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Analysis of Petri Nets and Transition Systems

Eike Best, Uli Schlachter
2015 Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science  
This paper describes a stand-alone, no-frills tool supporting the analysis of (labelled) place/transition Petri nets and the synthesis of labelled transition systems into Petri nets.  ...  It is implemented as a collection of independent, dedicated algorithms which have been designed to operate modularly, portably, extensibly, and efficiently.  ...  A Labelled transition systems and Petri nets An lts (labelled transition system with initial state) is a tuple (S, →, T, s 0 ), where S is a set of states; T is a set of labels with S ∩ T = / 0; →⊆ (S  ... 
doi:10.4204/eptcs.189.6 fatcat:47ba7xxshfghzhfatep5qeu5aa

Hierarchical Colored Petri Nets for Modeling and Analysis of Transit Signal Priority Control Systems

Yisheng An, Naiqi Wu, Xiangmo Zhao, Xuan Li, Pei Chen
2018 Applied Sciences  
Petri nets (PN) are useful for state analysis of discrete event systems due to their powerful modeling capability and mathematical formalism.  ...  In this paper, we consider the problem of developing a model for traffic signal control with transit priority using Hierarchical Colored Petri nets (HCPN).  ...  Acknowledgments: This paper has been supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China under  ... 
doi:10.3390/app8010141 fatcat:y6da7w7pkrarfmg5fknb7r4y4y

Analysis and Application of Transition Systems Based on Petri Nets and Relation Matrices to Business Process Management

Dong Han, Yinhua Tian
2020 Mathematical Problems in Engineering  
In order to improve the efficiency of conformance checking in business process management, a business alignment approach is presented based on transition systems between relation matrices and Petri nets  ...  Next, the states of the log and the model are recorded until no new state can be generated, so a transition system can be obtained which includes optimal alignments between the event log and the process  ...  and Petri net, we can get an alignment transition system  ... 
doi:10.1155/2020/2545413 fatcat:ekxk2mtszjg7joi3qoyxbk7jj4

Modeling and Analysis Methods for Multi-Agent Systems [chapter]

Jose R., Alan A.
2009 Multiagent Systems  
Having Petri net models of multi-agent systems will allow us to use the existing analysis methodologies for Petri nets.  ...  Important properties of discrete-event systems could be obtained with Petri net analysis methods such as the reachability graph and the analysis of the network invariants.  ...  Analysis of Petri net models from multi-agent systems This section presents the application of Petri net synthesis and reduction methods for the modeling and analysis of multi-agent systems using Petri  ... 
doi:10.5772/6596 fatcat:svwrogmzkngtpfdftohbggwbui

Putting high-level Petri nets to work in industry

W.M.P. van der Aalst
1994 Computers in industry (Print)  
Thanks to several useful extensions and the availability of computer tools, Petri nets have become a mature tool for modelling and analysing industrial systems.  ...  This paper describes an approach based on a high-level Petri net model, i.e. an extended version of the classical Petri net model.  ...  Finally, t h e r e are a number of software packages available for the modelling and analysis of systems in terms of high-level Petri nets.  ... 
doi:10.1016/0166-3615(94)90031-0 fatcat:y5ailuxclrdprg6aczy7n26p6a

Research on Mapping UML to Petri-Net in System Modeling

Chun Jian Wang, Hong Jun Fan, Shuang Pan, W.-P. Sung, J.C.M. Kao
2016 MATEC Web of Conferences  
The paper analyzes the need of complex system modeling.According to the advantage and shortage of UML and Perti net, comprehensive usage of Petri net and UML can efficiently improve the comprehensiveness  ...  , consistency, accuracy and completeness of the model describing The translation rules from UML to Petri net were proposed.  ...  Petri net shows inner place and transition.  ... 
doi:10.1051/matecconf/20164402038 fatcat:hzcuohn4inflrj7ed6ei3ku5wy

System Failure Analysis Through Counters of Petri Net Models

Angela Adamyan, David He
2004 Quality and Reliability Engineering International  
Petri net is a powerful technique widely used in modeling and analysis of complex manufacturing systems and processes.  ...  Current methods in combining Petri nets with fault trees for system failure analysis compute the average rate of occurrence of system failures by tracking the markings of the Petri net models.  ...  Acknowledgements The authors of the paper are grateful to the editor and the anonymous reviewers for making helpful comments and suggestions on the revisions of the paper.  ... 
doi:10.1002/qre.545 fatcat:gjvedjnxhvfzbo7okba5rgp6g4

Model interoperability via Model Driven Development

Mohamed A. Ameedeen, Behzad Bordbar, Rachid Anane
2011 Journal of computer and system sciences (Print)  
The aim of this paper is to present a Model Driven Development (MDD) model transformation which supports a seamless transition between UML and Petri Nets.  ...  Petri Nets on the other hand have a strong mathematical basis that are well suited for formal analysis; they lack however the appeal and the ease-of-use of UML.  ...  This subclass of Petri Net is predominantly used for effective and efficient analysis of a systems [38] .  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.jcss.2010.01.011 fatcat:3gljhlewbrfhngefft3gdnyrtm

Petri nets semantics of π-calculus

Zhenhua Yu, Yuanli Cai, Haiping Xu
2008 Frontiers of Electrical and Electronic Engineering in China  
The structural analysis techniques allow direct qualitative analysis of the system properties on the structure of the nets.  ...  These modules are translated into Petri nets to construct a complicated system. Petri nets semantics for p-calculus visualize system structure as well as system behaviors.  ...  with dynamic topology, and supports formal analysis of systems in a variety of wellestablished techniques.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s11460-008-0050-2 fatcat:w2crgev3gzf55n6ddhkb526tce

Internet Host Reliability Modeling with Time Petri Nets

Ali M.Meligy, Hani M. Ibrahim, Amal M. Aqlan
2012 International Journal of Computer Applications  
Petri nets have been extensively used in the modeling and analysis of concurrent and distributed systems.  ...  Particular importance of Petri nets are in the development of concurrent and distributed systems.  ...  Petri nets are also applied in safety analysis of a system as shown by Leveson and Stolzy, where Petri nets are used to design and analyze the safety and fault tolerance of a system [9] .  ... 
doi:10.5120/7270-0296 fatcat:hhzoajm4hvh4ledrr5pqw5fvnq

Petri Net Model and Reliability Evaluation for Wind Turbine Hydraulic Variable Pitch Systems

Xiyun Yang, Jinxia Li, Wei Liu, Peng Guo
2011 Energies  
Based on an analysis of the working principles of the hydraulic variable pitch system of a wind turbine, a novel Petri net model and reliability evaluation method are proposed.  ...  Then through qualitative analysis and quantitative calculations based on the fault Petri net, the system reliability indexes are obtained.  ...  Reliability Analysis of a Fault Petri Net Qualitative Analysis of a Fault Petri Net The qualitative analysis task of the fault Petri net is to find all the possible fault modes and when the state combinations  ... 
doi:10.3390/en4060978 fatcat:vpjk6isc3vdxlabbdzizoucta4

A Minimum Cycle Time Analysis for Hierarchical Petri

Jaegeol Yim
2016 International Journal of Software Engineering and Its Applications  
If a computer system is complex, its Petri net model contains so many transitions and places that a full comprehension of the model becomes extremely difficult.  ...  Petri net minimum-cycle-time analysis methods have been widely used in system design in order to verify user requirements in the early design stages of software development.  ...  Acknowledgments This research was supported by the Dongguk University Research Fund of 2016, by the Ministry of Education (NRF-2011-0006942), and by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy (10037393).  ... 
doi:10.14257/ijseia.2016.10.7.11 fatcat:f3f5bffqgjexrb3qcj2iajq7du

Petri nets and industrial applications: A tutorial

R. Zurawski, MengChu Zhou
1994 IEEE transactions on industrial electronics (1982. Print)  
This is a tutorial paper on Petri nets. Petri nets, as a graphical and mathematical tool, provide a uniform environment for modelling, formal analysis, and design of discrete event systems.  ...  The paper begins with an overview of applications of Petri nets, mostly industrial ones. Then, it proceeds with a description of Petri nets, properties, and analysis methods.  ...  Petri nets, as graphical and mathematical tools, provide a uniform environment for modeling, formal analysis, and design of discrete event systems.  ... 
doi:10.1109/41.334574 fatcat:rwcuaissqzcrdg66ff2dya2kca

A Model Driven Approach to the Analysis of Timeliness Properties [chapter]

Mohamed A. Ameedeen, Behzad Bordbar, Rachid Anane
2009 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Petri Nets on the other hand have a strong mathematical base that is well suited for analysis of a system but lacks the appeal and ease-of-use of UML.  ...  Design in UML languages such as Sequence Diagrams and analysis in Petri Nets require on one hand some expertise in potentially two incompatible systems and their tools, and on the other a seamless transition  ...  and the analysis of software systems.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-02674-4_16 fatcat:aey3bc3odvdxvojuw65u3ivqsq

Modeling, Analysis and Simulation of Simple One Machine - Two Product System Using Petri Nets

2006 Doğuş Üniversitesi Dergisi  
Petri Nets, as graphical and mathematical tools, provide a uniform environment for modeling, format analysis and design of discrete event systems.  ...  The modeling, simulation and analysis of simple one machine-two product systems using Petri nets will be presented in this paper.  ...  Petri nets, as graphical and mathematical tools, provide a uniform environment for modeling, formal analysis, and design of discrete event systems.  ... 
doi:10.31671/dogus.2019.258 fatcat:fo4yxdd77zculmioonabguwrxa
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