikh, Mohammed Hamdi, Saeed Mahfooz
2022 Computers Materials & Continua  
and handover procedures, when a sensor node or group of sensor nodes join or leave a cluster.  ...  In this approach, sensor nodes are organized into a cluster and communicate with the central network through a dedicated sensor node.  ...  Cost Analysis of LAMS in 6LoWPAN In the LAMS scheme, the handover occurs between two gateways.  ... 
doi:10.32604/cmc.2022.018589 fatcat:64tl6epbyvhj7p5nfhtqgweboy
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