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Analog Codes on Graphs [article]

Nandakishore Santhi, Alexander Vardy
2006 arXiv   pre-print
Thus, over a wide range of SNR values, the proposed code performs much better than any single previously known analog coding system.  ...  An analog coding scheme is described, which can achieve a mean-squared error distortion proportional to (1+SNR)^-B for a bandwidth expansion factor of B/R, where 0 < R < 1 is the rate of individual component  ...  Figure 11 11 Figure 11 The factor graph for the (RA 2 ) code. Figure 13 13 Figure 13 Forward backward algorithm on the Accumulate code graph.  ... 
arXiv:cs/0608086v1 fatcat:kqijel3r7nadbjaxgybllkkyxm

An Optimization Method for Designing LDPC Analog Decoders Based on Frequent Subgraph Mining Algorithm

Yuan Gao, Yujie Lin, Jibo Dai
2016 International Journal of Signal Processing, Image Processing and Pattern Recognition  
Based on factor graphs and the sum-product algorithm, the LDPC decoding process on the factor graph and the construction of analog decoders are exploited.  ...  Moreover, this method can extend to optimize the design of other analog decoders for linear block codes, such as BCH and RS codes.  ...  A (120, 75) LDPC analog decoder with the MS algorithm was proposed in [9] , which was one of the longest length codes implemented to date using analog techniques [10] .  ... 
doi:10.14257/ijsip.2016.9.10.12 fatcat:37en453sxzazlixxweuezcz5ti

Versatile graphs for tail-biting convolutional codes

M. R. Zahabi, V. Meghdadi, H. Meghdadi, J. P. Cances
2008 2008 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems  
Analog realization of such a graph employing MOS transistors is discussed and its circuit-level simulation results are given.  ...  A unified method to derive Tanner graph related to tail-biting convolutional codes (CCs) is presented.  ...  We considered convolutional codes which are converted to block code by adding certain constraints on the trellis of the graph.  ... 
doi:10.1109/iscas.2008.4541393 dblp:conf/iscas/ZahabiMMC08 fatcat:ttlaxkz3djatnhvbvklfalkyri

A Subthreshold PMOS Analog Cortex Decoder for the (8, 4, 4) Hamming Code

Jorge Pérez-Chamorro, Cyril Lahuec, Fabrice Seguin, Gerald Le Mestre, Michel Jézéquel
2009 ETRI Journal  
However, the structure of the encoder is well suited for analog decoding. A proof-of-concept Cortex decoder for the (8, 4, 4) Hamming code is implemented in subthreshold 0.25-µm CMOS.  ...  These codes are systematic block codes of rate 1/2 and can have higher d min than turbo codes.  ...  Cortex decoder construction: (a) bipartite graph of (4, 2, 2) Hadamard code and (b) Cortex graph of the (8, 4, 4) Hamming code. One of the shortest cycles is shown with dashed lines.  ... 
doi:10.4218/etrij.09.0109.0207 fatcat:gypldjgzwbdupavlbym25vhv5m

HoloCast+: Hybrid Digital-Analog Transmission for Graceful Point Cloud Delivery with Graph Fourier Transform

Takuya Fujihashi, Toshiaki Koike-Akino, Takashi Watanabe, Philip V. Orlik
2021 IEEE transactions on multimedia  
Specifically, our method utilizes hybrid digital-analog coding, integrating digital compression and analog coding based on graph Fourier transform (GFT), to gracefully improve 3D reconstruction quality  ...  Conventionally, communications of point cloud data have relied on digital compression and digital modulation for three-dimensional (3D) data streaming.  ...  The graph-based analog coding decorrelates the residuals in graph-domain to boost the quality enhancement according to the improvement of wireless channel quality.  ... 
doi:10.1109/tmm.2021.3077772 fatcat:22ltju4moveydiidcmppckpbpa

An Analysis of the Sum-Product Decoding of Analog Compound Codes

Fangning Hu, Werner Henkel
2007 2007 IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory  
We investigate the sum-product decoding on graphs of analog compound codes and show that the iterative decoding can be completely analyzed by tracing the mean vector at each iteration.  ...  Based on this geometric analysis, we propose to decompose the analog compound codes into several orthogonal constituent code spaces to achieve the fastest convergence speed.  ...  Each constituent code can be represented by a cycle-free graph and is decodable on its own.  ... 
doi:10.1109/isit.2007.4557496 dblp:conf/isit/HuH07 fatcat:ml2xguqz4ffdzfnnv5biihfrta

Low-voltage CMOS circuits for analog iterative decoders

C. Winstead, N. Nguyen, V.C. Gaudet, C. Schlegel
2006 IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I Fundamental Theory and Applications  
Measured results for two fabricated low-voltage analog decoders are also presented.  ...  The low-voltage analog architecture is then useful for implementing Turbo and low-density parity check decoders.  ...  The decoding algorithms used in Turbo codes have since been generalized into a class of algorithms operating on graphs [2] , [3] .  ... 
doi:10.1109/tcsi.2005.859773 fatcat:pwe67lb23jhyrovw25a2tqfgba

Complexity ratings of digit strings and their pictorial analogs

Douglas W. Ohman, Paul C. Vitz
1973 Bulletin of the Psychonomic Society  
The pictorial analog of a d igit string was the dot-line graph or bar graph representing the heights of t he digits in the string.  ...  In each of .three experiments, one group of Ss rated complexity of short strings of decimal dig its and another group rat ed t he complexity of the pic torial analogs of the digit strings.  ...  E xperiment 3B: The bar-graph analogs of the Experiment 3A digit strings drawn on cards.  ... 
doi:10.3758/bf03327712 fatcat:4piyiyvsorbnrj7dlxqw3kqcpe

Analog MIMO detection on the basis of Belief Propagation

Josep Soler-Garrido, Robert J. Piechocki, Koushik Maharatna, Darren McNamara
2006 The ... Midwest Symposium on Circuits and Systems conference proceedings  
A small analog detector based on this work has been designed and laid out in a 0.25pm BiCMOS process.  ...  In this article we present the design of an analog detector for Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (NIMO) wireless systems, based on the well known Belief Propagation (BP) algorithm.  ...  Analog decoding of channel codes is a good example of this new philosophy of receiver design.  ... 
doi:10.1109/mwscas.2006.382205 fatcat:ldu3ghmwrrbcbbssdxyignr5oi

Solving Hofstadter's Analogies Using Structural Information Theory [chapter]

Geerten Rijsdijk, Giovanni Sileno
2021 Communications in Computer and Information Science  
This paper introduces a method to solve string-based (symbolic) analogies based on hybrid inferential process integrating Structural Information Theory-a framework used to predict phenomena of perceptual  ...  Analogies are common part of human life; our ability to handle them is critical in problem solving, humor, metaphors and argumentation.  ...  -PISA always returns the one code with the lowest complexity, while this compressor returns a Graph object.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-030-76640-5_7 fatcat:hewksdk5qndadhdlexp7ixvasq


Endin Tri Hartanto, Edy Widodo, Ayip Rivai Prabowo, Sulaiman Sulaiman
On testing authors use applications that are created using Visual Studio 2012 to plotting the pressure graphs and large voltage output sensors.  ...  The MPX5700 air pressure Sensor, as a source of pressure measurement with analog voltage output is comparable to the large value of air pressure.  ...  Data received through serial communications will be in the plot on the interface graph to obtain a graph of air pressure and large analog voltage output sensor MPX5700.  ... 
doi:10.37875/asro.v11i2.279 fatcat:nbau47lckbab3imbwh4jj7332a

Page 1106 of SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal Vol. 102, Issue 12 [page]

1993 SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal  
CCIR Rec. 709 is based on a power function of 0.45.  ...  Computer frame buffer digital-to-ana- log converters that employ 7.5% setup almost universally have very loose tolerance on the analog voltage associated with reference black.  ... 

Coding-Aware Scheduling for Reliable Many-to-One Flows

O. M. Al-Kofahi, A. E. Kamal
2009 2009 IEEE International Conference on Communications  
The performance of coding-aware scheduling is studied based on both digital network coding (DNC) and analog network coding (ANC).  ...  We revisit the problem of scheduling the sources transmissions in a many-to-one flow to provide reliable communication between n sources and a single destination.  ...  Fig. 6 . 6 An alternative corresponding Graph G Fig. 7 . 7 Coding tree on graph G IV. SCHEDULING BASED ON ANALOG NETWORK CODING SS Input: Graph G(V, E), V = {Us ∪ Ls}. G is bipartite, and a tree.  ... 
doi:10.1109/icc.2009.5198830 dblp:conf/icc/Al-KofahiK09 fatcat:qolpsncoczfz3lg7xn5qcqlltm

Finite Rate QLDPC-GKP Coding Scheme that Surpasses the CSS Hamming Bound [article]

Nithin Raveendran, Narayanan Rengaswamy, Filip Rozpędek, Ankur Raina, Liang Jiang, Bane Vasić
2022 arXiv   pre-print
code such as the surface code on these GKP qubits.  ...  Furthermore, we observe that the GKP analog information helps the iterative decoder in escaping harmful trapping sets in the Tanner graph of the QLDPC code, thereby eliminating or significantly lowering  ...  graphs.  ... 
arXiv:2111.07029v2 fatcat:6p2f6szhafhbznroeqnchjaoli

Iterative decoding in analog CMOS

Saied Hemati, Amir H. Banihashemi
2003 Proceedings of the 13th ACM Great Lakes Symposium on VLSI - GLSVLSI '03  
The decoder is based on the so-called min-sum algorithm (also referred to as max-sum or max-product) and can be used to decode powerful coding schemes such as low-density paritycheck (LDPC) codes and turbo  ...  The proposed circuits can be implemented by standard CMOS technology, which means lower fabrication cost and/or simpler design compared to previously reported analog iterative decoders that are based on  ...  MIN-SUM DECODING ALGORITHM To explain the min-sum algorithm, we focus on binary LDPC codes and the bipartite graph that represents the code through its parity-check equations, and is referred to as "Tanner  ... 
doi:10.1145/764813.764814 fatcat:vjwyr66c7je4rhkc24dtetpaym
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