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An intelligent pre-hospital patient care system

Mark Gaynor, Dan Myung, Nada Hashmi, G. Shankaranarayanan, Steve Moulton
2007 International Journal of Electronic Healthcare  
iRevive is a sensor-supported, pre-hospital patient care system for the capture and transmittal of electronic patient data from the field to hospitals.  ...  Specific topics in metadata include metadata implications for data warehouses, metadata management for knowledge management systems/architectures, metadata management for data quality, and metadata models  ...  He is a Introduction This paper describes a next generation patient care system for pre-hospital airmedical transport.  ... 
doi:10.1504/ijeh.2007.011483 pmid:18048264 fatcat:xgpswyp3wzaejk3yp2lx424qme

Indian Medical Mission at Hajj-2016: Mass-Gathering Medicine Perspectives, Challenges, and Opportunities in a Mission Posture

Inam Danish Khan, Shazia Khan, Majid Ali Khan, Muhammad Shaikhoo Mustafa, MS Kidwai, Shahbaz Ali Khan, Bushra Asima
2017 International Journal of Travel Medicine and Global Health  
Results: Primary care, secondary care, and tertiary care treated 374 475, 930, and 523 patients, respectively.  ...  Methods: The mission was designed to provide holistic health security through health intelligence for pre-existing chronic diseases, epidemic intelligence for endemic and exotic diseases, public-health  ...  incorporating a patient-centric systems approach across the various operations of health intelligence, public-health measures, task forces, clinics, hospitals, evacuations, and Evacuation -lying patients  ... 
doi:10.15171/ijtmgh.2017.20 fatcat:ey6gvun27fbxpfpv6qdcncioha

A fuzzy model for processing and monitoring vital signs in ICU patients

Cicília RM Leite, Gláucia RA Sizilio, Adrião DD Neto, Ricardo AM Valentim, Ana MG Guerreiro
2011 BioMedical Engineering OnLine  
Intelligent systems techniques were used in the data acquisition and processing (sorting, transforming, among others) it into useful information, conducting pre-diagnosis and providing, when necessary,  ...  This paper presented a fuzzy model able to monitor and classify the condition of the vital signs of hospitalized patients, sending alerts according to the pre-diagnosis done helping the medical diagnosis  ...  Methods As an alternative to monitoring vital signs and conducting pre-diagnosis, object of this work, we consider that the systems for medical decision support using intelligent systems techniques combined  ... 
doi:10.1186/1475-925x-10-68 pmid:21810277 pmcid:PMC3162941 fatcat:3zobt5k4tnbg3bztufnsosm5am

Improving Quality of Services in Maternity Care Triage System

António Abelha, Eliana Pereira, Andreia Brandão, Filipe Portela, Manuel Filipe Santos, José Machado, Jorge Braga
2015 International Journal of E-Health and Medical Communications (IJEHMC)  
To overcome these limitations, an alternative pre-triage system, integrated into an intelligent decision support system, was developed in order to better characterize the patient and correctly defined  ...  The most common triage system is the Manchester Triage System that is a reliable system focused in the emergency department of a hospital.  ...  The forth section makes an analysis of the pre-triage system and an exploration of possible developments.  ... 
doi:10.4018/ijehmc.2015040102 fatcat:bjcknvobcvbljpbaegejzm3byi

Mobile Technologies Applied to Hospital Automation [chapter]

Cicilia Raquel Maia Leite, Glaucia R.M.A., Anna G.C.D., Ricardo A.M., Pedro F.R., Ana M.G.
2012 Advances and Applications in Mobile Computing  
Its current applications and future possibilities can be utilized in an almost invisible way, allowing the user to communicate with technology without even realizing it.  ...  However, the hospital environment still not being properly automated and the automation that does exist is only found in a few processes.  ...  Example of an architecture with intelligent and mobile technology As an alternative to monitoring vital signs and conducting pre-diagnosis, object of this work, we consider that the systems for medical  ... 
doi:10.5772/36478 fatcat:rgn5qwoj3bfirex54vylw5c7wa

Ambient Intelligence and Pervasive Architecture Designed within the EPI-MEDICS Personal ECG Monitor

Hussein Atoui, David Télisson, Jocelyne Fyan, Paul Rubel
2008 International Journal of Healthcare Information Systems and Informatics  
The EPI-MEDICS project has designed an intelligent, portable Personal ECG Monitor (PEM) embedding an advanced decision making system.  ...  Recent years have witnessed a growing interest in developing personalized and nonhospital based care systems to improve the management of cardiac care.  ...  In addition, all these systems require setting up new information technology infrastructures and medical services and need skilled personnel to interpret the ECG and make decisions for the patient care  ... 
doi:10.4018/jhisi.2008100105 fatcat:3722wuqcznay5ihyl5q7gnxh3a

Impact of an intelligent chronic disease management system on patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus in a Beijing community

Wei Xue-juan, Wu Hao, Ge Cai-ying, Liu Xin-ying, Jia Hong-yan, Wang Li, Guo Xiao-ling, Liu Wan-ying, Gao Wen-juan, Liang Wan-nian
2018 BMC Health Services Research  
This retrospective study used de-identified data from the Fangzhuang (Beijing) intelligent chronic disease management system (ICDMS) database to evaluate the effect of an intelligent chronic disease management  ...  system on selected Beijing community patients who have type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM).  ...  Moreover, the intelligent chronic disease management system was designed to provide more alerts to the abnormal patients with HbA1C above 7% [8, 9] , which maybe make the doctor to care these patients  ... 
doi:10.1186/s12913-018-3610-z fatcat:xlf6illd3ba2tp53dd5d63ncpm

Role of Artificial Intelligence in Continuous Monitoring of Patients and Reducing Code Blue Events in a Tertiary Care Hospital – Our Experience

Ashwin Kulkarni
2019 Medical Journal of Clinical Trials & Case Studies  
Artificial Intelligence (AI) has brought lot of advancement in various fields. Even in health care areas AI has made lot of impact in improvising the medical care and management.  ...  Here in this article we present our experience by utilizing Cloud connected continuous monitoring systems at our hospital.  ...  Artificial Intelligence is now playing an active role in creating smart hospitals where AI helps the doctor and patients in the management of illness with ease and safety.  ... 
doi:10.23880/mjccs-16000193 fatcat:psxibwxb25f7fofeloymytbueu

A Multi Agent Based Approach for Prehospital Emergency Management

Reza Safdari, Jaleh Shoshtarian Malak, Niloofar Mohammadzadeh, Azimeh Danesh Shahraki
2017 Bulletin of Emergency and Trauma  
To demonstrate an architecture to automate the prehospital emergency process to categorize the specialized care according to the situation at the right time for reducing the patient mortality and morbidity  ...  Our Future work will include proposed architecture implementation and evaluation of its impact on patient quality care improvement.  ...  In this paper by applying multi agent systems a new pre-hospital emergency management architecture is presented.  ... 
pmid:28795061 pmcid:PMC5547204 fatcat:dafowp63qjaarbwuudj3vwdory

Advanced Airway Management - a Medical Emergency Response Team Perspective

A. Haldane
2010 Journal of the Royal Army Medical Corps  
Twenty five cases (4.7%) underwent advanced airway management by other pre-hospital providers prior to MERT arrival.  ...  This may reflect the doctrine of "intelligent tasking", that is sending this physician-led team to the most seriously injured casualties.  ...  Within civilian EMS systems, when the proportion of patients undergoing advanced airway management is looked at in the context of all pre-hospital encounters i.e. not just trauma related, recent studies  ... 
doi:10.1136/jramc-156-03-06 pmid:20919616 fatcat:d7aqi55cb5bonia4rbusb63a7a

Combining transcranial ultrasound with intelligent communication methods to enhance the remote assessment and management of stroke patients: Framework for a technology demonstrator

Alasdair Mort, Leila Eadie, Luke Regan, Ashish Macaden, David Heaney, Matt-Mouley Bouamrane, Gordon Rushworth, Philip Wilson
2016 Health Informatics Journal  
Ultrasound assessment is useful in many other immediate care situations, suggesting potential wider applicability for this remote support system.  ...  for thrombolytic therapy to be provided to at least 80% of eligible patients within 60 minutes of arrival at hospital.  ...  the opposite side of the head, for examplearound 15% of patients may not have an adequate window 32 ), and if the scan rules out intracranial haemorrhage, then this could open up the opportunity for pre-hospital  ... 
doi:10.1177/1460458215580353 pmid:25975807 fatcat:vwlksu5v2vblnl3xvkn34zednm

Enhanced Predictive Modelling for 30-Day Readmission Diabetes Patients Based on Data Normalization Analysis

Eman Zaky, Al-Azhar University, Mona Soliman, A Elkholy, Neveen Ghali, Cairo University, Al-Azhar University, Future University in Egypt
2021 International Journal of Intelligent Engineering and Systems  
In this paper, an intelligent-based model is developed to predict the reintroduction of the patient into the hospital.  ...  In the field of health care, one of the most important problems is predicting the possibility of hospital readmission due to its important role in caring for patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes  ...  Some studies have shown that the risk factors for readmission to the hospital, especially for the elderly are several, patient characteristics, disease characteristics, and health care system factors that  ... 
doi:10.22266/ijies2021.0831.19 fatcat:ir4rcfwtxnfifewznkwm2y4cte

Learning from Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in Health Care

Jean-B. Ricco, Farid Guetarni, Philippe Kolh
2020 European Journal of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery  
at more than the rate of gross domestic product in every developed country, smart, intelligent systems like those of the AP-HP are likely to play an important part in the future of health care.  ...  the information systems (IS) of hospitals together with extra-hospital data from connected devices.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.ejvs.2020.01.019 pmid:32063464 fatcat:aihak34k7feaxiu6633npcozwa

Design of an Early Warning System for Patients with Cardiovascular Diseases Under Mobile Environment

Yan Fang, Chao Li, Lijun Sun
2016 Procedia Computer Science  
The system integrates patients and families, physicians, hospitals and community clinics, which consists of two tiers.  ...  The mobile device tier could detect the abnormal situations of the patients, and the service center will discover and refine the knowledge of personal situation which could increase the effect and efficiency  ...  of health care in the name of intelligence.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.procs.2016.08.258 fatcat:dncwhlnkfbad7alxqvkr6a6x44

Intelligent System for the Prevention of Pressure Ulcers by Monitoring Postural Changes with Wearable Inertial Sensors

Monroy, Romero, Estévez, Cruciani, Cleland, Nugent, Medina-Quero
2019 Proceedings (MDPI)  
To resolve this issue, in this work, we present a prototype for monitoring and caring of pressure ulcers, through an intelligent system based on wearable inertial devices.  ...  Despite all of this, there is no monitoring system for this disease, even though it is very common in hospitalized patients.  ...  This intelligent system would help hospitals to be more efficient and would optimize nurses' time.  ... 
doi:10.3390/proceedings2019031079 fatcat:qoiniccnv5a5nbf6rbd37ga4z4
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