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An introduction to partition logic

D. Ellerman
2013 Logic Journal of the IGPL  
Just as Boole developed logical finite probability theory as a quantitative treatment of subset logic, applying the analogous mathematical steps to partition logic yields a logical notion of entropy so  ...  But the biggest application is that when partition logic and the accompanying logical information theory are 'lifted' to complex vector spaces, then the mathematical framework of quantum mechanics (QM)  ...  An introduction to partition logic 27 We might mention the partition analogue of the Gödel transform [13] that produces an intuitionistic validity from each subset tautology.  ... 
doi:10.1093/jigpal/jzt036 fatcat:gbehfsokxfd4vgmlvwabybmife

Efficient error detection, localization, and correction for FPGA-based debugging

John Lach, William H. Mangione-Smith, Miodrag Potkonjak
2000 Proceedings of the 37th conference on Design automation - DAC '00  
This benefit is achieved by partitioning the design at the physical level into independent blocks, and the test logic and design changes are localized to the affected blocks.  ...  We have developed a technique that confines the re-place-and-route area to only the portions of the design affected by the introduction of the test logic and by the debugging changes.  ...  logic introduction.  ... 
doi:10.1145/337292.337391 dblp:conf/dac/LachMP00 fatcat:zox77fgunnenbliowsqjxhvtwq

Introduction to Quantum Logical Information Theory: Talk

David Ellerman, Y. Aharonov, L. Bravina, S. Kabana
2018 EPJ Web of Conferences  
The purpose of this talk is to outline the direct generalization to quantum logical information theory that similarly focuses on the pairs of eigenstates distinguished by an observable, i.e., "qudits"  ...  of an observable.  ...  Quantum logical Hamming distance d(ρ, τ) = tr[(ρ − τ) 2 ] Hilbert-Schmidt distance.  ... 
doi:10.1051/epjconf/201818202039 fatcat:zo55yxxlfjgelbmrcus7z352gu

Security by Design for Mixed-Critical Systems

Caspar Gries
2018 Zenodo  
Table of Contents: Motivation Introduction: MILS and Separation Kernels MILS architecture template Customizing the template Building an assurance case Compliance (Common Criteria EAL3 and IEC 62443)  ...  Introduction Security by Design • Motivation • Introduction: MILS and Separation Kernels • MILS architecture template • Customizing the template • Building an assurance case • Compliance (Common Criteria  ...  . • But it's at least as hard to convince others that your system is secure. • Security architecture templates help you to build an assurance case. • The MILS architecture allows to reduce complexity by  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3640517 fatcat:o5yp3ltfxjbpflrwfwolsmabiy

Three Topics in Non-decomposability of Generalized Multiplicative Connectives [article]

Yuki Nishimuta
2021 arXiv   pre-print
Non-decomposability of logical connecives can be considered as a proof-theoretical and syntactical counterpart of the functional-completeness on cut-free proofs.  ...  They showed that there exist the generalized multiplicative connectives which cannot be defined by any combinations of the tensor and par rules in the multiplicative fragment of linear logic.  ...  First, we define a polarized partition, then we define an intuitionistic polarized partition and an intuitionistic polarized meeting graph. Definition 1.  ... 
arXiv:1811.08187v3 fatcat:glo3kurxvjaf7hztitgcazux34

A Partition-Based First-Order Probabilistic Logic to Represent Interactive Beliefs [chapter]

Alessandro Panella, Piotr Gmytrasiewicz
2011 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
-UIC) A FOPL for Interactive Beliefs October 10, 2011 14 / 18 Generalize the procedure to an arbitrary nesting level: i's beliefs about j's beliefs about i's beliefs about. . .  ...  an arbitrary nesting level:i's beliefs about j's beliefs about i's beliefs about. . .  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-23963-2_19 fatcat:awrubl3fsfg7jervtzk7rv3npa

Temporal partitioning methodology optimizing FPGA resources for dynamically reconfigurable embedded real-time system

C. Tanougast, Y. Berviller, P. Brunet, S. Weber, H. Rabah
2003 Microprocessors and microsystems  
The originality of our method is that we use the dynamic reconfiguration in order to minimize the number of cells needed to implement the data-path of an application under a time constraint.  ...  In this paper we present a new temporal partitioning methodology used for the data-path part of an algorithm for the reconfigurable embedded system design.  ...  In the first case, we have to fit an algorithm with an optional time constraint in an existing system made from a host CPU connected to a reconfigurable logic array.  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0141-9331(02)00102-3 fatcat:tnnea26libehflckxqrkfrftmi

PowerVM, The Server Virtualization Without Limits

M N Nachappa, Mary Merline Rani, Mrinmoyee Mrinmoyee
Maintaining Web performanceduring peak periods requires dynamic scalability, but achieving that kind of scalability oftenmeans overspending on an infrastructure that is underutilized most of the time.  ...  Virtualserver services are designed to help reduce the cost and complexity of current Linux, AIX orOS/400 based infrastructure.  ...  partitions to share a common pool of physical memory .The physical memory of an IBM Power System can be assigned to multiple logical partitions in either a dedicated or shared mode.  ... 
doi:10.24297/ijmit.v3i2.1365 fatcat:laxopc2firdvhlvpgetlsj4f5u


Stephen Orimoloye, Dominic E. Reeve, Harshinie Karunarathna
2018 Coastal Engineering Proceedings  
In this paper, we describe the application of fuzzy logic to develop an efficient wave partitioning system for bimodal wave energy separation that can be used to characterise the percentage of swell and  ...  Understanding the percentage of the swell component (SC) and the wind component (WC) partitioned from the energy content of a Wave System (WS) is important in coastal defense design and management.  ...  In this paper, we describe the application of fuzzy logic to develop an efficient wave partitioning system for bimodal wave energy separation that can be used to characterise the percentage of swell and  ... 
doi:10.9753/icce.v36.waves.21 fatcat:ked7zfh3mjhadpvid4racwajjq

Page 2525 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 90E [page]

1990 Mathematical Reviews  
Reference is made to the use of expertons in many-valued and fuzzy logics.  ...  A partition C is called a practical partition for an option a if for each world w there is a c in C such that P([a A w]0c) = 1; a partition C is called a sufficiently exclusive partition for a if (1) for  ... 

Fuzzy Adaptive Partitioning Method for the Statistical Filtering

S. R. KIM, H. Y. LEE, T. H. CHO
2008 IEICE transactions on information and systems  
Introduction In wireless sensor networks, an adversary can compromise sensor nodes and use them to inject false reports with the goal of deceiving the base station (BS) or depleting the resources of forwarding  ...  If these partitions are compromised as shown in Fig. 1 (b) , then the fuzzy logic may output DIV or DIS. FAPM is basically designed to maintain CPR to 50% at most.  ... 
doi:10.1093/ietisy/e91-d.7.2065 fatcat:vjqy2m6flzdtdkgfjjdnjtjxje

Page 1977 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. 56, Issue 5 [page]

1978 Mathematical Reviews  
Logic design: Introduction (pp. 1-2); Claude E. Shannon, A symbolic analysis of relay and switching circuits (pp. 3-24); M.  ...  Goldstine and John von Neumann, Preliminary discussion of the logical design of an electronic computing instrument (pp. 221-259); Irving S.  ... 

Further improve circuit partitioning using GBAW logic perturbation techniques

Yu-Liang Wu, Chak-Chung Cheung, D.I. Cheng, Hongbing Fan
2003 IEEE Transactions on Very Large Scale Integration (vlsi) Systems  
In this paper, we present a multi-way partitioning framework which can couple any excellent hypergraph partitioner and a noval logic perturbation based (GBAW) technique for further improvement over very  ...  Our experiments showed that this partitioning approach can achieve a further 15% reduction in cut size for 2-way partitioning with an area penalty of only 0.33%.  ...  Introduction Traditionally, circuit partitioning is done by simply modeling the circuit as a graph (or hypergraph). Graph partitioning problems are known to be NP-hard [1] .  ... 
doi:10.1109/tvlsi.2003.812369 fatcat:6s7gq3qsnrhavkprg5ioeow2rm

Page 2276 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 83f [page]

1983 Mathematical Reviews  
From the introduction: “We study the relationship between AD and strong partition properties of cardinals, as well as some consequences of these properties themselves.  ...  From the introduction: -“We establish in Section 2 the following criterion for the prewellordering property to hold: If I is a boldface point class which is closed under countable intersections and unions  ... 

Comparing two-level and ordered binary decision diagram representations of logic functions

S. Devadas
1993 IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems  
Abstmet-We give an example of a class of functions with 2n + log (n) inputs that have two-level or sum-of-products representations containing n2 product terms and ordered binary decision diagram representations  ...  INTRODUCTION Sum-of-product or two-level representations of logic functions have been used widely in the area of logic optimization and verification.  ...  For a particular partitioning, define a left (right) input assignment I: L + {0, l)(r: R + {O, I } ) as an assignment of Boolean values to the inputs in L(R).  ... 
doi:10.1109/43.277617 fatcat:bnelsengija5xkkgdkkfdch2ty
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