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Michael Harris Bond, Peter B. Smith
1996 Annual Review of Psychology  
It then continues with an examination of theoretical work on both the internal-proximal and the external-distal constraints that mediate culture's influence on behavior.  ...  However, future research must include a broader range of cultures and attend more closely to the levels at which cultural effects should be analyzed, and cultural samples must be unpackaged in more psychologically  ...  INTRODUCTION An American social psychologist, new to the cross-cultural area, attended the 1994 Congress of the International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology.  ... 
doi:10.1146/annurev.psych.47.1.205 pmid:15012481 fatcat:cykhjjkndfe2bebscywip7d63e

Cross‐cultural leadership

Thomas Grisham, Derek H.T. Walker
2008 International Journal of Managing Projects in Business  
) cross-cultural conflict confronts us with our ignorance, and 4) using conflict wisdom of each culture is preferable to creating a world view (etic) approach.  ...  The first area to be explored was the potential use of case study research. Yin (1994) provides an excellent review of this approach.  ...  The following questions explore the idea of how important each Leadership dimension is to each of the GLOBE cultural dimensions that will be described.  ... 
doi:10.1108/17538370810883873 fatcat:fyo6bwctmvem5ch5bvx5cgahrq

The interplay of networking activities and internal knowledge actions for subsidiary influence within MNCs

Zhaleh Najafi-Tavani, Axèle Giroud, Ulf Andersson
2014 Journal of World Business  
Based on a sample of 162 British and US companies our results indicate that a firm's entrepreneurial orientation is significantly related to international performance.  ...  Our analysis also shows that alliances with non-competitors interact with entrepreneurial orientation to increase a company's performance but that alliances with competitors do not have a similar impact  ...  The project began with emic, culture specific, research the Lead project (Lituchy et al., 2011) and used this to develop an etic approach, a large scale survey, to be administered in a variety of African  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.jwb.2013.02.004 fatcat:2ieddcypavgkvn6yb2oveuys4u

PhD thesis Wiel Hotterbeekx

Wiel Hotterbeekx
2016 Figshare  
In a future study, the instrument VSM08, with all seven dimensions, could be used to test acting entrepreneurs. Junco and Brasdos-Santos (2009)  ...  Another limitation is that Hofstede's measurement of national identity was limited to students, and it was not applied to entrepreneurs.  ...  With regard to the distinction of Pike (1967) between the etic and emic aspect of culture, Sections 4.2 -4.5 used the etic approach, by viewing the cultures of the three regions (Belgian Limburg, Southern  ... 
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.3189583 fatcat:abh353i7cfgyvgckvroysfa4ma

Conceptualizing psychological processes in response to globalization: Components, antecedents, and consequences of global orientations

Sylvia Xiaohua Chen, Ben C. P. Lam, Bryant P. H. Hui, Jacky C. K. Ng, Winnie W. S. Mak, Yanjun Guan, Emma E. Buchtel, Willie C. S. Tang, Victor C. Y. Lau
2016 Journal of Personality and Social Psychology  
', Journal of personality and social psychology., 110 (2). pp. 302-331. Further information on publisher's website: http://dx.  ...  We discuss how the psychological study of global orientations contributes to theory and research on acculturation, cultural identity, and intergroup relations.  ...  It reflects the opening of the cultural mind, with an agentic, outward approach to equipping oneself with cultural knowledge, learning the languages, customs, traditions, and norms of other cultures, gaining  ... 
doi:10.1037/a0039647 pmid:26302436 fatcat:cf3zzzknwfguxerpe4mfn3lrvu

An Empirical Examination of a Technology Adoption Model for the Context of China

Roger J Calantone, David A Griffith, Goksel Yalcinkaya
2006 Journal of International Marketing  
However, because the results show that different dimensions of the culture influence the different facets of marketing ethical norms uniquely in both countries, we suggest the use of an adaptive etic or  ...  , we deemed the use of cross-sectional methodology or a logical-deductive approach to be inappro- priate in this research.  ... 
doi:10.1509/jimk.14.4.1 fatcat:o4s7f7h7xzedha4o7oblbi4z6i

Capitalist Philanthropy and Russian Revolutionaries: The Jesup North Pacific Expedition (1897-1902)

Stanley A. Freed, Ruth S. Freed, Laila Williamson
1988 American Anthropologist  
The stress on the peasant dimension per- meates the contributions of Theodore Shanin and Lawrence Krader, who both deal with the aging, more cross-cultural Marx.  ...  Cunningham explains that his explorations were motivated by dis- satisfaction with the conventional political and cultural approaches to Appalachian stud- ies and the need for a synthesis between posi-  ... 
doi:10.1525/aa.1988.90.1.02a00010 fatcat:wocgs3luyfhspjguvejg74cbdy

Understanding Chinese educational leaders' conceptions in an international education context

Ting Wang∗
2007 International Journal of Leadership in Education  
This thesis presents an interpretative study of an Australian offshore education program in educational leadership conducted at Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province in China from 2002 to 2003.  ...  It explored the conceptions of learning and leadership brought by a group of Chinese educational leaders to the course and investigated the perceived influence of the course upon their conceptions and  ...  Such an approach is associated with the traditions of anthropological research (Watkins, 1996a) . The "etic" approach, in contrast, compares cultures by using supposedly universal categories (e.g.  ... 
doi:10.1080/13603120500445275 fatcat:mwz7hmydi5gb7px5dn2pf2ufx4

New Multicultural Identities in Europe: Religion and Ethnicity in Secular Societies

Ricard Zapata-Barrero
2014 Journal of Contemporary Religion  
R2: To recognise freedom of religion as an essential dimension of humankind.  ...  Interestingly however, the Muslim community has not as yet made use of this legal opportunity to develop an educational network of Islamic schools.  ...  Dr Johan Leman has an MA in philosophy, theology (O.T. exegesis), oriental philology and history, and social and cultural anthropology, from the KU Leuven.  ... 
doi:10.1080/13537903.2015.987002 fatcat:jz6fnrd6ofhivp35hiqr6vdpeu

Full PDF of Volume 5(1)

Eloise Meneses
2021 OKH Journal Anthropological Ethnography and Analysis Through the Eyes of Christian Faith  
The culture concept has been crucial to anthropology. Yet, I argue against its use.  ...  Creating a Christian faith-based approach to anthropology, incorporating insights from theology into ethnography and analysis, and allowing religiously committed anthropologists to speak freely of the  ...  History uses it extensively, along with political scientists like Ron Inglehart and social psychologists like Geert Hofstede and Shalom Schwartz, whose work on worldwide cultural contrasts has been cited  ... 
doi:10.18251/okh.v5i1.130 fatcat:ahhvotrq5rda7iohcr7dj3pmna

Sociosexuality from Argentina to Zimbabwe: A 48-nation study of sex, culture, and strategies of human mating

David P. Schmitt
2005 Behavioral and Brain Sciences  
One of the obiec-J tives of the ~r e s e n t study was to evaluate whether sex differences in sociosexuality are robust across the broad range of human cultures represented in the ISDP.  ...  Indeed, no stubies have been conducted where the sociosexuality of both men and women were assessed in non-Western cultures.  ...  constructs (Brislin 1980) , and it is generally regarded as an "etic" approach to cross-cultural psychology (Church 2001).  ... 
doi:10.1017/s0140525x05000051 fatcat:kiz3276eizcbfdh5jop62v7tya

Sociosexuality from Argentina to Zimbabwe: a 48-nation study of sex, culture, and strategies of human mating

David P Schmitt
2005 Behavioral and Brain Sciences  
Responses to the SOI were used to address four main issues. First, the psychometric properties of the SOI were examined in cross-cultural perspective.  ...  Implications for evolutionary and social role theories of human sexuality are discussed.  ...  constructs (Brislin 1980) , and it is generally regarded as an "etic" approach to cross-cultural psychology (Church 2001) .  ... 
pmid:16201459 fatcat:b3qhxmwrwvahpf3k2rgein5yge

Fitting data to theory: The contribution of a comparative perspective

Steve Stewart-Williams
2005 Behavioral and Brain Sciences  
constructs (Brislin 1980) , and it is generally regarded as an "etic" approach to cross-cultural psychology (Church 2001) .  ...  This could have made the testing not vulnerable to an imposed etic strategy (Berry 1989; Church & Lonner 1998; Hambleton 2001) and amenable to the multitraitmultimethod approach (Campbell & Fiske 1959  ... 
doi:10.1017/s0140525x05410055 fatcat:j7cmdhy4hvh3jckqfr672b6hd4

Role of reality TV as a consumer-socialization agent of teenagers in a developing country

Md Ridhwanul Haq, Syed H Rahman
2015 International Journal of Emerging Markets  
This research has the potential to open up a new area of empirical research. This research has been conducted among teenagers who have involvement with RTV.  ...  For the sake of generalisation, similar research needs to be conducted among other TV vehicles to get the notion of consumer socialisation.  ...  the etic, emic, nomothetic, and idiographic dimensions of inquiry.  ... 
doi:10.1108/ijoem-06-2013-0101 fatcat:i5vyfvcidnby5itzikkwgunrvy

Applying cross-cultural values research to "the Chinese" [article]

Steve J. Kulich, Humboldt-Universität Zu Berlin, Humboldt-Universität Zu Berlin
in rapid social change; (6) a historical summary of Chinese values descriptions with links to international research; and (7) an extensive English review of recent Chinese mainland values research.  ...  ten "thick cultural clusters" that enhance and expand Schwartz's seven domains; (3) theoretical expansion that in such contexts, new clusters/dimensions need to be considered, with robust evidence to  ...  They also make us more aware of how to interpret and extrapolate the situated meaning of etic dimensions in cross-cultural studies.  ... 
doi:10.18452/16426 fatcat:5u7ddqf5i5cg7kzuqp4z2or5ba
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