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Ultrasound-assisted Soxhlet extraction: an expeditive approach for solid sample treatment

J.L Luque-Garcı́a, M.D Luque de Castro
2004 Journal of Chromatography A  
The results agree well with those obtained by conventional Soxhlet extraction and the ISO reference method, both in terms of efficiency and precision.  ...  Conventional Soxhlet extraction assisted in the cartridge by ultrasound has been developed and used to extract the total fat content from oleaginous seeds such as sunflower, rape and soybean seeds.  ...  EMGRISA is thanked for providing the contaminated samples. J.L. Luque-García also thanks Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deportes (Spain) for an FPU fellowship.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.chroma.2004.02.020 pmid:15116936 fatcat:bthooqsy7fe2lp3d7gi3eejdc4

An analysis of targeted properties of materials used for preservation and storage of heritage collections

Gabriela Aleksić, National and University Library in Zagreb, Croatia, Tomislav Cigula, Suzana Pasanec Preprotić, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Graphic Arts, Zagreb, Croatia, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Graphic Arts, Zagreb, Croatia
2022 Journal of Graphic Engineering and Design  
The aim of this study was to stress the importance of investigating the prop- erties of preservation enclosure materials in order to identify the ones that are able to protect their contents more efficiently  ...  Results obtained from measuring smoothness, water absorptiveness, water wettability and water vapor transmission rate indicate that a material outside of ISO 16245:2009 grammage requirements for making  ...  Acknowledgements The authors thank Branka Lajić of the Faculty of Graphic Arts at the University of Zagreb for the help with puncture strength measurements.  ... 
doi:10.24867/jged-2022-1-005 fatcat:rn6ynnkfnvhszbxsxnbszadr7a

Comparison of Performance and Combustion Parameters in a Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine Fueled with Iso-Butanol/Diesel Fuel Blends

Ahmet Necati Ozsezen, Ali Turkcan, Cenk Sayin, Mustafa Canakci
2011 Energy exploration & exploitation  
In a similar study, Karabektas and Hosoz (2009) researched the effects of four different iso-butanol/diesel fuel blends (5%, 10%, 15% and 20% iso-butanol) on the engine performance and exhaust emissions  ...  This study discusses the suitability of iso-butanol/diesel fuel blends as an alternative fuel and determines their effects on the performance and combustion characteristics of a heavy-duty diesel engine  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS This study was supported by the grants from Scientific Research Foundation of Kocaeli University (Project No. 2007/70).  ... 
doi:10.1260/0144-5987.29.5.525 fatcat:jwl7nalhufd2tld57cd5slwrte

A Study on Rotary Weeding Blade Installation Angle for Reduction of Hand Vibration in Working Type Cultivator

Tae Hyeong Kwon, Joonyong Kim, Chungu Lee, Tae Gyoung Kang, Byeong-Mo Lee, Joong-Yong Rhee
2014 Journal of Biosystems Engineering  
For evaluation of design factor theory, the experiment in situ was performed base on ISO 5349:1.  ...  For removing the unnecessary upward soil reaction, the design factor theory of weeding blade was suggested based on geometrics and dynamics.  ...  Also, the authors would like to thank Tae-Ik Moon who is CEO of 'Tae-woong Agricultural Machinery' for his cooperation in this study.  ... 
doi:10.5307/jbe.2014.39.1.011 fatcat:czkcmsd73zgcrmnqpodubqk7sm

Experimental Study on Performance, Emissions and Combustion Characteristics of PFI Spark Ignition Engine Fueled with E30 Equivalent Binary and Ternary GEM Blends

2020 INCAS Bulletin  
The performance, emission and combustion results were measured and compared with pure gasoline.  ...  The experimental work was performed to investigate the performance, emission and combustion characteristics of PFI SI engine using E30 equivalent GEM blends.  ...  Chaichan [18] experimentally studied the effect of E85 equivalent ternary blend and Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) on PM-NOx tradeoff on a multi cylinder SI engine.  ... 
doi:10.13111/2066-8201.2020.12.3.8 fatcat:7tvcxbct3raetfuypqn2teb6ia

Plasma Treatment of Polypropylene-Based Wood–Plastic Composites (WPC): Influences of Working Gas

Philipp Sauerbier, Robert Köhler, Gerrit Renner, Holger Militz
2020 Polymers  
In this study, a polypropylene (PP)-based wood–plastic composite with maleic anhydride-grafted polypropylene (MAPP) as a coupling agent and a wood content of 60% was extruded and specimens were injection  ...  However, the contact angle for water was reduced significantly after treatment, revealing measurement artifacts for water and diiodomethane due to the severe changes in surface morphology.  ...  Acknowledgments: We acknowledge the technical support of the Institute of Wood Science, Wood Physics, University of Hamburg for injection molding the specimens.  ... 
doi:10.3390/polym12091933 pmid:32867036 fatcat:3n7qdrhlgjdlbdyep4r6bp5sia


CEM AYDEMIR, Printing Technologies Department, School of Applied Sciences, Marmara University, 34722 Istanbul, Turkey, ARIF KARADEMIR, SAMI IMAMOĞLU, BILGE NAZLI ALTAY, PAUL D. FLEMING, DOGAN TUTAK, Department of Forest Industry Engineering, Faculty of Forestry, Bursa Technical University, 16310 Bursa, Turkey, Department of Forest Industry Engineering, Faculty of Forestry, Bursa Technical University, 16310 Bursa, Turkey, Department of Chemical and Paper Engineering, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo 49008-5462 MI, USA, Department of Chemical and Paper Engineering, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo 49008-5462 MI, USA, Printing Technologies Department, School of Applied Sciences, Marmara University, 34722 Istanbul, Turkey
2019 Cellulose Chemistry and Technology  
Liquid absorption changes on printed/unprinted paper surfaces were measured by the sessile drop method, using a contact angle-measuring device.  ...  One of the keys to improving print quality is to experimentally characterize the paper surface, structure and printability to obtain quality control mechanisms.  ...  This study shows that the saturated paper surface has an effect on the liquid-solid contact angle and surface energy.  ... 
doi:10.35812/cellulosechemtechnol.2019.53.77 fatcat:5gltok5li5ffjdplvnu7xbpzvy

Mechanics and kinematics of soft tissue under indentation are determined by the degree of initial collagen fiber alignment

Spencer P. Lake, Victor H. Barocas
2012 Journal of The Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials  
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the role of initial collagen alignment on the mechanical and structural behavior of soft tissues subjected to indentation using TEs as a model system.  ...  While several studies have evaluated how the degree of collagen alignment affects the response of soft tissues to tensile loading, the role of fibrillar organization in indentation is less understood.  ...  Acknowledgments The authors thank Sandy Johnson for culturing cells and for performing the hydroxyproline assay.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.jmbbm.2012.03.017 pmid:22842273 pmcid:PMC3482295 fatcat:mqzzipolzfeohh6soyeruxwrdm

Preferred peptide backbone conformations in the unfolded state revealed by the structure analysis of alanine-based (AXA) tripeptides in aqueous solution

F. Eker, K. Griebenow, X. Cao, L. A. Nafie, R. Schweitzer-Stenner
2004 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America  
An estimation based on the propensities described above yields an average PPII content of 50% for this peptide.  ...  the Ramachandran space, as suggested, for example, in the earlier studies of Scheraga and colleagues (6) and reiterated in a very recent computational study on proline-based peptides (34) .  ... 
doi:10.1073/pnas.0402623101 pmid:15220481 pmcid:PMC454163 fatcat:rrzfxfwviraetdcwriizbmepc4

Thermal Performance of Insulated Constructions—Experimental Studies

Lars Gullbrekken, Steinar Grynning, Jørn Gaarder
2019 Buildings  
in wood-fibre based insulation than in mineral wool.  ...  In addition, calculations have been used to calculate resulting effects on the thermal performance of constructions.  ...  Acknowledgments: The authors gratefully acknowledge the support from the Research Council of Norway and several partners through the Research Center on Zero Emission Neighbourhoods in Smart Cities (FME  ... 
doi:10.3390/buildings9020049 fatcat:4x6pbtw5hbbslly3ptphvfgzdq

Ultrasound evaluation of the mechanical properties as an investigation tool for the wood-polymer composites including olive wood flour

Nesrine Bouhamed, Slim Souissi, Pierre Marechal, Mohamed Ben Amar, Olivier Lenoir, Romain Leger, Anne Bergeret
2020 Mechanics of materials (Print)  
Ultrasound measurements are discussed as an alternative method for the elastic properties evaluation.  ...  The effect of the wood flour content and its chemical fiber treatment (amino-silane) on the mechanical properties of the WPC was studied by ultrasonic methods and mechanical tensile test.  ...  On the one hand, the studied WPC is based on a polymer matrix; on the other hand, wood filler particles are integrated as a load with the view to increasing the stiffness of the resulting composite material  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.mechmat.2020.103445 fatcat:watibauqv5fvfnljqjgf3e52ti

The Effect of Wood Alignment on Wood Grinding – Part 1: Properties of Pulp and Fines Revealed in the Grinding Mechanism

Erkki Tapani Saharinen, Airi Särkilahti, Lauri Ilmari Salminen, Sabine Heinemann
2016 BioResources  
The effects of the alignment on the properties of the pulp and the amount and quality of fines were measured. A grinding mechanism was proposed.  ...  The objective of this study is to clarify how the wood alignment affects the process and pulp properties.  ...  "Mechanical pulping at the institute, Part III. Mechanics of wood grinding," Trend Report 19, 6-11. Atack, D. (1977).  ... 
doi:10.15376/biores.11.2.4201-4211 fatcat:p4wzujiefjaqfm4fpr53grachy

New method of paper hydrophobization based on starch-cellulose-siloxane interactions

Tomasz Ganicz, Konrad Olejnik, Krystyna Rózga-Wijas, Jan Kurjata
2020 BioResources  
This study also examined the effects of the applied coatings on the paper's tensile strength, tear index, roughness, air permeance, and ISO brightness.  ...  The effects of different concentrations on the hydrophobic properties of the resulting silicone-coated materials were investigated using a penetration dynamics analyzer (PDA) and water contact angle measurements  ...  The result was an arithmetic average value calculated from the series of measurements. Water absorptiveness Water absorptiveness studies were performed using extended Cobb test (ISO 535:2014).  ... 
doi:10.15376/biores.15.2.4124-4142 fatcat:dxts53pvhrcnxgs3wcrw6kat6i


Jian-Guo Wang
2011 Acta Crystallographica Section E  
In the title compound, C 10 H 12 O 2 , the substituted benzene ring is inclined at a dihedral angle of 75.9 (1) to the almost planar butan-2-one substituent (r.m.s. deviation = 0.02 Å ).  ...  Key indicators: single-crystal X-ray study; T = 298 K; mean (C-C) = 0.004 Å; R factor = 0.064; wR factor = 0.173; data-to-parameter ratio = 15.9.  ...  The author thanks Professor Xianggao Meng at Hua-Zhong Normal University for the X-ray crystallographic determination and some helpful discussion and theoretical analysis.  ... 
doi:10.1107/s1600536811017272 pmid:21754793 pmcid:PMC3120435 fatcat:tyeegkhlrfds3njlbmsk7keit4

Coal Moisture Variations in Response to Rainfall Event in Mines and Coal-Fired Power Plant Stockpiles—Part 1: Runoff, Infiltration, and Drainage

Quentin Peter Campbell, Marco le Roux, Fardis Nakhaei
2021 Minerals  
An increase stockpile slope increased the amount of runoff due to coal–water contact time reduction.  ...  Part 2 reports the effect of coal particle size and climate conditions on the rate and depth of moisture evaporation process within a coal stockpile.  ...  Tests were performed on an air-dried basis by an external accredited laboratory. As Coals A and B had similar inherent moisture contents, comparable porosities could also be assumed.  ... 
doi:10.3390/min11121365 fatcat:6j4iecv53jdkxiw5iu7o67izhy
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