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Linear stability of athermal regularized lattice Boltzmann methods [article]

Gauthier Wissocq and Christophe Coreixas and Jean-François Boussuge
2020 arXiv   pre-print
The present work is dedicated to a better understanding of the stability properties of regularized lattice Boltzmann (LB) schemes.  ...  Two major properties shared by every regularized model are highlighted: (1) a mode filtering property, and (2) an incorrect, and broadly anisotropic, dissipation rate of the modes carrying physical waves  ...  Acknowledgments The authors want to thank T. Astoul, F. Renard and P.-A. Masset for fruitful conversations regarding linear stability of regularized scheme and their accuracy order.  ... 
arXiv:2006.07353v1 fatcat:jf3otf3kyrafpchcvoslwv6pwi

Extensive analysis of the lattice Boltzmann method on shifted stencils

S. A. Hosseini, C. Coreixas, N. Darabiha, D. Thévenin
2019 Physical review. E  
Standard lattice Boltzmann methods (LBMs) are based on a symmetric discretization of the phase space, which amounts to study the evolution of particle distribution functions (PDFs) in a reference frame  ...  Thanks to them, it is possible to (1) better understand the effect of this solution on both physics and stability, (2) assess its viability as a way to extend the validity range of LBMs, and (3) quantify  ...  Karlin for discussion on shifted stencils and the Particles on Demand approach. C.C. thanks J. Latt for fruitful discussions about adaptive (integer-valued) shifted lattice Boltzmann methods.  ... 
doi:10.1103/physreve.100.063301 pmid:31962484 fatcat:dsczbm2zzberfh2axfatkr7pxu

A linear stability analysis of compressible hybrid lattice Boltzmann methods [article]

Florian Renard, Gauthier Wissocq, Jean-François Boussuge, Pierre Sagaut
2020 arXiv   pre-print
An original spectral study of the compressible hybrid lattice Boltzmann method (HLBM) on standard lattice is proposed.  ...  In this framework, the mass and momentum equations are addressed using the lattice Boltzmann method (LBM), while finite difference (FD) schemes solve an energy equation.  ...  Hybrid Lattice Boltzmann Method The purpose of the so-called HLBM is to solve the mass and momentum equations using a lattice Boltzmann scheme, while an extra energy equation is considered, permitting  ... 
arXiv:2006.08477v1 fatcat:wnrmq25gg5edbbtnmv4mfgqiei

Advection–Diffusion Lattice Boltzmann Method With and Without Dynamical Filter

Zhihong Zhang, Zhiqiang Li, Yunke Wu
2022 Frontiers in Physics  
In addition, the adaptive filtering method can also improve the numerical stability of the lattice Boltzmann method with limited numerical dissipation.  ...  In order to improve the stability of advection–diffusion lattice Boltzmann method to simulate scalar transport in complex flow, a hybrid regularized collision operators and a dynamic filtering method which  ...  The funder was not involved in the study design, collection, analysis, interpretation of data, the writing of this article or the decision to submit it for publication.  ... 
doi:10.3389/fphy.2022.875628 fatcat:huagvwk3orffjhjqrkbedlmtiy

Analysis and reduction of spurious noise generated at grid refinement interfaces with the lattice Boltzmann method [article]

Thomas Astoul, Gauhier Wissocq, Jean-François Boussuge, Alois Sengissen, Pierre Sagaut
2020 arXiv   pre-print
The present study focuses on the unphysical effects induced by the use of non-uniform grids in the lattice Boltzmann method.  ...  The purpose of this article is to identify the issues occurring at the interface and to propose possible solutions yielding significant improvements for aeroacoustic simulations.  ...  Acknowledgements are also expressed to Airbus Operations and ANRT/CIFRE for the financial support.  ... 
arXiv:2004.11863v1 fatcat:mqt3kpp7tnfnrh2owuvos2633u

A review of Simulation Methods in Micro/Nanoscale Heat Conduction

Hua Bao, Jie Chen, Xiaokun Gu, Bingyang Cao
2018 ES Energy & Environment  
In this review, we first provide an introduction of state-of-the-art computational methods for micro/nanoscale conduction research.  ...  of phonon Boltzmann transport equation will be reviewed in details.  ...  Acknowledgements The contributions from Dr. Cheng Shao, Dr. Han  ... 
doi:10.30919/esee8c149 fatcat:kv5erfkq55anjdvtfyf25v3lmi

Stability of the lattice kinetic scheme and choice of the free relaxation parameter

S. A. Hosseini, C. Coreixas, N. Darabiha, D. Thévenin
2019 Physical review. E  
Thanks to this analysis, the effect of the modified collision operator on the stability domain and spectral behavior of the scheme are clarified.  ...  The lattice kinetic scheme (LKS), a modified version of the classical single relaxation time (SRT) lattice Boltzmann (LB) method, was initially developed as a suitable numerical approach for non-Newtonian  ...  It has been widely used in the past years to evaluate the stability properties of the lattice Boltzmann method.  ... 
doi:10.1103/physreve.99.063305 fatcat:5e7vceonunbqvafzzai6jetclq

Deep Learning: Methods and Applications

Li Deng
2014 Foundations and Trends® in Signal Processing  
Common models and methods include vector space model, topic-based vector space model, extended Boolean model, and latent semantic analysis. • Probabilistic approaches to retrieval, where the process of  ...  An illustration of the multi-modal language model is shown in Figure 11 .2. Multi-modalities: Speech and image Ngiam et al.  ... 
doi:10.1561/2000000039 fatcat:vucffxhse5gfhgvt5zphgshjy4

Fourier's Method of Linear Programming and Its Dual

H. P. Williams
1986 The American mathematical monthly  
[See also 70F20, 70F25, 70Gxx] 70H50 Higher-order theories 70H99 None of the above, but in this section 70Jxx Linear vibration theory 70J10 Modal analysis 70J25 Stability 70J30 Free motions  ...  Viscous-inviscid interaction 76N20 Boundary-layer theory 76N25 Flow control and optimization 76N99 None of the above, but in this section 76Pxx Rarefied gas flows, Boltzmann equation [See also  ...  ] 83C50 Electromagnetic fields 83C55 Macroscopic interaction of the gravitational field with matter (hydrodynamics, etc.) 83C57 Black holes 83C60 Spinor and twistor methods; Newman-Penrose formalism 83C65  ... 
doi:10.2307/2322281 fatcat:yvhgyh2epbcwdoqdhuaopkcrue

A spectral boundary integral method for flowing blood cells

Hong Zhao, Amir H.G. Isfahani, Luke N. Olson, Jonathan B. Freund
2010 Journal of Computational Physics  
A spectral boundary integral method for simulating large numbers of blood cells flowing in complex geometries is developed and demonstrated.  ...  The resolution of these global basis functions is, of course, excellent, but more importantly they facilitate an approximate de-aliasing procedure that stabilizes the simulations without adding any numerical  ...  Acknowledgment The authors thank Prof. Eric Darve for suggestions on the singular kernel integrations. Partial funding from NSF (CBET 09-32607) is also gratefully acknowledged.  ... 
doi:10.1016/ fatcat:xubafkwdnjdf7ehvy7piuzb6aq

Understanding Phonon Transport Properties Using Classical Molecular Dynamics Simulations [article]

Murali Gopal Muraleedharan, Kiarash Gordiz, Andrew Rohskopf, Spencer Thomas Wyant, Zhe Cheng, Samuel Graham, Asegun Henry
2020 arXiv   pre-print
On the other hand, several deficiencies including the lack of vibrationally accurate interatomic potentials and the inability to rigorously include the quantum nature of phonons prohibit the widespread  ...  Classical Molecular Dynamics (MD) simulations serve as a tool to simulate the time evolution of the atomic level system dynamics and enable calculation of thermal transport properties for a wide range  ...  Acknowledgements The authors would like to thank the United States Office of Naval Research Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative (N00014-18-1-2429) and the National Science Foundation CAREER  ... 
arXiv:2011.01070v1 fatcat:mievdbpil5ckbpz2d3fjyiuzty

Lattice Boltzmann Methods for Nanofluidics [chapter]

M. Sbragaglia, L. Biferale, S. Succi
2016 Encyclopedia of Nanotechnology  
Synonyms Droplet microfluidics; Microfluidic devices Definition Lattice Boltzmann method (LBM) applicationswith emphasis on hydrodynamics at the small scales (nanofluidics)are discussed.  ...  The composite interface is metastable, and its stability is an important issue.  ...  Lattice Boltzmann methods (LBMs) are a minimal form of Boltzmann kinetic equation which is meant to simulate the dynamic behavior of fluid flows without directly solving the equations of continuum fluid  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-94-017-9780-1_100974 fatcat:wncmred3l5dojnrduf6fbamavy

Advanced Numerical Methods and Software Approaches for Semiconductor Device Simulation

Graham F. Carey, A. L. Pardhanani, S. W. Bova
2000 VLSI design (Print)  
The full benefits of such approaches have not yet been developed in this application area and we emphasize the need for further work on analysis, data structures and software to support adaptivity.  ...  (SUPG), "entropy" variables, transformations, least-squares mixed methods and other stabilized Galerkin schemes such as Galerkin least squares and discontinuous Galerkin schemes.  ...  Acknowledgments This work has been supported in part by NSF Grant 791AT-51067A under the NPACI program and by ASCI grant B347883. We would like to express our appreciation to R.  ... 
doi:10.1155/2000/43903 fatcat:frsmpdzrhjh3tlkdre36njbrbi

Current Trends in Integration of Nondestructive Testing Methods for Engineered Materials Testing

Ramesh Kumpati, Wojciech Skarka, Sunith Kumar Ontipuli
2021 Sensors  
Additionally, the various combinations of methods applied for several types of material defects are reported.  ...  These tests can damage the molecular arrangement and even the microstructure of engineered materials.  ...  Conflicts of Interest: The authors declare no conflict of interest.  ... 
doi:10.3390/s21186175 pmid:34577382 fatcat:3bxkic57yzernpylzxj7ofdybu

Quantitatively analyzing phonon spectral contribution of thermal conductivity based on nonequilibrium molecular dynamics simulations. II. From time Fourier transform

Yanguang Zhou, Ming Hu
2015 Physical Review B  
It has not been so long since such information can be provided by the phonon spectral energy density (SED) or equivalently time domain normal mode analysis (TDNMA) methods in the framework of equilibrium  ...  The FDDDM results of Lennard-Jones (LJ) Argon and Stillinger-Weber (SW) Si are compared with TDNMA method from EMD simulation.  ...  Using the relaxation time approximation 45 to solve Boltzmann transport equation yields an expression of modal thermal conductivity BTE ( , ) K k  46 2 BTE ( , ) ( , ) ( , ) ( , ) K k k v k k g ph c  ... 
doi:10.1103/physrevb.92.195205 fatcat:al27qkndczdvhkbjesxvbo23ee
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