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Cassini Imaging Science: Instrument Characteristics And Anticipated Scientific Investigations At Saturn

Carolyn C. Porco, Robert A. West, Steven Squyres, Alfred Mcewen, Peter Thomas, Carl D. Murray, Anthony Delgenio, Andrew P. Ingersoll, Torrence V. Johnson, Gerhard Neukum, Joseph Veverka, Luke Dones (+8 others)
2004 Space Science Reviews  
These were chosen to address a multitude of Saturn-system scientific objectives: sounding the three-dimensional cloud structure and meteorology of the Saturn and Titan atmospheres, capturing lightning  ...  The data system allows many options for data collection, including choices for on-chip summing, rapid imaging and data compression.  ...  It would be an impossible task to name every one.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s11214-004-1456-7 fatcat:iws7cevchreo5ibliw6mw6qeei

A Review and Analysis of Automatic Optical Inspection and Quality Monitoring Methods in Electronics Industry

Abd Al Rahman M. Abu Ebayyeh, Alireza Mousavi
2020 IEEE Access  
Therefore, after specifying the ROI, an image mask is used to delineate the ROI.  ...  , and bruises [133] Bond pad discoloration [54] Die edge, die street and determination of chipping size and shape [134] Spot, rock-shaped particle, ring-shaped particle, misalignment and scratch  ...  However, researchers tend to use the specific electronic component that they are analyzing for the title and keyword indexing in their research articles instead of using general terms such as electronic  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2020.3029127 fatcat:hoimi667cndsrimsnwasamtdey

Bruker Micro-CT User Meeting 2016 Abstract book [article]

2020 Zenodo  
CT slices were reconstructed using InstaRecon, while image analysis, volume and surface rendering were performed using the SkyScan software suite (CT-An and CT-Vox) and Avizo (FEI).  ...  Results Besides being extremely simple, the sample preparation technique presented here has several advantages: (1) a large number of particles can be embedded in one single mount, (2) the particles are  ...  Moreover, the algorithm illustrated the capability of also identifying the smallest objects of the phantom that were impossible to segment even using an object-specific threshold.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3697293 fatcat:lcotsgt3wvdzxpiltd4zczg7sy

Conference Digest

2020 2020 IEEE Aerospace Conference  
intrinsic balancing component that allows to ignore inaccuracies in the locomotion pattern and passively accommodate for terrain unevenness.  ...  This presentation provides an overview of the ROS-based simulator used for testing the M2020 ENav algorithms.  ...  We include an analysis and discussion of ADTM's performance on several of these fault cases.  ... 
doi:10.1109/aero47225.2020.9172613 fatcat:ioqf5ijrx5gvffu3ls34aa2nsq

The impact of impervious water-storage parametrization on urban climate modelling

Hendrik Wouters, Matthias Demuzere, Koen De Ridder, Nicole P.M. van Lipzig
2015 Urban Climate  
Zoom out of a rock. Watch the volcano explode, the lightning strike, an aurora undulate. Imagine ice sheets expanding, retreating -pulsating -while continents continue their leisurely collisions.  ...  The space scales relate, for example, to the diameter of a vortex, the time scales to its life time.  ...  Detection of these atmospheric particles lead to objective depiction of clouds at a range of temporal and spatial scales that are necessary for improving predictions of climate change.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.uclim.2014.11.005 fatcat:4nms4aiw55ghrbi2g3tbousvee

How Can We Provide Additively Manufactured Parts with a Fingerprint? A Review of Tagging Strategies in Additive Manufacturing

Antonella Sola, Yilin Sai, Adrian Trinchi, Clement Chu, Shirley Shen, Shiping Chen
2021 Materials  
and technological issues, materials engineers are on the front line of research to understand what kind of tag is preferred for each kind of object and how existing materials and 3D printing hardware  ...  Whereas the implementation of an overarching strategy for the complete traceability of AM components downstream from designer to end user is, by nature, a cross-disciplinary task that involves legal, digital  ...  The literature review was conducted under the "Unique Identifier of Things" Interchange Project (CSIRO). Conflicts of Interest: The authors declare no conflict of interest.  ... 
doi:10.3390/ma15010085 pmid:35009229 pmcid:PMC8745920 fatcat:jyftox4xffgzvecq7ugwwsgc4m

Underwater Direction of Arrival Estimation using Wideband Arrays of Opportunity

Elizaveta Dubrovinskaya, Paolo Casari
2019 OCEANS 2019 - Marseille  
Ivor Nissen for his introduction to the world of underwater acoustic localization research, and for always keeping an eye on my progress. I am grateful to Dr.  ...  Thanks to my parents for teaching me to value knowledge and for giving me everything I need.  ...  The possibilities offered by the use of sound for object localization under the surface of the oceans are very attractive.  ... 
doi:10.1109/oceanse.2019.8867262 fatcat:p7yu5imvs5cdlbhju2vhfgl6ze

Abstracts from the Astrobiology Science Conference 2004

2004 International Journal of Astrobiology  
In particular, I will discuss: (i) The requirements for carbon-based life and their dependence on the values of physical constants.  ...  I will examine recent fi ndings in cosmology and their implications for the emergence of life in the universe and the ultimate fate of life.  ...  We present here an overview of the instrument selection options and the scientifi c objectives of both a Mars Tumbleweed and prototype Earth Tumbleweed.  ... 
doi:10.1017/s1473550404001648 fatcat:7edgphlk6bb2xf73w3rrb2vc3m

Computational modelling of terrains [article]

Hugo Ledoux, Ken Arroyo Ohori, Ravi Peters
2021 Zenodo  
The book Computational modelling of terrains presents an overview of algorithms and methodologies to reconstruct, manipulate, and extract information from terrains.  ...  We thank Balázs Dukai for help in proof-reading, and all the  ...  Algorithm : The Hough transform algorithm Input: An input point cloud , an accumulator matrix , a detection threshold Output: A list with detected shape instances for each in do for each instance from  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.5779526 fatcat:65u7aoebvrg3fjyz67o3d7nyky

Thermal Remote Sensing of Active Vegetation Fires and Biomass Burning Events [chapter]

Martin J. Wooster, Gareth Roberts, Alistair M. S. Smith, Joshua Johnston, Patrick Freeborn, Stefania Amici, Andrew T. Hudak
2013 Thermal Infrared Remote Sensing  
Such fires may be planned for land management purposes, may occur as a result of a malicious or accidental ignition by humans, or may result from lightning or other natural phenomena.  ...  Under suitable conditions, fires may spread rapidly and extensively, affecting the land cover properties of large areas, and releasing a wide variety of gases and particulates directly into Earth's troposphere  ...  Martin Wooster was partly supported by the NERC National Centre for Earth Observation (UK) and the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007(FP7/ -2013 under Grant Agreement no. 283576 (MACC-II  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-94-007-6639-6_18 fatcat:oca2arjm5ndlhprycfctpvu4by

Comparative Analysis of Different Machine Learning Classifiers for the Prediction of Chronic Diseases [chapter]

Rajesh Singh, Anita Gehlot, Dharam Buddhi
2022 Comparative Analysis of Different Machine Learning Classifiers for the Prediction of Chronic Diseases  
Precise diagnosis of these diseases on time is very significant for maintaining a healthy life.  ...  A comparative study of different machine learning classifiers for chronic disease prediction viz Heart Disease & Diabetes Disease is done in this paper.  ...  The analytic outcomes reveal that new algorithm performs superior than the earlier algorithmic approach 6.  ... 
doi:10.13052/rp-9788770227667 fatcat:da47mjbbyzfwnbpde7rgbrlppe

Sustainable Development for Society, Industrial Development, Material, Energy and Environment: Key Issues, Opportunities and Challenges [article]

Santosh P Mane, Dr. Praveen G. Saptarshi, Dr. B. M. Bhanje, Prof. Dr. S. D. Shinde, Dr. F. M. Nadaf, Dr. H. B. Tipe, Dr. Sandeep Rout, Dr. Muhammad Yasir, Dr. Babalola Ayodele Samuel, N. Dr. Kavitha G.
2022 Zenodo  
Sustainable Development for Society, Industrial Development, Material, Energy and Environment: Key Issues, Opportunities and Challenges  ...  ., (2009) On energetic particles in space.Actaphysicaslovaca 59,537-652 [5]. Simpson, J. (1983) .  ...  Elemental and isotopic composition of galactic cosmic rays, annual reviews of nuclear and particle science, 33, 323-381. [6]. Carl D. Anderson  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.6774780 fatcat:v4i7hj42yncpliuihffgdwofby

Plant community composition and tree seedling establishment in response to seeding and weeding treatments on different reclamation coversoils

Leah deBortoli, Bradley D Pinno, M. Derek Derek MacKenzie, Edith H.Y. Li
2019 Canadian Journal of Forest Research  
Waterfowl use the rock platforms along the lakeshore for loafing, and rock cliffs furnish nesting sites for Peregrine Falcons.  ...  It is one of the most important nesting and staging areas for waterfowl in North America, and is an internationally important wetland as recognized under the Ramsar Convention.  ...  plot A vegetation sampling unit used to delineate a fixed amount of area for the purpose of estimating plant cover, biomass or density.  ... 
doi:10.1139/cjfr-2018-0363 fatcat:w3swr2toijcunmaynrhklacu7y

Strategies for spatial music performance: the practicalities and aesthetics of responsive systems design

Ricky Graham, Brian Bridges
2015 Divergence Press  
Reviewers Selection The re-new call for participation was published March 29, 2013, and is republished below. A total of 358 submissions were made in all categories of the call.  ...  been selected: 51 oral presentations 8 workshops Art track Of 246 submissions in different artwork categories, the following numbers of submissions have been selected: Human-cyanobacteria interaction: an  ...  it into an object for further exploration.  ... 
doi:10.5920/divp.2015.33 fatcat:xbb7altyobafvfiidg2adzn7l4

A hierarchical approach for simulating northern forest dynamics

Don C. Bragg, David W. Roberts, Thomas R. Crow
2004 Ecological Modelling  
At the highest level of NIHMS, NLM provides the environmental context for NORTHWDS, with all levels operating in an internally consistent and parsimonious manner.  ...  Similarly, nitrogen (for white ash) and moisture (for black spruce) gradients significantly affected crown size and growth potential, with many of the same consequences as noted for increased competition  ...  Alan Ek, Eric Gustafson, Dave Lytle, Dave Mladenoff, Jim Manolis, and two anonymous referees provided helpful review comments on an earlier draft of this manuscript.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.ecolmodel.2003.08.017 fatcat:mhskoy27dvh6venbn3duhcoake
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