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Hongmin Lu, Jian Xun Zhao, Zhiyong Yu
2012 Progress In Electromagnetics Research C  
An electromagnetic bandgap (EBG) structure is proposed to suppress the simultaneous switching noise (SSN) from 0.45 GHz to 5.3 GHz with an averaged suppression level of −66.4 dB.  ...  A better omnidirectional SSN suppression is also achieved. For high-speed digital applications, the signal integrity is analyzed and improved.  ...  The noise from the simultaneous switching of multiple devices induces the voltage fluctuation of the power distribution system, which conversely reduces the signal integrity and causes problems of electromagnetic  ... 
doi:10.2528/pierc12042709 fatcat:7rc7ujge4rekvhxzcl3m3gpudy

Analysis of a Novel Electromagnetic Bandgap Structure for Simultaneous Switching Noise Suppression [chapter]

Hua Yang, ShaoChang Chen, Qiang Zhang, WenTing Zheng
2011 Communications in Computer and Information Science  
Electromagnetic Bandgap (EBG) structures have been successfully applied for suppressing the Simultaneous Switching Noise (SSN) between the power and ground planes.  ...  Aimed at the relative narrow bandwidth and the poor performance in low frequency of the conventional Uniplanar-Compact EBG (UC-EBG) structure, a novel EBG structure formed by adding spiral-shaped metal  ...  Simultaneous Switching Noise(SSN, or delta I noise) which can lead to significant Signal Integrity(SI) problems and Electromagnetic interference(EMI) issues [1] [2] [3] will came into being by the high  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-23321-0_99 fatcat:r3bqfe52jrdrpd4om3imkta4kq

A Novel Miniaturized Electromagnetic Bandgap Structure and Its Effects on Signal Integrity and Electromagnetic Emission

Zhaowen Yan, Yansheng Wang
2013 International Journal of Antennas and Propagation  
A miniaturized planar electromagnetic bandgap (EBG) structure with embedded meander line as bridge is proposed in this paper.  ...  Simulation and measurement of the noise transmission coefficient (S21) have been performed for the structure, and good agreement can be seen.  ...  Acknowledgment This work was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) under Grant 61271044.  ... 
doi:10.1155/2013/715046 fatcat:4g36323ttfb6ljewhpfbeqijbi

Novel Planar Electromagnetic Bandgap Structures for Mitigation of Switching Noise and EMI Reduction in High-Speed Circuits

Jie Qin, Omar M. Ramahi, Victor Granatstein
2007 IEEE transactions on electromagnetic compatibility (Print)  
Planar electromagnetic bandgap (EBG) structures with novel meandered lines and super cell configuration are proposed for mitigating simultaneous switching noise propagation in high-speed printed circuit  ...  A novel concept of using these EBG structures for electromagnetic interference reduction is also introduced.  ...  Simultaneous switching noise (SSN) has become one of the major concerns [1] , [2] .  ... 
doi:10.1109/temc.2007.902193 fatcat:d566ohqrczh5nfbtwto3wsxq5y

Curved uniplanar EBG structure for suppressed ground bounce noise and improved signal integrity in power planes

Nguyen Manh Quyet, Dong Hyun Lee, Hyun Chang Park
2013 IEICE Electronics Express  
A novel wideband uniplanar electromagnetic bandgap structure with curved line bridges (C-EBG) is proposed to be used in power planes for suppressed ground bounce noise (GBN) and improved signal integrity  ...  Compared with a conventional uniplanar electromagnetic bandgap structure with straight line bridges (S-EBG), the C-EBG structure significantly increases the equivalent inductance with less splitting in  ...  Recently, a novel concept of suppressing GBN using uniplanar electromagnetic bandgap (EBG) structures was introduced, where EBG structures of low periods were embedded in the power plane while the ground  ... 
doi:10.1587/elex.10.20130362 fatcat:cymamnkphnanpojsmj6erfpwzu


Hui-Sen He, Xin-Quan Lai, Qiang Ye, Qiang Wang, Wen-Dan Xu, Jian-Guo Jiang, Ming-Xiang Zang
2010 Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters  
Simultaneous switching noise (SSN) is a significant problem in high-speed circuits.  ...  To minimize its effect and improve the electrical characteristics of circuits such as signal integrity (SI) and power integrity (PI), a novel power plane with planar electromagnetic bandgap (EBG) structure  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENT This work was supported by Key Lab of High-speed Circuit Design and EMC, Ministry of Education in China.  ... 
doi:10.2528/pierl10080102 fatcat:xq7la2yfxfgond6jvi5u7s6ucu

The use of buried technology in microsystem packaging achieves the new type of electronic band gap

Wang Liuping, Shang Guan Dong Kai, Cao Liqiang, Liu Yuan
2014 2014 15th International Conference on Electronic Packaging Technology  
novel two-dimensional EBG is put forward to suppress the simultaneous switching noise of electronic systems, Based on the inductance enhanced by the development of the micro system substrate embedded technology  ...  Keywords-simultaneously switching noise(SSN); electromagnetic band gap(EBG); Electromagnetic compatibility(EMC) I.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENT The authors acknowledge the support of National Science and Technology Major Project (Project name:20011ZX02601 -002-02);  ... 
doi:10.1109/icept.2014.6922758 fatcat:ww5dxqbsnvg4nhjgirj5jnwijq


Xing-Jun Wang, Ling-Feng Shi
2014 Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters  
A novel structure of U-bridged EBG power plane is proposed.  ...  The elimination of simultaneous switching noise (SSN) as this kind of U-bridged coplanar EBG structure is more effective below 1 GHz. In addition, the eye diagram of the structure is analyzed.  ...  Literature [4] using a complementary spiral resonator mounted on the power plane, simultaneous switching noise and ground bouncing noise can be suppressed over a very wideband under a noise suppression  ... 
doi:10.2528/pierl14040903 fatcat:klxrwy4r75fifjteauz4zwpo5y


Chin-Sheng Chang, Mau-Phon Houng, Ding-Bing Lin, Kuo-Chiang Hung, I-Tseng Tang
2008 Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters  
A novel design with low parasitic effect for eliminating the simultaneous switching noise (SSN) in high-speed circuits is proposed by using the aperiodic high-impedance surface (A-HIS) structure.  ...  The suppression results of the proposed A-HIS structure is checked by both measurement and simulation results.  ...  switching noise (SSN), on the power/ground planes has become one of major concerns.  ... 
doi:10.2528/pierl08082902 fatcat:2n2pdpo3yjbapkzgylzonh5p7m


Ling-Feng Shi, Hong-Feng Jiang
2013 Electromagnetic Waves  
A novel vertical cascaded planar electromagnetic bandgap (EBG) structure is proposed for SSN suppression with the ultrawideband at the restraining depth of −30 dB by analyzing the simultaneous switching  ...  The proposed structures provide a new designing method for EBG structures to improve the ability of suppressing SSN.  ...  INTRODUCTION With the development of fast edge rates and high clock frequencies, simultaneous switching noise (SSN) has become one of the major concerns for the high-speed digital circuits.  ... 
doi:10.2528/pier13080107 fatcat:3ft4fbeynfcz3ppbdrcqqhrnni

Table of Contents

2020 IEEE transactions on electromagnetic compatibility (Print)  
Miyazaki 2576 A Novel Double-Square Electromagnetic Bandgap Structure for Wideband SSN Suppression in High-Speed PCB . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  ...  Dhaene 2538 Statistical Eye-Diagram Estimation Method Considering Power/Ground Noise Induced by Simultaneous Switching Output (SSO) Buffers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  ... 
doi:10.1109/temc.2020.3037847 fatcat:zhzkx7y565fmtfzmtaq2f4q5by

Metallo-dielectric electromagnetic bandgap structures for suppression and isolation of the parallel-plate noise in high-speed circuits

R. Abhari, G.V. Eleftheriades
2003 IEEE transactions on microwave theory and techniques  
Index Terms-Electromagnetic bandgap (EBG) structures, ground/power noise, parallel-plate noise, periodic structures, suppression of the switching noise.  ...  A novel approach for the suppression of the parallel-plate waveguide (PPW) noise in high-speed printed circuit boards is presented.  ...  CONCLUSIONS A novel approach for the suppression of the parallel-plate noise in high-speed circuits has been proposed.  ... 
doi:10.1109/tmtt.2003.812555 fatcat:gbnxzxcnsrhnbd4g5zlshuw7ii

MRF volume 9 issue 2 Cover and Back matter

2017 International journal of microwave and wireless technologies  
Alkanhal 281 Room shielding with frequency-selective surfaces for electromagnetic health application Soheil Hashemi and Ali Abdolali 291 Novel electromagnetic bandgap structure to mitigate simultaneous  ...  switching noise for mixed-signal system applications Vasudevan Karuppiah and Raju Srinivasan 299 RADAR Position gauging of welding joints with an FMCW-based mm-wave radar system Jochen O.  ... 
doi:10.1017/s1759078717000174 fatcat:ta5577p2zzdbjf3jwq3ofqc6zu

All-optical on–off switch based on bismuth-based highly nonlinear fiber

K. K. Qureshi, P. K. A. Wai, H. Y. Tam, L. Chao, N. Sugimoto
2007 Microwave and optical technology letters (Print)  
The proposed switch has a fast response time, high ON/OFF switching ratio, and potential to work beyond 10 Gb/s. (GI-MMF).  ...  The operation of the switch is based on four-wave mixing in only 1.9 m of bismuth-based highly nonlinear fiber.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS This research is supported in part by grants from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Project Number A-PG60 and G-U155).  ... 
doi:10.1002/mop.22295 fatcat:kcvqirkicvf4len4yuru2pv26m

2020 Index IEEE Transactions on Electromagnetic Compatibility Vol. 62

2020 IEEE transactions on electromagnetic compatibility (Print)  
., see Attaran, A., TEMC Feb. 2020 186-193 Jiang, L., see Zhang, Y., TEMC Aug. 2020 1443-1450 Jiang, L.J., see Li, P., TEMC Oct. 2020 2217-2226 Jiang, R., see 1200-1208 Jin, J., see Min, Q., TEMC  ...  2585-2594 Jing, F., see Wen, F., 1859-1868 Jo, C., see Park, J., TEMC Feb. 2020 285-290 Jobava, R., see 2196-2208 Jobava, R.G., see Rezaei, H., 1628-1636 Jones, C.E., see Lu, H., 1619-1627 Jossen, A.  ...  ., +, TEMC Aug. 2020 1485-1492 Suppression of Wideband Simultaneous Switching Noise Through Application of a Partial Electromagnetic Band-Gap Structure in Multilayer Printed Circuit Boards.  ... 
doi:10.1109/temc.2021.3049587 fatcat:rbv353q2ifbnhdsy763jbndcs4
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